Gourmet of Another World

Chapter 43: Abrupt Mission

Chapter 43: Abrupt Mission



Gur gur gur.

Within the silent store, only the sound of liquor being poured into a cup could be heard. Then the distinct sound of someone drinking down the cup of wine in one go and the liquor being swallowed.

Xiao Yue lightly breathed out as he finally finished the jar of Ice Heart Jade Urn Wine by himself. He acknowledged the fact that the wine was of the highest quality and was far more delicious than the Bejewelled Nectar Wine.

"Owner Bu, I am leaving. I will reserve a jar of Ice Heart Jade Urn Wine for tomorrow as well," Xiao Yue said to Bu Fang as he placed fifteen crystals onto the table. Then with a gentle smile, he put on his bamboo hat and slinged the sword wrapped in a rag behind his back.

"Hmm, alright," Bu Fang nodded.

"Xiao Yue! Are you just going to leave like this?!" Xiao Yanyu's voice rang out. It was no longer like the song of birds, but a slight mixture of anger and killing intent.

Xiao Yue’s figure, who had already reached the entrance, paused for a moment and turned around. His handsome face was concealed by the black veil of the bamboo hat and could not be seen clearly.

"What about it? Do you think you can make me stay?" There was a hint of mockery in Xiao Yue's hoarse voice. That disdainful tone caused Xiao Yanyu's pupils to slightly constrict as anger covered her beautiful face.

Xiao Xiaolong's temper was even worse than Xiao Yanyu's and he was unable to endure it any further. He gathered his true energy and charged toward Xiao Yue.

"Ah! You bastard!" Xiao Xiaolong howled with bloodshot eyes as he swung his fist with a powerful force.


Xiao Yue calmly lifted his hand and caught Xiao Xiaolong's fist with his palm. However, despite Xiao Xiaolong putting in so much force, Xiao Yue's hand did not budge in the slightest.

"Third grade Battle-Maniac? Your talent is still quite inferior compared to your elder sister." Xiao Yue lightly smiled as a powerful force burst out from his palm. The wave of energy scattered in all directions and sent Xiao Xiaolong's body flying.

Xiao Yanyu caught Xiao Xiaolong's body in mid-air and her expression had already turned frosty.

Zhao Ruge was staring at Xiao Yue while his eyes were flashing. On the other hand, the three barbarians of Ouyang were standing in a distance and shaking their heads while sighing… They could not and dare not interfere in the Xiao family's affairs.

After placing Xiao Xiaolong down, Xiao Yanyu's eyes seemed to become empty as her hair, propelled by a force, began to hover in the air.

Ever since that incident three years ago, she had been diligently cultivating day after day for this moment. She did it so that she could personally execute the brute that sent their mother into a coma.

A pale green dot appeared on her flawless forehead and began to spread as pale green lines gradually covered her beautiful face.

"Wood Mist Technique? You actually learned this type of secret technique that depletes your life force… It seems that you really hate me."

Xiao Yue's expression underneath the bamboo hat could not be seen as his hoarse voice resounded around the store.

Zhao Ruge's pupils constricted as he thought, "Wood Mist Technique, that's a terrifying technique that converts life force into a tremendous power! Its users can even challenge higher level opponents! Xiao Yanyu actually learned such a technique, what a mad woman!"

"Xiao Yue, it's time for you to die!" The current Xiao Yanyu was cold and ruthless, and each of her words were as cold as ice.

However, just when she was about to make a move, a slender hand suddenly landed on her shoulder and an indifferent voice rang out from behind her.

"Excuse me, but creating a disturbance is prohibited within the store. If you want to fight, please do it outside. Thank you."

Everyone was startled as they looked at Bu Fang—whose hand was still on Xiao Yanyu's shoulder —with odd expressions on their faces. This fellow… Was he not afraid of death?

With such a grim mood that anyone could detect the murderous intent, it was obvious that a fierce battle was about to occur. What was a third grade Battle-Maniac doing over there?

Xiao Yanyu's dark green pupils slightly moved and her cold gaze focused on Bu Fang's expressionless face.

"Are you going to get in my way?" Her voice was as cold as ice mountains and cold winds and would cause any listeners to shiver. Even Bu Fang slightly frowned when he heard her. He stared at the dark green dot on Xiao Yanyu's forehead and could feel a vigorous life force bubbling within.


A powerful force knocked away Bu Fang's arm as Xiao Yanyu ignored him and took a step forward. Her toes lightly tapped the ground and her figure swiftly glided toward Xiao Yue.

Bu Fang took a step backward and lightly called out, "Whitey."

As Whitey appeared next to him with its big belly, Bu Fang patted Whitey's belly and said, "Stop them."

Xiao Bai's mechanical eyes flashed, then it disappeared from where it stood and instantly reappeared next to Xiao Yanyu.

"Get out of my way!" Xiao Yanyu's face suddenly turned ferocious as she flung out a burst of true energy from her hand toward Whitey who was blocking her way. She had already set her mind on killing Xiao Yue that day, so there was no one who could stop her!

Whitey's mechanical eyes slightly flashed red and it lifted up its hand.

Bang bang!

Ignoring the burst of true energy, Whitey's hand landed on Xiao Yanyu's body, jarring her entire body. Xiao Yanyu was flung backward as she miserably landed next to Xiao Xiaolong. The dark green dot on her forehead made a crisp sound as it immediately shattered into many pieces like glass.

Her secret technique was actually dispelled by a single palm strike from Whitey!

Xiao Yue narrowed his eyes as he gravely looked toward Whitey. He thought, "This puppet is slightly interesting. To be able to dispel Xiao Yanyu's technique with a single palm strike, it should be quite strong."

"Owner Bu, I am leaving. Don't forget to keep a jar of Ice Heart Jade Urn Wine for me," Xiao Yue lightly smiled as he said toward Bu Fang. Then he turned around and disappeared within the chilly alleyway.

"Troublemaker, you will be stripped as an example to others." As Xiao Yue disappeared, Whitey's mechanical voice rang out and startled everyone.

"Owner Bu, my sister didn't cause trouble! She really didn't… Wasn't she stopped before she could reach the other party?" Xiao Xiaolong's expression slightly changed as he quickly hugged Xiao Yanyu's body and anxiously said to Bu Fang.

What a joke! How could Xiao Xiaolong allow others to strip his sister and throw her out? It would not just simply end with a clamor, an earthquake might even occur within the imperial city.

Bu Fang slightly hesitated as he felt that Xiao Xiaolong's words seemed to hold water.

"The other party's secret technique being dispelled has led to a severe loss of life force and resulted in a life endangering situation. Considering that Whitey injured Xiao Yanyu due to the host's incitement, an abrupt mission shall be issued.

"Abrupt Mission: The host has to learn 'Elixir Cuisine', the cooking method of Sage Herb Phoenix Chicken Soup, within three days and rescue the life of a dying beauty."

(Since ancient times, the fate of beautiful women end in misery. Young man, use your nimble hands to rescue her.)

Mission Reward: Oyster Bun that may be ordered to take out.

The system's solemn voice suddenly rang out in Bu Fang's mind, causing him to space out.

Abrupt mission? Rescue the beauty?

"The rule was set by the system!" Bu Fang was slightly dumbfounded as the corner of his mouth twitched.

"After analysis, it is concluded that Xiao Yanyu's actions was not severe enough to be considered as causing trouble," the system seriously replied.

Bu Fang felt as if his chest was pierced by an invisible arrow...

"Fine, this style of conducting business is indeed how the system behaves."

"Owner Bu! My sister… She… What's wrong with her!" Xiao Xiaolong's horrified voice pulled Bu Fang back into reality.

Bu Fang walked toward Xiao Yanyu. Her face was pale and her rosy lips had lost its luster. It was as if her life energy was rapidly depleting.

The system was indeed not lying to him. She was in a life endangering situation after receiving the blow from Whitey.

"It's alright. She's only suffering from an ordinary loss of life force. There's always a few days in a month when people experience this. Bring her back here in three days and I'll prepare a medicinal cuisine for her. She'll recover once she eats it," Bu Fang simply said as he expressionlessly concealed his guilty conscience.

Xiao Xiaolong and the rest were stunned. They thought, "Is… it really alright? There isn't even any color on her face!"

"Trust me, it's alright. However, remember to bring her back in three days," Bu Fang earnestly exhorted.

"Young master Xiao, you should bring young lady Yanyu back to the manor and let General Xiao look at her first. With the general's abilities, he should be able to treat her," the three barbarians of Ouyang reminded Xiao Xiaolong.

Xiao Xiaolong was immediately woken up by the reminder and hastily exited the store with Xiao Yanyu in his arms.

Zhao Ruge and the rest left as well. The incident that day had quite a huge impact on them.

The fact that the Heart-rending Sword Monarch had appeared within the imperial city was an important information. After all, such a dangerous character had appeared in a sensitive period.

"Smelly boss, is elder sister Yanyu really alright?" Ouyang Xiaoyi doubtfully looked up at Bu Fang and asked.

"She's alright. Be a good girl and go back first," Bu Fang said as he stroked Ouyang Xiaoyi's head.

Once everyone had left, Bu Fang closed up the store and ended the business for the day.

"System, what will happen if I don’t manage to learn how to cook the Sage Herb Phoenix Chicken Soup within three days?" Bu Fang quietly asked the system.

The system solemnly replied, "There's a ninety-nine percent chance that the host would be torn into pieces by the furious seventh grade Battle-Saint Xiao Meng."

"Uh, system, for the sake of rescuing a beauty still experiencing the prime of her life, I will work hard! Hurry up and tell me how to cook the medicinal cuisine! Hurry!" Bu Fang announced in a righteous tone.

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