Grandson of the Holy Emperor is a Necromancer

Chapter 147 080. Aslans saviour -1 (Part One)

Chapter 147: 080. Aslan’s saviour -1 (Part One)

“So, you’re that ‘angel’ from the prophecy?”

An incredible amount of killing intent was unleashed along with his words.

The demonic energy acted as if it was linked to his emotions, and spread out from his body to all around his vicinity.

This pitch-black colour rapidly dyed the ground with him in the centre.

Suddenly, Rahamma vanished from my view. I hurriedly scanned my surroundings, but couldn’t see that bastard anywhere.

Even then, I still intuitively realised that something was scything through the air to reach me.

This deathly chill ran down my spine. My instincts were screaming about the incoming danger. One wrong move, and I’d end up as dead meat!

Bones exploded out from the ground and rapidly attached themselves to my body. The bone armour was summoned in an instant, and I roused up even more divinity.

Next up, I injected divinity into my eyes and reinforced my senses to make them sharper than ever before.

It felt like how I perceived ‘space’ had changed. Every object in my perception was now moving agonisingly slowly. And my eyes finally got to see an individual rapidly and violently rushing towards me. His feet were kicking the ground as he flew in closer while wielding a huge mace that reminded me of a steel beam found in construction sites.

The weapon closed in while scything the air apart.

The ground all around us was collapsing and crumbling.

My eyes caught the figure of Rahamma glaring at me murderously.

It was just one all-out strike, yet I realised it wouldn’t be easy to deal with the attack at all.

I opened my eyes much wider under Amon’s skull. Numerous weapons such as a sword, a spear, a mace, a greatsword, a shovel, and a scythe were pulled out from the item window and I activated [Divine Aura] to enhance them all.

The twelve hands sprouting out from my back like wings gripped the weapons and defended my front with everything I had.

Rahamma’s mace and the twelve weapons collided.


Sparks slowly exploded out. At the same time, all twelve weapons began breaking apart.

The explosive power caused the air around us to blow up.

Holy cow?!

Are you telling me that just one attack from Rahamma was enough to break all the weapons carefully crafted by the dwarves and enhanced by my [Divine Aura]?!

All twelve weapons got completely obliterated, and Rahamma took a step closer towards me. He was still so bloody quick that the slowed-down time around us seemed a bit pointless.

I stared at Rahamma’s mace. Reddish black demonic energy was gushing out from that thing.

Why did I get the feeling that my bone armour wasn’t strong enough to withstand the incoming strike???

“D-i-e, a-n-g-e-l!”

Rahamma’s voice sounded slow and stretched out. But in complete contrast, his movements remained super-quick.

I hurriedly summoned Amon’s staff next.

[Amon’s staff.

Ability: Depending on the user’s stats, demonic energy amplification by minimum of 50% to 200%. Increase of 10% added to the recovery rate. Additional 10% to effectiveness of all skills.]

Next up, I enhanced it with [Divine Aura].

The demonic energy amplification rose up to ‘100 to 400%’, while the recovery rate became ‘20%’, and the skill effectiveness increased up to 15%.

And one more skill was added on top – ‘One-time nullification of the opponent’s skill’, with a cooldown period of one day.

I clenched my teeth.

The summoned Amon’s staff was now gripped tightly in my hands. Just doing that alone made my body feel twice as heavy compared to before. Even my consciousness threatened to abandon me.

The crappy sensation of heavy burden overlapped with my already-bothersome fatigue. It was almost as if someone or something was angrily pushing me down!

Now I had no choice but to withstand all these side effects.

I locked my glare at the incoming mace through the eye holes of Amon’s skull. While injecting divinity, I took a swing with the staff.

Divinity and demonic energy collided.

With me and Rahamma serving as the border, the terrain beneath our feet split in half. One side of the ground permeated with divinity, while the other side transformed into the land of demonic energy.

“Y-o-u s-t-o-p-p-e-d i-t?!”

Rahamma spoke in the slowed-down speech, the look of astonishment clearly visible on his face. He withdrew the mace, then took another swipe with it. I also swung my staff at the same time in the direction of the incoming mace.

The two weapons collided again and caused a massive explosion this time.

The debris of the exploded earth bounced and deflected in all directions. Every time the two opposing forces of divinity and demonic energy collided, the resulting shockwaves spread out to the surroundings and destroyed everything in the near vicinity.

Each of the attacks was stupidly heavy, and I was getting forced back gradually.

I had enhanced my perception and reinforced my body with divinity, then used two of Amon’s relics, yet all of them combined were still not enough to force Aslan’s King Rahamma back.

This is way too dangerous.

The longer this battle gets drawn out, the more disadvantageous it’d get for me.

I summoned twelve muskets on the wing-like arms behind me, then took aim at Rahamma before firing away.

Divinity crazily swirled and a barrage of bullets stormed towards the target. All sorts of skills, including ‘Spread Shot’, ‘Burst Fire’, and even ‘Snipe’, were activated in order to hit the bastard.

Rahamma hurriedly swung his mace, then flung himself away from the spot to dodge the incoming barrage.

I snapped my fingers again. The ground split open and arms made out of dozens of bones grew out like whips. They flew in from all directions to restrict Rahamma’s movements.

However, the bastard swung his mace to shatter the whips and continued to swiftly dash about to duck and weave out of the trajectories of the musket barrages.

Each and every single holy bullet was fast and powerful, but I couldn’t hit him once.

The more I fired the bullets, the greater the depletion of my divinity became. My body was getting heavier and heavier. I could instinctively tell that I didn’t have a lot of time left.

I gotta beat his ass up quickly and get outta here!


(TL: In 3rd person POV.)

Rahamma was growing more and more anxious as time passed.

How long had it been since the last time he had to rely on his own demonic energy reserve?

All thanks to this fight, he could acutely sense his lifespan rapidly declining.

His skin was withering and shrivelling up, while physical strength was gradually ebbing out of his whole body.

He roused up even more demonic energy to compensate and forcibly maintained the power output, but doing that meant he had to keep paying the cost.

‘I need to finish this quickly!’

At this rate, he’d end up dead after all of his lifespan got exhausted, instead. He needed to kill this bastard as soon as humanly possible.

The problem was that doing so proved to be a lot harder than he initially bargained for.

Whenever divinity and demonic energy collided, this sensation of immense weight got transmitted to him.

This boy possessed a similar level of power to the Crown Imperial Prince. Despite fighting one on one with Rahamma, he was not being pushed back one inch here.

Did that mean the boy wasn’t a mere Necromancer?!

Not only could he command a legion of holy undead, his own individual martial prowess was also overwhelming as well. Yet another reason to make sure that the boy didn’t survive today was added to the list.

Rahamma dodged the incoming barrage of holy bullets and briefly shifted his gaze elsewhere.

“Hashashins, offer yourselves up as sacrifices!”

His voice rang out, and out of one hundred hashashins, sixty of them stepped back. They knelt down and bowed their heads to offer their prayers.

Almost at the same time, their lifespan began decreasing at a rapid pace. In return, Rahamma’s demonic energy output was amplified.

He compressed demonic energy from the sacrifices, then added it on top of his own already-compressed demonic energy paid for by his lifespan.

The aura of death invaded the land of divinity occupied by the angel. A satisfied grin crept up onto Rahamma’s face as he witnessed that sight.

‘The load will be great, but…’

He strengthened his leg muscles. The penalty from using demonic energy placed a tremendous level of burden on his whole body.

‘…But if I don’t go all out, I’ll be the one dying today!’

Veins bulged on his legs. At the same time, his skin ripped and blood gushed out. Rahamma’s face rapidly aged. But in return, he became a great deal stronger.

Just before he could explode forward like a bomb, though, the angel made his move first.

“Let’s wrap this up quickly.”

With that one sentence from the angel, he was already right in front of Rahamma’s eyes.


The muskets on his back vanished, only to be replaced by twelve weapons that swung down ruthlessly at Rahamma.

The king of Aslan quickly took a look and analysed the movements of the weapons. He then struck back with his mace to shatter and break the incoming weapons, but more appeared to replace them in an instant.

‘What in the world…?!’

The staff held in the angel’s hand thrust forward towards the king. Shockwaves brimming full with divinity powerfully slammed into Rahamma.


Rahamma vomited out a mouthful of blood.

As his body got flung away, weapons flew in from seemingly every direction and hacked away at his figure. His skin got ripped open, while his flesh, reinforced through demonic energy, got shredded and torn to ribbons. Even his bones were shattered and split apart.

“No, not yet! Not yet!”

Rahamma continued to swing the mace and destroyed the incoming weapons, then pounced on the angel. He spun his body and chopped down the mace from above.

At the same time, the angel’s staff dug into Rahamma’s unguarded torso.

The two of them struck each other’s body simultaneously.

The staff skewered straight into Rahamma’s left shoulder at an angle. The shoulder muscles and bones were shredded apart in an instant. If he hadn’t reinforced his body, his shoulder would’ve been completely wiped out of this world without a trace remaining.

Rahamma vomited out yet another mouthful of blood.

‘Dammit, just where did a monster like this bastard show up from…?!’

He shifted his gaze back to his opponent, the angel. His mace had also successfully landed on the boy’s shoulder.

The familiar acrid stench wafted out from under the mountain goat’s skull as if he had also vomited out some blood.

At that moment, the angel’s body faltered and stumbled back.

‘I knew it – he’s weak in close-quarter combat!’

Rahamma smiled deeply.

Indeed, his opponent today was strong. However, he should still be able to…?!

It happened right at that moment.

Rahamma’s head turned urgently in pure instinct.

With a hardened face, he stared at the carriage currently being blocked by the hashashins.

What was this? What could be the source of this ominous, creepy sensation?

A bizarre, unexplainable aura began taking a hold of his senses.

And at that exact moment, for some inexplicable reason, he began recalling what the soothsayer had said.

-You will be responsible for calling the ‘angel’ to this land. In addition, you have sired the child who will be chosen by the angel.

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