Gourmet of Another World

Chapter 46: Destroy My Store? You Do Not Have That Capability

Chapter 46: Destroy My Store? You Do Not Have That Capability

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"You're the owner who injured my daughter and claimed to be able to save her as well?" Xiao Meng asked with a fake smile on his face. There was a trace of coldness in his tone. He really wanted to see what kind of miracles the owner of such a small store could conjure.

With Xiao Yanyu's injuries, even the imperial physicians could only barely keep her alive. How could the perpetrator dare to conceitedly claim that he could save her?

Bu Fang was holding a jar of Ice Heart Jade Urn Wine when he came out. When he heard Xiao Meng's question, he immediately went into a daze.

"Is this Xiao Yanyu's father?" Bu Fang thought as he glanced at the middle-aged man in front of him. Honestly speaking, the Xiao family's genes were indeed excellent. Every single member was good-looking.

"Oh, that's right. I am that shop owner who is too benevolent," Bu Fang expressionlessly replied.

He walked to Xiao Meng's table, then placed the jar of wine down and said, "Here's your Ice Heart Jade Urn Wine, please enjoy your drink."

Xiao Meng indifferently looked at Bu Fang and placed one hand on the cloth cover of the Ice Heart Jade Urn Wine as he coldly said, "You injured my daughter. Don’t you have anything to say about that?"

"What's there to say? Even though my store is small and the location is remote, there are still rules to be followed. Since she decided to make a move within my store, she should have been prepared to be injured," Bu Fang glanced at Xiao Meng and expressionlessly replied.

Bu Fang's neither humble nor arrogant reply caused Xiao Meng to slightly pause, then the smile on his face became even wider. "It's been a long time since anyone has spoken to me like this… Since you know that I am Yanyu's father, you should know my identity."

"With my cultivation level, demolishing this store is an easy matter. Aren’t you afraid that I would kill you? Or destroy your store?"

As Xiao Meng finished speaking, an intimidating aura gushed out from his body. The aura felt like it was released by the world itself, and the entire area became extremely heavy.

Ouyang Xiaoyi's adorable face turned pale as a trace of horror appeared in her large eyes. She quickly retreated and hid in a distance. It was terrifying when Xiao Meng was angry.

"Oh, you want to destroy my store?" Facing Xiao Meng's powerful aura, Bu Fang only calmly replied with an "oh", and then he seriously said, "You do not have that capability."

Even though the aura was heavy as a mountain and grandiose as a dragon, Bu Fang was completely unaffected within the store. As long as the system was around, all sorts of aura were transient.

Bu Fang's reply was beyond the expectations of others.

Ouyang Xiaoyi was stunned for a moment and then looked at the smelly boss with a face filled with admiration. Even though she thought he was reckless, she felt that he was actually really dashing when he said those words.

"I do not have that capability?" Xiao Meng stood up and was so exasperated that he started laughing. As a seventh grade Battle-Saint, how could he not be capable of destroying a little store?

Within an instant, Bu Fang only felt his vision blurring as Xiao Meng appeared in front of him. That handsome face was only an inch away from Bu Fang and the coldness coming from Xiao Meng's body was causing the pores on Bu Fang's body to shrink.

"You're quite arrogant for a mere third grade Battle-Maniac. Let me see whether you have the qualification to be arrogant," Xiao Meng simply said as he lifted his hand and tried to grab Bu Fang.

Bu Fang expressionlessly stared at Xiao Meng as the mood became tense within that instant.


Bu Fang had taken two steps backward. Xiao Meng's palm did not make contact with Bu Fang, but instead was blocked by Whitey who appeared between them.

Whitey's mechanical arm was raised and had stopped Xiao Meng's palm. There was green smoke coming from their palms as they collided.

"Troublemaker, you will be stripped as an example to others," Whitey's mechanical eyes were flashing red as its mechanical voice emotionlessly rang out.

Xiao Meng's eyes lit up as he fixedly stared at Whitey. He thought, "This is the mechanical puppet that injured Yanyu? It actually blocked my attack with ease! As expected, this store has some capabilities."

Xiao Meng's figure slightly twisted as another punch headed toward Whitey at a lightning fast speed.


Bang bang bang!

As the two exchanged blows, their fists almost turned into a blur as they continuously collided, and the muffled sound of their collisions rumbled within the store.

Bu Fang's pupils constricted from surprise. It was the first time that he had seen someone fighting with Whitey at this level. As expected of a seventh grade Battle-Saint.

Ouyang Xiaoyi was even more surprised. In her heart, the scary Uncle Xiao had always been the strongest person. She did not expect the adorable Whitey to be that formidable as well!

With a loud noise, the two took several steps backward.

Green smoke was coming from Whitey's mechanical palms while its mechanicals eyes flashed at a rapid frequency.

Xiao Meng was slightly frowning as he shook his arms while taking a deep breath.

"System, isn't Whitey invincible? Why can't it defeat this middle-aged man?" Bu Fang puzzledly asked. He had always thought that Whitey was invincible.

"Whitey's strength is based on the host's level by adding four grades to the host's cultivation level. As the security of the store, Whitey is strong if the host is strong. Consequently, Whitey is weak if the host is weak," the system seriously explained.

The corner of Bu Fang's mouth twitched. His current cultivation level was only third grade, which meant that Whitey was seventh grade. Would that mean it would only be able to draw with Xiao Meng, who was seventh grade as well?

"System, what if Whitey is unable to defeat the troublemaker?" Bu Fang asked the system in his mind.

"There's no need for the host to worry. Whitey is not the last line of defense. However, the host would still need to work hard to earn more crystals. The host should fight for the increment of your cultivation level to raise Whitey's combat strength to ninth grade," the system said.

Boom boom boom!

Xiao Meng had become serious after colliding with Whitey a few more times. For the number one expert within the empire to be unable to deal with the puppet of a little store, he would be a laughingstock if word ever got out.

Just when he was prepared to release a battle technique to settle the match, he suddenly felt a terrifying aura. This aura was invisible and intangible and directly applied on his mind, causing his body to freeze up. The battle technique that he just gathered within his hand was dispersed as well.

At the entrance, the sleepy big black dog gave a big yawn and its doggy eyes meaningfully glanced at Xiao Meng.

That single glance made Xiao Meng break out in sweat. He almost forgot about the mysterious dog lying at the entrance.

"Very well, your store has some capabilities indeed. I hope that you would really be able to save my daughter in two days. Otherwise… even if we perish together, I will make sure you pay with your life." As Xiao Meng's aura dissipated, the haze enveloping the store immediately disappeared. Both Ouyang Xiaoyi and Bu Fang felt relieved.

The intimidating aura disappeared just as quickly as it had appeared. Xiao Meng returned to his seat and opened the cloth cover of the Ice Heart Jade Urn Wine. As he started to pour the wine, a rich wine aroma filled the store.

"The troublemaker's cultivation is quite strong. Unable to strip as an example to others..." Whitey's mechanical eyes were still flashing as it reported to Bu Fang.

Bu Fang expressionlessly patted Whitey's belly to indicate that it was alright and Whitey returned to the kitchen as well.

"Why did Xiao Meng stop?" Bu Fang puzzledly thought. "Could it be that the last line of defense mentioned by the system took effect? Then what was this last line of defense?" Bu Fang was suddenly curious.

After that, Xiao Meng did not cause any trouble. When he finished his food and drinks, he contentedly paid the check and left.

A seventh grade Battle-Saint was affluent and did not lack money.

Bu Fang expressionlessly watched as Xiao Meng left. The big black dog lying at the entrance also snorted and continued with its sleep.

"It's troublesome, this time around." Bu Fang took in a deep breath and was suddenly slightly nervous. If he really did not manage to produce the Sage Herb Phoenix Chicken Soup and failed to save Xiao Yanyu, this middle-aged man might really try to kill him.

While having such anxious thoughts in his mind, Bu Fang continued on with the business.

After the opening hours was over, he closed up the shop and started the second attempt of cooking the Sage Herb Phoenix Chicken Soup.

With the first attempt, he had already grasped the trick of using true energy as a medium. However, it was also his first time to cook using true energy, so he was unable to guarantee his success.

In summary, this was a job that required some skill.

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