Gourmet of Another World

Chapter 4: The Eggs Are Not Ordinary Eggs, the Rice Is Not Ordinary Rice

Chapter 4: The Eggs Are Not Ordinary Eggs, the Rice Is Not Ordinary Rice

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Xiao Xiaolong was really excited. His fair-skinned face had flushed red like a beautiful woman's face, it was tempting enough that others would want to take a bite of him.

At any rate, even Bu Fang was charmed. He thought, "Oh my god! Why do I have such thoughts?!"

Bu Fang shook his head furiously to rid himself of the scary thought. He thought to himself, "He's a sissy, he's not a woman!"

"I must hold on, I must definitely remain straight!"

Thus, Bu Fang remained expressionless on his chair, while he looked indifferently at the agitated but enchanting Xiao Xiaolong in front of him.

"Tell me! This definitely isn't a normal Egg-Fried Rice! I can feel that the true energy within my body is actually close to reaching a breakthrough!" Xiao Xiaolong's lips were trembling while his eyes shone.

As a famous prodigy in the imperial city and the son of a great general, Xiao Xiaolong was capable with both literary and martial arts. With a cultivation level that reached the peak of second grade Battle-Master, he was considerably strong even among the children of the officials in the imperial city.

However, after Xiao Xiaolong ate the Egg-Fried Rice, he felt a sudden jump in the true energy in his body. For over a month, it lay dormant but it suddenly increased just then. That was a sign that his cultivation level was about to advance to third grade Battle-Maniac!

To a cultivator, strength was the most important. If a bowl of Egg-Fried Rice could help you attain a breakthrough, then it would be comparable to elixirs...

No, it would be even more valuable, because elixirs had no taste. However, the Egg-Fried Rice that Bu Fang made... was an exquisite cuisine.

For it to be both delicious and beneficial to attaining breakthroughs, it was good news to cultivators!

A single crystal was too cheap!

"Excuse me, I was too agitated. However, I would still like to know the ingredients of your Egg-Fried Rice. If I am not mistaken, the eggs used are not ordinary eggs. Judging from the taste and texture, it should be the egg of a third grade spirit beast, the Thunderstorm Pigeon."

Xiao Xiaolong came from a prestigious background and possessed a high amount of self-discipline. He quickly calmed himself down and spoke to Bu Fang.

Bu Fang went into a daze. He had never tried to know more about the ingredients before and had always thought that they were ordinary chicken eggs.

"System, are the eggs really pigeon eggs like the sissy said?" Bu Fang asked the system.

The system remained silent for a while, then a solemn voice began to speak.

"The recipe of the ordinary Egg-Fried Rice: The egg chosen is the first egg laid by the third grade spirit beast, Thunderstorm Pigeon, after its gestation. It contains a huge amount of spirit energy. Consumption increases the cultivation level of cultivators and there is a high chance of helping the cultivator to advance past their bottlenecks. The rice chosen is the Pearl Rice from the Southern Wastelands of the Light Wind Empire. It is rich in spirit energy and can only be harvested per annum. It is rich in substances beneficial to cultivation and is currently the royal tribute of the Light Wind Empire. The oil chosen is made from the fats of the Cangshan Boar, it is neither greasy nor muddy. The salt chosen is the Fine Sea Salt from the Southern Wastelands."

Bu Fang was expressionless after listening to the system's explanations and introduction, but he felt as if an invisible arrow had pierced into his chest. He thought, "Ouch, it hurts!"

"System, can we revise the price for the Egg-Fried Rice? I personally feel that we're making a loss by selling it for only a single crystal. Why don't we raise the price to ten crystals?"

"The price set by the system is reasonable and fair, it is based on the price of the ingredients. The current rank of the host is too low, the pricing cannot be modified."

Bu Fang could only grit his teeth in frustration!

The eggs were from a third grade spirit beast. The rice was a royal tribute. The oil was actually made from the fats of a second grade spirit beast. Lastly, even the ordinary looking salt was exceptional as well.

"I am making a huge loss by selling this bowl of Egg-Fried Rice for only a crystal!

Luckily, all of the ingredients are provided by the system. Otherwise, I would be crying myself to sleep tonight."

"Shop owner, my conjecture must be correct! The eggs that you're using are definitely the eggs of Thunderstorm Pigeons. There was a tingling and numbing sensation as it entered my mouth, they're definitely pigeon eggs! There's no way I am wrong!" Xiao Xiaolong got excited once more.

Bu Fang was in a bad mood. Looking at the agitated Xiao Xiaolong, he said.

"Our store's Egg-Fried Rice: The egg chosen is the first egg laid by the third grade spirit beast, Thunderstorm Pigeon, after its gestation. It contains a huge amount of spirit energy essence..."

Bu Fang repeated the system's introduction—from the beginning to the end—to Xiao Xiaolong.

Xiao Xiaolong was completely stunned, his originally large eyes became even larger. He thought, "My good lord, to think that this bowl of Egg-Fried Rice still held so many secrets! The egg is not ordinary like I thought! The rice is unexpectedly extraordinary! Damn, even the oil is special!

And the salt..." Xiao Xiaolong felt that he had actually swallowed a bowl full of gold!

"So, do you still think that a bowl of Egg-Fried Rice isn't worth one crystal?" Bu Fang grumpily snorted and said.

"No, no, not at all! Shop owner, I would like to order another bowl of Egg-Fried Rice!" Xiao Xiaolong quickly shook his head with a face full of smiles. Eating the bowl of Egg-Fried Rice could increase cultivation level! Even if it were priced at five crystals, Xiao Xiaolong would still think it was worth it!

"I am sorry, but our store has a rule where customers can only order each dish once." Bu Fang arrogantly said while still sitting on the chair.

Xiao Xiaolong went into a daze, then he reached into his bosoms and took out a sachet with a peony sewn on it. The corner of Bu Fang's mouth twitched when he saw the peony sachet. If it was not for the fact that Xiao Xiaolong had an adam's apple and no breasts, Bu Fang would definitely think that he was a girl in disguise!

"Here! Shop owner, I have five pieces of crystals here. Give me another bowl!" Xiao Xiaolong excitedly placed the sparkling crystals on the table, and implored Bu Fang in a whiny tone.

Bu Fang completely ignored Xiao Xiaolong and kept the crystal with the best quality that he picked out. He expressionlessly said, "If a male customer continues to act in a feminine manner towards the shop owner, he shall be inexorably added to our store's blacklist and shall never be served again."

Xiao Xiaolong knew he would not be able to eat a second bowl of Egg-Fried Rice on that day, so he stood up and left.

As Xiao Xiaolong was walking past the entrance, he paused and glanced at the empty bowl in front of the big black dog. He felt as if an invisible arrow had pierced into his chest.

"Such a valuable bowl of Egg-Fried Rice was actually fed to a dog! What a waste! Hmph!"

The big black dog was a lot lazier after it finished its meal, it licked its own claws as it lay on the floor. As Xiao Xiaolong walked past the dog, it lazily glanced at him and then took no further notice.

Xiao Xiaolong decided to turn a blind eye and left the unique little restaurant in the isolated alleyway.

After Bu Fang stood up and collected the bowl in front of Blacky, he closed up the entrance and the business ended for that day.

Once Bu Fang placed the dishes into the dishwasher provided by the system, he had completed everything. He returned to his room expectantly.

"My host, congratulations for completing your first system mission and receiving the system reward. My host, congratulations for obtaining your first customer and taking the first step onto the road to become the God of Cooking."

Bu Fang excitedly sat on the chair in his room, the solemn voice of the system sounded out in his mind.

"Hehe! It's finally here! What kind of a reward will it be, I am so excited!"

Bu Fang's eyes shone faintly as he rubbed his hands in excitement. The calm exterior that he displayed earlier on had completely disappeared.

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