Grasping Evil

Chapter 198 - Dao Heart Cracked, Stone Warrior Appears!

Chapter 198: Dao Heart Cracked, Stone Warrior Appears!

A beautiful woman rolled up the pearl reed blinds. She sat in an inner chamber, with her eyebrows, which were as delicate as a moth’s antennae, were drawn with grief. Anyone would see the wet lines of tears on her face. However, for whom does she suffer this misery?

Yue Ling’s pupils dilated with traces of tears in the corners of her eyes. She was shy but she did not resist. Instead, she was in ecstasy.

After a short while, a deep moan echoed within the room. The ‘stick’ released something which he had been saving up for the past three hundred and twenty years, covering her entire face with creamy white fluid.

“Hmm, Hmm…” Yue Ling panted lightly when she put it inside her mouth without hesitation. The milky white fluid also filled her mouth, making it drip down her lips.

She leered at her master with tender affection. When their eyes met, she swallowed the fluid down her throat.

“Master, does it feel good?” Her eyes were filled with hope.

Usually, the source of men’s confidence comes from their vigor and perseverance in bed as well as their ability to satisfy their wives. Women are the same. Being pleased by the man whom they love is the most blissful thing for them.

“En. It sure does. Is it delicious?” Ning Fan stroked her hair and complemented her.

The remaining Yang Essence he accumulated for three hundred and twenty years in the tower on top of those he had released on her face earlier, exploded inside Yue Ling’s mouth. With his current level of his devil cultivation method, his Yang Essence was undoubtedly the perfect nourishment for her. It contained much more nutrients than Third Revolution Pills.

“Yes, it’s delicious… However, my tongue is not long enough to lick those on my face. What a waste… Sis, can you help me lick them clean.”

“Ahh! I, I…” Her sister who always acted in a bossy manner, was now getting turned into a host from being a guest at Yue Ling’s request.

“Don’t tell me you dislike our master…”

“No. It’s not that… but…”

Bing Ling’s fair complexion turned red in shyness. She thought to herself that she would never be as brave as Yue Ling.

“Never mind. Then Elder Sister will just have to sit there and watch. Now I am going to proceed to the ‘next step’…”

“What?! The ‘next step’? Right here?”

She shot her young sister an incredulous look. The next moment, her crystal clear eyes reflected the shadow of a young woman shedding her skirt. Yue Ling purposely left her bra and underwear on, covering the most tempting parts of her body.

Her intention was to let Ning Fan to strip them off, creating a more exciting atmosphere.

“Master, Yue Ling does not have enough strength to remove them. Please help me strip them off…”

Women who only wore lingerie were the kind of people who could easily stir the lustful thoughts within men’s minds.

Ning Fan stood up abruptly and waved his hand, creating a gust of wind that swept the dishes and wine cups away from the table. He lifted Yue Ling with his arms and placed her on top of the old-fashioned square table[1] which had enough seats for eight people.

The wine cups broke apart upon falling to the ground. While the Osmanthus cakes[2] and lotus leaf soup[3] were all over the floor.

A domineering devil light flashed across Ning Fan’s eyes!

He deliberately blended his devil intent into his spirit sense. Then he intentionally allowed the erotic scenes to happen in his room. Both of these actions were directed at someone else in the next room!

At this moment, a cold harrumph of a young lady could obviously be heard from the other room!

“Ah! Please be gentle, Master….” Yue Ling moaned pitifully while covering her bosoms with her bare hands.

“En. The troublesome person should have gotten her lesson. Now, I can slowly enjoy this. Can you endure the pain…”

“If it was the pain of losing my virginity, it will be fine… Ah…”

Blood began to flow out with the clear fluid which moistened the part that was being penetrated by Ning Fan.

Even though Yue Ling had prepared herself for such a thing, she still felt that the pain was unbearable. Her eyes shut and her eyebrows knitted tightly together while tears streamed down from the corners of her eyes.

“Master… Please… be… gentle… Sister…Come and…help… Kiss… our master…”

“I… No, I’m…”

Before she could utter a few more words, Ning Fan pulled her right into his right arm. Her soft red lips meeting his. Her body weakened and she lost control of herself, yielding to Ning Fan.

After casting a dual-cultivation art using his left hand, he used his fingers to draw something on Yue Ling’s body, making her feel like she’s in heaven. Meanwhile, he put his right arm around Bing Ling’s neck, pressing his lips onto hers. Sooner, her lips opened slightly, enabling her tongue to tangle with Ning Fan’s, sharing each other’s saliva.

He moved his hips continuously, feeling the warm, tight and slippery linings within. Yue Ling and his body part stayed connected for quite a long time without resting.

Today, these two ladies would not escape the fate of being plucked.

Suddenly, a violent tremor could be felt from the next room and a female in red-color robe hurriedly walked out of there while voicing out some curses.

“Shameless, brazen, embarrassing!”

As Bei Xiaoman was travelling away from the room, she was cursing under her breath. She then turned into a red light and left the inn through a tiny rupture on the defensive formation, rushing back to the southern tower.

Her eyes were flashing red. She was seething with an insuppressible killing intent. It was a sign that she was about to lose control of the Killing Intent of Gui Star.

“He’s too despicable. How dare he let me see those things. Detestable! He’s really a filthy, shameless guy!”

All of a sudden, a sharp pain could be felt from her chest and she heard the sound of something shattering like how mirrors would.

The next second, blood streaks spilled over the corners of her mouth.

Some cracks appeared on my Dao Heart…

“That must be it. He must have found out that I was spying on him. He did it on purpose! He intentionally released his devil intent into his spirit sense!”

Her Path of Killing was tattered after witnessing Ning Fan practicing dual-cultivation.

Killing was forbidden in Xu Wu City. However, Bei Xiaoman’s killing intent was getting out of control, turning her eyes even redder.

Between her glabella, a faint, pink-colored star began to surface slowly. This was her first divine star after a hard and bitter cultivation – Gui Yin Killing Star!

However, after her Heart of Dao cracked, this Gui Star shimmered and a crack became visible on it too…

“Zhou Ming! You shameless and filthy person! I Bei Xiaoman will one day definitely cut off your ‘little brother’!”

A few moments later, she was being possessed by her killing star, craving for human blood. The stench of blood might be unpleasant to others but it was the only smell that could calm her down. Those who met her on her way returning to the tower were considered unlucky as none of them were spared, regardless of their identities and cultivation realms!

When the final ray of orange sunlight drained away, darkness fell, leaving the city dotted with faint lights of the lanterns.

In a room in the Qin Family’s inn, the two exhausted sisters were sleeping soundly beside Ning Fan. Ning Fan caressed their cheeks with mixed feelings.

“That Bei Xiaoman should be traumatized by the scene just now. I guess she won’t disturb me again for the next few days… As such, I can attain Mid Nascent Soul Realm in peace after I buy the human cauldrons from the Pill Cauldron Gate. The only thing I’m unsure about is whether the human cauldrons in the Pill Cauldron Gate are enough for me…”

Nascent Soul Realm human cauldrons were not white cabbages. Even if the Pill Cauldron Gate specialized in raising human cauldrons, the cauldrons who managed to attain that realm were not many.

When he practiced dual-cultivation with the two sisters earlier, he was well aware of what he was doing.

When he thought about the human cauldrons, his thoughts remained firm.

The moment he hurt Xiaoman, he never once wavered.

Ning Fan was no longer a young man with an immature heart. His heart now was as stubborn as the heart of a true devil, which was black as the night sky. However, the dark sky within his heart was adorned by a cluster of faintly twinkling stars. They were the few people whom he treasured and loved. Bing and Yue were the tiny stars among them. However, Bei Xiaoman wasn’t!

To him, all people other than the few loved ones he had were like the dust which was not worth looking at. In fact, he might even literally turn them into ashes if they crossed him!

“Hmm. Master…” Under the silver light of the moon which permeated into the room through the window, the two girls would occasionally mumble in their dreams. Whenever they turned their bodies, the bruised wounds between their thighs would be aggravated, making them moan in a feeble tone.

In fact, they were not plucked by Ning Fan. Instead, what they did with Ning Fan was dual-cultivation that was mutually beneficial. Although it was their first time doing it, it benefited them a lot. Since Ning Fan was at the Nascent Soul Realm while the both of them were at Mid Gold Core Realm, the dual-cultivation would, at the very least, increase their magic power by a tremendous amount which was equivalent to ten years of bitter cultivation.

If they could do it frequently with Ning Fan, it would not be difficult for them to achieve Nascent Formation within tens of years. Evidently, Ning Fan’s role and theirs had changed while performing dual-cultivation. In fact, Ning Fan was like a cauldron who provided them magic power.

With a wave of his hand, the jade slip that was given by Qin Ming appeared. He pressed it onto his glabella, filling it with his spirit sense.

A short while later, he muttered to himself.

“The Pill Cauldron Gate is located at Mo Nan City. With my current speed of travelling, I am able to reach it within a day. If I use Grey Teleportation which can rival the teleportation speed of a Peak Nascent Soul Realm expert, I can move a thousand li* every use of it. Within two hours, I would be able to travel across hundreds of thousands of li* and arrive there. There are ten more days before the actual day of the auction. It is a good time for the two ladies to have a good rest. Ten days later, I’ll head towards Nan Mo City!”

After withdrawing his spirit sense, he opened his hand and a greyish flame emerged, encircling his palm.

This flame was the Yin Yang Flame. It was the fusion of ice and fire which created a tiny strand of Yin Yang power that could eliminate his opponents easily!

Back in Seven Apricot City, Ning Fan had successfully congealed this flame. However, the flames and the cold qi he possessed were not strong enough. As such, the power of the Yin Yang Flame was not at its full potential.

During his cultivation in the Lost World Tower, he devoured two types of fifth grade spiritual flame – the Black Devil Flame and the White Bone Flame and two types of fifth grade cold qi – the Bone Prison Qi and the Cold Pine Essence. When these four items combined together into one, its power would be able to injure a Spirit Severing Realm cultivator! Of course, it could only injure a Spirit Severing Realm cultivator, not kill them.

The Yin Yang Flame that was imbued with a fraction of Yin Yang power was indeed powerful, but it was far beyond Ning Fan’s control. He would keep it as a final trump card for when he is faced with a truly formidable foe because if he uses it, he would surely suffer negative effects from the uncontrollable power…

In the realm of the Lost World Tower, Ning Fan once tried activating the full potential of the Yin Yang power. When he did that, all the mountains and rivers within ten thousand li* were flattened within seconds!

It took a heavy toll on Ning Fan. He spent the next three months meditating silently as he could not even use a single bit of his magic power…

In other words, that Yin Yang Flame was so powerful that not a Nascent Soul Realm expert or even a Spirit Severing Realm expert would be able to withstand its might!

This flame was the reason why the Spirit Severing Realm Stone Warrior advised Bei Xiaoman to be wary of Ning Fan!

Moreover, the reason Ning Fan’s teleportation became grey was mainly because of the Yin Yang Flame and also the synchronization of his magic and mind power. His current teleportation technique allowed him to travel a thousand li* in an instant. Usually, that speed could only be displayed by a Peak Nascent Soul Realm expert! As for ordinary Nascent Soul Realm cultivators like Jing Zhuo, being able to teleport for tens of li* was already considered rare.

With his newfound abilities, he now really had the power to protect himself and also the power to rule in the External Endless Sea!

“The human cauldrons in Pill Cauldron Gate might be limited. But there are two other main islands that rogue cultivators would gather at. Those places might have other forces selling human cauldrons… This time, I must visit every single place there is in the External Endless Sea to get all the cauldrons available and break through to the Mid Nascent Soul Realm. After that, I’ll attain the Late Nascent Soul Realm as fast as possible! If I finish plucking all the cauldrons available, I’ll enter the Internal Endless Sea. If the Internal Endless Sea has enough human cauldrons, I’ll wipe out all the small countries along the Endless Sea. That time, as long as I’m cautious enough, the Rain Palace would not be able to take me down even if I violate the World Law of the Rain Palace!”

On the other hand, Bei Xiaoman was in misery.

Each and every one of her maidservants did not know why their mistress would be so angry when she returned with blood stains all over her clothes!

“Mis…Mistress.. Who infuriated you? Do you need us to avenge you?”

“Get lost! I don’t want to see all of your faces right now!”

The petite Bei Xiaoman buried her head into her blanket as her rage had yet to subside.

She wanted to calm herself down to sleep so that the unpleasant memories would vanish from her head. However, just as she shut her eyes, the loathsome smile of Zhou Ming would surface in her thoughts. When she closed her eyes for a longer period, she would see him walking towards her, fully naked. In her dream, no matter how she resisted, ‘Zhou Ming’ would still roughly tear her clothes apart and take her purity.


She woke up after dreaming of that nightmare. Her thin clothes were drenched in sweat.

“Zhou Ming… I detest you!”

Thoughher mouth spat out curses about him, she was afraid of him deep inside her.

A strong, stubborn woman like her feared someone for the very first time.

Crushing my Heart of Dao with Devil Intent… This Zhou Ming sure is vicious!

“I can’t sleep… Stone Warrior, tell me a story… Stone Warrior? Where are you?” Bei Xiaoman’s eyes were blazing with fury once more.

Where has this damn Stone Warrior gone to?

A bright, round moon hung up tall in the sky.

A powerful aura approached the inn of Qin Family, carrying immense rage. This aura was locked onto one person – Ning Fan!

A ineloquent and weird accent blasted Ning Fan’s ears like crumbling mountains!

“You ant! You crushed Mistress Xiaoman’s Heart of Dao. I need an explanation for that!”

“Explanation? Are you joking with me?! It was her who wanted to kill me first. Should I get an explanation from her as well?”

Ning Fan kept the two women in his Cauldron Ring and draped a cloak around his body and emerged under the dark sky! It nearly happened within a second.

A gust of wind blew against the both of them!

Ning Fan’s untied hair floated wildly in the air and his eyes were cold and solemn. The person before him was a gigantic spiritual puppet which had skin made of rocks. He was known as Stone Warrior! He was the Spirit Severing Realm expert that Ning Fan discovered when he was facing Bei Xiaoman in the past!

“Apologize to Mistress Xiaoman to compensate for her broken Heart of Dao!”

“What if I refuse?” Ning Fan sneered.


“Oh really?…”

It was at this moment when Ning Fan’s eyes flashed with cold light and his hand blazed with the Yin Yang Flame!

I might not be his opponent but I can still hurt him with this flame!

The empty eyes of Stone Warrior’s face glinted in surprise! It was the same flame that gave him a dangerous feeling on that day. Because of this flame, he disobeyed Bei Xiaoman’s order to capture Ning Fan.

However, he was in a completely different situation from that day. This time, Bei Xiaoman was hurt by Ning Fan. To Stone Warrior, he had to capture Ning Fan even if he feared the flame!

Just as Stone Warrior was congealing his power, Luo You’s yawn echoed from within the Yin Yang Locket.

She stretched her body after she awakened from her deep slumber. When she let out a final yawn, she laughed impudently.

“The people from the Lost World Palace really like to bully others… Good brother, do you need my help to turn this Stone Warrior into your own spiritual puppet?”

“Oh? Is there a technique like that?” Ning Fan’s eyes widened in surprise.

If he had a secret art that could trick Stone Warrior, he would not have used his final trump card which might inflict serious damage on his body… Moreover, if he is able to secretly capture this Spirit Severing Realm puppet and turn it into his own fighter… no one in the External Endless Sea would be able to rival him!

“Of course. I’ve once told you that I held some grudges towards the people of the Lost World Palace… Therefore, I spent a great deal of effort in doing some research. Finally, I discovered a few techniques to deal with the ‘Stone Warriors of the Eight Formations’ of the Lost World Palace… Hmm. You’ve already achieved Nascent Formation? Not bad. With your current cultivation realm and my secret art, catching the Early Spirit Severing Realm Stone Warrior would be as easy as turning your palm over! However, after I’ve helped you, you must remember my deed… It’s time to cultivate your Yin Yang Transformation. You can only save me once your Yin Yang Transformation achieves the third realm… I’m afraid I might be ‘devoured’ by this ‘Profound Yin World’ if I stay here any longer.

Note :

1. Measurements :

a. li(里) = 500 m

b. zhang(丈) = 3.13 m

c. chi(尺) = 30.7 cm

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