Grandson of the Holy Emperor is a Necromancer

Chapter 110 061. Angel of Death -1 (Part Two)

Chapter 110: 061. Angel of Death -1 (Part Two)

Oscal’s eyes nearly popped out of their sockets at this sight.

Warp magic?!


Not only that, it was the highest-tier of warp magic that completely surrounded the whole of the residence too!

No one on this continent was capable of utilising a warp magic on this scale. Even then, the fact that it was currently being brought to life could only mean…

‘…Human sacrifices!’

Those bastards in Aslan were using human sacrifices to forcibly activate this mass-scale warp magic.

-Allow me to invite all of you to Aslan. Oscal, let us find out whether or not you will survive once we get there.

With these words, Nasus summoned more demonic energy.

At the same time, Oscal yanked his sword out. It was then, he sensed a presence nearby and briefly glanced to his side.

No one could tell just where he got it from, but the Seventh Imperial Prince Allen was currently wielding a musket. He could be seen letting out a breath of divinity into the loading chamber.

“Your highness?”

The boy then took aim at both Ruppel and envoy Haima.

The latter cried out, “Hold it! Didn’t I say not to move a muscle?!”

“A-Allen…?!” Ruppel’s complexion paled even more than before. “What are you doing?! Withdraw your weapon this ins…”

Haima and Ruppel’s expressions froze up stiff.

There wasn’t even a hint of hesitation within Allen’s eyes. He was definitely going to pull that trigger. Was he thinking of shooting his own brother?!

“This insane…!”

Special envoy Haima reflexively twisted his body out of the way. Allen didn’t hold back and pulled the trigger.

The holy projectile pierced straight through Ruppel’s torso and cleanly bore a hole in Haima’s shoulder.

Since he was permeating with demonic energy at the time, Haima vomited out a mouthful of blood and stumbled back.

Oscal made his move right at that moment. He grabbed Ruppel by the scruff of the latter’s neck before powerfully yanking him back.

“Your highness, you must get out of…!”

Allen immediately switched to his next target.

Nasus’s eye glows went round from shock after it witnessed what happened just now. Who would have thought that the boy didn’t even hesitate in pulling the trigger at the hostage?

Besides all that, the incoming bullet was even more dangerous than ever before.

-You insane little…!

The wide-scale warp magic hadn’t been completed yet. But at this rate, the Lich was in danger of getting extinguished even before it could successfully activate the magic.

-No, it doesn’t matter.

The Lich’s original task was to tie up and delay the Golden Cross as much as possible. If that resulted in Aslan’s invasion going ahead and its army breaking through the border wall, then it’d be considered a success!

Since the warp magic wasn’t completed yet, no one could guess where the end coordinates might possibly be.

-All of you, disappear from here.

Nasus slammed its staff down once more.

At the same time, its skull was cleanly penetrated through before shattering into tiny bits.

In that instant, the rune letters engraved into the residence began activating. Every living being standing on top of the magic circle began breaking down into tiny little particles.

“Bloody hell…!”

Because Oscal was well aware of the principles of warp magic, he hurriedly grabbed onto Ruppel Olfolse. He then reached out to grab the Seventh Imperial Prince as well.

An incomplete warp magic like this was dangerous. No one knew just where you might end up if luck wasn’t on your side. The odds of ending up in the same location as someone else would go up greatly by being in physical contact with said person when getting sucked into a warp ‘gate’ like this one.

As such, he at least needed to protect the Imperial Prince…!

Unfortunately, Oscal’s fingertips began breaking down in particles first. And his hand almost managing to grab Allen Olfolse disappeared from the view.

“Your highness!”

Allen looked down at his own body disappearing before turning his head to look at Oscal.

The old man shouted out. “Be careful! We don’t know where you’ll be flung off to, so…!”

Oscal holding onto Ruppel disappeared from the view. That was the last thing Allen saw before his vision became pitch-black.

And then…

By the time he regained his wits, he found himself in a completely different location. His body which had been split into countless particles had reverted back to how it was.

He took a look around him.

The location was dimly lit and gloomy. The nose-stinging stench of blood filled up the air while numerous souls moaning in pain entered his sight.

He eventually discovered that he was standing on a humongous altar with an equally large magic circle drawn on it, and several dozens of withered corpses belonging to Necromancers strewn on top of the altar itself.

This ‘warp gate’ was activated with at least thirty living sacrifices.

Allen shifted his gaze away from the altar.

The living Necromancers, numbering well over one hundred-plus, were standing around in a cordon. Meanwhile, more than a thousand emaciated slaves were trapped behind numerous prison cells.

Allen’s face became rigid as he muttered out to no one in particular, “Where the hell am I?”

-…You accursed pup!

He turned his head towards the location of the voice.

Right next to him, the figures of the undead Lich Nasus and special envoy Haima were being reconstructed as particles rapidly coalesced.

It seemed that their arrival was a little slower compared to him.

“Uwaaaahk?! Dammit… This hurts…!”

Haima screamed while holding his shoulder cleanly penetrated through by the holy bullet. A few of the surrounding Necromancers quickly rushed in and took him away to start their treatment.

While Nasus was regenerating its shattered skull, the Lich glanced at Haima briefly before looking back at Allen.

-You’re clearly insane. Your own brother was held hostage, yet you tried to kill him along with the envoy? Was that how badly you wished to become the next Holy Emperor?!

“He wasn’t going to die anyways, so pipe down. Besides, me becoming the Holy Emperor? I’m not even remotely interested in something that troublesome, okay?”

Because the projectile contained healing magic, unless you had demonic energy permeating in you, you wouldn’t die from getting hit by that shot.

“Besides all that, where is this place?”

Could there be a large in-door space like this one hidden within the Theocratic Empire? Nope, not even remotely possible.

Just how big was the scale of the Black Order though? Or could it be that the Theocratic Empire was so incompetent that it didn’t even know about the true extent of this organisation’s capabilities?

Allen’s questions were easily answered by Nasus.

-We are now in the headquarters of the Black Order, located in the southeast of Aslan kingdom.

The boy prince flinched at this revelation and took a renewed look at his surroundings.

Indeed, there were quite a lot of high-class Necromancers gathered around in this place. And to serve their needs for energy, more than a thousand slaves were currently locked away behind the prison bars too.

-To bring this plan to life, we had to sacrifice thirty noble Necromancers.

Nasus’s hand holding the staff began trembling.

-Not just to destroy Humite, but to kill Oscal Baldur after dragging him here. That was our plan! Yet you dared to interfere?!

The Lich roared on in rage and raised its staff up.

-Years of preparation was ruined. All because of the likes of you…!

The glowing eyeballs of the Lich reddened even further.

-Now that things have gotten this far, I shall personally rip you apart and dissect you. Allen Olfolse! Your powers, all of it, will be mine!

Even while listening to Nasus’s angry declaration, Allen was still taking a gander at his new surroundings.

This place turned out to be some kind of a temple where not even a speck of light entered from the outside. Meanwhile, way too many Necromancers were surrounding him in a tight net.

‘Man, why did it have to be only me that ended up being teleported here, even though we all got sucked in that same warp magic?!’

Out of so many people at the banquet hall, only he got summoned to this location. Just what were the odds of that happening?

What happened to his brother, Ruppel? Since Oscal was with him, there didn’t seem to be a need to be too concerned about their fate. But as this place was in Aslan, it was safe to assume that he and those two could now be stuck in the middle of enemy territory.

To make matters worse, it seemed that the opponents here made thorough preparations to kill Oscal.

Allen finally looked back at Nasus.

There was that staff again. And then, countless Necromancers were present, too. Didn’t the Lich say that it’d dissect him and figure out the origin of his powers?

Unfortunately, Nasus was wrong about that.

It’d be the exact opposite, actually.

“…Hey, by the way. Did you know?”

Allen extracted Amon’s skull from his item window. His new opponents had already finished their preparations to fight against the strongest swordsman in the Theocratic Empire.

“The one who will get ripped apart and dissected won’t be me, but…”

In that case, he should also unleash all of his might and fight back.

“…All of you standing here right now.”

After the boy placed the skull on his head, he summoned the grimoire that belonged to the one and only Necromancer King Amon.

Nasus and other Necromancers all bore witness to this scene and their expressions hardened instantly. They recognised what those two items in Allen’s possession were.

“I’m the legion.”

Allen, now wearing the skull, stared at Nasus and smirked ominously.

“…And I am Gaia’s inheritor.”

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