Grasping Evil

Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Dao Fruit Auction

The sword ray that split the cauldron in two and soared from the dan refinement room took all of Ning Fans magical power. Ning Fan collapsed and directly passed out in the dan room.

In his coma, Ning Fan had a strange dream.

He saw that he was amongst a hazy heaven and earth where there was a tablet of fire that towered at one thousand zhang high. This was the Mysterious Yin World.

Under the tablet was a woman whose face couldnt be seen. She was resting on a foggy cloud, seemingly to be in deep slumber. Her magical power was boundless with a powerful aura. Vein Opening and Harmonious Spirit cultivators in Seven Apricot City were incomparable compared to her might.

You are the owner of the mysterious voice Ning Fan said while half conscious.

Little Husband, do not peek. Oh, be careful or your mind will be trapped inside the black void, and it will never be let out again

The woman smiled in the dream. She breathed out a burst of sweet fragrant wind and blew Ning Fan directly out of the dream land.

Mysterious Yin World this was the world inside the Yin Yang Locket Apparently, this was its name

Some time later, Ning Fan slowly opened his eyes. He still felt a bit dazed. He couldnt remember the dream from earlier; instead, there were only some faint images of the woman inside the locket.

The moment he woke up, the sound of the mysterious woman appeared again.

Big Sisters sleep this time will be several decades. Dont wake Big Sister up. No peeking next time as well.

She is sleeping again

As the mysterious woman fell into her slumber, Ning Fan regained his clarity. He finally noticed that he was naked and lying on a bed.

Zhihe was by his side with a blushed expression while carefully and gently wiping his wounds for him with a basin to the side.

Big Brother, you have been unconscious for three days, Zhihe was very worried

Three days? Ning Fan was slightly shocked.

He didnt actually think that the sword intent draining all of his power would cause him to be so weak and require him to spend three days in a coma.

This truly terrifying sword intent inside his body, why did he have this sort of sword intent? Eh? Could it be that this has something to do with the sword marks on the blue boulder of the female ghost?


Ning Fan suddenly had a headache and tensed up. Information about the sword skill suddenly appeared in his head.

Fire Transformation Sword a Harmonious Spirit sword skill. By drawing out the energy of the flame, one is able to change the sword into fire

Eh, he somehow mastered a Harmonious Spirit sword skill named the Fire Transformation Sword.

Did this count as his first magical technique since becoming a cultivator?

Oh hey, Little Bastard, you are finally awake? Little Girl, go out, I have something to ask him.

A wretched laughter appeared and the old monster strode into Ning Fans bedroom as Zhihe was leaving.

You came to check my progress in cultivation? Ning Fan speechlessly watched this old monsters chrysanthemum flower expression. He couldnt connect him with the black devil who treaded on the sky that day.

What you, you? Theres not a bit of etiquette, call me Master! The old monster was displeased.

The word master, was too heavy. Ning Fan for some reason could not say it.

Hmph! Difficult Little Brat, your father isnt here to talk nonsense with you today, I have something to ask you.

Please ask, Predecessor. Ning Fan used a more respectful tone. After all, he was living under this mans roof.

The old monster was still not satisfied with this way addressing him, but he didnt bother bringing it up as he then asked: Your Fire Transformation Sword, what is going on? You had an affair with the little girl, Dugu? The old monster nervously looked at Ning Fan.

Never! This disciple is turning into a brother-in-law play. I must prevent it! I must not allow Ning Fan to be together with Dugu!

If I say I dont know, would you believe it? Ning Fan wryly smiled. He somehow learned the Fire Transformation Sword.

The old monster had a you cant fool me look on his face and stared at Ning Fan while Ning Fan had an Im innocent look while staring at the old monster.

After a while, the old monster waved his hand without any other choice: Fine, fine, as evil cultivators, we are full of lies. Even if you cheat your master, not only will your master accept it, but he will be even more satisfied with you. Hey, this is in line with evil behavior and the evil teaching of our ancestors

As a result, the old monster excitedly spoke about the ancestral rules of the Black Evil Sect.

Ning Fan, for the first time, unknowingly felt a little closer to the old monster as he chattered on.

At this moment, it seemed like this was not the high up above old devil, but only a wretched old grandpa speaking.

I said so much, do you remember it all? The old monster asked in a discontented manner.


Good, then I will ask you one thing: are you capable of refining a Three Revolution Dan? Are you a Three Revolution Dan Master?

The old monster gazed at Ning Fan in confusion. He himself was only a Three Revolution Dan Master. If Ning Fan was also the same, then wouldnt the two of them be on the same level?

He, as the master, was on the same level as his disciple how could this be!

Originally, the old monster didnt take Ning Fan too seriously about making a detoxification elixir for him. This was because it would take at least a Four Revolution Dan to cure him completely.

He didnt think that Ning Fan was capable of creating dan, but he still allowed for him to play around.

Now, it appears that Ning Fan wasnt just aimlessly playing around? Even if he only became a cultivator a short time ago, his comprehension of the dan refinement process was so profound!

Sure enough, the jade locket had something to do with it

I havent tried, but with my fifth level Vein Opening realm, I should be able to refine a Three Revolution Dan. Ning Fan thought for a moment and replied.

Oh, this little smelly brat has such arrogant tone. With this confidence, perhaps you could even create a Four Revolution Dan? The old monster was calm on the surface, but his heart was gasping for breath.

A Four Revolution Dan Havent tried He answered with an implication that it was in his grasp.

This devilish disciple who only just recently became a cultivator was really able to refine a Four Revolution Dan! He was even better than his Master Huan!

The old monsters face became green then red. As the master, how could his dan refining skill be worse than his disciple! Such shame and disgrace!

Smelly Brat, give me a copy of your detoxification dan recipe! Your father will go into seclusion and break through the Four Revolution Dan Master rank!

Alchemy was only a game to the old monster, before. This was the first time that he had the determination to delve into the art of dan refinement.

Hmph! Anyway, one cannot be defeated by ones disciple!

Ning Fan was unable to make sense of the old monsters anger, but he still wrote down the dan recipe for the old monster, the Seven Yin Yang Mysterious Dan. This was the name of the detoxification elixir for the old monster.

The ingredients and amounts were clearly written above in the dan recipe. Ning Fan was actually worried that, as a Three Revolution Dan Master, the old monster would not be able to refine a Four Revolution Dan medicine.

The old monster was upset.

Ning Fan wrote the dan recipe with so much detail as if he was underestimating his own master!

Humph! When I, Han Yuanji, was trampling throughout the entire heaven, it was such a sight. Now, I have degenerated to a mortal world and is being looked down upon by a little disciple Oh, wait This step, concentrating the flame inside the dan? How? I, your father, has never learned this technique before? This step, Divide the Dan for dual accumulation, what does this mean? Your father doesnt understand Uhh

The old monsters look became a bit unsightly. He discovered that his own dan refinement ability couldnt compare with Ning Fans level, and he couldnt make sense of this Four Revolution Dan recipe.

Before, he was offended at Ning Fan for being too detailed. Now, he was mad that Ning Fan explained too little, and it was not enough.

My mother, this dan recipe makes no sense, how do I even refine it?

Even though the monsters heart was a bit sullen, on the surface, he put on an enigmatic and wise attitude. He stroked Ning Fans hair while looking at the dan recipe with an approving expression.

Right, not bad, not bad. I have seen this dan recipe before, and there is nothing written incorrectly. The truth is that I already knew this dan recipe. I only told you to write it to test your comprehension on dan refinement. Yes, correct, you smelly brat are qualified to be your fathers disciple. Heh, I might as well tell you, if you did not pass my test just now, you would have been a dead man! Continue to work hard, dont become complacent!

The old monster waved his sleeve and casually walked out of the room. Then, Little Zhihe let out a long breath and patted her bosom as she said to Ning Fan: Big Brother Fan, close call, close call. Fortunately, your dan recipe didnt have any mistake, or else that old devil would have killed you Who would have thought that he was testing you really dangerous.

This foolish little girl was really adorable. To believe the old monsters nonsense Ning Fan laughed while staring at Zhihe.

He felt that the old monster didnt have any intention to kill him today and, on the contrary, he really, sincerely considered him to be a disciple.

The old monster pretending to know this dan recipe, what a swindler. This Seven Yin Yang Mysterious Dan was a dan recipe created by the Ancient Chaos Grand Emperor that no one else knew about. The old monster knowing this dan recipe was even more unlikely than seeing a ghost, and he even tried to test me The old monster obviously frowned twice, earlier. it was clear that there were two steps he didnt understand in the dan recipe. He didnt understand yet he still pretended. Hah, this old monster, so interesting

Ning Fan burst out in laughter. He actually felt that Old Monster Han was a cute old fellow instead of an evil cultivator.

Perhaps respecting the old monster as his master was not a bad thing.

Zhihe opened her big eyes to stare at the smiling Ning Fan. The more she watched, the more overwhelmed and sentimental she became.

Big Brother Fan smiling was very good looking.

In order to save face, the old monster completely abandoned Seven Apricot City and retreated into isolated seclusion to concentrate on dan refinement. He didnt care about other affairs.

Nangong, Situ, Yuchi the three Harmonious Spirit commanders took care of all the affairs in Seven Apricot City, and Ning Fan as the young lord did not become involved in anything.

However, the old monster was carried away by a whim or something and appointed Ning Fan with a task.

Host the Dao Fruit Auction mission!

His tone made it sound like it was simple, so Ning Fan thought that this auction was a very small matter. But he quickly found out that he was wrong.

The venue for the Dao Fruit Auction was at the Godly Void Pavilion! The extremely mysterious and powerful force!

Hosting the auction was not as simple as just selling some items. Dao Fruits were a priceless treasures, and there will be numerous Harmonious Spirit cultivators. Even Gold Core cultivators would come to Seven Apricot City.

And receiving these old men along with maintaining order for Seven Apricot City became the important mission for Ning Fan. Without the old monster to maintain order, if there was truly an old Gold Core cultivator killing people or causing trouble at Seven Apricot City, would Ning Fan be able to handle it?

If he ignored it, what if the auction was ruined If he chose to stop it what will he use to stop the Gold Core old expert?

Outside of maintaining law and order, Ning Fan also needed to contact all of the forces of Seven Apricot City to attend the auction.

Besides the Black Evil Sects three godly armies three guards, the remaining evil cultivators belonged to the four Seven Apricot grand clans. The four clans seemed to look down on Ning Fan. And within the three guards, outside of Yuchis Apricot Guard, the other two guards essentially didnt care for Ning Fans face.

He ordered Yuchi to send out the invitations to the four families and three guards representatives to discuss the matter of the auction. The result was that no one came.

Sure enough, he was only just appointed as the young lord, and his prestige was not enough!

Everything was busy as the auction date was approaching. Ning Fan was also not in the mood for dan refinement. He just broke through to the fifth level of the Vein Opening realm, and cultivation also required time to stabilize as well as a period of time to adjust for the sharp changes. Therefore, he wasnt eager to refine new Vein Opening Dan to increase his cultivation.

Yuchi, I heard the mansion of Commander Situ of the Sword Guards has the black grass, right? He seems to be the one who opposes me becoming the young lord the most. In the palaces main hall, with a very mild tone, Ning Fan turned towards Yuchi and asked.

Anyway, for the four clans and three guards, he would need to subdue them himself, just like how he convinced the pig-feeding Yuchi outside of the Apricot Mansion that day with his own strength.

Dear Young Lord, Commander Situ has no malice. He simply wants to have a chat with Young Lord Yuchi respectfully spoke.

This type of deferential treatment was not because of Ning Fans ability to defeat him, but more on the account of Ning Fans dan refinement skill.

He was by Ning Fans side in the recent periods of time, but he heard many rumors that Ning Fans dan refinement skill was very high. It was so high that it embarrassed the old monster, which was why he went into seclusion to fervently practice dan refinement.

Oh heavens! City Lord Han Yuanji is a Three Revolution Dan Master, and if Ning Fans dan refinement skill was higher than the city lord, then he would at least be a Three Revolution Dan Master!

A Three Revolution Dan Master! A dan master capable of creating Gold Core dan medicines! In Yue Country, he would be able to enjoy the benefits and respect befitting of a Gold Core expert! A dan master of this level had an extremely terrifying influence. With one word, anyone he wanted to kill would have numerous Harmonious Spirit experts of both the Righteous and Evil Sects to listen to Ning Fans order, all for just one dan.

If it was a more valuable dan, then even Gold Core old monsters would lend Ning Fan a hand!

Forty years ago, when the old monster was a Three Revolution Dan Master, when he attacked the Righteous Sect, with one command, countless evil lords gathered in response. That scene was spectacular!

Yuchis mind automatically envisioned the scene when Ning Fan will attack a Righteous Sect how majestic would it be? He became even more respectful towards Ning Fan.

When will I be able to follow the young lord and destroy a Righteous Sects division? That will be quite a refreshing matter. I havent seriously killed people and destroyed sects for many years now!

While he was imagining the future, Ning Fans voice appeared again.

Yuchi, Yuchi, wake up. Dont be distracted. I am talking to you

Cough cough Young Lord, Im sorry, my disrespect Yuchi regained his sanity from his delusions and stared helplessly at Ning Fan: Can Young Lord repeat what you said earlier?

I said, you lead the way to see Commander Situ.

Pstt! Young Lord, no, ah. Second Brother has quite a prejudice against you. His sword energy is quite powerful from killing and drinking blood. What if he sees you and does something to you? Then the city lord will blame me.

Yuchi was worried that Situ would choke Ning Fan to death.

Ning Fan might have been able to defeat Yuchi, but Situ was much more severe when compared to Yuchi.

No matter, lead the way.

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