Grasping Evil

Chapter 262 (2) - I Want The Map!

Chapter 262 (2) I Want The Map!

When the blood sword appeared, Ning Fan stopped moving forward for the first time and his eyes became solemn.

This blood sword was extremely terrifying. If Ning Fan was not wrong, there were three seals on the blood sword!

Those seals seemed to have been inscribed to suppress the power of the blood sword.

Even under the suppression of the seals, the power of this blood sword reached the level of a Spiritual Treasure.

“Zhou Ming! This is the last chance for you to kowtow to me and beg for mercy! Don’t you force me to wield this sword! This sword has been given to me by the Demon Marshal. It was forged using the bones of an Immortal Blood Dragon. Without tearing off the seals, it is already a Spiritual Treasure. Its grade will increase once for every seal that is taken off. If I remove the first seal, this treasure will advance into the Mortal Void Realm! A strike of a weapon at that grade will destroy heaven and earth, and the mountains and rivers within the area of ten thousand li will turn into ruins. You won’t be able to resist it! Everyone within the Luo Yun Province will perish together with you!”

Li Ban’s massive killing intent billowed out from his body. However, Ning Fan only shot him a contemptuous look.

“The blood qi of the sword is too strong. You can’t use it!”

“Nonsense! I’ll show you how I’m going to use it!”

After Li Ban finished his words, he began to perform the hand seals to remove the first seal of the blood sword.

Just as Ning Fan said, when only half of the first seal was torn, Li Ban was already feeling it hard to breathe due to the immense blood qi being emanated by the sword.

He felt that he had just received a heavy blow on his chest. The bloody scale armor that he wore broke apart. Looking at the first seal of the blood sword which seemed to be barely damaged, Li Ban flew into great rage.

“Damn it! How dare this Blood Dragon Demon Sword not accept my command! Argh!”

After seeing Li Ban unable to tear down the seals, Lu Daochen felt a sudden relief in his heart.

If Li Ban really manages to tear off the seal and forcibly wields the Void Treasure, not to mention how huge the backlash he would suffer from using the Void Treasure before attaining the required cultivation level, the Luo Yun Province and an area of tens of thousands of li surrounding the province would definitely be flattened by the blood sword.

Therefore, it was good that the seal was still intact.

However, in the meantime, Lu Daochen was also feeling surprise inside.

If the first seal is torn off, the sword would upgrade and become a Mortal Void Treasure.

Tearing down the second seal would turn it into an Immortal Void Treasure.

Then, if the third seal is removed, this sword would be an Immortal Treasure!

A strike of an Immortal Treasure… Even a Void Fragmentation Realm being would not be able to withstand it… Li Ban actually possess such a precious treasure. I wonder how deep-seated his backer is within the Immemorial Thunder Dragon Race.

“Does Lu Bei still dare to kill Li Ban?” Lu Daochen hesitated…

However, when he saw Ning Fan’s eyes which did not reveal a single shred of fear towards Li Ban, he completely put his mind to rest.

“This man isn’t afraid of the Immemorial Thunder Dragon Race nor the Immortal Demons. He’s indeed the right man. I suppose Demon Marshal Lu could still be saved…”

Li Ban pressed on towards Ning Fan with heavy steps while carrying the blood-red sword over his head. Even Ning Fan felt uneasy facing the sword.

However, he knew that Li Ban would certainly bear the consequences of his own deed because Li Ban would never be able to control this blood sword. If he still insists, he would no doubt suffer a heavy backlash.

Common Spiritual Treasures were not something that could be manipulated by cultivators at the Early Spirit Severing Realm.

It was Ning Fan’s first time witnessing such a powerful sword in his entire life. He even had a feeling that if he obtains this blood sword and removes all the three seals, it would enable him to put Sovereign Nie in a grievous state too.

“I want this sword!”

Ning Fan’s eyes shined with determination. Taking a step forward, he turned into a column of smoke, dashing towards Li Ban. But he stopped outside the area of three zhang* around Li Ban.

At such a close distance, even Ning Fan was unable to get any closer to Li Ban without displaying any techniques.

One should be able to imagine how immense the pressure exerted by the sword onto Li Ban.

Li Ban could not move his body further anymore, not even a single step!

The prestige of the blood sword had fixed Li Ban to the ground, immobilizing him.

By right, he could only forcibly use this sword after attaining the Mid Spirit Severing Realm.

If he was not hurt by Ning Fan and had his dragon tendon cut by the latter in the past, he would probably have broken through to the Mid Spirit Severing Realm by now and would have been qualified to wield this sword.

Unfortunately, because of Ning Fan’s appearance, everything changed.

Li Ban was unresigned to the fact that he was being held back by the blood sword!

However, when he saw Ning Fan was also unable to get near him and sneak attack him due to the aura force of the blood sword, he felt extremely pleased.

At least I can still lift the blood sword with my Immemorial Dragon Bloodline.

While he can’t even across the area of three zhang* under the prestige of the blood sword…

“After all, you aren’t as good as me. This Blood Dragon Demon Sword is forged using the bones of the Immortal Blood Dragon. Therefore, it can’t be controlled by a demon who has yet to comprehend the might of their demon blood. No matter how strong your innate potential may be, you are still not as good as me in comprehending the demon blood. Do you think you are really that great after awakening a royal bloodline? I suppose you don’t even know the purpose of your demon bloodline!?”

Li Ban burst into laughter. But as Ning Fan heard the laughter, a thought suddenly flashed across his mind like a thunderclap on a sunny day. He seemed to have understood something in that very moment.


Ever since I’ve awakened the royal bloodline, I’ve always felt a wall between me and the demon bloodline. It’s like the both of us lack mutual understanding.

Initially, Ning Fan thought that the reason was because he was a human and a human was not a demon after all. Therefore, he could not completely be one with the demon blood.

Now, however, he suddenly realized that his previous thoughts were wrong…

Purpose, purpose…The demon race was once the master of heaven and earth. Every True Spirit Race had their own purposes.

The Immemorial Thunder Dragon was innately endowed with the power of thunder. Their purpose was of course to control the thunder for the Heavenly Dao.

The Immemorial Fire Phoenix was innately endowed with the power of flame and their purpose was to take charge of the fire element for every living being.

Fu Li… what’s the purpose for the existence of this race?

Fu Li, Fu Li, what is Fu Li?

Standing three zhang away from the blood sword, Ning Fan remained silent while looking at Li Ban who was seemingly killable but hard to kill and the sword which was within sight but beyond reach..

“If I can comprehend the mission of the Fu Li Race, I can completely be one with the demon bloodline. I will then be able to cross this boundary easily with the help of my royal bloodline. However, what exactly is the purpose of the Fu Li Race? ”

“Seeing through illusions and casting Illusory Techniques… Those are the innate abilities of the Fu Li Race. However, what is the meaning of those skills? ”

Ning Fan closed his eyes, Immersing himself in his thoughts. The dark purple ancestral blood began to boil in his demon blood.

An intense heat ran all over his body Meanwhile, a quiet voice faintly echoed within his mind.

“Fu Li, hold the inclined Heavens and go against all evil!”

This voice repeatedly reverberated in Ning Fan’s mind repeatedly.

Ten times, a hundred times, a thousand times…

The Demon Star in his left eye rotated in a rapid manner, radiating a faint purplish glow.

At that very moment, Ning Fan realized…

The ability of seeing through all illusions of the Fu Li Race was to spot the evil and corruption of the Heavenly Dao and eventually uphold the righteous Heavenly Dao!

It’s Illusory Techniques were to trick the minds of the enemies and mess up their hearts.

This race was the supervisory envoy of heaven and earth. If there is anything unfavorable happening in the Heavenly Dao, this race would stand up in front and boldly throw themselves into the breach.

“So this is the Fu Li Race that was cursed by the world for generations?”

Ning Fan lifted his leg and eventually crossed over the vicinity of three zhang*!

At that point of time, a sense of pride was roused within his left eye…

That sense of arrogance was not owned by Ning Fan but the identity as a member of the Fu Li Race.

The Fu Li Race was responsible of supervising the Heavenly Dao. On the other hand, the Heavenly Dao which was feared, admired and learnt by the world was merely a branch of the Fu Li Race!

That arrogant look in his left eye was used to disregard the Heavenly Dao, let alone the might of a mere Blood Dragon Demon Sword!


With just a word, Ning Fan broke the pressure of the sword that created the boundary between him and Li Ban!

Li Ban regained his mobility, but his heart was filled with trepidation despite holding the blood sword in his hand.

Currently, Ning Fan’s gaze shone with a lofty majesty, giving Li Ban a feeling that it was a level beyond his grasp. . He felt so insignificant before Ning Fan as if he, a member of the dignified Dragon Race, was inconsequential.

“Li Ban, I’m giving you a second chance. Cut me with this sword. If you fail, you shall die!”

“You asked for it!”

Under Ning Fan’s intimidation, the Blood Dragon Demon Sword did not dare to behave in defiance anymore, allowing Li Ban to gain full control over this sword.

Even though the first seal had not been lifted, this sword was already a Spiritual Treasure. The power of a single slash was capable of killing an Early Spirit Severing Realm being.


When the sword was swung high up in the air, it emitted a blood-red sword light.

That ray of sword light divided into ten rays, a hundred rays, a thousand rays and eventually, ten thousand rays.

The ten thousand traces of sword shadows pierced towards Ning Fan like meteors chasing after the moon.

Under the rain of swords, even an Early Spirit Severing Realm being would not be able to survive.

But at the next moment, Ning Fan’s black hair elongated and floated in the air even though there was not any wind blowing. A black demonic tattoo appeared on his left face and he transformed into a black shadow and spread out.

The rain of swords pierced through empty air. There was no sign of Ning Fan.

Li Ban was stunned. When he regained his senses, he felt imminent danger coming directly at him. He immediately tilted the sword horizontally to protect his chest but his action was still too late to defend against the surprise attack of the black shadow.

As the shadow encircled around his body that was already seriously injured at the start of the clash, his body parts began to split from his body.

Within seconds, his demon body was cut into pieces!

By the time when the black shadow congealed and Ning Fan reappeared, the demon soul was already within Ning Fan’s hand while his other hand was holding the blood sword.

The Blood Dragon Demon Sword was a sword that could only be wielded by the members of the Dragon Race. After being held by Ning Fan, it tried to resist, expressing its reluctance!

But when Ning Fan touched the body of the sword with his finger, it trembled uncontrollably to the point of nearly breaking, as if it was fearful towards Ning Fan, not daring to resist anymore.

As such, this sword was subdued!

Looking at Li Ban’s demon soul in his palm, Ning Fan’s eyes gleamed with cold light.

“Do you want to live?”

He asked Li Ban with an indifferent tone.

“Yes. I want to live!” Li Ban pleaded with all his remaining strength.

“Then you shouldn’t have messed with me in the first place!”

Ning Fan coldly smirked and swallowed the miniature demon soul.

He lifted his head to the sky and stared at Lu Jiefen. Holding the demon sword in his hand, his presence was impressive.

At this moment, Ning Fan gave Lu Jiefen the feeling that he was invincible. For the first time, Lu Jiefen felt a hint of dread towards Ning Fan.

“I want the map!”

His indifferent voice loudly echoed within Lu Jiefen’s mind!

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