Grasping Evil

 Chapter 270(2) - Mortal Severance and Divine Transformation (Part 1)

 Chapter 270(2) Mortal Severance and Divine Transformation (Part 1)

At this moment, countless terrified and angry screams could be heard from every corner of the Heavenly Court!

“The Realm Gate has opened! It’s bad! ‘It’ is coming back!”

“Who was it?! Who opened the Realm Gate?! His Majesty had placed the Realm Gate Key under the princess’ custody. Could it be her?!”

“Detestable! There’s no big deal if this Princess Weiliang doesn’t fail to see the larger issues. But how could she commit such a terrible mistake?! If we manage to survive this calamity, even if that lady is a princess, this old man will surely plead His Majesty to kill her regardless!”

Voices filled with hatred and resentment echoed through the air. Shadows of each of the True Immortals soared into the sky, dashing towards the massive gate and attempting to seal it once more.

But when nearly tens of thousands of True Immortals approached the giant gate trying to close it, a golden shadow entered the gate, revealing a man with golden hair.

One of his hands was holding a bloody eyeball the size of his fist.

When the True Immortals caught sight of it, their expressions were all filled with great terror.

“The eye of the Celestial Emperor! You’ve gouge out the eye of the Celestial Emperor! What have you done?! Zhang Qing1! Is it you who did all this?!”

“Zhang Qing? My name isn’t Zhang Qing but …”

The golden-haired man said something but Ning Fan was unable to hear his words clearly. It was as if when the words entered into his ears, they were immediately muffled out by an abnormal power.

At the end of the day, Ning Fan finally understood the reason why he could not see that man’s appearance… It was not because he was unable to see him but it was because the memories of him were erased immediately after seeing him!

It’s the power of Samsara!


Each and every one of the True Immortals were petrified by the golden-haired man’s true name and shuddered in fear.

With a flick of his sleeve, a golden halo appeared and spread extensively. After that, the first batch of True Immortals who charged at him all exploded into mist of blood and perished…

Disdainfully, he tossed the eye of the Celestial Emperor which was dripping with blood down to the medicinal garden. There stood a girl who was weeping remorsefully while looking at her own father’s eye.

The eye stared right back at Mu Weiliang, as if he was resentful of her action in opening the Realm Gate.

“No…It isn’t me who open the gate. No…” Mu Weiliang wanted to explain but she clearly knew that her father could no longer hear her explanation.

After today, the Heavenly Court would probably be completely destroyed…

She lifted her head, glaring at the golden-haired man who was standing in midair, feeling upset.

“Why…Why did you lie to me…Why did you open the Realm Gate…Why did you betray the Heavenly Palace? My father and I trusted you so much… But you…”

“Hehe. Mu Weiliang, don’t you get it… I was born an outsider of this realm! You are the daughter of the Celestial Emperor…You are my… enemy! You’re a fool and you’ve made an utterly foolish decision. Therefore, you can die now…”

With a touch of his finger, the entire Heavenly Court collapsed.

He then pointed his finger directly at Mu Weiliang. If he unleashes the power, she would never survive. Her souls would split and scatter, causing her to be unable to enter the cycle of reincarnation.

That finger was able to cease the cycle of birth and death!

At this critical juncture, the black-and-white butterfly perching on her shuddering shoulders fluttered its wings!

Like a ray of grey light, it soared into the sky and its speed was beyond the golden-haired man’s imagination.

“A mortal butterfly. How could a mortal butterfly have such speed?! Ah!”

He let out a painful cry. It was because the butterfly collided into his left eye, smashing his eyeball to pieces!

The mighty golden-haired man who was able to wipe out innumerable True Immortals with ease actually had one of his eyes blinded by an insignificant butterfly which seemed to possess no magic power at all.

However, the repulsive force from the collision crushed the body of the butterfly to powder…

Even so, it still managed to protect Mu Weiliang after all.

She covered her mouth with her hand, feeling as if a knife was being twisted inside her heart.

She quickly put her palms together to hold the remaining ashes of the butterfly that fell from the sky. Being turned into ashes was the consequence of overexerting itself.

“How dare a mere mortal butterfly defy me… It’s just biting more than what it can chew!”

“Shut up! You aren’t even as good as a mortal butterfly! You aren’t and will never be!” Mu Weiliang’s eyes flashed with hatred.

With her attitude, she had never known what hatred was. But today, she finally understood how that felt like!

“From today onwards, I, the Love Wielding Immortal Emperor, will seize the heart of the divine race using my life!”

The golden-haired man’s countenance remained indifferent and disdainful but deep inside, he was astonished, though he was not willing to admit that feeling.

Just a butterfly which flapped its wings at the right time was enough to cause a great change like a typhoon, altering the outcome of samsara.

At the moment it died, the path of the Heavenly Dao had deviated!

His state of mind was completely pulled out from the Bell of Samsara.

When he returned to his body, his eyes were bizarrely flashing in pure black and in absolute white from time to time.

After regaining the senses of his physical body, his vision slowly became clear. He placed his hands on the Bell of Samsara, muttering, “I was a butterfly in my previous life…Just an ordinary mortal butterfly. But in that butterfly form, I injured the Love Wielding Immortal Emperor and saved Weiliang’s soul…”

“Love Wielding Immortal Emperor… Who exactly is he?!”

Ning Fan shut his eyes. When he reopened them, they had become normal again.

Samsara… It is not something that I can lay a finger on at my current level.

Zhang Qing…He is not a person that the current me can withstand.

Knowing more about this at my current strength isn’t necessarily better. In order to have a clear view of the past, the only way is to obtain greater power.

At least… I have to become an Immortal Emperor!

“Zhihe…I’ve promised you that I won’t let your hands be stained with even the slightest trace of blood in this life and I will fulfill my promise…”

Clearing off all the thoughts within his mind, he turned around and left the bell with a calm expression. He faced the bald elderly man who wore a sackcloth beside him and cupped his fists!

“I’m truly thankful to you for saving me twice! I owe you two favors now! If I, Ning Fan, ascend to the Immortal World one day, I will surely repay my debt of gratitude!”

“Come on. This old man doesn’t want to have any connection with you… People who can see samsara are scary, too scary… But if you ascend to the Northern Ocean Heaven one day, perhaps… you can come to be my guest in the Black Tortoise Star. Other than the power of Samsara, this old man has a really good impression in you…”

“Since senior has invited me, this junior will definitely pay a visit to the Black Tortoise Star if there is a chance in the future… However, this junior still doesn’t know your name.”

Originally, Ning Fan wanted to question the elderly man who the Love Wielding Immortal Emperor was.

But after pondering for a while, he gave that notion up.

It’s still not the right time yet to divulge such secrets. Besides, perhaps this senior does not even know who Zhang Qing was.

“This old man is Meng Xuanzi. I am the Tablet Master Immortal Emperor of the Four Oceans Immortal World… Let’s go. We’ll be heading to the Dao Asking Cliff for the Third Step of Mortal Severance. Later, you just need to fall from the edge of the cliff so that your mortal self will be completely dead. Then, you will pass…”

“Dao Asking Cliff…”

Ning Fan jotted down the elderly man’s words in his memories while tailing after him to travel through the clouds.

Suddenly, a doubt rose within his heart. He cupped his fists once again and asked.

“I wonder where Mistress Bei Li and Fellow Daoist Yi Qing are. Their qi seemed to have disappeared from the Sea of Clouds…”

“They have left. I’ve gotten rid of them! It’s because of you! Little kid, this old man is going to give you a piece of advice. The power of Samsara is not something that people in your level can touch. The next time, you won’t be so lucky to have me saving you another time!”

Inwardly, Meng Xuanzi held back some criticisms against Ning Fan.

This little young man following me from behind might not have a high cultivation level, but everything he had done is certainly enough to shake the heavens.

At just the Harmonious Spirit Realm, he dared to stretch his spirit sense into threads… At Divine Transformation Realm, he dared to sound the bell of Samsara until he activated the power of Samsara… People say the younger generations are crazy and bold. But this young man isn’t just crazy and bold, he is overly mad…

Well this wasn’t strange actually… After all, in his previous life, Ning Fan was already daring enough to fly to the Heavenly Court with just the body of a mortal butterfly.

In his life, the two words “not daring” did not exist. He would be willing to try anything as long as there are chances of succeeding.

Rather than dwelling upon failures, why don’t one think about how to avoid failure?

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