Grasping Evil

Chapter 303.1 - The Chaos in the Star Sea (5)

Chapter 303.1 The Chaos in the Star Sea (5)

Using a compass, a formation was formed!

Uttering a single word, the attack was deflected!

Xi Ran was unable to comprehend the mystery behind his magical treasure. She could only gasp slightly in surprise upon witnessing the frightening capabilities of the Inlaid Star Compass.

Staring at the thirty thousand lotus lamps, Xi Ran’s eyes were no longer looking dazed. Instead, her face was filled with amazement.

The combined power of the volley of ten thousand arrows was able to kill a Late Divine Transformation Realm expert. However, an attack like that of an all-out strike of a Peak Divine Transformation Realm being was blocked by the compass!

Lighting up three thousand lotus lamps was enough to block a Peak Divine Transformation Realm attack!

If five thousand of the lotus lamps are ignited, perhaps it would be enough to block a Half-Step Void Refinement Realm attack!

If ten thousand lamps are lit up, a Void Refinement Realm attack would be blocked!

If all thirty thousand lotus lamps are ignited, it would be strong enough to even block an attack from a Mid Void Refinement Realm expert!

“It’s a strong defensive magical treasure… I just wonder how many lamps at maximum he can light up…”

Xi Ran curled her body up, tightly snuggling into Ning Fan’s arm. She did not ask him too many questions as she was afraid that her words might distract him. Hence, she obediently closed her eyes, feeling a little afraid because she knew Ning Fan was going to take lives.

Ten thousand arrows glowing in starlight travelled in a reverse direction, bombarding at the formation light protecting the Gui Xiong Outpost, producing a deafening bang.

After receiving the rain of arrows, the formation light did not completely shatter. There were only innumerable holes left by the arrows which recovered promptly. However, its power was already much weaker than before. In order to restore the formation power to its original level, it would take quite some time.

If the formation was said to have the defense to block a Peak Divine Transformation Realm strike, its current defense was only able to defend against the strike of a Late Divine Transformation Realm expert.

“Keep him occupied! Strive for enough time to let the formation restore its power and stop letting him attack the formation!”

“The rest of you guard the city! We, the five brothers, will go out and engage him!”

Five Half-Step Divine Transformation Realm sea beasts who already shapeshifted half of their bodies into human forms dashed out from the city wall. After performing a few instant shifts, they were already out of the grand formation and surrounded Ning Fan.

All five of them had the face of a child. However, all their bodies were covered with fish scales. Apparently, they were some kind of demon beast which belong to the family of fish.

Every one of them had strong qi. In the External Endless Sea, they might be at the same level as the four tower masters of the Lost World Palace!

Besides, they were proficient in joint attacks. In the past, they had even managed to kill an Early Divine Transformation Realm expert through their combined attacks.

“It’s the Five Scaly Fish Demons! Not only are their combined attacks strong, they are also proficient in the technique called Slithery Scales. Any common Divine Transformation Realm expert’s attacks would easily slide off their bodies, allowing them to evade their attacks with ease…”

The appearance of the five demons lifted the morale of the troops in the Gui Xiong Outpost. However, in the next moment, all the enthusiastic cheers died down, leaving anxiety which filled the atmosphere.

Ning Fan did not cast a single glance at the five demons. After keeping the Inlaid Star Compass, he made a stomp on the ground.

When he made the stomp, the five of them spurted blood and fell down from the sky. Their qi greatly weakened.

The confidence on their expressions faded, being replaced by absolute terror!

Even though the five of them possessed the power to defeat many other cultivators in the Star Sea, they did not even have the chance of getting close to Ning Fan. As for the latter, he put the five of them in a grievous state with just a single stomp!

“What’s his cultivation level? He isn’t an Early Divine Transformation Realm expert. I don’t think he is at the Mid Divine Transformation Realm too… Because even General Gui Nu1 who is at the Mid Divine Transformation Realm could not injure us to such a degree with just a single step… Ah!”

Without giving any explanations, Ning Fan made the second step. Five of them were immediately eliminated by the sword light of the great momentum!

Holding Xi Ran with one of his hands, he balled his other hand into a fist and landed on the black formation light of the city like torrential rain.


After delivering that blow on the formation, the repulsive force caused him to retreat by seven steps. As for the formation light, it crumbled into mist in the sound of a loud bang.

The grand formation is broken!

Ning Fan descended on the city tower and unleashed his sword sense. The vicinity within thirty thousand li* (500m per li) was covered with a thick black cloud.


Just as his sword sense swept across the entire area, groups upon groups of large Gold Core Realm beasts wailed in pain and perished!

Within seconds, at least one hundred thousand ferocious beasts had died within the area of thirty thousand li* (500 m per li)! Nearly one-third of the outpost’s troops was wiped out!

The beasts which were at the Nascent Soul Realm might not die instantly under his sword sense, but the injuries they suffered were not light. That scene before their very eyes had already caused them to be stricken with fear!

“S-Sword sense! It’s bad! Someone is attacking the city! Hurry up and report to General Gui Nu!”

Everything happened too suddenly!

No one had expected that Ning Fan could break the grand formation of the outpost with just a punch!

If they knew Ning Fan had such capabilities, they would have assembled the one hundred thousand Gold Core Realm beasts into their military formations. In that case, they would need not to be afraid of a Gold Core Realm sword sense attack.

Ning Fan then turned his five fingers into a claw. Within the Star Sea, one thousand dark-red blood rain fell, turning into rays of blood light. Every one of them aimed directly at the Nascent Soul Realm beasts and moved towards them with an unimaginable speed. Instantly, thousands of the wounded Nascent Soul Realm beasts had their bodies melted and decomposed.

The remaining Nascent Soul Realm beasts who strenuously blocked the assault of the blood rain were already in panic, desperately travelling towards the most magnificent sea palace in the city. They had to inform General Gui Nu that the outpost had been attacked by an unknown intruder.

Dispersing the blood rain, Ning Fan lifted his hand in mid-air and beckoned. The blood and demon pills produced by the one hundred thousand Gold Core Realm and one thousand Nascent Soul Realm beasts flew into his palms in the form of blood light, congealing into a blood-red light ball.

The light ball had gathered the vital essence of all the one hundred thousand ferocious beasts, radiating an aggressive blood qi.

When he swallowed down the light ball and assimilated its blood power, the poison within his Sea of Consciousness was immediately reduced by nearly one percent. As for his demon power, it was showing signs of improvement. However, his demon power could only be raised after he had completely refined the blood qi.

The dissipation of the poison meant the enhancement of his spirit sense. Currently his spirit sense which had been improved by the inheritance of Heart Blood completely stabilized.

“The day when this Evil Cold Worm is fully eradicated will be the day when my Late Divine Transformation Realm spirit sense advances into the Peak Divine Transformation Realm!”

After Ning Fan shattered the grand formation of the outpost, Stone Warrior and his other puppets had also begun to eliminate the enemies in other directions.

Each of the nest where the sea beasts resided was easily invaded. Fearful and enraged cries of the sea beasts constantly echoed into the air.

Xi Ran who was snuggling in Ning Fan’s arm was shocked by the wails and cries of the sea beasts until her delicate face became deathly pale. To her, that scene was just a little too scary.

It was not because she had not seen cultivators fighting before. However, a battle at such scale where the Star Sea was dyed red by blood really terrified her.

Within the Gui Xiong Outpost, there were eight Divine Transformation Realm experts standing on guard.

However, during the time when Ning Fan assaulted the city, the eight of them were enjoying themselves with wine. If it was not because of that, Ning Fan would definitely not be able to break the defensive formation of the city without much resistance.

In the sea palace, music played using bamboo flutes could be heard from afar.

All of the guests were immersing themselves in a delightful atmosphere. The chief general of the outpost, General Gui Nu, was throwing a big banquet to celebrate his birthday.

Gui Nu was a single-eyed Wild General with white hair. Despite his old and weary appearance, he emanated a fearsome momentum and his eyes were as deep as the sea.

Because of his Mid Divine Transformation Realm cultivation level, he was promoted to guard the outpost and became the right-hand man of Lord Kun Mo.

Furthermore, he also had an involvement in crafting the plan of initiating an attack on the star island.

Below his seat, seven Early Divine Transformation Realm vice generals raised their cups, expressing their good wishes to Gui Nu. All of them were respectful to him from the bottom of their hearts.

“As long as the Gui Xiong Outpost remains, everyone will be my slave!”

That bold and unconstrained statement was where his name ‘Gui Nu’ came from.

“The frontline troops had just departed from the Gui Xiong Outpost. Within a month, they would definitely be able to enter and station at the peripheral areas of the star island. When the time comes, there will be other demon troops to pin the old bear down. As for us, we shall just act according to Lord Kun Mo’s order by giving ‘special care’ to that Early Divine Transformation Realm cultivator… This old man actually wants to see how strong the Early Divine Transformation Realm cultivator whom Lord Kun Mo is constantly thinking of will be. I wonder if he can even withstand one of my strikes!” Gui Nu was already half-drunk, however his eyes were shining with pride and arrogance.

“General Gui is indeed extraordinarily courageous. General’s Jade Life Body Refining Realm has nearly reached the peak of the Second Level. Among the Mid Divine Transformation Realm experts in the Star Sea, General could also be considered as one of the most famous beings. What’s that Early Divine Transformation Realm cultivator when compared to General? He’s just a being who managed to frighten the old bear who has grown timid with his age. If he encounters General Gui, perhaps he would have died without needing General to display three moves!”

“Three moves? This old man will only need one move to kill him! Hmm? Speaking of which, isn’t outside especially noisy today?”

Gui Nu rose from his seat. But in the next moment, his eyes turned solemn and his face was suddenly filled with shock.

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