Grasping Evil

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Primordial Dream, Ying Yang Locket

One billion years ago, in the primordial emptiness, circled by ten thousand galaxies, basked under the lights of the heavens, a giant was deep in slumber. He wore a violet robe with supreme presence while his breaths caused the destruction of countless galaxies and gave birth to numerous universes.

There were millions of continents on his body, mountains, ancient cities, and immortal domains. Countless immortals as small as ants were kneeling on the ground while hitting a godly bell, and devoutly pray towards the void.

Please awaken, Immortal Emperor, to preach the dao to the one billion Sacred Worlds at the Dai Luo Heaven

Wait, let me sleep a little longer. I dreamt of a very interesting brat Ning Fan ah

Time and space moved on, and one billion years later.

In the four heavens and nine worlds, Rain Immortal World, Yue Nation, Chi Meng Mountain, All Pleasure School.

Inside the gate of the All Pleasure School, there were only female cultivators, and their cultivation method was extremely evil and shameless.

Outside of the Intercourse Chamber, several young girls walked in complete nudity out of the grand chamber. Their posture was very strange, like virgins clamping their legs together to walk. But on a more astute observation, one would find the slightest dripping liquid down their thighs, and to the ground.

On their jade legs were remnants of blood. This blood was a symbol of their virginity, and was promptly discarded by them.

From today on, we have officially joined the Evil School

Their slender faces were glowing red, as if they were still lustful. Regarding the loss of their virginity, they were not sad but felt joyous on the contrary.

Leaving the Intercourse Chamber, they went to their resting area. While inside the Intercourse Chamber, there were still waves after waves of womens moanings like the tide.

Inside the chamber, they worshipped a black buddha statue.

The copper lamp was still filled with oil, emitting a secluded light. The young girls were teasing a boy on the ground in the middle of the chamber, right beneath the black buddha statue.

One girl with two buns tied on her hair, placed her pretty breast into the boys mouth with a flushed expression, and her eyes blurred from the pleasure.

A girl with her hair flowing freely were sitting in the pose of the Lotus Bodhisattva, and riding the boys lower body.

A girl in her dudou(bra) with her sweet lips like a snake started licking, starting from the toes of the young boy and moving all the way upward.

All of these girls were not ugly. Being served by these girls but the boy did not enjoy it one bit.

His two eyes were faint, with a sluggish expression carrying a trace of grief.

He was a cauldron, sold by his clan to the All Pleasure School to become a male concubine for these evil females.

His lower body was already numb. Within just one day, he was raped by almost one hundred girls. Half of them were even virgins.

This sisters little bunny, is it tasty?

The girl with two hair buns withdrawn her small breast from the boys lips, and coldly asked.

Unpalatable, disgusting! All of you, just kill me!

The stubborn boy replied.

Hmph, merely a cauldron, a tool to let your sisters steal your yang to grow our yin, yet still daring to talk back!

A chilling killing intent appeared in the gaze of the two buns girl, no longer as feminine and gentle as before. She granted the boy one slap, causing his lips to haemorrhage blood.

Then, she once again became delicate and charming, she lifted the boys face and asked with a concern look:

My little lover, does it hurt?

If you dont kill me, there will be one day when I will massacre the All Pleasure School!

The boy didnt have the slightest cultivation, but in his eyes was a heaven piercing hatred.

Haha! You are still young, yet your tone is not small. Okay, big sister will wait to see how you will destroy our All Pleasure School. However, ah, hehe, there had never been a cauldron that could withstand our love for three days. Your Yang energy has expended with little remaining, seems like you wont even make it after tonight, and will die from exhaustion Haha, come here, kiss big sisters lips

The two buns haired girl lifted the face of the boy and gave him a kiss, lickng clean all of his blood.

All Pleasure School, a school where the female cultivators practiced the evil arts, requiring the Yang essence of males. They were contemptible in the eyes of the righteous faction.

They were not actually favoring the boy, but were step by step torturing him till death.

The early moon appeared in the night sky, and the last group of girls finally went back to their resting area. Inside the Intercourse Chamber, there was only the young boy and his dissipating essence.

His skin was white, but at this moment, his entire body was covered with the kiss marks from the evil girls. His hair was long, but at this moment, it was covered with the girls saliva and bodily fluids.

His Yang essence was basically empty, and his life was threatened, but the hatred in his eyes was not diminished. But outside of hatred, there was also a hint of worriness.

I wonder how young brother Gu is doing. He was most likely sold by the traitors to an Evil School as well

The name of the young boy was Ning Fan, a servant of the Hainings Ning Clan, and was sold to an Evil Sect by the traitors in the Ning Clan.

He had a little brother, named Ning Gu, who was also sold.

This was the cultivation world, a world where the big fish devour the small fish, where the powerful bully the weak. Even a woman, as long as her cultivation was heaven frightening, she would also be able to rape men at her whim!

Contemptible, contemptible, contemptible!

Ning Fan gritted his teeth. He was always kind to people, yet he unexpectedly fell into this situation.

I want to escape from the All Pleasure School. I want to join an Immortal Gate, to take revenge!

He struggled to get up, but even his fingers didnt have a trace of strength. His lower body was numb, its sensation lost from being ridden by the girls, and couldnt move at all.

The big gate of the Intercourse Chamber was not locked and they didnt even tie Ning Fan with a robe. They didnt think that he would have enough power to escape from the Intercourse Chamber.

They actually didnt think that Ning Fan could actually survive through tonight.

The most difficult thing in this world was to endure the loving of beautiful women. One hundred evil women raped Ning Fan, causing his essence to dissipate, death was a sure outcome.

Am I going to die? Young brother Gu, you need to survive, and take revenge for me!

He desperately closed his eyes, and his breath gradually weakened.

In the quiet shadow of the night, only the chirpings of cicadas resonated outside of the Intercourse Chamber. Ning Fan knew this was the cry of courtship from these cicadas. Thinking about how even cicadas would crave s.e.x, he felt very sick.

Right when he was about to die, the large door of the Intercourse Chamber creaked, and was opened.

A young girl with white dress, around the age of twelve or thirteen, with some buns in her hands sneaked into the grand chamber.

Just how old are you, yet you still want to rape me as well? Hmph, so young yet refused to learn, truly an evil thing, give me a quick death!

Ning Fan turned around with his burning hatred, and gazed at the white robed girl.

Big brother, I I didnt come here to play you

The girl found Ning Fan to be completely naked, and her little face was red flushed then turned to a different direction while speaking with a trembling voice.

Hmph, only someone like you would still dare to play me! Haha, haha! Cough cough cough

Ning Fan miserably laughed, but because of his sickness, he started to cough instead.

The girl quickly came over, and left the buns on the ground, then gently patted Ning Fans chest with her slender hand to make him feel better.

I wont show any gratitude towards you!

Ning Fan stubbornly sneered.

I Im really not here to play big brother I was also kidnapped by an evil aunt My big brother was also turned into a cauldron by them, and had died three years earlier. They saw that I was still young, so they didnt kill me. But when I am a bit older, I will have to lose my virginity with a cauldron, then join the Evil School

When speaking of her dead brother, her tears began to flow down on her cheeks. Her face carried an innocent look, different from the evil women, causing Ning Fans to feel soft and trusted her words.

Big brother, you need to survive, absolutely cannot die

With a sad expression, the girl felt that Ning Fan and her brother was truly similar.

The Evil School did not allow for cauldron to eat, but this girl risked the consequence and sneaked some buns for Ning Fan to eat.

She was truly kind!

I also dont want to die, I want revenge, I want to save my little brother

Ning Fan bitterly smiled.

Big brother, eat the buns, maybe you wont die if you are full You were You were drained dry by them, so you need to replenish Unfortunately, I dont have an Immortal Vein, and cannot cultivate, otherwise, I could catch a pheasant, and cook some nutritious soup for you

Silly girl, you have arms and legs, you should escape Run away from the Evil School, and enjoy an ordinary life of an ordinary girl You shouldnt live in this place, this place, is too dirty! Cough cough cough

Ning Fan knew that he would die, and already lost his will to live. Before he died, there was a girl caring for him, giving him a glimmering warmth of life.

He was content, and didnt want the girl to die in this place.

I was poisoned by them, there is no antidote and cannot escape Big brother, dont talk, eat the buns, I will feed them to you

As the night curtains closed, Ning Fan was having trouble breathing, and could no longer swallow the bun.

You leave

Ning Fan knew his death was approaching, and he didnt want this innocent girl to see his appearance before dying.

Big brother

The girls heart was in pain. She could tell that Ning Fan was about to die. All of the cauldrons before had the same appearance as Ning Fan right now before their deaths.

Her brother, also had the same appearance that year.

You leave now!

Ning Fan bit his teeth and shouted. His grimace was filled with death, and his body was becoming cold.

Big brother, then, I will leave I found this jade locket in the mountain, you wont be cold wearing it on your body.

The girl took off the jade locket in front of her chest, which still had her warmth, and placed in on Ning Fans hand.

She faintly sighed, wiped her tears, and left the grand chamber.

What is your name?

Ning Fan was slowly losing his consciousness.

My my name is Zhihe

The girl couldnt bear to turn around, and whispered, then quickly left the Intercourse Chamber.

My big brother is dead, I will also suffer this one day and die the same way. All of us, have such a horrific fate.

Ning Fans breath dissipated but before his coma, he felt that his heart was no longer cold and there was a trace of warmth instead.

Suddenly, he saw an illusion. His hand holding the jade locket was also very warm.

He had a short dream. In his dream, he was in a place filled with smoke and mist. In front of his eyes was a fiery towering tablet, and there was a sun in the sky, half white and half black. There were words on the tablet, but it was too dazzling, and he couldnt clearly discern.

He immediately felt his body slowly warming up.

The girl named Zhihe did not lie to him. This ancient jade locket could actually make the body warm.

Ning Fan didnt notice that when he was unconscious, the bodily fluids of the girls before and his own seeds had stained the jade locking, causing it to issue a faint red light.

His essence that was originally gone, was gradually being restored.

An ancient and mysterious chants appeared from inside the jade locket.

Xuan Yin Treasure, Yin Yang Locket, take the heaven as ones wife, and the earth as ones concubine. Take the mundane life as ones cauldron, the grand road of the Yin and Yang, Dual Cultivation

This sound echoed for a long time in Ning Fans head. And his evil name Young Noble Ning, was written down starting from today!

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