Grasping Evil

Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Making a Move

The second auction middle-ranked dan cauldron, used to refine Three Revolution Dan and below. The starting price is 500 immortal jades.

The third auction White Camel Dan, a Three Revolution Dan. One bottle containing twenty pills, it is able to increase a Harmonious Spirits cultivation. The starting price is 800 immortal jades

The fourth

The fifth

In contrast to the shocking first auction, the rest of the auction items seemed ordinary and could only make the Harmonious Spirit cultivators compete. The Gold Core old devils on the third floor no longer made a move.

After Old Devil Qin left, the two other Gold Core devils were estimating their fortune, waiting for the real finale of the auction the Gold Core Dao Fruit.

Ning Fan on one hand was presiding over the auction and secretly watching Wu Dongnan on the other.

The twelfth auction was a piece of purple coral. After being appraised by Ning Fan, it could increase a Harmonious Spirit cultivators spiritual awareness, and it was snatched by Wu Dongnan for 1000 immortal jades.

The nineteenth auction was a middle-ranked Spirit Sword. Ning Fan identified that this sword contained the Chasing Shadow technique, and it was also bought by Wu Dongnan for 1500 immortal jades.

The twenty-second auction was a middle-ranked immortal cloud spirit equipment with matchless speed, and it was taken by Wu Dongnan, as well, for 2000 immortal jades.

It seems that Wu Dongnan brought a lot of immortal jades this time ah. Unfortunately, unfortunately, you wont be alive to enjoy them.

They only had to wait until the auction ended, then they would immediately make a move against Wu Dongnan!

As time went by, the auction was eventually coming to an end. Finally, an emerald brocade box was presented and sealed by magic, but there were still ripples of the Grand Dao flowing out of the box.

The brocade box dissipated a strange and intoxicating fragrance. One wiff would cause others magical power to increase by a touch.

This item did not need to be identified by Ning Fan, nor was any introduction necessary. Everyones eyes were already on fire.

Gold Core Dao Fruit starting price, 20,000 immortal jades When Ning Fan finished speaking, he was immediately overwhelmed by the continuous bids.





After a short moment of time, the Dao Fruits price was fired up to 50,000. And the one who bidded 50,000 immortal jades was one of the Gold Core cultivator on the third floor. This price was the sum of his life savings.

60,000 immortal jades! The other Gold Core old devil was not to be outdone. His circumstances also necessitated him obtaining the Dao Fruit.

60,000 immortal jades was an amount enough to build a small sect. The other Gold Core old devils expression became ugly; he couldnt afford so much money for this auction.

70,000 immortal jades! On the second floor, someone unexpectedly bidded!

All eyes swept towards the second floor. At this time, they discovered that the person competing with the Gold Core old devils for the Dao Fruit was the Heavenly Beast Schools outer elder, Wu Dongnan!

With Wu Dongnans Harmonious Spirit cultivation, he absolutely could not afford 70,000 immortal jades. Without a doubt, behind him was the financial power of the Heavenly Beast School!

Being audaciously upstaged by a Harmonious Spirit junior, the two Gold Core old devils expressions were not easy to look at.

After shouting out the price of 70,000, Wu Dongnan immediately stood up and clasped his hands towards the two Gold Cores on the third floor with a respectful demeanor in order to quell their anger, Predecessor Chu, Predecessor Liu, this Dao Fruit is something that my School Master Wu Xie wants. I respectfully ask for Predecessors to give my school master some face and not compete with this junior for this item.

Hearing the four words School Master Wu Xie, many devils took a deep breath and the two Gold Cores expressions also slightly changed with some dread.

One of the Gold Cores hesitatingly asked, Rumor has it that School Master Wu Xie, several decades ago, underwent isolation to break through to the Nascent Soul realm. Could it be that he had broken through

School Master had not reached Nascent Soul, but he is at the False Soul realm. This is why he needs items to help him break through. This Dao Fruit must be obtained by him!

Hearing Wu Dongnan, the two Gold Core devils were anxious and doubtful.

The Heavenly Beast Schools Wu Xie was a tenth level False Soul cultivator, almost reaching the Nascent Soul realm!

There was no Nascent Soul old devil in the Yue Country. If Wu Xie reached the Nascent Soul realm, then no one would dare to provoke the Heavenly Beast School in the Yue Country from then on!

Normally, these two people relied on their Gold Core cultivations up high above, but in the eyes of the Nascent Soul old devils, Gold Core cultivators were only insects that could be annihilated with one wave of the hand!

Haha, if it is something School Master Wu Xie wants, if we forcefully buy it, then it would bring about a disaster This item I dont want anymore, goodbye!

The two Gold Cores spoke and then directly left the third floor. They wryly smiled as they left the Icy Godly Palace. There was no longer any meaning in staying here since they couldnt compete for the Dao Fruit against the Heavenly Beast School

Seeing the departure of the two Gold Cores, Wu Dongnan took a sigh of relief and went on the auction stage to pay the money. He carefully accepted the brocade box with the Dao Fruit. This trip was a complete success regarding the task given by the school.

The rest was a personal matter. He absolutely must take away Zhihe from Seven Apricot City!

Clang clank, clang clank, clang clank

Suddenly, a noise appeared from Wu Dongnans storage pouch. He patted the pouch and took out a jade tablet with flowing spirit light and performed a seal towards it.

All of a sudden, there was an old voice coming from the jade tablet. It turned out that this jade tablet was a communication device and could be used to talk with others.

Got the Dao Fruit? The person speaking had a faint intermediate Gold Core aura.

Dear Second Elder, I got it. Wu Dongnan was extremely respectful.

Hmph, then hurry and come back. Do not delay on the way, the school master urgently needs the Dao Fruit for cultivation! The old devil spoke with a tone that left no room for questions then directly closed the communication.

Wu Dongnans face became a bit hard to see. He originally wanted to steal Zhihe back, but it seemed like he now must go back to the Heavenly Beast School without any delay.

Nevermind, there will be more chances to capture Zhihe. If I return late, then who knows what punishment the second elder will issue.

Having thought this, Wu Dongnan quickly marched out of the auction and left Seven Apricot City, heading towards the Heavenly Beast School.

Finally left After seeing Wu Dongnans departure, Ning Fans eyes flashed a hidden killing intent.

The Gold Core Dao Fruit was the last auction item. The auction had officially ended at this point.

Evil cultivators, one after another, started to leave. Ning Fan also said his salutation to Yun Xiu and headed outside, but as he was walking by Lan Mei, he was stopped by her.

Ning Fan, I think we need to talk about our engagement.

Dont have time. Ning Fan spoke with an apathetic tone and directly went past Lan Mei. He had important business to attend to and didnt have time to speak nonsense with this girl.

Regarding the engagement since youth that was started by the old monster, Ning Fan essentially didnt put it in mind. Regarding this woman, he also thought nothing of her.

You! Lan Mei was somewhat thwarted. She was the Sinister Sparrows School Masters daughter. She only had numerous suitors before, and this was the first time a young man was so rude to her.

She was frustrated but also had a sensation of freshness. She felt that Ning Fan was different from all of the young men she had seen before.

Ning Fan ah, forget it. Next time, I will come find you again. No matter what, this engagement since youth is problematic and must be dealt with

Ning Fan quickly left the Auction Palace while Yuchi and Situ, the two Harmonious Spirit commanders, were already waiting outside for a long time.

Young Lord, the Apricot Guard and Sword Guards 900 people are awaiting orders. Wu Dongnan had left Seven Apricot City, do we chase or not!

What do you think!? A cold glare flashed in Ning Fans gaze.

Daring to come to Seven Apricot City to cause trouble and having thoughts about his woman Wu Dongnan must pay a heavy price!

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