Gourmet of Another World

Chapter 48: Too Much Nutrition Leads to a Nosebleed

Chapter 48: Too Much Nutrition Leads to a Nosebleed

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Dense waves of hot air were drifting out from the clay pot and had enveloped the jelly-like meat texture of the crystal-clear Blood Phoenix Chicken within. The pristine chicken soup, which was amber in color, contained no trace of impurities and was richly aromatic. Under the light, the grease was shimmering and made it seem as if the Sage Herb Phoenix Chicken Soup was embedded with numerous sparkling gems.

The color, smell, and taste were criterion to judge whether a dish met a certain standard. Even though the Sage Herb Phoenix Chicken Soup was heavily criticized by the system, it was still a delicacy that was hard to come by, based on the three criterion.

The jelly-like meat of the chicken was especially appetizing and Bu Fang was already eager to have a bite.

He took out a small blue and white porcelain bowl and used a porcelain spoon to fill half of the bowl with the richly fragrant chicken soup. The fragrance that the amber chicken soup exuded was lingering around the tip of Bu Fang's nose, causing him to subconsciously lick his lips.

For a soup such as the Sage Herb Phoenix Chicken Soup, there was a particular eating method as well. From the start, you must not immediately start with the meat. You should first drink a spoonful of soup and let the taste completely cover your mouth and stomach.

Once the stomach has been completely covered by the warm soup, you could then proceed to the meat. That way, you would be able to easily sample the taste of the meat and experience the tenderness of every bit of the chicken.

As he drank a spoonful of amber soup, the rich fragrance was like a bomb that exploded within his mouth and dominated his taste buds. The fragrance of the Blood Phoenix Chicken, the aroma of the Sage Herb, and the smell of the other spirit herbs had all burst forth at the same time.

Bu Fang felt as if he was roaming within a medicinal thicket on a mountain. As the medicinal plants swayed along with the wind, a thick aroma would drift toward him. A scarlet alluring Blood Phoenix Chicken was flapping its wings above the thicket and contentedly roaming about.


Bu Fang praised after drinking a spoonful, then his gaze focused on the meat of the Blood Phoenix Chicken that he had been coveting for some time.

The chicken skin became springy after it was cooked using true energy. As Bu Fang tore off one of the drumsticks, a long strip of skin from other parts of the chicken was pulled off as well. The chicken skin also seemed to have become slightly transparent.

Even though the meat was blood red, there was no taste of blood when he ate it. Compared to ordinary chicken meat, it was even more tender and could be easily swallowed without much chewing.

Bu Fang was holding onto a drumstick with relish as he continuously gnawed on it. Soon, an entire drumstick was completely finished and his lips were covered with oil.

The bones of the Blood Phoenix Chicken were permeated with a blood color as well and were exuding a fragrance different from the meat.

Filling up another bowl of chicken soup, Bu Fang was slowly enjoying the taste as he comfortably curled up on a chair. The feeling of eating one's fill was simply too marvelous.

Even though Bu Fang was tempted to finish the entire chicken by himself, he could not do it. The Blood Phoenix Chicken by itself was a spirit beast ingredient and was filled with a rich amount of spirit energy. Adding that to the valuable spirit herbs and the Heavenly Sage Herb, it was very nutritious dish.

Bu Fang was only able to eat that much even with the system's help in restricting the effects. If he continued to eat, he might burst open even with the system's suppression.

Even so, after Bu Fang stopped eating, he still felt as if his entire body was on fire and his eyes were practically spewing fire.

Bu Fang heavily breathed out and as he stood up. Blood was actually streaming out from his nose.

It was too nutritious… to the point where he was having a nosebleed.

Bu Fang was expressionless. He originally intended to dump the rest of the meat into Whitey's stomach for recycling. However, after thinking for a while, he took the rest of the Blood Phoenix Chicken to Blackey while holding his nose.

"Here, Blacky. Time for supper," Bu Fang said in a muffled voice. Then he placed the Blood Phoenix Chicken in front of Blacky.

Blacky, who was lying on the ground with its eyes closed, suddenly opened them. Its doggy eyes were shining as brightly as a meteor shower.

"Owooo~" Blacky joyfully howled as it thought, "Human, you're finally tactful enough to know that you should show respect to your elders!"

Then, Blacky started to gobble down the Blood Phoenix Chicken.

Bu Fang returned to the kitchen and wiped off his nosebleed. He felt as his entire body was filled with inexhaustible energy and did not feel sleepy at all. And so, he lifted up that heavy custom made kitchen knife, then took out a few thousand radishes and started slicing them.

He could not stop at all...

The next day, Bu Fang was still full of energy even after cutting radishes for the entire night. He opened up the store and was officially open for business.

Fatty Jin and his buddies punctually arrived to eat.

"Owner Bu, why do I feel a murderous aura coming from you today?" Fatty Jin puzzledly stared at Bu Fang.

Bu Fang expressionlessly glanced at Fatty Jin. His tongue slightly licked his lips and he said, "Really?"

"Good heavens…" Fatty Jin subconsciously shuddered as he bewilderedly looked at Bu Fang. He thought, "Did Owner Bu lick his lips just now? Why did he lick his lips?"

After Bu Fang served all of the dishes that Fatty Jin ordered, he returned to the kitchen. After chopping radishes for the entire night, how could there not be murderous aura leaking from him…

The little loli, Ouyang Xiaoyi, happily skipped down her way to the store. It was her last day as the waitress and once the day was over, she was free to go.

"However… Why do I feel a slight reluctance?" Xiaoyi thought while tilting her head.

"Xiaoyi, serve the food."

Bu Fang's yell caused Ouyang Xiaoyi to give up on thinking about this problem.

"I am coming." Ouyang Xiaoyi eagerly ran toward the familiar window and carried away the fragrant dish that Bu Fang had cooked.

As each of the familiar customers entered and left, the day's opening hours was about to end as well.

Ji Chengxue came that day as well. He was gentle and refined as usual and was not affected by the assassination attempt in the slightest. After not coming for a while, he discovered that there were many new dishes. He excitedly ordered each of the new dishes and satisfiedly left after eating.

The Great Secretariat Su hurriedly came as well. He had a soft spot for Egg-Fried Rice and only ordered that.

Xiao Yue was still carefree as he came and went. He only ordered a jar of Ice Heart Jade Urn Wine and once again reserved a jar for the next day.

"I am so tired." Ouyang Xiao was slightly exhausted as she sat on the chair while panting. As the store became more popular, the amount of customers increased. Over the course of a day, it was quite tiring as well. However, Ouyang Xiaoyi was satisfied with this sense of fulfillment.

"Smelly boss, I am about to advance to third grade Battle-Maniac! When the time comes, there are a lot of dishes I am going to order and taste, especially the Fish Head Tofu Soup!" Ouyang Xiaoyi said to Bu Fang as her large eyes blinked.

"Oh, alright. I'll wait for you," Bu Fang was also sitting down as he expressionlessly replied.

Ouyang Xiaoyi was particularly talkative that day and she was talking to Bu Fang non-stop. On the other hand, Bu Fang remained indifferent while occasionally nodding and replying with a "oh".

"Smelly boss, can you really save elder sister Yanyu tomorrow? I've always believed in you." Ouyang Xiaoyi became moody all of a sudden.

"There's no need to worry. You should trust me." Bu Fang was stunned for a moment. Then he stroked Ouyang Xiaoyi's head and slightly squeezed out a faint smile on his face.

"Smelly boss, your smile is really ugly!" Ouyang Xiaoyi disdainfully rolled her eyes at Bu Fang.

Bu Fang's expression immediately stiffened and returned to his expressionless appearance once more.

"The smelly boss is still better-looking when you're serious." Ouyang Xiaoyi chortled as she skipped toward the entrance of the store.

"Smelly boss, I'll come again tomorrow. You must save elder sister Yanyu, I believe in you!"

As Bu Fang looked at Ouyang Xiaoyi's disappearing figure, a touch of gentleness flashed across his eyes. He rubbed his hair that was being tied up by a woolen rope, then turned around and returned to the kitchen.

"How could I fail when I am this good-looking?" Bu Fang indifferently muttered to himself.

Regarding the rescue of Xiao Yanyu the next day, since he had already experienced cooking the Sage Herb Phoenix Chicken Soup, he was confident that he would not fail.

He was calm because he was confident.

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