Grasping Evil

Chapter 208(2) - The Second Realm of Yin Yang Transformation, Mind Reading Technique!

Chapter 208(2) The Second Realm of Yin Yang Transformation, Mind Reading Technique!

“Perhaps I should kill myself rather than live a disgraceful life… It’s so tiring… What’s the meaning of living like this? Even if Master finds me, he will not let me off the hook…” She was in despair. She tried to bite her tongue although she clearly knew that it was futile for a Nascent Soul Realm expert like her.

Suddenly, Ning Fan stuck his finger into her mouth and touched her tongue, stopping her teeth from tearing it apart.

“Life itself has no meaning. However, if you continue living on, you’ll find your purpose in life. For instance, you became a flower and I discovered you… Although we’re enemies, if you allow me to pluck you, I will restore your face after that.”

“Restore my face?” A glimmer of hope flickered in the Wind Demon’s eyes.

“Fifth Revolution Pill, Face Restoration Pill… Even if your face was disfigured to the extent that no one thinks that it can be restored, I still have means to help you. Give me some time. I will concoct the pills for the both of you.”


After hearing Ning Fan’s promise, the anguish within her heart gradually subsided. Now she could only feel the stabbing pain from her lower abdomen which made her frown and grit her teeth.

“It’s painful… Be more gentle…”

“How are you not supposed to feel pain? It’s completely dry down there…” Ning Fan’s brows knitted together too.

This Wind Demon truly was unique. With her stubbornness alone, she was able to break free from the seal, though Ning Fan only displayed half of the original power of the technique.

Aside from that, this woman could numb her senses, rendering the power of the Yin Plucking Finger ineffective even when her heart was filled with hopelessness. All these miracles occurred merely because of her stubborn determination.

If she were to continue behaving like a dead frog while she was being plucked, obtaining a single unit of magic power would already be considered miraculous to Ning Fan.

However, if she cooperates, the effect of the process would reach its peak, allowing Ning Fan to acquire twenty units of magic power…

It’s truly unexpected that my Yin Plucking Finger will lose its effect on her…

That incident made Ning Fan realize that plucking women by force was not a wise choice after all.

Meanwhile, he also realized how horrible a stubborn person would be… Evidently, his own technique had yet to incorporate his own stubbornness. Otherwise, the power of his Yin Plucking Finger would become stronger…

Ning Fan had never consoled an enemy before in his life. It was because of the ineffectiveness of the plucking process that pushed him to do so.

The woman who was in misery just now seemed to have found her hope to continue living on after hearing words of consolation and an empty promise.

It’s no wonder some people say that women are the easiest to be taken advantage of when they are heartbroken.

“What should I do in order to aid you in plucking me…” The Wind Demon asked cautiously. In her mind, she now felt that she belonged to Ning Fan. As far as she knew, the cruel Demon General Li Ban would never forgive her and her sister, the Flower Demon. Ning Fan was much magnanimous compared to the demon general as he promised to keep her alive after plucking her, even though she was his enemy…

She might not love or have a deep admiration for him, but to comply with him was the only choice she was left with.

“Just relax…”

The power of Yin Plucking Finger successfully infiltrated her body.

Her breathing slowly became heavy.

She began to move her hips to synchronize with Ning Fan’s thrusts. Her thighs were tightly clasped on his waist.

A feeling of joy that she had never experienced before in her whole life spread throughout her body like electricity from the intersection point of their two bodies. She was tingling with excitement.

She placed her arms around his neck and hugged him tightly as he continued moving his hips. Deep inside her thoughts, she was confused. He was supposed to be her enemy.

What would her relationship with him be after this?

Despite her hostility towards Ning Fan diminishing, she still had no feelings towards him. The only feeling she had was the pleasure from her lower abdomen.

“Cauldrons?… I think you’re at a loss to pluck an ugly woman like me…”

“My master once said, everything is the same when the lights are turned off! Moreover, in my eyes, you are much more attractive than other women.”


She became even more puzzled. Her arms firmly gripped on to Ning Fan’s back, going along with every pounding to her hips.

Her heart has yet to have any good feelings to Ning Fan but her body had submitted to him…

Unknowingly, she had already smoothed out her hair and rode on top of Ning Fan…

Unconsciously, Ning Fan awakened the Flower Demon and planted the power of his Yin Plucking Finger into her.

Afterwards, the room was filled with the moans of the two female demons…

His demon power was increasing. Finally, it attained sixty-six units of magic power, breaking through the Early Nascent Soul Realm!

As for his Yin Yang Transformation, it successfully achieved the second realm!

All of a sudden, a whisper resounded in his Sea of Consciousness, telling him about the second ability that was unlocked.

“Mind Reading Technique. It activates a bewitching technique through words. It allows the user see through feelings and intentions in someone’s heart. This ability can be used to read the hearts of every woman. What the heart thinks, heaven and earth knows. Reading the mind with a bewitching technique without showing any traces. . This is the secret technique of keeping human cauldrons and seeing through their hearts… It is only effective on cultivators whose cultivation realms are not greater than themselves.”

When this message resounded in his mind, he was petrified.

What kind of ability is this? Reading women’s minds with the Yin Yang Locket after speaking to them?

The first technique: plucking, is a technique that requires force. Now this second technique: Mind Reading Technique, is a gentle technique?

With this technique, even a chaste heroine would unknowingly fall for me if I can have control over her thoughts…

Ning Fan’s brows knitted together. This technique obviously did not fit his style…

If this technique is genuinely a mind-reading technique, he could understand what’s in the hearts of Void Fragmentation Realm female cultivators once he achieves the Void Refinement Realm. If they have something troubling their minds, he could make use of the opportunity and approach them…

Should I use this kind of ability?

Should I try it?

Ning Fan activated the Yin Yang Locket. The next second, the locket trembled and two messages echoed from it. They were the inner thoughts of the two female demons.

Wind Demon: I’m really immoral and promiscuous. Although I don’t like him, but my body still succumbed to the sexual pleasure…”

Flower Demon : “This is the taste of a man? It’s so comfortable…”

The Wind Demon was blaming herself and feeling ashamed of her actions. On the contrary, the Flower Demon completely surrendered to the bewitching technique.

Ning Fan’s eyes widened in surprise.

This ability truly was heaven-defying!

It’s perfect for snooping information!

Besides, it was excellent for fawning over females… However, it was hard to imagine that Ning Fan would lower his pride to flatter a woman.

“The ability of the second realm is so amazing. I wonder what the ability I will unlock once I achieve the third realm…”

“I’m sure you will love the third ability so much that you cannot bear to part with it… Opening the Profound Yin World and becoming the master of this world. You will also be granted the Fire Tablet. Every woman you have sex with and every man you throw into the Profound Yin World to rot, their cultivations methods and magical techniques will appear on the Fire Tablet… In other words, you can easily get access to all kinds of secret arts or cultivation method…”

Luo You’s faint sound echoed from the locket. She seemed to had just awakened from her sleep.

“How do you know?”

“What are you talking about? I face this Fire Tablet every single day. All kinds of cultivation methods and techniques were etched onto it… En. It’s not bad. Apparently, you didn’t slack off while I was sleeping. Now you have reached the second realm. Oops. I can see every part of your naked body now…Hehe” Luo You teased.

“…” Ning Fan was speechless. He secretly activated the Yin Yang Locket to read Luo You’s heart.

Unfortunately, nothing came to his mind.

Seemingly, even if Luo You suffered a great loss of her magic power, she still was not a person that he could see through.

He cleared his mind off of distracting thoughts and continued to pluck the female demons.

When night fell and everything was quiet and still, he kept the two women into his cauldron ring and regulated his breathing.

After his demon power attained the Early Nascent Soul Realm, a blackish green demon star appeared on his left eye.

As he tried to activate the star, it flashed incessantly.

This was his first Demon Star, the Star of Palm Wood!

Suddenly, a pair of blackish green wings grew from his back. They were the Wind Lightning Wings but they have now been enhanced by his demon power.

This pair of dark green wings had a greater speed… That is to say, his demon power improved his flying speed.

Now, he had all three: the Divine, Devil and Demon Stars.

He dispersed the wings and stood silently beside the window, listening to the sound of the blowing wind.

The atmosphere was quiet, very quiet. There were only the soft howls of the mountain breeze and the low chirps of the autumn worms.

He shut his eyes, recollecting all his deeds for the past few months.

Endless killing…

Heartless plucking…

The deeper he walked the path of a devil, the further he was from the naïve self in the past.

If I see someone peeking on Ning Qinger again, will I still intervene?

If I meet someone like Yue Ling and Bing Ling who are willing to become my cauldrons, will I still let them go?

“No. I’ve changed…”

He heaved a light sigh.

Everyone would change, just like time which flowed endlessly.

He would not become the same young gentleman in the winter snow.

However, something will remain unchanged… No matter what I do, Zhihe, Lan Mei, Yin Suqiu, all these women would not elude me.

Especially Zhihe…

She was the stupidest girl that had ever appeared in Ning Fan’s life.

“Zhihe… I actually feel that I lack something after I’ve chosen my path. I’ve pondered for so long. But when I think of you, I finally understand… I lack a smile…”

Ning Fan’s lips curved into a wry smile and stretched his back like how one did after waking up in the morning.

The devil aura from his body was fully concealed.

A true devil!

A true devil would not easily be perceived as a devil from just their appearance!

The cold Ning Fan was like an unsheathed sword!

But when he thought of Zhihe, he became like a sword in its sheath!

Without realizing it, his state of mind achieved the Mid Nascent Soul Realm!

“Very well. My state of mind is sufficient now. Next, I can start breaking through to the Late Nascent Soul Realm… Only 110 units of magic power more and I can steadily attain the realm. In other words, I am going to need six more Nascent Soul Realm human cauldrons. There’s not much difficulty in attaining the Late Nascent Soul Realm but for Peak Nascent Soul Realm… I will need another 1500 units of magic power. To attain Spirit Severing Realm, it will require another 10000 units… After attaining the Late Nascent Soul Realm, my cultivation speed will become slow again, unless I have another 500 Nascent Soul Realm cauldrons… But that’s only wishful thinking on my part. There are only a limited number of women under the blue sky… Moreover, female cultivators are less in nature. Perhaps, there might not be 500 of them in a dangerous place like this…”

Ning Fan smiled helplessly.

To him, achieving Peak Nascent Soul Realm was indeed difficult, let alone the Spirit Severing Realm.

It’s no wonder that there were so many Nascent Soul Realm cultivators but there were only so few Spirit Severing Realm experts.

Note :

Measurements :

a. li(里) = 500 m

b. zhang(丈) = 3.13 m

c. chi(尺) = 30.7 cm

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