Grasping Evil

Chapter 189(1) - Core Formation (2)

Chapter 189(1) Core Formation (2)

After quite a long time, the curtains of the entrance to the internal palace were drawn and two Gold Core Realm maidservants appeared. They welcomed Ning Fan and led him into the palace but Mo Yun hurriedly retreated as if he was afraid to meet the young lady! Before he left, he gave some advice to Ning Fan through telepathy.

“Remember! You must not stare at the tower master’s body for more than three breaths…”

“If possible, give compliments about her legs and she would be very happy…”

“If you managed to provoke the tower master, immediately think of any reason to get the hell out of there. If you continue to stay there, you might…”

“Also, if the tower master gives you an offer to become her servant, you must not respond as your sausage will be at stake when you do accept…”

Ning Fan furrowed his brows and mumbled inwardly, “This tower master seems really difficult to entertain.” However, Ning Fan was truly grateful to Mo Yun for his advice. If he entered the internal palace without having any understanding of the tower master, he might accidentally break some laws and provoke her. There are only two outcomes if he ever provokes the tower master – either becoming a dismembered corpse or losing his sausage.

He couldn’t afford either one of them, especially the latter. It was the essence of his cultivation method – the Yin Yang Transformation. If he lose it, he would no longer be able to practice Dual Cultivation with anyone.

Within the internal palace, crystals and immortal jade adorned its floors. On top of the jade throne that was covered with mink fur was where a young lady who was holding a red whip in her hand sat. Behind her stood a few Gold Core Realm maidservants.

On her cute face which had the shape of a goose egg, the same set of unfriendly eyes under her fringe hair stared right at Ning Fan. She wore a carrot-red top and a mini skirt which revealed her silky-white legs that were covered in red silk stockings. She also put on a pair of red embroidered shoes and crossed her legs while leaning backwards on the throne.

Ning Fan had never seen anyone dressed in that manner. The way she dressed herself up suited her petite body really well. If the coldness in her eyes diminished, just about anyone would mistake her as a princess of a cultivation country.

Two breaths… Before he breathed his third one, he shifted his gaze and cupped his fist.

“It’s my honor to meet the master of the southern tower. This junior is named Zhou Ming…”

The maidservants released sighs of relief together since Ning Fan did not violate the restriction.

However, the young lady on the throne looked at Ning Fan sideways while maintaining her indifferent demeanor.

“Do I look so old that you have to address yourself as a junior? Address me as Mistress Bei, the master of the southern tower! Do it again!”

“It’s my honour to meet Mistress Bei, the master of the southern tower. I am a rogue cultivator, Zhou Ming…”

Ning Fan was neither servile nor arrogant but rather, he behaved moderately. However, the young lady frowned as if she was still doubtful about his behavior. She blinked her eyes and the blood-red intent flashed within her eyes, congealing into a substantial form and stretched out towards him, revolving around him.

Upon seeing the incoming blood-red sense, he squinted his eyes in alert, trying to analyze the reason for her current action. He then realized that the young lady was trying to test him and did not attempt to evade. After revolving around him for five cycles, the sense disappeared.

However, the young lady’s frown did not fade away.

“According to Mo Yun, you possess Fourth Revolution Pill Refining Technique…”

“To be accurate, it’s slightly more than Fourth Revolution!”

“Then I suppose you are a Fifth Revolution Pill Master? Leave us, maidservants… You, come with me!”

With just an order, all of the maidservants hastily left. She then beckoned Ning Fan to follow her. Along the path, Ning Fan did not look at her anymore.

After some time, they reached a dead end. It was a stone chamber. The young lady pushed the door and both of them entered.

Just as he set foot into the chamber, his eyes gleamed with surprise. There was a thousand zhang fire pit in the room. A green flame flashed among the fire pit which formed a vague shadow of a phoenix.

There’s no mistake. It’s one of the 12 Earth Vein Demonic Flames – Green Phoenix Flame!

The green shadow suddenly let out a shrill cry and turned into a huge phoenix, blazing with flames. It spread its wings and was about to dash towards Ning Fan.

The demonic flame had gained spiritual intelligence, enabling it to transform into a Green Phoenix Demon. This demon was not any weaker than an Early Nascent Soul Realm expert!

Without giving any chance for the phoenix to make a move, the merciless young lady stepped on the fire pit. Her foot might look tiny and harmless, however it scattered the congealed shadow phoenix which had a Nascent Soul Realm power!

“Hmmph! How dare a mere demon made of fire bully me?!”

The Green Phoenix Flame waned, seemingly afraid of the young lady. Ning Fan, who was standing at one side, witnessed her violence once more.

In his heart, he thought that the reason the young lady brought him here was to let him refine a Fifth Revolution Pill on the spot.

If that’s the case, it might consume quite some time…

The next second, the young lady took out a light reddish pouch that emitted a whiff of fragrance and threw it at Ning Fan. There were ten types of five-thousand-year-old spiritual herbs.

“Pick 3 of them and melt them with the earth flame. If you are able to do it, I’ll then recognize you as a Fifth Revolution Pill Master! You’ll be granted the permission to enter the fifth floor of the Lost World Tower!”

“Just melting the herbs?!”

“If not, then what?! Do you expect me to watch you refine a complete Fifth Revolution pill step by step? I don’t have time to mess with you! Besides, I’m not going to provide you the pill cauldron. You need to form a cauldron using your divine intent. If you’re unable to do that, you will fail in doing so. Then, I’ll take your life as the compensation for wasting my time!” The young lady spoke impatiently.

“Form a pill cauldron using my divine intent… Fine!” Ning Fan answered her without any hesitation.

The process of pill refinement consisted of three steps. First, melt the spiritual herbs. Second, merge the medicinal properties of the herbs. Lastly, put them into the cauldron and turn them into pills. Now, she was testing Ning Fan on the first step. Furthermore, melting the spiritual herbs using the Earth Vein Demonic Flame would be more effective than any other ordinary flames.

It won’t take too long since I only need to melt three spiritual herbs.

Actually, allowing Ning Fan to choose three spiritual herbs out of the ten of them was a test on his capability of recognizing the herbs.

Melting herbs using the Earth Vein Demonic Flame was to test his ability of controlling the flame.

Refining pills without using a pill cauldron was the key of determining his identity as a Fifth Revolution Pill Master. Only pill masters at that level were able to form a pill cauldron using their divine intent. In doing so, the pills become imbued with the power of their divine intent, raising the pills’ quality.

“Three days. I will only wait for three days…” The young lady sat beside the fire pit. She did not need to worry about getting burned by the flames as she was a being that a Spirit Severing Realm expert would also need to tolerate.

This lady really is strong!

Ning Fan could never be her opponent unless he achieves the Spirit Severing Realm.

Without further delay, he opened his palm and spread his five fingers facing the flame. He then grasped the air as if he was holding something in the air. Instantly, a patchy drizzle formed on his hand. With a wave of his hand, the Divine Intent of Rain transformed into an illusory pill cauldron. But it was shaky as if it was going to crumble any moment. Ning Fan was only a Harmonious Spirit Realm cultivator after all. Forming a pill cauldron using his divine intent expended much of his magic power.

“Eighth Grade Divine Intent – Divine Intent of Rain… If you were in the Four Heavens of Immortal World, you would just be an ordinary being. However, since you are in the Rain World, you’re considered to be exceptional…” The young lady commented without showing any emotions on her face.

As for Ning Fan, he was not in the mood to reply to her. He chose three spiritual herbs which had the weakest medicinal power since they were much easier to be melted in liquid.

Swaying her legs leisurely beside the fire pit, the young lady nodded her head gently and muttered, “Among the ten spiritual herbs, the oldest is 5500-year-old and the youngest is 4800-year-old. What you’ve picked are the youngest among them all. Obviously, you are able to identify the spiritual herbs well which also proves that you are quite knowledgeable about pill refining. However, your cultivation realm is too weak. You shouldn’t be able to maintain the pill cauldron for more than three days…”

Yes. She was speaking the truth. Based on Ning Fan’s current magic power, holding the pill cauldron for three days was his limit.

But if she knew about Ning Fan’s attitude, she would not speak the last sentence as Ning Fan would never yield or surrender.

On the first day, Ning Fan melted one of the herbs.

On the second day, the second herb dissolved.

The Green Phoenix Flame was getting stronger which was almost to the extent of engulfing the entire illusory pill cauldron. His face and lips turned pale while maintain the unstable illusory cauldron.

On the third day, the third herb was nearly liquefied. However, it was at this moment when he lost control of his magic power, causing the cauldron to crumble!

“The medicinal liquid is spilled… This will be considered as a failure. You aren’t qualified to be a Fifth Revolution Pill Master…” The young lady spoke casually.

“No! It’s not over yet! Black Tempest Rupture Art!”

A sharp pain could be felt in his head when he tried to use his spirit sense. Just as his consciousness was about to slip away, he ferociously struggled to stay focused.

The black spirit sense enveloped the scattered medicinal liquid and turned into another illusory cauldron to hold the liquid. Finally, the third herb was completely melted.

He quickly fished out three jade bottle and poured the medicinal liquid into them. He then handed them over to the lady and said, “The three herbs are melted. I’ve accomplished my mission!”

She took the jade bottles which were warmed by the heat of the liquid. It was her first time hesitating in front of Ning Fan.

“Sword Sense… Interesting… However, your original cauldron crumbled and you formed a second cauldron using your sword sense. You’ve already violated the rules. As such, you are still unqualified to be a Fifth Revolution Pill Master. But fortunately for you, I’m in a good mood. I will spare your life… Aside from that, you are allowed to enter the fourth floor of the Lost World Tower.”

“…” Ning Fan remained silent.

If I used the Dan Fragmentation Cauldron, I would still be able to refine Low Grade Fifth Revolution pills. Successfully forming a pill cauldron using divine intent is still too early for me.

The fourth floor… I suppose that’s the only floor I can enter for now.

Note :

Measurements :

a. li(里) = 500 m

b. zhang(丈) = 3.13 m

c. chi(尺) = 30.7 cm

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