Grasping Evil

Chapter 197(1) - Teasing from the Sisters, Erotic Encounter in the Inn of Qin Family

Chapter 197(1) Teasing from the Sisters, Erotic Encounter in the Inn of Qin Family

Ning Fan entered the Eagle Crane Elder’s head.

It was smoke-grey within the Eagle Crane Elder’s Sea of Consciousness. As he had split it into three to cast the Corpse Fusion Technique, his current Sea of Consciousness was rather small and narrow.

His Sea of Consciousness was not any different from a normal cultivator. In fact, it turned greyish because of his demon power after he cultivated demonic techniques.

Ning Fan’s shadow which was formed using his spirit sense, stood above the grey vast sea. Whenever he waved his hand, droplets of water from the sea would be drawn to it.

Each droplet of water carried a trace of the Eagle Crane Elder’s memories.

The Eagle Crane Elder was a devil cultivator with demon veins. As a matter of fact, there were countless devil cultivators in the Internal Endless Sea just like him, cultivating demonic cultivation methods and techniques. However, the veins he possessed were not Immemorial Demon Veins. They were just ordinary veins of the winged demon race, which was similar to what Ning Fan had.

The memories of the Eagle Crane Elder’s life flashed before Ning Fan’s eyes like revolving lantern horses. He could see every bloodbath the Eagle Crane Elder was involved and every stage of his cultivation path, from the beginning up until the Late Nascent Soul Realm. The Eagle Crane Elder went through one thousand and seven hundred years of cultivation in order to achieve what he had, which he lost along with his life when he died in Ning Fan’s hands.

Board of Devils, the Venerated Seven of the Internal Endless Sea, one hundred thousand floating islands, the secrets of the Internal Endless Sea… Ning Fan gained access to all of the information above.

When the sea water began to run dry, a layer of sea floor became visible at the deepest part of the sea. It was guarded by a purple demonic seal.

It held confidential information about the Demon Sealing Sect. However, Ning Fan had yet to possess the power or means to break the seal.

Despite knowing that, he still tried breaking the seal after surveying it at a close distance since he wanted to know more about the Phoenix Summoning Technique as well as the Corpse Fusion Technique. Just as he touched the restricted area, the purple light within the deepest part of the sea began to surge rapidly, permeating into the entire Sea of Consciousness. A moment later, the Eagle Crane Elder’s Sea of Consciousness crumbled!

Sensing imminent danger that might cost him his life, Ning Fan quickly withdrew his spirit sense. Even so, purplish blood flowed out from the corner of his mouth.

The expert who planted this seal was none other than the master of the Demon Sealing Sect – Venerated Demon. A demon seal was enough to make Ning Fan puke blood. He planted the seal in order to avoid the leakage of restricted information about the sect once his disciples gets held captive by cultivators from other sects. Besides, it also served as a mental seal for the members of the Demon Sealing Sect.

Ning Fan regulated his breathing and calmed himself down. It took him quite a while before he could regain his composure.

“The Internal Endless Sea sure is dangerous… Without any protection from a powerful force, anyone who enters that place would certainly receive attacks from different clans such as the human clan, demon clan, devil clan and so on… No one would care if someone dies or someone kills in the Internal Endless Sea. Moreover, there’s no way I can resist the Venerated Seven, unless I attain Mid Spirit Severing Realm… Evidently, the path of cultivation is getting harder than ever. The difference between realms is like the distance between heaven and earth… It would be nearly impossible for cultivators who possess Immemorial Devil Veins to fight experts whose cultivation realms are far beyond theirs…”

He gulped down the Eagle Crane Elder’s Nascent Soul and assimilated the demon power at a rapid speed.

After he took in the energy from the six Nascent Soul Realm corpses, his demon power increased to 10 units, which was at the level of the Mid Gold Core Realm.

Now, I’ll need to enter secluded meditation for three days.

Three days passed by in a flash. The Violent Qi on Ning Fan’s body had already dispersed by this time. Meanwhile, he summoned Bing Ling and Yue Ling to inquire about some information about the auction that was going to be held in the Pill Cauldron Gate in the liquor shop of the Qin Family’s inn.

After ten years of staying in the Cauldron Ring, the two ladies had already achieved the Mid Gold Core Realm. They would now be considered to be cauldrons of good quality among the Gold Core Realm human cauldrons. Each of them would fetch a price of fifty thousand immortal jade… Of course, Ning Fan would definitely not put them on sale.

It was good to occasionally let the two ladies breathe some fresh air. Furthermore, with Ning Fan’s current power, he was strong enough to protect two Gold Core Realm female cultivators.

After ten years, much to their surprise, they became clueless about Ning Fan’s cultivation realm.

In a private room which was protected by a formation that blocked any external spirit sense, there were two sisters sitting beside Ning Fan while filling up his cup with wine on the table in front of them. They behaved respectfully but their eyes blinked with curiosity.

What made them curious was the distinctive fresh smell of the sea breeze which could still fill their nostrils even though they were within the protective formation, separating them from air outside.

“Master, what’s your current cultivation realm? Did you achieve the Late Gold Core Realm?”

Ning Fan was unable to resist the urge to smile when he heard her guess. He responded by shaking his head. To Ning Fan, he would only have a playful mood when he is with people whom he knew long enough. Only with them would he behave like the past ‘Ning Fan’.

“I allow you both to touch me.”

“Wha…What?! We’re not that audacious enough to touch master!” Bing Ling immediately became panic-stricken, although her eyes flashed with desires. As for Yue Ling, she simply just rested her hand on Ning Fan’s dantian.

Even though Ning Fan had his clothes on, he was still able to feel smoothness from the small hand stroking his abdomen.

“Aiya. I can’t really feel whether there’s a Gold Core or not… Let me touch a little longer…” Yue Ling shot Ning Fan an innocent look. However, anyone would notice that her eyes held a look of cunning. Her silky white neck was already blushing in shyness. The longer her hand was in contact with Ning Fan’s body, the faster her heart was beating.

She and her sister, Yue Ling, were raised to be human cauldrons since they were young. And thus, the elderly woman who looked after them taught them different kinds of techniques. Those techniques, however, were not anything like those of the righteous path. They were taught the cultivation methods which human cauldrons should possess instead. Each and every one of them were techniques to bewitch and tempt others.

As for ordinary female devil cultivators who cultivated Seduction Techniques, they would sometimes be overwhelmed by their lust. In order to satisfy their needs, they would have to catch some men with strong Yang Essence and sleep with them. Unfortunately, the men would not live to see another day after they are plucked by the females. On the contrary, these two ladies were different. When they were practicing the art of Dual-Cultivation in the past, they had to be supervised by others. They were prohibited to do anything that would destroy their virginity because they were the human cauldrons raised for the personal use of Old Monster Purple Yin to form his Nascent Soul. Freedom was a luxurious commodity to them. Before they met Ning Fan, it was difficult for them to deal with their sudden surge of lust. Sometimes, they would even secretly… please each other to fulfill their desires.

As for Ning Fan, he tacitly permitted their lesbian way of satisfying themselves, which made the two ladies feel relieved while staying by his side.

Anyhow, the loneliness within their hearts was not cured. For the past ten years in the Cauldron Ring, their sexual desires were stimulated by the red mist almost every day. Gradually, the behavior of pleasing each other was no longer enough to satisfy them. In fact, they needed something that could pierce through the virgin layers and fill the empty spaces within them. Only then would they not feel lonely again.

That was actually not a shameful thought. In stark contrast, it was very common among the women. However, most of the cultivation methods would strengthen the state of mind which eventually granted the female cultivators the ability to suppress their lust. Unfortunately, the cultivation methods of human cauldrons were those that needed to stimulate their lust, making them to be in seventh heaven when they are making out. It was only in that state when they could provide their masters more joy when they are being plucked.

In their hearts, they had already seen Ning Fan as their master after they had been through thick and thin together. If their master was Purple Yin, they would not have presented themselves willingly even if lust seized their souls.

After all, their hearts were touched by Ning Fan.

Despite being their master, Ning Fan did not choose to pluck them… That gesture made them feel grateful to him. But they would occasionally feel empty and disappointed by this kind-hearted action of his.

Ever since they vowed to offer themselves and followed Ning Fan everywhere he goes, Ning Fan did not attempt to practice dual-cultivation with them.

Originally, they thought they could offer themselves to help Ning Fan in forming his Gold Core. However, Ning Fan had too many means to break through to the Gold Core Realm, even without needing their help.

The elder sister, Bing Ling, who always had a reserved attitude, did not utter a single word.

Her younger sister, Yue Ling, might be bold and lively, but she wasn’t bold to the extent of taking the initiative to voice out their requests.

“Maybe today is the perfect chance…” Bing Ling muttered to herself.

As long as I can put my hand under my master’s clothes and slide slightly below his dantian to touch “that”!

I’m sure that I can arouse his sexual desire with that… Then, I would…

“Younger Sister, how can you make such a request to our master! Do you really think that master’s skin is something you can easily touch?!” Bing Ling’s face turned reddish while speaking something which was different from her true thoughts in her heart. Deep inside her, she wanted to touch her master too.

“Elder Sister, you… you’re really dumb!” Yue Ling tried to signal to her elder sister by blinking her eyes continuously but Bing Ling failed to read between the lines.

Ning Fan who was watching them let out a bitter smile helplessly. With a 300-year-old state of mind, he could actually see through the naïve lady’s intentions like a transparent mirror…

This Yue Ling really has gained some nerves after all these years to be able to hold evil intentions toward me.

Since I’m a devil cultivator, not a saint, there’s no point in rejecting a lady’s request.

But this place is not suitable after all.

It might be protected by Sense Blocking Formation, but it’s not good enough to prevent cultivators at the Peak Nascent Soul Realm from probing inside.

“Silly girl. Let’s do it next time…” He shook his head with a wry smile. Bing Ling secretly heaved a sigh of relief. On the other hand, the excitement on Yue Ling’s face was replaced by a look of disappointment. She slumped into the chair, seething inwardly.

Blockhead. Master must be a blockhead…

“Hehe. This elegant Nascent Soul Realm senior being accompanied by two beauties really makes this junior jealous. This junior is the owner of the Qin Family’s inn. Greetings to Senior Zhou.”

An elderly person spoke with a polite tone outside the door.

He was clearly a Late Gold Core Realm cultivator. His words had the aura to instill fear within Bing Ling and Yue Ling’s hearts.

That man has a really strong Blood Qi. He’s most likely a powerful devil lord!

But how come a powerful lord like him would address our master as a senior. Also, the way he spoke was very courteous!

Could it be that our master has achieved Nascent Soul Realm?! Is he already a Nascent Soul Realm old monster now?!

Bing Ling was a quick-witted person and Yue Ling was not stupid too. Both of them gaped in shock and their eyes widened in disbelief at the same time.

“Is it Qin Ming? Please come in.” The smile on Ning Fan’s face faded, replaced by the cold look which he always wore when facing strangers.

Not everyone could make him smile. And this Qin Ming certainly was not one of them!

Note :

Measurements :

a. li(里) = 500 m

b. zhang(丈) = 3.13 m

c. chi(尺) = 30.7 cm

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