Grasping Evil

Chapter 297 (2) - Second Phase of Corpse Transformation!

Chapter 297 (2) Second Phase of Corpse Transformation!

Even though Zhihe, Mu Weiliang, Mu Xiaohuan and the female corpse all had a naïve and adorkable character, they still had some knowledge about love between men and women.

However, this Xi Ran clearly did not know a thing about the affairs between men and women. An innocent little loli who could mistake the coarse-looking medicinal pill as an aphrodisiac was really hard to find in this materialistic cultivation world.

She did not even check whether her chastity was still intact. Maybe she did not know that her chastity actually depended on the membrane in her lower part and not about how much of her body was seen by Ning Fan.

Or perhaps she was not even aware that there was such a mechanism in her body.


“He must!”


“He has to!”

The quarrel between a foolish little girl and the female corpse who had a low spiritual intelligence. That was how it all began.

There was only one reason why such an incident would happen: Xi Ran’s emotional quotient was basically on the same level as the female corpse’s. It really was a pitiable situation!

Let’s just disregard their fight…

After one month of cultivation, Ning Fan’s aura was already different from before.

The current him had a ferociously horrifying appearance. The flesh on his body started to decay, revealing a little of the white bones beneath his skin. His body emitted a rancid, nauseous smell like that of a decomposed corpse that had been lying dead for a couple of years.

However, under that appalling face, his body was surging with immense devil qi which now amounted to more than thirty thousand!

Without a doubt, his devil qi was already far beyond the level of the Early Divine Transformation Realm. If he could get another twenty thousand more units of devil power now, his devil power could then straight away advance into the Mid Divine Transformation Realm in one go.

Unfortunately, it probably would be very difficult for Ning Fan to find someone like Wei Xuan who was willing to hand over all the corpse qi he accumulated from all the killings he had been through to Ning Fan for just to increase his devil power again.

Therefore, in order to improve his devil power, he might need to look for another alternative. Anyway, just through cultivating within this month, the advancement he gained in his devil power had already brought him a notable advantage.

With a single attempt, his cultivation for the Corpse Devil Record had gone up to the peak of the Fourth Level. Throughout the process, he had also completed the first phase of corpse transformation and turned his body into a decomposed corpse.

The current form of his body seemed to have allowed him to break through the limitations of his physical strength that he gained from his body refining realm. While he might be just a cultivator at the Second Level of Jade Life Body Refining Realm, he could wield the power of someone at the Third Level of Jade Life Body Refining Realm.

So this is how terrifying the first phase of corpse transformation is…

In the past when the black corpse attacked Ning City, although he had yet to complete the second phase of corpse transformation, his strength was widely different from that of the cultivators at the same level as him. Presumably, that is the unique effect obtained from the body of a decomposed corpse.

Luckily, before the black corpse could successfully finish its second phase of corpse transformation, he was eliminated by Ning Fan. This time, however, Ning Fan was going to complete what the black corpse did not manage to finish by completely turning his body into the body of a corpse devil!

Otherwise, I will have to live with this sickening body for some time. If I need to pluck some women, I presume that scene would be extremely… hardcore.

Moreover, if Ning Fan manages to complete the second phase of the corpse transformation, his body would experience a great transformation.

During the first phase of corpse transformation, one’s body would decay in order to break through the limit of their physical bodies.

In the second phase of corpse transformation, one would reconstruct a corpse devil body and attain a massive improvement in their physical defense.

As for the third phase of corpse transformation, it would be creating the corpse of life… If the third phase of corpse transformation is completed, Ning Fan could live forever and never die with his corpse devil body!

Fundamentally speaking, when one becomes a corpse devil, they would have already been separated from the domain of life and death.

With his eyes shut, he immersed himself within the corpse qi. Countless flies and worms resided on the surface and within his body. Even so, Ning Fan did not move rashly.

His whole body was itchy and numb. The unpleasant smell was also nauseating. However, in order to successfully condensing the corpse qi and breaking through the bottleneck of the second phase of corpse transformation, he had no other choice but to endure!

Ten days passed by in a flash. Throughout this period of time, his viscera were all grown with maggots. His body was oozing dark-red combined with yellowish pus.

However, his state of mind remained empty and bright from the beginning up until now. In his mind, he thought that if he could not even endure this process, he would then have no qualifications to further improve his power.


Ten days of waiting was all for this single moment. Ning Fan suddenly opened his eyes. 31720 traces of corpse qi revolved around his body and shot high up into the sky. Eventually, his corpse qi condensed into his physical body!

The maggots, parasites and their eggs were all instantly killed, being burnt by the black corpse flames into ashes.

The black-colored corpse flames then spread, burning and tempering his body. All the decomposed marks and stains were reduced to ashes while the corpse qi created a brand-new physical body.

Each step he made would leave a black burning footprint on the floor, setting fire to the nearby grass and trees.

For every step he made, his qi would rise higher and grow stronger!

Within the sea of black flames, the shadow of a naked young man slowly loomed. His body was thin and his complexion was pure white. Despite his appearance, his presence sent out a frightening destructive power.

His body refining realm was still at the Second Level of Jade Life Realm. However, he had also completed two phases of corpse transformations, evolving into a corpse devil. That evolution had lifted the limiter of his physical strength, reconstructed his body and increased the level of his physical defense which made him possess an unrivalled defense among the cultivators at the same level as him!

As such, despite being a cultivator with Second Level of Jade Life Body Refining Realm, his strength and defense were already at the level of the Third Level of Jade Life Body Refining Realm!

Currently, depending on his body, he was able to battle against a Late Divine Transformation Realm expert without being at a disadvantage!


After completing the second phase of corpse transformation, Ning Fan turned his palm facing upwards and slightly bent his five fingers. A black flame with the shape of a lotus then emerged, taking shape on his palm.

It originated from his corpse flame. However, upon the completion of the second phase of corpse transformation, it was refined into the flame which was ranked third among the twelve Earth Vein Demonic Flame… Lotus Corpse Flame!

It was indeed an accidental outcome. Because of that, he now possessed four types of Earth Vein Demonic Flames and five types of Heavenly Cold Qi!

Under the lead of the Lotus Corpse Flame, the nine types of flames and cold qi fused into a mystical black flame. The grey color was no longer visible.

This black flames produced from the fusion of all the Earth Vein Demonic Flames and Heavenly Cold Qi he possessed was certainly not any weaker than any of the Sixth Grade spiritual flames.

20150 units of demon power, 31720 units of devil power and 5884 units of magic power. Adding up the three types of power he now possessed, his power was a few thousand units stronger than that of an ordinary Mid Divine Transformation Realm expert.

Towards the improvement of his battle power, Ning Fan felt quite satisfied.

At this very moment, another idea struck him.

If he is able to improve all three types of his power to the Mid Divine Transformation Realm, he was confident that he could advance to the Late Divine Transformation Realm by combining all three of them together.

“This is a great first gift that Wei Xuan gave me… I shall never forget his kindness!”

In a flash, Ning Fan was once again clad in white robes and began inspecting the jade bottle he received from Wei Xuan earlier. It contained a drop of the inheritance of Heart Blood.

This Heart Blood had a tremendous enhancement effect towards a cultivator’s mind power and spirit sense.

It was an inheritance that was passed down by a Life Immortal Realm cultivator who practiced the Dao of Formations using a secret art before he died!

“If I consume this blood, my spirit sense would, at the very least, break through to the Late Divine Transformation Realm. My mind power would also improve tremendously. Furthermore, this Heart Blood contains the secret about Heart Formation… Heart Formation…”

Ning Fan’s eyes flashed. If he is able to learn that technique, he would then have much more methods to fight against his enemies.

Not only will his Mental Seal and Demon Seal be much more effective, when he faces his enemies in the future, he could establish a grand formation with just a wave of his hand!

In that manner, the Divine Transformation Realm grand formations that he had learnt would be equivalent to Divine Transformation Realm magical techniques. Similarly, a Mortal Void Realm grand formation would be the same as a… Mortal Void Realm magical technique!

If I acquire the secrets of Heart Formation, I will have a much better control over my Third Immemorial Divine Weapon.

Crushing the jade bottle in his hand, he consumed the Heart Blood and immediately sat down with his legs crossed, starting to assimilate its power.

In the next moment, the silver-colored Heart Blood transformed into thousands of traces of silver threads, carving innumerable complicated and abstruse formation diagrams on his heart. They were all the secrets of wielding the Heart Formation used by the family in the He Luo Star Domain which practiced the Dao of Formations for generations!

It was as if a shackle within his mind was unlocked. His Sea of Consciousness was basked in silver light and his spirit sense continuously rose and eventually advanced into the Late Divine Transformation Realm!

Now, with Late Divine Transformation Realm spirit sense, the corpse devil body at the Second Level of Jade Life Body Refining Realm and a total magic power which could be upgraded to the level of a Late Divine Transformation Realm using Soul Extraction, Ning Fan was strong enough to battle against a Peak Divine Transformation Realm expert!

A cool and refreshing feeling rushed from his heart to his mind. At the same moment, his consciousness was filled with unprecedented clarity. All the doubts and questions that he could not figure out in the past appeared to be pretty obvious now.

In fact, his eyes seemed to be able to clearly notice every trace of formation power of heaven and earth.

He took out his Inlaid Star Compass and his gaze fixed upon that weapon. The next second, he frowned.

In the past, he had never been able to spot the flaws of this treasure. Now, however, he could find the formation power on the treasure to be complicatedly intertwined with each other at first glance. There were errors in a lot of parts.

“I really didn’t expect this. After obtaining the inheritance from the Heart Blood, I can actually see the network of formation power. It’s no wonder that the outstanding experts from the world which practice Dao of Formations can’t be compared with ordinary cultivators… However, since I possess the inheritance of Heart Blood and also the He Luo Secret Formations, it is going to be embarrassing if I were to lose to any outstanding beings from the He Luo Star Domain in the Dao of Formations…”

“I suppose it’s almost time for me to return. It has been one and a half months already. I wonder if Wu Yan and the little girl Xi Ran have woken up or not. About the Extreme Profound Zoysia, I’m still very interested. Now, since I have help from senior Wei Xuan, the black bear would probably not dare to resist even if I directly ask for the secret treasure from him. That is the prestige of senior Wei Xuan. If I don’t use it, then I’ll really be a fool!”

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