Grasping Evil

Chapter 304.2 - The Chaos in the Star Sea (6)

Chapter 304.2 The Chaos in the Star Sea (6)

After sending a glance at Ning Fan and Xi Ran, the elderly man completely disregarded the black dragon and spiritual puppets.

If the elderly man knew that these puppets were above the Divine Transformation Realm while the black dragon refined corpse was in fact at the Half-Step Void Refinement Realm, he would definitely have turned around and fled.

Unfortunately, things turned out to be the complete opposite. This time, Ning Fan’s choice of assigning Stone Warrior to lead the group of lifeless fighters seemed to have been the right choice.

Stone Warrior who had already attained the Mid Divine Transformation Realm had displayed some kind of secret technique which was able to conceal the power of the non-living fighters using his Puppet Raising Technique.

Unless his opponent has a cultivation level higher than Mid Divine Transformation Realm, which should at least be at the Late Divine Transformation Realm and above, he or she would definitely not be able to see through the strength of the group of spiritual puppets!

“I am Lu Bei. It’s enmity between me and Kun Mo and I’m not willing to breed enmity with any other forces. I’m now giving you the last chance to back off. If you don’t get out of my sight within three breaths, then die!”

When Ning Fan’s cold threatening voice echoed into the Divine Transformation Realm beings from the seven foreign forces, all of them were stunned.

At the next moment, each and every one of them seemed to have heard of an extremely hilarious joke and chuckled.

“Are you threatening us? Haha! This mere Early Divine Transformation Realm ant is actually trying to intimidate us!”

“Not to mention that he has suffered heavy injuries after being afflicted by the poison of the Evil Cold Worm, even if he is fit and healthy, would I, the clan elder of the Star Wolf Clan, be afraid of a mere Early Divine Transformation Realm cultivator?”

“But this person’s appearance looks rather familiar… The elder of the Thunder Carp Clan, what do you think of him…”

“Hehe. Since we’ve already surrounded him, don’t tell me that you still have thoughts of letting him go alive? We aren’t kind people. We only have a single reason to have come here: to kill this man and enhance our spirit sense with the poison!”

The six of them were having a discussion among each other. However, all of their discussions came to an abrupt end when the green-robed elderly man gently cleared his throat.

“This old man is the vice city lord of Dragon Burial Ocean City… Qing Xuan!”

As his voice fell, it was as if a cold-piercing gale blew past all of them at the scene. Immediately, it caused an uproar.

“Dragon Burial Ocean City! You are a member of the Ocean City!”

The six Early Divine Transformation Realm experts seemed like they had just heard of something incredibly terrifying as all of them revealed a fearful look.

Their fear was not because of the elderly cultivator’s cultivation level which was at the Mid Divine Transformation Realm but because of the reputation of Dragon Burial Ocean City!

“Is Lord Revered Dragon doing fine…” The clan elder of the Star Wolf Clan cautiously asked.

“Revered Dragon is as fine as usual. He is currently in seclusion to break through to the Half-Step Void Refinement Realm!” Qing Xuan said proudly.


The expressions of the six beings were filled with absolute shock. When the Revered Dragon was at the Peak Divine Transformation Realm, he was able to survive after taking ten palms from the Old Bear. If this demon successfully breaks through to the Half-Step Void Refinement Realm, perhaps he would be stronger than Kun Mo!

“Then, what about this Evil Cold Worm…”

“The Evil Cold Worm and Lu Bei’s head will belong to us, the Dragon Burial Ocean City. Does anyone have any objections?!” Qing Xuan’s eyes suddenly turned grim.

“No!” The six of them immediately cupped their fists respectfully with their heads beaded with cold sweat.

“Very well!”

Qing Xuan nodded his head. If the members from these six clans were unable to see the gist of things, he would not mind returning to Ocean City and bring someone to wipe out all of them.

Judging from the tone of the seven individuals, it seemed like they thought Ning Fan was an easy prey as none of them placed the latter in their eyes at all.

Xi Ran was injured whereas Ning Fan was poisoned. Based on common sense, any one of the clans would have the capability of killing the two of them.

As Qing Xuan’s eyes glanced through Xi Ran, they were immediately blazing with lust.

This lady’s cultivation level isn’t weak. Besides, her appearance is perfect. She is just excellent to be a human cauldron!

When his gaze landed on Ning Fan, he made a step forward, releasing his wild and arrogant aura and commanded with a harsh tone.

“Little junior, it should be this old man giving you a last chance. Hand over this lady and kill yourself here and save me from wasting my effort in killing you. In that manner, I will keep your demon soul intact so that you can return to samsara! Hehe. In this life, it’s unlucky for you to have offended someone you shouldn’t have. If you behaved yourself a little more, you might still have the opportunity to restart the path of cultivation in your next life…”

When Qing Xuan’s words fell upon the other six clan elders’ ears, they started to criticize him within their hearts.

This Qing Xuan was really cunning. Although it was not difficult for him to capture the both of them with force, he knew that he might suffer some injuries. Therefore, he uttered those words to persuade Lu Bei to kill himself. Usually, no one would choose to commit suicide. However, this time, Qing Xuan guaranteed that he could ensure Ning Fan’s remnant soul to have a chance of entering samsara. To anyone who could not possibly escape death, it was without a doubt a tempting offer.

But when Xi Ran heard Qing Xuan’s words, she found it difficult to hold her laughter and let out a stifled laugh.

A Mid Divine Transformation Realm expert whose qi isn’t even on par with that Gui Nu is so bold enough to utter those words and request Lu Bei to kill himself?

Xi Ran suddenly realized that there was not any more laughable joke than what she had just heard.

“Should I close my eyes…” Xi Ran gently asked.

“Just close it. These flies are really irritating… Three breaths are up!”

Ning Fan had given these unrelated forces three breaths to make up their minds. However, if they insisted to poke their noses into this matter, Ning Fan was not going to be merciful on them.

Taking a step forward, the Star Sea suddenly shook, producing thousands layers of sea waves deep underneath the ocean.

Cracks began to spread from beneath Ning Fan’s feet towards every direction. That single step he made crushed Qing Xuan’s Mid Divine Transformation Realm aura, causing the latter to cough up blood while crazily retreating backwards. He almost fell down from his green sea cloud and was completely petrified.

My aura force was crushed by this man with just a single step?

I, a dignified Mid Divine Transformation Realm expert, was injured by this man with just a single move?

“This old man remembers now. I’ve seen your face before! It’s from the pursuit order issued by the Li Kun Palace in the past! Impossible! How could the two people we are pursuing be the exact same person?! Ah!”

Before Qing Xuan could finish his words, Ning Fan consecutively took another eight steps without pause.

Each of the steps he made created rifts in heaven and earth. Every one of the steps he made was as if he was stomping on the Sea of Consciousness of the seven Divine Transformation Realm experts, making all of them feel agony!

In just an instant, his nine steps transformed into a sword. A heaven-startling sword formed from the great momentum emerged and its sword cry reverberated into the sky. The area within ten thousand li* (500m per li) was basked in the light emanated by the sword!


Each of the sea beasts emitted terrified roars. The next moment, all seventy thousand sea beasts perished!

The Divine Transformation Realm experts from the six clans could no longer suppress their fear, allowing it to show on their expressions. The sword of great momentum was intangible. Something shapeless and bodiless like that was extremely difficult to parry at all. The only thing they could do was to flee! However, although the six of them were fast, the speed of the sword light was even faster. When the sword light penetrated through their body, a massive sword aura came out from their collective skeletons. Their facial expressions were frozen and the next moment, they were turned into minced flesh as they crumbled into pieces!


Qing Xuan yelped. His horsetail whisk broke and his sea cloud collapsed!

Facing that sword of great momentum, his heart had a feeling that he was facing certain death. Gritting his teeth, he moved his finger and turned it into a sword, chopping his own head off.


With his separate head, he fled away. As for his demon body, it was turned into shreds of meat in the next moment.

Even though he managed to run away with his head, the expression on his face did not have the slightest hint of calmness. Only terror filled his face!

That man is Lu Bei?!

That man IS the person who has gotten the poison of the Evil Cold Worm and on the verge of dying?!

What kind of joke is that?! This person killed Early Divine Transformation Realm experts with just nine steps. His power is too high and too deep to even measure. He is at least at the Late Divine Transformation Realm or even at the Peak Divine Transformation Realm!

“Cutting his own head to flee? There are really all sorts of strange demonic techniques in this world… Seal!”

With a finger, he performed the Heaven Sealing Technique. Blood-red lines entangled the remaining body part of Qing Xuan, sealing its movement.

Ning Fan got on the Golden Flame Chariot. At the next moment, he appeared right beside Qing Xuan. He bent his five fingers into the shape of a claw and grabbed his head in his hands.

Qing Xuan was horrified and felt deep regret.

What is that technique? Sealing my movements with ease by just using a finger? Even the city lord of the Dragon Burial Ocean City would not be able to display such a powerful technique!

Afterwards, this savage man will search my soul and memories and eventually kill me. Before that, I must try my best to keep my life!

“Lo-Lord… Please spare me! I know about the biggest secret of the Dragon Burial Ocean City! I know where the ‘ancestor blood’ is hidden! This secret can never be found through searching my memories and soul. As long as this Lord does not kill me, I’m willing to bring the Lord to obtain that item and even help you plot against Revered Dragon!”

“Ancestor blood?”

Ning Fan’s eyes sparkled and stopped what he was about to do. Without much contemplation, he inserted a demon seal on the remnant head of Qing Xuan.

The strength of his restrictive spell filled Qing Xuan with despair. Probably, he would not be able to escape from Ning Fan’s manipulation for the rest of his life. However, he did not dare to resist. It was because planting a demon seal onto him meant that Ning Fan would not kill him for the time being.

“Lead the way. We’ll head to the Dragon Burial Ocean City!”

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