Gourmet of Another World

Chapter 41: Zhao Ruge Who Was Subdued by the Sweet 'N' Sour Ribs

Chapter 41: Zhao Ruge Who Was Subdued by the Sweet 'N' Sour Ribs

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"How audacious!" Zhao Ruge's pupils constricted as his palm landed on the table and he angrily shouted.

The table suddenly trembled, startling everyone present. Still, they all felt that this mysterious man was too arrogant.

Who was the Minister of the Left? As an important official within the imperial city, his status was comparable to General Xiao Meng. However, this man's tone was filled with contempt toward the Minister of the Left. It was uncertain whether he was really that confident or was deliberately arrogant.

Zhao Ruge's eyes brightly lit up as his aura rapidly increased. The stream of energy was like bugs crawling on his skin as he swiftly gathered true energy.

"You're noisy! Since you're here in Owner Bu's place, then you should be peacefully eating. If you want to fight, then get out of here," the mysterious man indifferently said. He did not care about Zhao Ruge who was gathering his aura in the slightest.

As the man finished speaking, he held out his hand with his thumb and index finger together, as if he was going to flick away a fly.


The three barbarians of Ouyang who were sitting at a distance immediately moved in front of Ouyang Xiaoyi. Their hairs were standing on ends as they gravely looked toward the mysterious man.

Xiao Yanyu's pupils constricted as well and she subconsciously gathered the true energy within her body.

Chi chi!!

With a flick of the man’s finger, a stream of invisible energy swiftly burst out. Zhao Ruge's body froze for a moment, then the aura that surrounded him started shrivelling like a deflated balloon.

With a groan, he fell face forward to the ground...

Zhao Ruge went into a daze as his entire body shivered and his lips trembled. It was too terrifying… Within that instant, Zhao Ruge thought he was going to die!

A red dot instantly appeared in the center of his forehead, then rapidly grew to cover his entire forehead.

"If we were not in Owner Bu's store right now, you would've already become a corpse by now," the mysterious man indifferently said as he slowly retracted his arm and became silent.

The mood within the store instantly became cold and everyone held their breath.

Zhao Ruge had an unsightly expression on his face as he climbed up from the ground, then miserably returned to his seat and quietly sat down.

The three barbarians of Ouyang were pulling Ouyang Xiaoyi away to a safe distance as well. From the scariness of the mysterious man's attack, they could tell that he was at least a fifth grade Battle-King.

However, that was still a conservative estimate. After all, Zhao Ruge was a third grade Battle-Maniac that was close to becoming a fourth grade Battle-Spirit. Even an ordinary Battle-King would have some difficulty in instantly killing him. Which meant that this man might be a sixth grade Battle-Emperor!

As the awkward mood within the store seemed to stretch on forever, a rich fragrance drifted out from the kitchen.

"The improved Egg-Fried Rice is ready," Bu Fang's indifferent voice sounded out from within the kitchen. A bowl of Egg-Fried Rice that appeared to be radiating a golden brilliance was placed at the window.

Ouyang Xiaoyi eagerly walked over to collect the food.

The rich fragrance filled with warmth seemed to disperse much of the cold atmosphere within the store. The delicious smell, that was like a piece of silk gliding across their faces, made them feel as if their hearts were being teased.

"It smells good!" As Zhao Ruge sniffed the fragrance, he felt as if the swelling pain on his forehead had mostly receded.

Xiao Xiaolong cheerfully received the Egg-Fried Rice while holding a blue and white porcelain spoon in his hand and began to gobble down the food.

Zhao Ruge swallowed a mouthful of saliva. He had never tasted the Egg-Fried Rice before, but his stomach was rumbling just from smelling the fragrance.

Xiao Xiaolong was eating so messily that there was even rice grains at the corners of his mouth. When he felt a gaze filled with burning desire, he immediately grinned at Zhao Ruge and asked, "Do you want to give it a try?"

Zhao Ruge looked at him and subtly nodded.

"If you want to try it, then buy it yourself next time." Xiao Xiaolong stuck his tongue out, licked the rice grains off the corner of his mouth and teasingly said.

Zhao Ruge immediately froze and his eyes were filled with anger as he thought, "How dare he make fun of me!"

"The Golden Shumai is ready." Bu Fang's indifferent voice sounded out once more.

Subsequently, the Golden Shumai was collected by Ouyang Xiaoyi and placed in front of Xiao Yanyu. The exceptionally beautiful Golden Shumai was as delicate as a piece of artwork and so bright that it was practically radiating golden rays.

As Xiao Yanyu picked up a shumai with a pair of bamboo chopsticks, the soup seeped out and instantly released a captivating fragrance.

Before the soup dribbled off the shumai, Xiao Yanyu caught it with her mouth. Her delicate lips became even more enticing as a layer of glistening oil covered her lips.

Zhao Ruge's eyes were almost completely mystified at this point. No one could be sure whether he was looking at the delicious food or the beautiful woman, but… it was clear that the scene before him was a feast for the eyes.

After that, the time between each dish getting served became even shorter.

The Lees Fish was ready to be served as well. As the dish was too heavy for Xiaoyi, Bu Fang had to personally serve it. When he entered the dining area, he was slightly startled to see the mysterious man wearing the bamboo hat.

The mysterious man nodded at Bu Fang and he expressionlessly nodded in response as well.

As the Lees Fish appeared, the rich wine aroma almost overpowered the fragrance of all the other dishes. Even the eyes of the mysterious man slightly lit up and gave the Lees Fish a longer look.

"From the looks of it… it seems pretty good," the man thought to himself. "I didn't realize that other than having wine of the highest grade, Owner Bu's dishes were first grade as well."

"Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs is ready." A short while after returning to the kitchen, Bu Fang's voice sounded out from it.

Ouyang Xiaoyi was already impatiently waiting at the window. She was looking forward to Bu Fang's latest dish.

When the tangerine and fragrant Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs appeared in front of Ouyang Xiaoyi, she was completely stunned. Just from sniffing the smell, she was involuntarily gulping and almost started drooling.

It was too aromatic! Furthermore, the sweet and sour fragrance was teasing the little loli to the point of losing her self-control.

Unfortunately… The one who ordered the dish was that sissy, Zhao Ruge!

As she unwillingly served the dish to Zhao Ruge, the latter was already drooling while holding a pair of bamboo chopsticks in his hand. The fragrance of the Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs was so aromatic that he was almost captivated to the point of being inextricable.

As he picked up a piece of rib with his chopsticks and put it in his mouth, a sweet and sour flavor instantly burst out. The rich flavor of the meat violently surged and enveloped his taste buds while assaulting his mouth. The rib was still slightly hot and he could not help but pant to cool it down.

The rich fragrance of the meat immediately enveloped the entire store.

Even Xiao Xiaolong stopped eating and Xiao Yanyu looked toward Zhao Ruge as well… It was truly too fragrant!

Zhao Ruge was so happy that he almost shed tears. It was really extremely delicious. He felt that the fifty crystals were really well spent!

He rapidly picked up another piece and shoved it into his mouth as Ouyang Xiaoyi enviously watched. The sweet and sour sauce splattered and stained the corners of his mouth. He was panting as he ate the meat.

At that moment, Bu Fang walked out of the kitchen. All of the dishes were cooked and only the Ice Heart Jade Urn Wine was left.

He carried out two jars of Ice Heart Jade Urn Wine and separately placed them in front of Xiao Xiaolong and the three barbarians of Ouyang. Then he returned to the kitchen, took out another jar and placed it on the table of the mysterious man.

"Here's your Ice Heart Jade Urn Wine, please enjoy your drink," Bu Fang expressionlessly said.

"Hah… Owner… Is your… hah… wine really better than… the Bejewelled Nectar Wine?" Zhao Ruge asked doubtfully while panting. He was still chewing a piece of rib that was emitting heat in his mouth.

"I already said… That whatever Bejewelled Nectar Wine is nothing. You just have to taste my wine and you'll know," Bu Fang simply said.

The mysterious man's hoarse voice sounded out as well, "How is Bejewelled Nectar Wine even comparable to Owner Bu's Ice Heart Jade Urn Wine? The number one wine in Light Wind Empire is definitely Owner Bu's Ice Heart Jade Urn Wine."

After the man finished speaking, he removed the cloth cover of the wine jar. Within that instant, a mellow and rich wine aroma drifted into the air and engulfed the store.

The aroma of the wine was extraordinarily mellow and concentrated. It completely dispersed the aroma of the Lees Fish and captivated everyone in the area.

A captivating redness appeared on both the fair faces of Ouyang Xiaoyi and Xiao Yanyu.

Just from comparing the aroma, the Bejewelled Nectar Wine had already lost.

As for the taste… Xiao Xiaolong and the three barbarians of Ouyang were already eager to savor it.

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