Grasping Evil

Chapter 266(2) - Enter the Dragon Pond and Ascend the Sea of Clouds!

Chapter 266(2) Enter the Dragon Pond and Ascend the Sea of Clouds!

His eyes glinted with resolution as if he had made up his mind. With a slap on his storage pouch, a golden chariot the size of his hand appeared on his palm.

Within the chariot, a dark shadow of a dragon moved around enthusiastically and scanned the surroundings. After confirming that this place really was the Black Dragon Tomb, he became especially excited, dreadfully longing to jump out from the chariot and begin to improve his demon power or even reform his demon body!

However, the pitiable black dragon had already been attached to the chariot after being turned into a chariot spirit. Unless he obtained permission from Ning Fan with his spirit sense, there was no way he could leave the chariot…

“Let me out! This Elder Brother knows you are afraid that I might acquire the inheritance in this place and break through to the Void Refinement Realm. You are afraid that I will outclass you! You envy me! You malefic being, I am warning you again! If you don’t let me out, I will really go serious on you! This Elder Brother will be really scary when I’m angry!”


Ning Fan activated the demon seal and immediately, the black dragon wailed in agony. His snotty demeanor died away and his mouth ceased to utter any excessive words.

“Arghhh! Please have mercy! Master, please have mercy on me! This little brother is too elated to the degree of forgetting my position… I’m truly guilty about it!”

“Hmmph! Don’t ask why you died next time you speak insolently again! Let me ask you. What is the Black Dragon Tomb?!”


The black dragon’s heart pounded heavily.

How careless am I to have mentioned the Black Dragon Tomb… I was too excited just now and made a slip of the tongue…

That was actually the secret of the Black Dragon Race. Only he who was once a young master of the race could know about it. Ordinary demons had no idea of what it was!

“Er… This Elder Brother does not know what you’re talking about?”

“Three breaths! If you don’t tell me the truth, you’ll die!” Ning Fan said, feeling lazy to prolong the nonsensical conversation with the black dragon anymore.

The first breath went by!

The secondary breath went by!

Just as the third breath was about to come, the black dragon gave in.

With his teeth gritted together, he reluctantly said, “Fine! Isn’t it just about the Black Dragon Pond? There’s no big deal in telling you about it! At the end of the day, other than the members of the Black Dragon Race, no one would be able to gain the slightest advantage from this place…” The black dragon spoke, feeling pleased with himself.

Apparently, my luck isn’t that bad after everything that had happened. Being degraded as a sinful dragon and had my claws chopped off. Being turned into a chariot spirit. I originally thought I’m really out of luck. But now, here comes a chance for me to get a break. I actually discovered the Black Dragon Tomb!

“Get to the point!” Ning Fan exerted the strength in his palm. The black dragon’s demon soul within the golden chariot was on the verge of collapsing. Instantly, he became terrified again.

“No. Don’t do it! Let’s not hurt each other’s feelings! This Elder Brother will tell you everything I know! This Black Dragon Tomb is actually the tomb of a senior of my Black Dragon Race who possesses the royal bloodline. Due to the unique terrain of this place, a secret art was used to connect his dragon veins with the earth veins, turning it into a dragon cave which retains his corpse as well as his blood essence for the descendants of the race to devour and absorb… However, only the members of my race will be able to obtain the inheritance. Common people can’t do that! Hehe. If the senior who was buried here is a Heavenly Demon, then I’m truly lucky. Hahaha. If I absorb his demon corpse and demon blood, I will be able to at least break through to the Void Fragmentation Realm with ease!” His black dragon’s eyes flashed with eagerness.

“A royalty of the Black Dragon Race…”

Ning Fan frowned. From the Demon Codex, he had come across some information about the Dragon Race. It originally had numerous branches. But after the great cataclysm of heaven and earth, other than the Immemorial Thunder Dragon Race, no one from the other Dragon Races had managed to awaken the royal bloodline…

However, before the great calamity, the Black Dragon Race was once stronger than the Thunder Dragon Race.

That is to say, this Dragon pond existed long before Lu Wu went into slumber and the collapse of heaven and earth?

Will there be the corpse of a royalty of the Black Dragon Race lying below?

The boundary of the Second World is weak. It can at most allow Divine Transformation Realm beings to enter. In other words, even if there really is a corpse of the Black Dragon Race’s royalty, that being’s cultivation level can only be below the Half-Step Void Refinement Realm.

As such, it is certainly impossible to have a Heavenly Demon’s corpse as what the black dragon mentioned. At best, there can only be a Divine Transformation Realm demon corpse…

Perhaps the black dragon was bound to be disappointed.

However, since this place was the tomb of his race, he should presumably know the methods how to deal with the dark beasts.

“Do you have any means to face the dark beasts?” Ning Fan asked in a deep tone.

“Dark beasts? Just them? They are just my snacks. As long as I reveal myself, all of them have to flee!” The black dragon proudly replied.

“Very well! Then, I will cultivate here and you will be responsible in guarding me. If anything goes wrong, I will activate the Demon Seal and take your life! You are permitted to come out now!”

Ning Fan touched the golden chariot with his finger. The black dragon trembled and flew out from the chariot, transforming into a physical dragon with a massive body.

After keeping the golden chariot, Ning Fan stepped above the black dragon and ordered, “Go further down!”

“No problem. It’s all on me!”

The black dragon agreed with certainty while feeling ecstatic inwardly.

“This malefic being wants to cultivate in this place?! Haha. Good! Very good! During this period of time, I will capture all the dark beasts around this tomb and obtain the inheritance from the deceased royalty, seizing the opportunity to advance into the Void Refinement Realm. As soon as I achieve the breakthrough, no matter how strong the Demon Seal is, it can’t control a demon beast who has a big cultivation level gap over its castor. When the time comes, I’ll definitely be able to break free from his grasp!”

Suddenly, the black dragon was filled with hope and optimism about his future.

However, just as he traversed the blood pond and entered the yellow spring at the bottom, all his hopes were crushed, leaving only disappointment within him.

Thirty thousand zhang* below the pond – the Land of the Yellow Spring!

Multitudes of human bones were piled up on this land. The set of skeletons that come out on top among the pile of bones belonged to a dead black dragon which was already half decomposed.

By the look of the dragon blood, this black dragon should be just half a step away from advancing into the Void Refinement Realm when it was alive back then. It was not much different from Ning Fan’s expectations.

*Glass breaking sound*

The black dragon’s wonderful dream was smashed to pieces.

“Just a Divine Transformation Realm dragon’s corpse?! It’s not a Heavenly Demon?! F**k! I rejoiced too soon! If that’s the case, even if I devour this dragon corpse as well as its demon blood, I can only break through to the peak stage of the Divine Transformation Realm!”

“The dragon blood is mine. The decayed corpse is yours!”

Ning Fan smiled and leaped from the back of the black dragon. With a wave of his sleeve, droplets of black, shiny dragon blood filled with overflowing demon power were attracted into his hands. Without a second thought, he gulped down every last one of them.

The black dragon was perplexed and was mentally crushed.

“Originally, I can only attain the Peak Divine Transformation Realm after devouring the dragon corpse and the dragon blood. Now, I can only break through to the Late Divine Transformation Realm! I’ll kill you!”

“If you make any more noises, I’ll take the dragon corpse for myself too!”

Ning Fan’s eyes turned slightly grim and triggered the Demon Seal. Instantaneously, the black dragon felt an acute pain from his Sea of Consciousness, crying out for his parents like a child.

Anyhow, I didn’t help this malefic being for nothing. Finally, I’ve gotten the dragon corpse as a reward. Whether it’s rotten or not, it’s still better than having nothing! I’ll bear it! I’ll eat it!

After eating this dragon corpse, I’ll assimilate every last bit of the demon power and strive to attain the Late Divine Transformation Realm. With the dark beasts as nourishment, perhaps I still have hopes of attaining the Peak Divine Transformation Realm and even break through to the Void Refinement Realm!

The black dragon muttered inwardly. As soon as he thought about that possibility, his eyes shone with confidence again. The dejected feeling was completely gone.

His dragon eyes scanned around the surroundings and spotted nearly a dozen dark beasts at the Early Divine Transformation Realm hiding in the dark.

Aiyo. These are truly delicious rations!

In the dark, there were more than just thousands of pairs of eyes spying on Ning Fan. But as soon as they caught sight of the black dragon, each and every one of them shivered uncontrollably with fear.

The black dragon were the dark beasts’ predator!

Therefore, it was just a natural instinct of the dark beasts to fear the black dragon. Moreover, the dark beasts could not even display ten percent of their power in the presence of the black dragon!

At thirty thousand zhang* deep below the pond, the demon power nearly stuffed Ning Fan’s body to the extent of nearly exploding.

If his body refining realm had not broken through to the Second Level of the Jade Life Realm, if he did not have the protection of the royal Fu Li Bloodline, he would certainly be unable to adapt to the immense demon power of the area.

At this place, his cultivation speed was more than 30 times faster than the outside world!

In other words, it was not difficult for him to achieve Divine Transformation Realm within ten years!

After seeing that the black dragon was naturally oppressive towards the dark beasts, he set his mind at rest.

With the Demon Seal, unless the black dragon is stronger than me by a major cultivation realm, he would not dare to play any tricks.

Safety is no longer an issue with the presence of this dragon. The only worrisome matter is whether or not he will advance into the Void Refinement Realm in one attempt after devouring too many dark beasts…

“There’s nothing to fear! The blood of the dark beasts contain poison which can only be purified by the black dragons. I shall wait for this black dragon to consume as many dark beasts as possible and cleanse the poison from the blood. Then, I shall seize the purified demon power and consume it myself. In that case, this dragon’s cultivation realm can be constrained…”

Ning Fan’s eyes glittered with cold light. After giving multiple orders to the black dragon to restrict his movements, he sat down in a lotus position. With a pat on his storage pouch, he fished out the Blue Flame Grass and the Demon Marshal’s golden blood.

13 complete droplets of golden blood and 84 strands of golden blood streaks…I’m afraid these are all the remnants of the Demon Marshal’s blood in the entire Land of Slumber.

As the items appeared, the depressed countenance of the black dragon who was busy catching and killing the dark beasts suddenly brightened up.

“The Demon Marshal’s blood essence?! How did he gather so many of them?! They are really good…”

The black dragon could not imagine where and how Ning Fan obtained so much golden blood.

He audibly swallowed his saliva and bitterly filtered out his greedy thoughts.

No. I can’t seize the malefic being’s golden blood. They might be good, but the current me is bound by the Demon Seal, I can’t oppose him…

“Fine. The golden blood is all yours! This Elder Brother will endure for the time being! I’ll just eat the dark beasts with all my might!”

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