Grasping Evil

Chapter 269(1) - That Butterfly

Chapter 269(1) That Butterfly

Bei Li’s hand gently rubbed her chest. Her chilly gaze flashed with surprise for the very first time.

11 strikes! 11 bell rings!

With just a single breath, he rang the bell… eleven times!

Bei Li had expected that Ning Fan would at most be able to sound the bell 19 times with all his strength based on the firmness of his Heart of Dao…

However, she did not anticipate that Ning Fan had comprehended one of the Void Fragmentation Realm divine abilities – the Emperor’s Shadow and used the prestige of the emperor to withstand the immortal’s prestige from the bell.

Without much preparation, her breathing was disrupted by the sound of the bell which rapidly came pounding on her one after one another. She quickly calmed herself down, regulating her breathing and magic power and only then did her breathing became normal again but her chest was still rising and falling in a noticeable manner.

“Even though he has yet to completely attain the Divine Transformation Realm, he has already congealed the Emperor’s Shadow. Besides, when he was at the Ten Steps Bridge earlier, he had even unleashed his incarnation technique… Among the three Void Fragmentation Realm techniques, he has already learnt two of them… He’s really a monster…”

Ning Fan was unaware that his actions had made a favorable impression on Bei Xiaoman’s third elder sister.

But even if he knew about it, he would not care about it at all because what truly mattered to him were just the giant bell in front of him and that incomplete scene that flashed past his eyes.

“What exactly was that image…”

“It’s samsara!” Luo You’s drowsy voice echoed from within the Yin Yang Locket.

“Samsara?” Ning Fan was stunned. The next moment, he inwardly teased, “Miss Luo You, you always wake up just right in time when I need you.”

“Yea. I actually wanted to sleep for a little longer but the sound of the bell was rather annoying… It’s a disturbance to my sweet dreams… Hmm… The Bell of Samsara. It really brings back old memories. This Elder Sister could not remember clearly how long it had been since I rang this bell to complete my Divine Transformation… Slumber… When one falls into slumber, they would then be forgotten and perish along with time…”

Luo You’s voice was filled with a hint of nostalgia but immediately she was in high spirits again.

“Good Brother, are you going to attain the Divine Transformation Realm already? You’re really excellent for being capable of sounding the bell 11 times with just a breath. In the past, this Elder Sister only managed to sound the bell 10 times…”

“10 times?” Ning Fan asked, feeling surprised inwardly.

So even if I have summoned the Emperor’s Shadow, borrowing the prestige from the emperor, I’m just slightly stronger than her in the past.

“However, even if this Elder Sister was able to ring the bell 24 times in the end, I wasn’t able to catch a glimpse of samsara… The Bell of Samsara contains the power of Samsara of the Immortal Sovereign. But it’s just a myth because no one was able to use this bell. The fact that you are able to see samsara is considered pretty astounding, even if it’s just a fragment of the complete scene. Of course, there are others who are able to discover samsara and remained secretive about their discovery. As such, I am not sure how frequent it is for someone to see it… Erm… Do you want to have a clearer look of samsara?”

“Do you know any methods?” Ning Fan could not help laughing.

This Luo You is always helpful during critical moments like this.

“Yea. I know one. I just learnt it from hearsay. So I’m not really sure whether it is correct or wrong… After all, I couldn’t enter the vicinity of three zhang* around the bell…”

“Tell me the method. I want to see the lady…”

“Leave the golden mace, step closer to the giant bell and hit the bell with your fist for the total number of the Stars of Destiny – 108 times! Of course, it’s just a rumor. No one has ever tried it. But as for you, I think you should give it a try. This Elder Sister really has high expectations on you… *Yawn* I’m sleepy again…”

It was then that he heard the sound of drawing a curtain down and closing the window panes. Apparently, Luo You had gone back to her sweet dreams once more.

Ning Fan remained silent and stared at the bell. A moment later, he shut his eyes, recalling the lady he saw in that sudden scene just now.

It was clearly Zhihe at first but why did it become Mu Weiling in the end… What does that mean?


The Aura Force Cultivation technique was activated. Ning Fan reopened his eyes and cast the golden mace aside!

After seeing his action, Bei Li was bewildered.

What happened to him? Why doesn’t he continue to sound the bell after ringing it 11 times? Why is he tossing the golden mace away? Is he going to end the Second Step of Mortal Severance with only this result?

However, after ringing the bell 11 times, his state of mind has already broken through to the Mid Divine Transformation Realm. As such, it is more than enough for him to complete this stage.

Despite that, there was a hint of disappointment that could not be concealed in Bei Li’s eyes… After all, she expected to see Ning Fan sound the bell 49 times and break the record set by the “number one Divine Transformation Realm expert of the Northern Heaven” who had managed to sound the bell for 48 times and become a legend of the Northern Heaven.

Just at the moment when the feeling of disappointment arose within her heart, it was replaced by disbelief.

Because Be Li saw that Ning Fan had taken a step forward, entering the vicinity of three zhang* surrounding the bell!

“How did he do that?! Other than True Immortals, no one could possibly approach the Bell of Samsara?!”

When he was outside the vicinity of three zhang*, Ning Fan felt as if his shoulders were carrying a mountain due to the pressure of the immortal’s prestige.

When he merely made a step into the vicinity, that feeling intensified, just like the weight of the mountain increased by a fold.

“Raise the prestige!”

Blood light gathered to his body and a vortex began to emerge around him. His eyes gleamed with ferocity. Using the secret art of prestige and aura derived from the Heaven Sealing Technique, he began to devour the traces of immortal’s prestige.

He did not make the second step forward but his aura force was rising continuously.

From the Late Divine Transformation Realm, it gradually broke through the peak stage of the realm, reaching the Half-Step Void Refinement Realm.

However, no matter how much prestige he continued to take in, his aura force was temporarily unable to advance into the Void Refinement Realm, as if it was limited by his current cultivation level.

But as he consumed the immortal’s prestige, his aura force was gradually imbued with a strand of …True Immortal’s qi!

The level of his aura force was no longer increasing but its quality was experiencing changes.

When the True Immortal’s qi entered into Ning Fan’s body, it left a trace of purple qi on his Nascent Soul.

At the same moment, he suddenly found out that the color of his luck was changing too!

The dark shade within his dark green luck was concentrating while the element of green was slowly filtering itself out, turning into the color of pure green.

After that, with a single thought, his luck which was previously dark with a faint green tinge had separated itself into two with one of them being fully dark while the other being completely green!

“Two traces of luck?!”

Ning Fan was flabbergasted. After absorbing the purple immortal’s prestige, it not only increased the level of his luck but also divided his luck into two…

Perhaps, no one would believe such unbelievable matter but it truly happened!

It was like a pair of Yin Yang fish blending together with each other!

To Ning Fan, it was mind-blowing. He did not know whether such condition was because of the Yin Yang Locket or the benefit from absorbing the immortal’s prestige.

All in all, the current condition he encountered regarding his luck was unprecedented.

Why was the Old Devil’s luck also black? Is it possible that he was also being plotted against in the past which left him no choice but to tarnish his own luck?

However, as a consequence, his luck became extremely bad. There was not a Gold Core Realm Dao Fruit from the Gold Core Realm cultivators he killed. He could not even notice precious items like the Jade Royal Grass and the Coiling Evil Grass. Besides, when the Yin Yang Locket flew past his eyes, he did not recognize it and he failed tens of times in order to concoct a Four Revolution pill!

The black-colored luck might enable one to avoid someone else’s plot but the consequences were not small.

As for Ning Fan’s luck, from now onwards, it became unique.

Perhaps, even the Fate Wielding Immortal Emperor could never anticipate that a blackened luck still could be revived!

Luck would decide a cultivator’s fortune.

At least, if one wishes to become a profound pill master, they must not have bad luck, or else they would be like the Old Devil, failing almost every single time in concocting pills…

“I was too obsessive!”

His eyes flashed with determination and made the second step!

Dong Xu might have asked him to complete the Devil Transformation in order to avoid someone else’s plot against him but perhaps he did not need to go to that extent of completely tarnishing his own luck…

Impure and pure, black luck and purple luck, good and bad, kind and evil, pretty and ugly, ice and fire… They might be contrasting elements that was against each other but it did not necessarily mean that they could not coexist at the same time!

Yin Yang Devil Vein. It was all about unification the coexistence of two!

Privately, the Aura Force Cultivation technique was rotated.

The color of his luck changed even more drastically.

Apparently, there was no longer a faint green tinge within the color of black which grew more and more concentrated to the point where it looked pure black.

But it would separate itself into them whenever Ning Fan wishes it, forming a portion of blackness while a portion of green which was gradually evolving into the color of blue.

When Ning Fan completely stood in front of the bell, he placed his hand on the surface of the bell and did the bravest thing in his entire life.

He directly absorbed the prestige of the Immortal Sovereign residing inside the Bell of Samsara with the Aura Force Cultivation technique!

For outsiders, they could only see that Ning Fan’s luck was becoming darker, just like a droplet of pure black ink.

Only Ning Fan knew that when his black-colored luck was rising, the other half of the luck was also improving, gradually becoming the color of pure purple!

When the other half of his luck turned completely purple, the dark-colored luck totally covered it up, making it invisible to any other beings.

But Ning Fan knew that his luck had returned!

“Thanks a lot!”

Facing a non-living bell, he uttered some words which were baffling to any outsiders. The next moment, his fist glowed in jade green light and landed on the Bell of Samsara.


The twelfth ring of the bell echoed throughout the air!

“Mister Ning is able to walk to the bell and strike it with his physical body?! Is he a True Immortal?!”

The thirteenth ring, the fourteenth ring…the twentieth ring.

The twenty-first ring, the twenty-secondth ring…the forty-ninth ring.

When the bell rang for forty-nine times, it echoed across the vicinity of forty-nine thousand li*! As for Bei Li, it blasted loudly on her ears, reverberating incessantly within her heart.

The sound of the bell ringing made Bei Li firmly believe that if Ning Fan breaks through to the Late Divine Transformation Realm, he would definitely take over the title of the “number one Divine Transformation Realm expert of the Northern Heaven”!

Each time the bell rang, it cleansed one’s state of mind. Aside from that, every time the bell rang, it was equivalent to one hundred years of cultivation for the state of mind.

In other words, if the bell rings for one hundred and eight times, it would improve one’s state of mind by ten thousand and eight hundred years of cultivation!

His state of mind which was on the intermediate stage of the Divine Transformation Realm was slowly advancing under the sound of the bell, reaching the late stage, the peak stage and even the Half-Step Divine Transformation Realm.

The Bell of Samsara did not increase Ning Fan’s cultivation level but it caused qualitative changes in many aspects such as his aura, luck and state of mind.


When the final blow landed on the bell, a massive repulsive force from the Immortal Sovereign’s prestige was inflicted on him, causing him to puke blood.

His blood splashed all over the bell but his eyes were filled with satisfaction. It was because after the bell rang for the last time, he finally saw samsara!

But a few seconds later, his eyes widened!

The power of Samsara was far beyond his imagination. Besides, it was even more untouchable than the spirit sense technique – Myriad Miles Wander!

There was as if a force sucking his consciousness completely into the Bell of Samsara…

I’m afraid I’m really in grave danger this time…

He muttered to himself within his mind.

The last sound of the bell had travelled beyond the boundaries of the Sea of Clouds, reverberating within the Black Tortoise Star for a long while.

Within the Black Tortoise Star which was so large that it could hold more than 4700 cultivation countries, hundreds of millions of cultivators lifted their heads in unison at this moment, feeling incomprehensible. They could not understand where the sound of the bell came from. But after hearing the bell, all of them had a puzzled look on their faces, just like the time when Ning Fan saw the Bell of Samsara for the first time, bewildered.

The final ring of the bell caused hundreds of millions of cultivators to be absent-minded for a short moment concurrently.

When they regained their consciousness, no one was able to recall the strange incident that happened earlier, as if a part of their memories was literally erased!

Only Meng Xuanzi who was an Immortal Emperor was able to block the sound of the bell!

Originally, he was in confusion while contemplating about Ning Fan’s identity. But when the sound of the bell echoed to the star, he suddenly rose up from his seat.

“He rang the bell one hundred and eight times! The power of Samsara! I finally remember him! He is the young man from the Rain World!”

He was the Harmonious Spirit Realm young man who accidentally displayed the True Immortal’s divine ability –Myriad Miles Wander and intruded the Black Tortoise Star.

Today, in the Sea of Clouds, the same young man sounded the Bell of Samsara for 108 times while completing his Divine Transformation!

However, it’s impossible for the sound of the bell to travel millions of li* away from the Sea of Clouds, spreading all over the Black Tortoise Star.

The reason why it could spread so far is because he has activated the power of Samsara within the golden bell!

“This kid indeed has monstrous potential!”

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