Grandson of the Holy Emperor is a Necromancer

Chapter 1 001. Prologue

Chapter 1: 001. Prologue

Life could be so unpredictable.

I mean, who could have guessed that you’d just suddenly die from a VR game project you participated in with the simple hopes of making some pocket change?

This stinging sensation alongside the smell of cooked flesh – yup, this was definitely an electrocution.

By the time I lost consciousness and woke back up again, I was already possessing a different body.

Was this reincarnation? Maybe possession?

I couldn’t really tell.

However, one thing I knew for sure was that the class I picked for the game testing – ‘Necromancer’ – became my current ‘Profession’.

What’s worse was that I now lived in a theocracy where the Holy Emperor set the laws. It seemed that I became the ‘mangnani’ grandson of the Holy Emperor himself.

“…I’m f*cked.”

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