Grasping Evil

Chapter 252(1) - Treasures Refinement and Pill Concoction

Chapter 252(1): Treasures Refinement and Pill Concoction

“All the information about the Spirit Seals is all in this jade slip. I recorded them down myself. If you wish to learn, just take it…”

Lu Wan’er took out a jade slip from her storage pouch and passed it to Ning Fan’s palm.

Thoughtlessly, her hand came into contact with Ning Fan’s palm, making her cheeks blush. Bashfully looking the other way, she pulled back her hand and shifted the topic of their conversation.

“Oh yeah…I wonder what kind of spiritual iron would General Bei want to use on this whip…”


A dark, glossy spiritual iron appeared in his hands. As soon as Lu Wan’er held in her hands, her large and beautiful eyes glittered.

“A Mortal Void Grade spiritual iron which possesses the ability of Power Drain! You actually have such spiritual iron that not even the Honorable Demon Generals could get?!”

“So Mistress Wan’er, are you confident enough to use it to augment my whip?”

“This…Of course!”

Lu Wan’er pressed her lips. This whip was already a High Supreme Grade Treasure. If she was to perform spirit augmentation on it, it might be pretty hard. Aside from that, she needed to use a Mortal Void Grade spiritual iron augment unto the whip…

Perhaps it’s going to be a strenuous process for me to pull that off…

However, since it was the only thing that she could help Ning Fan do, she was reluctant to reject him even if it was going to be difficult…

Back in Seven Apricot City, although Mo Rushui had managed to imbue the Soul Ignition ability to the Separation Slayer Sword but it was just a Low Supreme Grade flying sword.

What Mo Rushui had done was definitely not something that could be compared to imbuing the Power Drain ability to the whip this time.

“Thank you… But don’t overexert yourself. Magical treasures are lifeless things after all. A thing like that is not worth you sacrificing your well-being…”

Ning Fan saw through Lu Wan’er’s concern. After gently caressing her hair, he shot her a smile and left, leaving her alone at the side of the gold-smelting furnace, flushing.

Holding the Spirit Crushing Whip in her hands, her heart became even more resolute.

“It’s nothing to do with worth. Instead, it’s all about a person’s will of being willing to do it or not…”

In the pill refinement room, Ning Fan sat down on a cattail hassock. He did not immediately begin concocting pills. On the contrary, he pressed on his glabella and summoned the Separation Slayer Sword.

Throughout the entire journey he had gone through, countless killings had sharpened the sword light of the weapon. Even so, it was only considered a Low Supreme Grade weapon which was still a long way to go before it advances into the Mid Supreme Grade.

A magical treasure at that level would not be able to inflict any damage on Spirit Severing Realm experts at all.

Spirit Severing Realm…Immemorial Demon Bloodline…Ning Fan had a premonition that in the near future, he would have to face a bunch of demons with Immemorial Demon Bloodlines, including Li Ban.

If I don’t have a suitable Immemorial Divine Weapon, I will be in a very unfavorable position when confronting them…

The Immemorial Star used to forge the Spirit Crushing Whip was too little. The only useful part of the whip was its ability to destroy one’s Nascent Soul by just striking their treasures. If it were to be enchanted with the Power Drain ability, it would definitely be able to wear out one’s magic power during its attacks. Its abilities would really be exceptional but its destructive power would not be naturally strong.

A whip was meant for binding people up and sneak-attacking enemies.

A sword was known for its sharpness to cut down all kinds of avatars and incarnations.

After exerting some strength through his palm, the shadow of a sword gleaming with starlight transformed into a long sword.

“Separation Slayer…Separation Slayer…You are the most meaningful weapon to me. You are my first Immemorial Divine Weapon, my first weapon which I seized for myself by challenging my fate…”

Ning Fa took out the jade slip and placed it on his forehead.

Instantly, a soft and gentle female voice resounded in his head, giving him guidance on how to use the Spirit Seals.

After a while, Ning Fan kept the jade slip and his gaze lingered on the sword in silence.

The methods to imprint the Spirit Seals were not hard to learn since it was just a Mid Nascent Soul Realm demonic technique.

The only difficult part was the ancient demon characters that formed the Spirit Seals.

Each of the characters was a set of runes which conceals an incredible ability.

Up until now, Ning Fan had only learned 200 of them.

Each of the Spirit Seals were formed by combining a primary demon character with different subordinate characters.

Among the two hundred characters he had learned, the Spirit Seals that could be formed completely were just three.

“Hardness”, “Flame” and “Sharpness”.

“Hardness” was a Spirit Seal that could fortify the defense of a magical treasure.

“Flame” was a Spirit Seal that could enhance the power of flames of a magical treasure.

“Sharpness” was a Spirit Seal that could increase the sharpness of a magical treasure.

Ning Fan’s eyes flashed. The most suitable Spirit Seal for the Separation Slayer Sword was none other than “Sharpness”!

A sword didn’t need to possess a fancy ability. A swordsman did not need to develop a complicated method to wield it. As long as the sword was able to cut down enemies, it was good enough.

After making up his mind, he called out the word and began to perform the necessary hand seals. When his finger landed on the body of the sword, a multitude of ancient demon characters were drawn. The “Sharpness” Spirit Seal primarily constituted of the word “sharp” and eleven other subordinate demon characters.

In total, it would need 312 strokes!

As soon as he began to draw the first stroke, Ning Fan felt that it expended a unit of his demon power. It seemed as if the demon power had transformed into energy to power the rune!

The augmentation of the Spirit Seals is not really something a human can do.

The word “sharpness” itself contained 312 strokes. That is to say, only the Late Nascent Soul Realm demons who has at least 312 units of demon power would be able to imprint that Spirit Seal on their magical treasures. Besides, they would probably need to rest for a long time in order to fully replenish their demon power after engraving a single Spirit Seal.

When Ning Fan was drawing the ninety-seventh stroke, he failed due to the lack of smoothness on the tip of his finger.

He pondered in silence, reflecting the manner in which he drew the characters and restarted again very quickly.

This time, there was a slight improvement as he only failed after engraving the 276th stroke.

After failing for the second time, he comprehended something from the drawings and started all over again.

Finally, he succeeded on the third time!

When the “Sharpness” Spirit Seal became an abstruse mark embedded unto the body of the sword, Ning Fan could noticeably find that the sword trembled!

Although it was just a character, it looked like the power of Separation Slayer Sword had increased by a bit.

“Interesting. If I engrave ten thousand Spirit Seals of the same kind unto the Separation Slayer Sword, it will surely advance into the same grade as Spiritual Treasures. Its sharpness alone is enough to shred the void realm apart and kill Spirit Severing Realm beings!”

Ning Fan heaved a deep breath and traces of demon power became Spirit Seals, embedding themselves unto the sword.

2 marks, 3 marks, 4 marks…

The more Ning Fan did, the more well-versed he became in drawing the Spirit Seal. Of course, he was just becoming more familiar with the word “Sharpness”.

Until the twenty-fourth Spirit Seal was drawn, Ning Fan’s demon power was nearly used up. Only then did he stop and exhaled a mouthful of foul gas. Without wasting any time, he consumed a pill and rested to restore his demon power.

One day later, his demon power was fully replenished. It was then that he continued to engrave the Spirit Seals on the Separation Slayer Sword.

25 marks, 26 marks, 27 marks…

After finishing the forty-ninth Spirit Seal, his demon power was fully consumed once again.

In the meantime, he realized that the more the number of Spirit Seals he engraved, the harder it became to carve a new Spirit Seal.

He consumed a pill and regulated his breathing. On the next day, he repeated the same action again.

Day after day, the Golden Flame Chariot never ceased to move and the “flies” tailing after them never stopped chasing. At the same time, while Ning Fan was engraving Spirit Seals on his sword, Lu Wan’er was performing spirit augmentation on his magical treasure.

On the fifth day, the number of Spirit Seals on the Separation Slayer Sword increased to 114, making it break through to the Mid Supreme Grade.

On the fourteenth day, there were a total of 328 Spirit Seals on the sword, making it a High Supreme Grade weapon.

On the sixty-fifth day, he managed to engrave 1547 Spirit Seals on the sword, turning it into a Peak Supreme Grade weapon!

On the one hundred and fifty-fourth day, the number of Spirit Seals on the sword increased to 7455, making it even more sharper than an ordinary Profound Heaven Defective Treasure!

Five months!

Throughout the five months, Ning Fan consumed all of the pills that restore demon power gifted by Xu Rushan just for refining a weapon.

However, the 7456th mark became extremely strenuous to engrave. Even if he forcibly engraves it, it would not be perfect.

Perhaps it’s because I only have that much demon power… After all, engraving Spirit Seals could only be done by beings who have outstanding demon power.

Staring at the long sword shining with starlight, Ning Fan’s eyes flashed with excitement!

This sword has become exceedingly sharp!

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