Grasping Evil

Chapter 207(2) - Engraving Devil Marks, Earth Controlling Devil Star!

Chapter 207(2) Engraving Devil Marks, Earth Controlling Devil Star!

Stone Warrior was greatly shocked!

“What?! The pain from the devil marks is already unbearable and you still consumed the Jade Royal Pill?! You’re insane!”

“Am I?”

As the pill took effect, the immortal veins within his body began to break down. When they were completely broken down, new veins formed in their place. Fortunately, the pain of engraving the devil marks was sufficient to neutralize the pain rendered by the pill!

Meanwhile, his body refining realm was rapidly increasing!

“Continue to engrave!” Ning Fan roared fiercely!

Stone Warrior was shaken by the current Ning Fan who was sitting on the cattail hassock. The respect he had for Ning Fan was now mixed with fear…

He was not afraid of the black crescent mark on his face. He was afraid of… Ning Fan’s brutality!

This person was someone who was brave enough to enter into the den of the wolf king to lure the Vein Opening Realm pursuers to death, making them the food of the wolf king.

This person was a person who was audacious enough to kill the elder of the Heaven Separation Sect when he was just at the Vein Opening Realm. After attaining the Harmonious Spirit Realm, he dared to enter deep into the Demon Sinister Forest and fought the Gold Core Realm ghosts!

Before he formed his Gold Core, he had already killed experts at that realm and even those of the Nascent Soul Realm! After he formed his Nascent Soul, he shook the entire world with his devil name!

Furthermore, this person was bold enough to capture a spiritual puppet at the Spirit Severing Realm!

Stone Warrior heaved a deep sigh. All of a sudden, an unimaginable thought struck him. This person who had unbelievable endurance for pain might really be able to endure ninety-nine inscriptions! It was even possible for him to become the first person to have the complete Stone Warrior Devil Marks on his back!

“I’ve seen lots of cultivators with outstanding talents in the Four Heavens. However, I have yet to meet anyone as good as you…”

The next moment, Stone Warrior’s eyes turned clear and stern, focusing on the movement of the pin!

The thirty-second, the thirty-third… The forty-first!

The forty-second, the fifty-second… The sixty-second!

The seventy-second, the eighty-second, the ninety-second… the ninety-eighth!

The remaining Jade Royal Pills were all consumed. The pain of it all grew even more intense! There was nothing to offset the pain anymore!

The agony of the last inscription would be enough to tear his body to shreds!

Now, a tattoo with a devil mountain shrouded by dark clouds and mist decorated his back!

When Stone Warrior’s eyes caught sight of the almost completed tattoo, he gaped in shock!

“How… How come?! If the ninety-nine inscriptions are completed, the Stone Warrior Devil Marks which is just at the soldier rank would advance into the legendary general rank devil marks: Profound Earth Devil Marks. They are said to be lost! Moreover, they are the second most powerful devil marks at the general rank!”

As a matter of fact, the top three devil marks at the general rank have all already been lost… It was really beyond his expectation that one of the so-called lost devil marks was actually the advanced version of the soldier rank devil marks!

There was only one last inscription left. After this, the devil marks which would provide the cultivator with unparalleled defense would finally be complete!

However, Ning Fan’s consciousness was close to slipping away.

His face and lips were deathly white like that of a corpse. He could feel that his body could not hold the pain any longer. Even his Nascent Soul was unstable!

But when he heard Stone Warrior’s exclamation of surprise, his weak eyes were filled with energy again!

“After the last inscription, my devil marks will be promoted to general rank from the soldier rank?

“Precisely. It is the Profound Earth Devil Marks which ranks second among the thousands types of general rank devil marks! Aside from that, if the devil marks are successfully engraved on your body, your physical defense will be fortified by at least several times!”

“Alright. Let’s do this!”

“But your body is on the verge of breaking…”

“Hmm… How about this?!”

The blood vessels of his bloodshot eyes gradually faded and were replaced by an indifferent look. His dark hair grew longer and a demonic mark emerged on the left side of his face. Dark aura began to emanate from his body. His physical body had entirely transformed into the body of his Sense Soul Incarnation!”

“This is… incarnation! Only Void Fragmentation Realm Old Monsters are able to congeal such an incarnation!”

Stone Warrior stared at him in disbelief!

None of the descendants of the fiendgods could congeal the incarnation before they attain the Void Fragmentation Realm!

What is his background?! He actually can summon his incarnation at just the Nascent Soul Realm!

“In this manner, I would not need to be afraid that my physical body would explode… Engrave!” The darkened version of Ning Fan spoke in a cold tone, displaying a fearsome aura.


Stone Warrior gritted his teeth and moved the pin for the last inscription!

The next second, the tattoo was totally completed. The picture of an ancient devil mountain peak began to spread tremendous amount of devil qi which rushed to the sky!

It was impossible for the physical body to bear this amount of pain… Since his Jade Royal Pill were fully consumed, he had to face it himself!

His Sense Soul Incarnation got broken apart into black mist in just a flash. The pain went straight to his mind, tearing his Sea of Consciousness apart!

If his Sea of Consciousness crumbles, his sense would collapse and his Dao Heart would vanish, rendering him ultimately dead. All the endurance and patience would be reduced to dust and his death would be in vain!

“Condense again! Condense! Condense!”

Ferocity filled his eyes. The black mist materialized into a body once more!

At the moment his incarnation was congealed, his aura became as stable as a mountain!

For the first step of the process, he managed to endure ninety-nine engravings on his back! Other than the creator of the Stone Warrior Devil Marks, he was the first person who was able to endure it to the end and promote this soldier rank devil marks to the general rank!

“It’s completed! It’s completed!” Stone Warrior shouted proudly. It really was the right choice to help Ning Fan engrave the devil marks which enabled him to discover the lost devil marks!

“No. It is not! Pour the Secret Blood and activate the devil marks!”

Quietly, a month flashed by.

After pouring the Secret Blood on the tattoo, the black mountain and clouds became slightly red. To be more accurate, it was dull-red.

Within this month, Ning Fan’s mind was trapped in a faintly discernible devil mist.

In that realm, the sky and earth were covered with mist. Under his feet, there was an abyss emitting devil aura. Up in the sky was a massive dark mountain that pressed against the abyss. He stood at the top of the mountain, trying to conquer it!

“I am the soul of the ancient devil mountain… Little junior, you are not worthy enough to stand on top of me. Get lost!”

“Hmmph! Not only will I stand on top of you, but I will also conquer you! And I will activate this devil mark!”

One month later, Ning Fan abruptly opened his eyes and stood up. His hair danced wildly as wind blew!

Now, his body refining realm drastically improved! His body was overflowing with devil qi!

“The third step is finished!”

The second realm of Silver Bone, the third… the fourth… the peak!

There was only one more step left before he attains the Jade Life Realm that would enable him to withstand the attack of a Spirit Severing Realm expert!

However, the strength of his punch also magnified making it difficult for any Peak Nascent Soul Realm expert to resist!

“In my current state, I will only need three punches to finish off Xiang Liao!” Ning Fan’s eyes flashed with domineering thought.

Slowly, his aura dispersed.

Upon the completion of the process, a black earth star formed on his right eye!

The first Divine Star he had was the Star of Imperial Lightning!

The first Devil Star he congealed was the Star of Earth Controlling!

As he set his foot on the land of Peng Lai, a weird feeling surged within his head…

He felt that he would be able to extract the soul of the entire Peng Lai Immortal Island if he wanted to!

Everything had a soul. A mountain had its soul; the water had its soul; even the sky had its soul!

Soul Extraction was a secret art that could only be displayed by a minority of the Void Fragmentation Realm old monster. Even if they were to display the technique, they could only suck the souls of some small mountains and rivers to increase their magic power temporarily…

However, Ning Fan had a feeling that he could use his Devil Star of Earth Controlling to draw the entire soul of the island for his own use!

If he manages to do that, his earth element magic power would increase to a terrifying level…

Unfortunately, the Jade Life Body Refining Realm would not be able to contain the massive power of the island soul, let alone his current body.

He cleared his thoughts. The Earth Star in his right eye flashed and he stretched his hand towards the ground and grasped the air.

Since I can’t draw the soul of the island, let me try drawing the soul of the ground in just Mo Nan City!

As his pulled his hand upwards, the spiritual qi of the entire city crumbled immediately!

He felt his hand catching something intangible that emitted heavy and boundless qi. He placed it into his mouth and swallowed it. The next moment, his entire magic power surged crazily like he had just cast a secret art. There was an additional two thousand units of magic power within him, making him a Peak Nascent Soul Realm cultivator!

His gaze became even more indifferent and old, as if he himself was the earth which existed since ancient times!

“Such enigmatic secret art… With this technique, I can simply borrow power from the souls of nature whenever I have insufficient of them…”

He dispersed the soul from his body, returning the spiritual qi to the ground of Mo Nan City.

He took a deep breath and exhaled the foul smell within him.

“After regulating my breathing, I will start plucking the Flower Demon and the Wind Demon! I wonder how they will react when they witness my current cultivation realm…”

The spiritual qi of the earth in Mo Nan City was restored to its original state after disappearing for a short while.

Xiao Wanluo who was pacing with his hands clasped behind his back outside the stone chamber began to feel impatient.

He had been waiting outside the chamber for two months.

This Zhou Ming sure is arrogant. Anyhow, I am a half-step Peak Nascent Soul Realm cultivator. Even a Spirit Severing Realm expert would be polite with me. On the contrary, this Zhou Ming made me wait like an idiot outside the chamber. He’s such a conceited person!

“A conceited person can never walk far in the path of cultivation!”

He cursed inwardly. If it was not for using Ning Fan’s devilish reputation to save his own sect, he would never stoop so low as to wait for Ning Fan like a servant.

But when the spiritual qi under the ground vanished, Xiao Wanluo’s expression changed!

He was the only Late Nascent Soul Realm expert who stayed closely to the stone chamber. Perhaps, he was the only person in Peng Lai Immortal Island who sensed the changes of the spiritual qi!

When the spiritual qi disappeared, he felt that the ground that he was stepping on died, as if it lost its soul!

“This is… the Soul Extraction Technique that only Void Fragmentation Realm old monsters are capable of using! Don’t tell me this Zhou Ming is studying this ability in his seclusion! This person… This person… It has been rumored that anyone who could comprehend any one of the three techniques: Soul Extraction, Sense Soul Incarnation and Void Manipulation, would certainly attain the Void Fragmentation Realm! Furthermore, they would have a greater chance than common cultivators to ascend and become immortals!”

Xiao Wanluo was so shocked to even utter a word!

Deep inside, he decided that he should hold tightly on Zhou Ming’s thigh even if the Pill Cauldron Gate did not face any danger.

Comprehending the technique of Soul Extraction… That is to say this person will definitely attain the Void Fragmentation Realm and become an immortal!

If Xiao Wanluo knew that Ning Fan had even congealed his Sense Soul Incarnation, he might not just want to hold on to Ning Fan’s thigh tightly. Perhaps he might even recognize Ning Fan as his own father.

Now, the admiration that Xiao Wanluo had towards Ning Fan was immeasurable! It’s even stronger than what he had towards the Spirit Severing Realm experts of the External Endless Sea as well as the Venerated Seven of the Internal Endless Sea!

Note :

Measurements :

a. li(里) = 500 m

b. zhang(丈) = 3.13 m

c. chi(尺) = 30.7 cm

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