Grasping Evil

Chapter 301.2 - The Chaos in the Star Sea (3)

Chapter 301.2 The Chaos in the Star Sea (3)

Death is inevitable. Everyone will die eventually. Her grandfather died as he failed to escape from the Heavenly Tribulation. Her mother lost her life after suffering a heavy backlash from pill refining. Everyone was alive now because it isn’t their time to die yet.

Xi Ran’s heart was pounding wildly, feeling extremely anxious. She could not understand why whenever she thought that Ning Fan will die because of the worm poison, her mind would automatically recall her grandfather and mother who were the kindest and most loving to her in the past.

“You can’t die… Please… don’t die…” Tears began to well up within Xi Ran’s eyes and streamed down her cheeks. This time, it was not because she was fearful or she was trying to throw a tantrum. Instead, she was just unwilling to see Ning Fan die, even though she still did not understand why she would harbor that kind of weird feelings.

“Don’t worry. I won’t die…”

Ning Fan looked at Xi Ran and lightly sighed. It was not long before when he also made the same promise to another woman.

I won’t die. Why would I even die? Before eliminating every last one of my enemies, I can’t die!

“Eat it. I will still need your help in refining a Mid-Grade Fifth Revolution Pill to control the worm’s poison within me. If your arm is frozen, how could you even help me concoct a pill?”

“Refine a pill? Concocting a pill can help you suppress the poison?! I’ll eat it! I’ll do it right away!”

Xi Ran did not dare to get in contact with Ning Fan’s body anymore. Gently and carefully, she received the blood crystal from him and swallowed it down immediately. No matter how stinky it smelled or how awful it tasted, she still forced herself to consume it. It was because in her mind right now, her only objective was to save Ning Fan!

As her body began to assimilate the power of the blood crystal, the worm’s poison which turned her arm to ice started to diminish. However, just a brief moment later, she held her throat with both of her hands and bent herself over and started to puke.

Its taste is just too gross… She had never eaten such a disgusting thing before…

“What pill do you need? Whatever it is, I will concoct it for you!” Xi Ran uttered confidently, as if she was making a vow.

“Be patient. I will tell you in a while. It’s really weird that the frontline troops of Kun Mo will march at this direction. Apparently, they seem to be marching towards the star island. As for this Evil Cold Worm, the ‘great gift’ that they gifted to me, it’s impossible for me not to give them something in return.”

Ning Fan’s eyes flashed coldly. He was not a person who could simply be bullied by others. After all, the reason why one would strive for more strength and power was because they were unwilling to be bullied by others anymore. If one still could not have their own pride and firmness after going through everything in the journey of Dao cultivation, then it is pointless for them to continue cultivating their Dao!

Ning Fan was waiting. He was waiting for Stone Warrior and the others to return!

An hour later, Stone Warrior and the group of puppets standing on top of the black dragon finally came back.

Ning Fan did not speak anything other than staring deeply at Stone Warrior. Only when Stone Warrior approached him and passed him the remaining soul of Qu Feng did Ning Fan’s eyes became a little less merciless.

“If you also devour the beast’s demon soul, I will never let you off easily!”

“I won’t be so bold to commit such action!”

Stone Warrior firmly replied. With the group of fighters, he had completely eliminated twelve Divine Transformation Realm experts and swallowed eleven souls with eight of them being at Mid Divine Transformation Realm and the remaining three being at Early Divine Transformation Realm. Currently, his qi was not far from breaking through to the Mid Divine Transformation Realm.

Swallowing souls was a means to increase a spiritual puppet’s cultivation level. Of course, such a technique was unable to be concealed from Ning Fan’s eyes. However, he did not comment much about it. Since he had entrusted the entire matter to Stone Warrior, he would not ask him too many questions. Besides, as long as Stone Warrior did not show any disloyalty, Ning Fan would turn a blind eye to whatever benefits Stone Warrior might get in the process including raising his own cultivation level.

Ning Fan did not expose that secret. Neither did Stone Warrior divulge it. However, a straightforward person does not resort to insinuations. Ning Fan was moved by the technique of raising a spiritual puppet’s level. Despite knowing that the level of the spiritual puppets could be improved by letting them swallow other cultivators’ souls, the specific details were still in Stone Warrior’s hands.

“I want to learn the secret technique that you used to improve your cultivation level. In exchange, I will assist you to improve your level to the Mid Divine Transformation Realm and promise you that the next time we go to Peng Lai Immortal Island, I will release you and return you to Bei Xiaoman!”

“This… I will teach you this technique!” Stone Warrior contemplated for a while and immediately promised.

Although the Puppet Raising Technique was a secret technique, countless experts in the Northern Heaven were able to obtain it depending on their relationship with the Lost World Palace. With Ning Fan’s identity, it would not be difficult for him to obtain this technique when he ascends to the Northern Heaven in the future.

If this technique can be used to establish a friendly relationship with Ning Fan, easing his relationship with the Lost World Palace, it could not have been better. Besides, I can’t feel at ease all the time when I am not at Bei Xiaoman’s side.

Instantly, Stone Warrior imprinted a jade slip and passed it to Ning Fan. As for Ning Fan, he took a glance at it and kept it without uttering much words. His eyes, however, were blazing with interest.

‘Puppet Raising Technique’! With this technique, as long as I can hunt down enough Divine Transformation Realm experts, I can then improve the level of my spiritual puppets!

In this case, the 10 spiritual puppets in my hands and the puppets which Old Ancestor Dong Xu had promised to give me will have room for improvement.

After all, in this world, subordinates which can be trusted are just too few. As for spiritual puppets, however, they are without a doubt the most loyal and the safest subordinates!

After receiving Qu Feng’s remnant soul, Ning Fan’s eyes flashed with cold light. Without mercy, he performed the Soul Memory Searching Technique.

From its soul, everything including the forces in the Star Sea, the secrets of the Evil Cold Worm and even Kun Mo’s plans of attacking star island and killing him were known by him.

“I’ll let you devour this soul. Then, you will be able to advance into the Mid Divine Transformation Realm!” Ning Fan handed Qu Feng’s remaining soul to Stone Warrior. After learning his memories, Ning Fan’s eyes revealed an unprecedentedly strong killing intent.

Ever since he had left Ning City, the way he did things was quite restrained even though he was reluctant to be bullied by others.

When he was in Great Jin, he did not annihilate the entire country.

In the External Endless Sea, he did not wipe out any sects.

As for the nine tribes of the Lu Clan, he did not obliterate any one of the tribes.

He was tolerant all these while. Now, in the Star Sea, however, he felt that he could no longer tolerate it anymore!

Being patient and tolerant would eventually allow the four Holy Demons to assemble enough forces to besiege the star island!

“Originally, I’m unwilling to create troubles in the Star Sea. But since he doesn’t want to let me go, why should I feel sympathetic in washing the entire Star Sea with blood?!”

There were three Star Seas and a Star Gate was located at every one of the seas.

In the Star Sea where he was in, it was divided into four domains. The four Half-Step Void Refinement Realm Wild Beasts which claimed to be occupying these four domains were known as the Four Holy Demons!

Kun Mo resided in the southern part of the sea. Furthermore, according to Qu Feng’s memories, the other three Holy Demons had actually abandoned the idea of scheming on him. It was that particular demon who stubbornly insisted on taking his life.

Evil Cold Worm? Laughable! You want to take my life with just a venomous worm?

This worm is indeed difficult to deal with as it isn’t just any ordinary poison. It can’t be taken out or erased using the power of flames. However, the power of blood is able to eradicate this poison!

“I won’t die. In fact, I will use the blood of your thousands of demon troops in the southern sea to cure my cold poison! I might not be dirtying my hands to kill people, but it does not mean that I won’t kill!”

Ning Fan lifted his finger, congealing a trace of sword sense. The next moment, a ray of sword light was sent out at the direction of the star island. It was the Flying Sword Message Transmission!

The message he wanted to convey to the women was that he would be going to stay a little longer in the external world and let them know not to worry about him.

With the remaining prestige left by Wei Xuan, the bear demon will definitely not be daring enough to offend the three women. Perhaps, I think he might even send some gifts to them in order to befriend me!

“I’m going to kill someone. Are you coming?” Ning Fan shifted his indifferent gaze to Xi Ran. If she refuses, he would then send the spiritual puppets to escort her back to the island.

“Kill someone…” When she thought of that terrifying term, Xi Ran’s face turned pale. However, when she recalled that Ning Fan’s poison had yet to be cured, she became reluctant to leave him.

“I…I’m not afraid of killing. So…I guess I have to accompany you!”


Ning Fan did not say much. With a flick of his sleeve, he produced the Golden Flame Chariot. Pulling Xi Ran into one of his arms, both of them appeared on the head of the chariot.

“Golden Flame Chariot!” Xi Ran’s eyes were twinkling with awe. This kind of high-end, classy and luxurious chariot was really hard to see in this era where the Heavenly Court had already collapsed, let alone have a ride on it.

No one including Xi Ran was able to avoid feeling admiration towards that chariot.

Ning Fan shut his eyes and took in a deep breath. When he reopened his eyes, they were already as cold as ice.

At this moment, he felt as if he had returned to the Demon Sinister Forest where he vowed to pierce through the sky after being pushed to the extreme where death awaits him as soon as he retreated a step backward.

When I had just entered the Star Sea, I was sneak-attacked by the demon beasts of the sea domain. Killing them was just an act of self-protection.

However, Kun Mo led the group of Wild Beasts to hunt me down. If only I acted a little more ferociously and wiped out all of them, then I would not need to face such troubles today!

That just makes Kun Mo someone who deserves to be killed!

“Get on the chariot. We are going to kill some beasts!”

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