Gourmet of Another World

Chapter 50: It Is Fine Even If Our Lips Are Touching, Since We Are All Good Sisters

Chapter 50: It Is Fine Even If Our Lips Are Touching, Since We Are All Good Sisters

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"This smell!"

Everyone was stunned and they were subconsciously twitching their noses to capture the smell.

The fragrance of meat had completely enveloped the store. The aromatic chicken meat was slightly quivering like jelly as it exuded a rich fragrance. The color of the chicken soup was extremely beautiful as lights and colors overflowed everywhere.

As Xiao Meng's eyes slightly opened, his pupils were radiating brightly. He was staring intensely at the clay pot on the table and the blood-colored chicken meat contained within.

"What a dense amount of spirit energy!" Xiao Meng was extremely astonished as he sucked in a breath of cold air. With the terrifying senses of a seventh grade Battle-Saint, he could easily tell how much spirit energy was contained within the blood-colored chicken and that the amber chicken soup was filled with the aura of many valuable medicinal ingredients.

When he looked at the bowl of chicken soup, even he was subconsciously swallowing his saliva.

"This is… fifth grade spirit beast, Blood Phoenix Chicken?!" The crown prince was licking his lips while staring at the chicken meat within the clay pot when he suddenly thought of something and shouted in pleasant surprise.

"Blood Phoenix Chicken?!" Xiao Meng was slightly baffled as he looked toward Ji Chengan.

"The Blood Phoenix Chicken is a fifth grade spirit beast that lives in the Triangle Prairies Zone of the Wildlands. This breed of chicken has blood-colored feathers, skin, and meat, but the meat itself is filled with spirit energy. Once it is cooked, consuming the meat strengthens one's vitality and recovers one's blood and energy. It is extremely difficult to obtain this ingredient," Ji Chengan clearly explained as he looked toward Bu Fang with an inquiring look.

Bu Fang nodded and expressionlessly replied, "That's right. This is a Blood Phoenix Chicken."

"I've seen it mentioned within the ancient records of the imperial palace. I didn't expect that it really was this kind of strange beast that lived within the Triangle Prairies Zones of the Wildlands." Ji Chengan lamented, but shook his head immediately after.

"Unfortunately, even though this Blood Phoenix Chicken is valuable, as Yanyu's injuries were due to the depletion of her life force, I am afraid that it would still be unable to treat her."

Bu Fang pursed his lips as he glanced at Ji Chengan, who was shaking his head.

"How could the Blood Phoenix Chicken that I cooked be that simple? Don't talk nonsense if you haven't tasted it."

Ji Chengan was startled as he unhappily looked toward Bu Fang. He was the crown prince, how dare this commoner speak to him in such a manner?

Ji Chengxue and the rest had already gotten used to Bu Fang's character. This fellow was someone who was afraid of nothing. Even if he was facing the crown prince, he would still dare to rebuke him.

Xushi's heart skipped a beat. How could the crown prince, who was used to being treated as a royalty, tolerate Bu Fang's discourteous words? In order to prevent the situation from worsening, he quickly stood out to mediate.

"Owner Bu, since you're so confident in this chicken soup, you should quickly let miss Yanyu drink it," Xushi said as he performed a fist and palm salute.

Xiao Meng was also slightly frowning as he said to Bu Fang, "Brat, I hope that your chicken soup is effective. Otherwise, you know the consequences."

"Relax, this soup is very effective," Bu Fang simply replied.

He first took a small blue and white porcelain bowl and filled it up with the amber-colored chicken soup using a porcelain spoon. The oil inside the chicken soup was overflowing with lights and colors, and was neither greasy nor mild.

"This chicken soup is called Sage Herb Phoenix Chicken Soup. The main ingredients are the Heavenly Sage Herb and the Blood Phoenix Chicken. Over a dozen valuable medicinal ingredients were added during the cooking process as well. The true energy culinary technique was employed to ensure the essence of the Sage Herb would fully permeate into the chicken soup. It is abundant with spirit energy and supplements blood and life."

After Bu Fang gave an introduction, he brought the bowl of chicken soup to the pale and fading Xiao Yanyu.

Xiao Yanyu was very beautiful. Even though her skin had lost its luster due to the severe depletion of her life force, it was still unable to conceal her peerless looks. The dim look in her eyes was like the flowers withering in autumn as it elicited pity from others.

"Open your mouth and say ahh," Bu Fang said to Xiao Yanyu as he scooped a spoonful of fragrant chicken soup that was giving off heat.

Xiao Yanyu's eyelashes trembled as her deteriorating eyes glanced toward the chicken soup. Her lips slightly opened, but due to the depletion of her life force, she found it very difficult to open her mouth.

"Ahh your head..." Ouyang Xiaoyi thought as the corner of her mouth twitched. "Is there something wrong with the smelly boss' head? Can't he see that elder sister Yanyu doesn't even have the strength to open her mouth?"

Bu Fang poured the contents of the spoon back into the bowl in his hand and expressionlessly looked at Xiao Yanyu.

"What's wrong? Why aren't you feeding the soup to Yanyu?" Xiao Meng puzzledly looked at Bu Fang. The others were feeling curious as well.

Bu Fang glanced at them and simply replied, "Don't rush me. Let me think of a way to feed her."

"Eh… Ah?! What did he mean by that?"

Everyone was stunned for a moment, then they watched as Bu Fang drank a spoonful of chicken soup.

"What is he doing?" "Didn't he say he was going to feed the chicken soup to Yanyu? Why is he drinking it himself?"

Then, Bu Fang leaned forward and lowered his head toward Xiao Yanyu's mouth...

Xiao Meng was glaring at him and his nose was almost crooked from anger. "What is this brat doing? Why are you leaning so close to her? Are you trying to take advantage of my daughter?"

When Bu Fang and Xiao Yanyu's lips were just an inch away, Xiao Meng was unable to bear it any more and pulled Bu Fang away.

"What are you trying to do?!" Xiao Meng's entire body was exuding anger as he coldly stared at Bu Fang.

Gulp. Bu Fang expressionlessly looked at Xiao Meng and swallowed the chicken soup in his mouth. He smacked his lips and said, "I am feeding the soup to her. She doesn't have the strength to open her mouth."

"From what you're saying, it's as if you were thinking for my daughter..." Xiao Meng bewilderedly thought.

"Have you never heard that it's improper for a man and a woman who aren't married to have physical contact? Xiaoyi, come over here." Xiao Meng coldly glared at Bu Fang and beckoned Ouyang Xiaoyi to come over.

Ouyang Xiaoyi eagerly ran forward.

"You'll feed the chicken soup to Yanyu. Just… follow his method just now." Xiao Meng coldly snorted as he recalled Bu Fang's actions just now. He was angry just from thinking about it.

Ouyang Xiaoyi nodded. She received the bowl of chicken soup that Bu Fang handed to her and drank a spoonful.

"Oh!" As the chicken soup entered her mouth, Ouyang Xiaoyi's eyes immediately widened as she subconsciously swallowed with a gulp.

Everyone was expressionlessly looking at her.

"I am testing out the taste for elder sister Yanyu first. Hmm, the taste isn't bad at all." Ouyang Xiaoyi embarrassedly smiled, then she drank another spoonful and did not swallow it this time.

It is fine even if our lips are touching, since we are all good sisters.

A mouthful of chicken soup was passed into Xiao Yanyu's mouth and slowly flowed through her throat into her stomach.

Xiao Yanyu's eyes, that were like flowers withering in autumn, moved slightly. A touch of energy and liveliness seemed to appear within her dead gaze.

"Continue, don't stop," Bu Fang simply said.

And so, Ouyang Xiaoyi passed another mouthful of chicken soup into Xiao Yanyu's mouth. After three more times, Xiao Yanyu's eyes finally recovered some liveliness and she was able to drink the chicken soup herself.

"It works!" Xiao Xiaolong's eyes lit up as he excitedly clenched his fist together.

"Don't be hasty. Continue to feed her the chicken soup. Let her drink another bowl," Bu Fang expressionlessly said to Ouyang Xiaoyi and signaled her to continue.

Once Xiao Yanyu drank another bowl of chicken soup, Bu Fang stopped Ouyang Xiaoyi from continuing. Xiaoyi's adorable face was currently swollen and red, and looked extremely cute with her chubby face.

She actually drank a spoonful of chicken soup with her cultivation level. She was lucky that she was not having a nosebleed.

As Bu Fang was pulling off a drumstick, the jelly-like, spring chicken skin stretched while it was being torn off. However, Bu Fang did not take the chicken skin and instead used a knife to slice off a piece of chicken meat. Then he diced it, mixed it within the chicken soup and continued to feed Xiao Yanyu.

After eating an entire drumstick and a few slices of Sage Herb in this manner, Xiao Yanyu's complexion had become rosy. Her life force that was constantly depleting had stopped as well and the energy and blood within her body had become much more abundant. Even though it was still lacking compared to ordinary people, this result was already much better than before.

"A bowl of chicken soup… was able to treat the injuries that even the imperial physicians were incapable of treating! This… chicken soup is too magical!" The people in the surroundings were extremely astonished as they whispered among themselves. The suspicions they originally held toward Bu Fang had all disappeared.

Xiao Meng was quite shocked as well. However, it was soon replaced by excitement and happiness.

Xiao Yanyu's complexion was much rosier than before. Even though she was still pale, she had at least gained some liveliness. After recovering some strength, she lightly called out to Xiao Meng, "Dad… I am hungry."

She really recovered! Xiao Yanyu really recovered with a bowl of chicken soup!

Ji Chengan's eyes lit up like a vast sky full of stars at night as he stared at the chicken soup with a yearning gaze.

Ji Chengxue's eyes were burning brightly as well as he stared at the chicken soup.

At that moment, the two princes hankered for the chicken soup.

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