Grasping Evil

Chapter 261(3) - Half Divine Star, the Might of Yin Rong!

Chapter 261(3) Half Divine Star, the Might of Yin Rong!

Outside the Encompassing Heaven Hall, the Wind Demoness and the Flower Demoness appeared to be feeling pained and bitter.

Demon General Li Ban is still as cold as usual. Summoning hundreds of Nascent Soul Realm demon partners and letting them all die without feeling any heartache…

Perhaps this person has completely forgotten that he once had two demon partners who were formed from a camellia flower and a hyacinth…

Our new master is different… Although he has more than a thousand Gold Core Realm and Harmonious Spirit Realm human cauldrons in his Cauldron Ring, he has never once thought of sacrificing them…

If we weren’t abducted by him, perhaps we would have already become Li Ban’s sacrificial tools and died in a battlefield somewhere…

“Master, don’t lose …”

The two demoness closed their eyes and prayed, hoping that Ning Fan would be able to achieve victory in this battle and kill Li Ban.

They knew Li Ban’s personality very well. He would seek revenge even for the smallest grievances. If he wasn’t killed, he might bring Ning Fan endless troubles in the future…

On the fire platform, Ning Fan disregarded the hundreds of Nascent Soul Realm demon beasts.

He walked through the group of demon beasts like walking through a field without any impediment. Every demon beast which sprang on him were all effortlessly eliminated with just a single palm of his hand.

One step, two steps, three steps…

Four steps, five steps, six steps…

Seven steps, eight steps, nine steps!

Nine Step, Sky Treader. The grand force of heaven and earth which was amassed throughout the nine steps transformed into a sword!

At the same time, a circle which emanated the force of the sword seemed to emerge around Ning Fan’s body.

Gradually, the circle spread to all directions. The demon beasts that were caught inside the circle were all shredded into blood mist and died instantly.

Among the Four Swords of Nascent Soul1, the strongest technique was the Heart Drawing Sword.

Nine Steps: Sky Treader was considered as the weakest technique among the four but this was the only technique that was invented by Ning Fan himself!

After a number of times in displaying this technique, he became more and more proficient in it.

Besides, when this technique was used and the grand force of heaven and earth formed into a circle, there was a profound but abstruse sword intent rising within Ning Fan’s heart. However, he could not tell what it was.

In this short period of time, he was unable to comprehend it.

But once he comprehends it and attains the Spirit Severing Realm, he would then be regarded as a Spirit Severing Realm sword cultivator who has comprehended the true sword intent.

The Heavenly Dao was a circle…

In fact, the force of the sword which had formed a circle faintly contained the Great Dao within it.


Ning Fan’s eyes turned cold. The circle suddenly enlarged, encompassing the vicinity of a thousand li*!

The hundreds of demon beasts were paralyzed like statues. The next moment, every last one of them were cut into pieces and died.

A tremendous gust of Violent Qi rose high into the air!

“Li Ban, do you still have any other techniques to display? If not, you won’t have the chance to use them anymore…”

“Zhou Ming! Don’t be cocky! They were just mere Nascent Soul Realm demon partners. There is no big deal in killing them! As a matter of fact, it’s my intention to let you kill them… With all the blood as offering, only then would I be able to summon the Wild Beasts!”

Li Ban slapped the demon collecting bag on his waist. Two traces of extremely ferocious qi of Wild Beasts gradually concentrated amidst the blood mist.

The first one was the demon soul of a blood dragon while the second one was the demon soul of a black dragon!

Both of them were Wild Beasts!

The two demon souls were crazily devouring the blood mist to congeal their demon bodies.

A short while later, both of them managed to condense a half-illusory dragon body and dragon shadow.

The blood dragon disdainfully shot a cold glance at Ning Fan.

As for the black dragon, it greedily looked at Li Ban while smiling ingratiatingly.

“Hehe. Big Brother Li Ban. This little brother is Black Tooth. It’s nice seeing you… Tell me, who do you want me to kill? I will surely not disappoint you! But, hehe, when we go back to the Immortal Demon World, could Big Brother help me say some good words about me in front of the Dragon Marshal? When will this little brother’s term of imprisonment end and be released to return to the Dragon Race…”

“Kill this man and I will put in a good word for you!”

“Very well. This person huh? A mere Nascent Soul Realm small demon like him is just this little brother’s dish that goes with wine!”

The black dragon flashed and soared into the sky, looking down on Ning Fan.

Its presence gave out the prestige of a Mid Spirit Severing Realm Wild Beast!

This was a True Wild Beast. Moreover, it possessed the immemorial demon bloodline of the Dragon Race!

Lu Daochen’s eyes widened with great surprise.

Li Ban’s identity is truly not simple at all!

He was even given two sinful dragon souls for self-protection!

His backer in the Dragon Race is a little too powerful…

Thoughtlessly, his eyes flashed with a hint of worry.

Lu Daochen had never thought that Li Ban would come from such a powerful background. Having two Wild Beasts as his fighter with one of them even being at the Mid Spirit Severing Realm!

In that case, he is definitely not Li Ban’s match… If he fights, he will probably end up…dead!

This man is my last hope in fulfilling the last wish of Demon Marshal Lu…He can’t…I can’t let him die!

“Lu Bei! This old man admits defeat for this battle. You quickly leave the fire platform!”

Lu Daochen’s words surprised Ning Fan. From the beginning up until now, he was not able to see through Lu Daochen’s intention. Now, however…

Lu Daochen is trying to protect me?

This time, it was Lu Daochen’s turn to save his man.

But how could Lu Jiefen possibly allow Lu Daochen to do what he wished?

“Hehe. The life and death of the contenders on the fire platform is determined by the Heavens. Lu Daochen, don’t tell me you want to destroy the fairness of this battle…”

“Fairness?! How is it fair when there are three of them versus one of my general?!”

“Who says that one can’t obtain help by summoning the beasts on the fire platform?”

Lu Jiefen gave him a vicious smile. He eagerly looked forward to see Ning Fan being torn to pieces by Li Ban and his two dragons.

Lu Wan’er was panicking. From her perspective, no matter how strong Ning Fan might be, he would never be a match for three Spirit Severing Realm experts at once. Moreover, there was a Mid Spirit Severing Realm Wild Beast among them!

“Elder Sister Yao Fei. Currently, it’s only you who can save Lu Bei. As long as you save him, I am willing to… I am willing to join the Spirit King Palace and become your slave or maidservant…”

The green-dressed lady was at a loss and didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Joining the Spirit King Palace and become a slave or maidservant…

Sister Wan’er is indeed an honest but silly girl… How many people had tried but none of them were able to join the Spirit King Palace… However, since she was a good person, if she really joins the Spirit King Palace, it would be Yao Fei taking advantage of her…

But her decision of giving up her everything for Ning Fan made Yao Fei be carried away…

“Is he really worth you sacrificing so much for him? With your appearance, if you are chosen by the Spirit King, you will be kept inside the palace wall and become an imperial concubine. After that, you will never share a relationship with Lu Bei anymore… Won’t you regret your decision?”

“What? I need to be an imperial concubine?” Lu Wan’er bit her lips. Of course, she was unaware that her Elder Sister Yao Fei was just joking with her.

“If it can save his life…then…then…I won’t regret it…”

*Sigh* Silly girl. In this Land of Slumber, I don’t have a single relative nor kin… Only you are what I consider as my blood sister… How could I possibly watch the person you love die just like that…even though he is…a person from a different race…”

The lady in the green dress let out a sigh and began to step forward to Ning Fan’s aid.

But as she just moved half a step, she paused, with her eyes full of astonishment.

On the fire platform, Ning Fan stared at the black dragon, the blood dragon and Li Ban who was grinning hideously. His expression was full of contempt.

“Interesting. I really have no idea that we can request for help in a battle like this… By the way, Li Ban, it’s not only you who have Spirit Severing Realm helpers!”

With a shake of his Cauldron Ring and his Yuan Yao Jade, the female corpse and Stone Warrior appeared on the fire platform! The two of them emanated a heart-shaking Spirit Severing Realm qi.

Among them, Stone Warrior was a puppet who had an aura that was not any weaker than Li Ban’s!

Under Ning Fan’s inducement, the female corpse who was a corpse devil unleashed her Mid Spirit Severing Realm aura!

In just a short moment, Li Ban’s smirk hardened. His countenance changed drastically.

“A Mid Spirit Severing Realm refined corpse and an Early Spirit Severing Realm spiritual puppet?! Impossible! How could you, a mere ant from the mortal world have them?!”

Now, the situation was completely reversed!

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