Grasping Evil

Chapter 299.1 - The Chaos in the Star Sea

Chapter 299.1: The Chaos in the Star Sea

Xi Ran held her small and delicate face up, waiting for Ning Fan to beg her while contemplating within her heart how she should forgive him.

Should I request him to massage my back, knead my legs, or rub my shoulders? Or should I make him carry me on his back and run one hundred laps around the star island?

With innumerable kinds of satisfying imaginations, she waited for Ning Fan to yield to her. However, what she got in the end was just a mocking expression from him.

“You want me to compensate you?”

“Of course! You’ve stolen one billion immortal jade from me and all my treasures too. I haven’t even gotten even with you about that. When I thought of marrying you without wanting anything back, you actually scolded and threatened to kill me! If I don’t take advantage of this opportunity to vent out my anger, I’ll really be dumb!”

Xi Ran held up her shriveled storage pouch as if she were trying to protest.

“If you want to know the correct method of using the Star Tempering Purple Zoysia, you will have to make me happy first. Only then will I tell you! Otherwise, I won’t say it and make you die waiting for it! Without the appropriate method, at least ninety percent of the medicinal power of the Star Tempering Purple Zoysia will be wasted.”

“Hmm. Wasting is not a good thing. Let me see what the true method of using it is…”

Ning Fan smirked. However, as soon as Wu Yan and Yue Lingkong noticed that expression on his face, their faces immediately changed. Yue Lingkong had already experienced the power of his Mind Reading Technique. As for Wu Yan, after so many years since the incident in the Scripture Tower, she had faintly guessed that perhaps the strange conversation she had with him was some kind of bait in order to use his Mind Reading Technique!

Her hypothesis was proven to be accurate as soon as Ning Fan wore a crafty smirk on his face!

Activating his Yin Yang Locket and connecting the power of heaven and earth, whatever a woman thinks, heaven knows it, earth knows it and even Ning Fan knows it!

I see. So the true method of using the Star Tempering Purple Zoysia is to transform my Medicine Soul into jade in order to break the camouflage of the spiritual herb, roasting it over a flame nine times and eventually a ‘medicine slave’ will be required to consume the spiritual herbs in order to purify its poison. Only then will the full medicinal power of the spiritual herb could be unleashed… ‘medicine slave’… Hmm…

Ning Fan’s eyes sparkled and whispered to himself within his mind. He of course knew what a ‘medicine slave’ was.

Some clans which practiced pill refinement techniques would raise some of their servants to become ‘medicine slaves’. The meridians in their bodies would be discarded and they would be fed poisonous substances in order to enhance their resistance towards poisons.

It was actually a very cruel thing.

Medicine slaves would at the very least possess a cultivation level of Vein Opening Realm. During the first round of consuming poisonous medicines, it was already considered a very fortunate outcome if one out of one hundred slaves remain alive. After that, whoever passed that first test would be fed with substances with stronger poison. There would even be more people dying among those who survived. Normally, in the end, after sacrificing at least ten thousand people’s lives, only one person would be qualified to be the medicine slave.

Moreover, that sole survivor had to discard all his immortal veins. Otherwise, when purifying the poison of certain medicines, he would not only absorb the poison but also possibly take in some useful portions of the medicines and caused the medicinal power to go to waste.

When the medicinal power of the spiritual herbs activates and the poison residing within the herbs are completely expelled, someone would then extract the medicinal power from them using certain secret techniques and refine them into new medicinal ingredients.

Therefore, in order to obtain the complete medicinal power of the Star Tempering Purple Zoysia, one must possess a medicine soul, a medicine slave and the techniques of calcining the spiritual herbs. Not a single thing out of the three of them could be lacking.

Regarding the specifics of the method of using the Star Tempering Purple Zoysia, Ning Fan had already found his answer from Xi Ran by asking her.

Concerning the medicine slave, there was no way he could specially cultivate one just for this purpose. If he really has no other alternative, then he would choose to take up the role as a medicine slave himself and cleanse the poison.

The only troublesome matter to him was the medicine soul.

“Do you want to know the true method of consuming the zoysia?” Of course, Xi Ran had no idea that Ning Fan had already known everything.

“Actually, I also know a bit about the method of consuming the Star Tempering Purple Zoysia. One has to transform his medicine soul to jade to break the camouflage of the spiritual herb and then roast the herb with flames. In the end, one will need a medicine slave to cleanse the poison… Am I correct?”

“Eh? How do you know all of these? This is the method recorded in the Remnant Record of San Qing1 of our Profound Medicine Race. Only the people who possess the royal bloodline would know about it. How come you know it?”

Xi Ran held her chin with her hand, contemplating the reason why Ning Fan could have access to that highly confidential information. After a short while, she gave him a confused look and shook her head.

“Apparently, you really are good in pill refinement as you also know this method. I should not have underestimated you.”

Yue Lingkong petulantly twitched her mouth whereas Wu Yan was feeling angry and amused at the same time.

Both of them knew that Xi Ran was tricked by Ning Fan using his Mind Reading Technique.

“What is a medicine soul?”

“A medicine soul is the light of the soul which is condensed by the medicinal qi! It’s strange. How come you don’t know anything about medicine soul since you’ve known the method of consuming the Star Tempering Purple Zoysia… Hmm… You should try performing this hand seal…” Feeling even more perplexed, Xi Ran demonstrated a hand seal. Immediately, the tips of her fingers began to flicker with a ray of deep azure light.

“This is the ‘soul light’. You should have it too… Probably…” Xi Ran was not sure.

Ning Fan then followed her gestures and performed the same hand seal. The next moment, a ray of faint green light glowed at the tips of his fingers. However, after a few seconds, it dispersed and vanished.

“Eh? You haven’t even congealed your soul light before?” Xi Ran looked like she had just seen something bizarre. She took a few turns around Ning Fan while stroking her chin. Her eyes were filled with the deep azure soul light as she was scrutinizing the color of Ning Fan’s soul light.

“It’s weird. Your soul light can’t be congealed but it has attained the green level, allowing you to concoct Early Grade Fifth Revolution pills… This is just unreasonable!”

Xi Ran was unable to understand what she had just witnessed. Ordinary people’s pill refinement level would not be able to advance into the Fifth Revolution without their soul light, even if they already congealed their divine intents.

However, what she did not know was that Ning Fan’s pill refinement techniques were all from an inheritance. At the time when he obtained the inheritance, it was the moment when his soul light was dyed green with green medicinal qi and attained the green level.

However, with that soul light, it only allowed one to concoct Low Grade Fifth Revolution Pills. It was the reason why Ning Fan was unable to concoct pills of a higher grade.

“Your teacher didn’t teach you how to refine your soul light? Green for Fifth Revolution, black for Sixth Revolution and purple for Seventh Revolution… Did he teach you this?”

“No…” Ning Fan originally intended to say that he did not have a teacher. However, when he thought from another perspective, he realized that Old Devil was his teacher while Ancient Chaos and Zi Dou could also be considered as half a teacher to him. Thus, he found it unspeakable to say that he learnt everything by himself.

Ancient Chaos has died a long time ago, whereas the life and death of Zi Dou is unknown. Old Devil’s pill refinement level is just at Fourth Revolution. Furthermore, he isn’t the type suitable for pill refinement, how is it possible for him to teach me how to refine my soul light…

The only thing I learnt from the Old Devil is that whenever I need pills, I should just rob others…

“Your teacher is really irresponsible!” Xi Ran seemed to have forgotten that she was just being scolded by Ning Fan earlier as she began to take up cudgels for him.

Meanwhile, Ning Fan took advantage of the moment by using his Mind Reading Technique to learn whatever that was within her mind. Without needing much effort, he completely understood the method of condensing the medicine soul. However, after he knew about that method, he felt a little speechless.

The process of condensing the medicine soul would require a Fifth Revolution Pill Master to willingly give out a trace of his or her soul light and help the Peak Grade Fourth Revolution Pill Master refine his soul light using a secret technique. Only then could the medicine soul be formed.

To ordinary people, the chances of successfully condensing the medicine soul was only one percent. However, to Ning Fan who already has his medicine soul, he only needed some help from another Fifth Revolution Pill Master by giving him a trace of soul light and he could easily awaken his slumbering medicine soul.

Now, he had found out the method. But it was certain that he would require Xi Ran’s help since there was not a second Fifth Revolution Pill Master in this world.

What if I just straight away let her purify the poison of the purple Zoysia? But I will still need to request her help… I guess I might as well just directly request her to help me condense my medicine soul.’

In the end, I still need to make this little girl happy first?

Ning Fan did not know what to say. He had never begged anyone for anything. Today, however, in order to heal the female corpse, it seemed like he really had no other choice but to beg Xi Ran.

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