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Chapter 377: Host, Please Subdue Blacky

Chapter 377: Host, Please Subdue Blacky

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"Temporary Mission: travel to the Illusory Spirit Swamp and fight over the big crystal mine's crystal source. In addition, the host must find the hidden treasure and use it to cook a dish. Mission reward: twenty percent increase in your true energy cultivation."

The system's solemn and earnest voice resounded in Bu Fang's mind. Since he was already sleepy, it was like an alarm clock which rang inside his head when he was half-asleep. It shocked Bu Fang and almost caused him to fall off his chair.

He opened his eyes which were still slightly vacant and extended his hand, using it to pat his chest, and his complexion became gloomy.

"System, the next time you issue a mission, give me a warning first! If you appear and speak in my head all of a sudden, you'll scare me to death."

Bu Fang grumbled with displeasure after he calmed himself down.

"The temporary mission will start after three days. You must prepare well for it. For this mission, you will need Blacky to travel along with you. The host must subdue Blacky within three days. If Black isn't willing to travel, this mission will be judged as a failure. Host will be deducted ten percent of your true energy cultivation."

The system's voice was solemn as usual.

However, the content in its speech caused Bu Fang's brow to jump. He was astonished and bewildered by the system's request. "Why did the system request for Blacky to follow me? Why wasn't it Whitey? Why did it have to be that lazy dog?"

He blinked his eyes and slightly grinned. He turned his head to stare at Blacky, who was engrossed in devouring the plate of Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs.

"What the system meant is that I have to convince Blacky to accompany me in this temporary mission?" Bu Fang slightly muttered to himself

"That's right, host."

The system voice suddenly sounded out again. It caused Bu Fang, who was engrossed in his thoughts, to jump up in fright.

"Stop making fun of me. Do you really expect me to convince that lazy dog to go traveling with me? System, are you sure you are not joking with me?"

How good would it be if Whitey was the one to follow him. It was both obedient and adorable. The feel of its plump belly was also quite awesome.

As for that plump dog... Bu Fang felt that it would be better to not comment about it at all. He was mentally exhausted just thinking about bringing Blacky out for a mission.

Despite that, Bu Fang was startled and apprehensive as the reward from this temporary mission was quite tempting.

A reward of twenty percent true energy cultivation… This would save Bu Fang long hours of work. Even if it was just for that reward of twenty percent true energy cultivation, Bu Fang felt that he had to give it a shot. Wasn't it just tempting a dog to follow him out? Wasn't it just tempting and abducting a plump dog?

"I'm so handsome, I'll definitely be able to complete this task."

When Bu Fang was lost in his thoughts, several figures rushed over from outside the store and interrupted him

Raising his head, Bu Fang looked at them. They were none other than the beautiful Ni Yan and the old man who had a white beard. The Xiao Family's siblings were standing behind her.

The dejected expression which was plastered on Xiao Xiaolong's face already disappeared. His complexion was rosy and glowing, his skin was white, fair, and tender. He seemed to be quite spirited.

"Owner Bu, good morning!" Xiao Xiaolong delightfully greeted Bu Fang.

Instead of returning the greeting, Bu Fang stared at his face with no change in his expression. Xiao Xiaolong's face eventually turned red like a monkey's butt and he rushed toward the kitchen. He started to practice his cooking skills in the kitchen without any reminder from Bu Fang.

"If you come this late again, you better get ready to face the consequences..." Bu Fang stood up from his chair and shouted at Xiao Xiaolong, who had already entered the kitchen.

Xiao Xiaolong almost slipped and fell as grief welled up in his heart.

Since Yu Fu wasn't present, Bu Fang could only bully him.

Xiao Yanyu gently looked at Bu Fang and raised her lily-white hand. She held out a big purse filled with crystals and handed it over to Bu Fang.

"Owner Bu, there are ten thousand crystals in it. Even if we gave you more crystals, it would be insufficient to express our Xiao Family's gratitude."

Xiao Yanyu's moist and bright eyes stared straight at Bu Fang as she thanked him sincerely.

After hearing what she said, Bu Fang became slightly embarrassed. However, he didn't know if it was because he was too brazen or because of some other reason, but his complexion didn't change in the slightest as he accepted the purse.

Ouyang Xiaoyi was singing a song in a low voice as she cheerfully walked over to the store.

As she usually spent a lot of time in the store, she quickly discovered the change inside it. She walked around the Path-Understanding Tree and the Violet Cloud Fruit Tree and discovered that the space in the store was bigger.

"Smelly Boss... Why does the store seem bigger today?" Ouyang Xiaoyi stared at Bu Fang and she asked him.

"Well... It expanded," Bu Fang calmly replied without explaining anything to her. He was still fretting over how he would convince Blacky to accompany him to complete this mission.

The Illusory Spirit Swamp's big crystal mine?

When he thought about the temporary mission's location, he couldn't help but feel shocked in his heart. The location was once again the Illusory Spirit Swamp.

What was a big crystal mine? What were the differences between that and the crystal mine Fatty Jin mentioned?

"Host, you should take note that a crystal mine is just the most ordinary vein of crystals. It is located deep underground and produces crystals. The quality of crystals are poor and they contain a great amount of impurities.

"A big crystal mine is also buried deep underground. However, it is a large-scale crystal mine which produces innumerable crystals of higher grade. These crystals contain fewer impurities. These crystals are the currency used in the Hidden Dragon Continent. They are also essential products for cultivation. There is also the crystal source which is hidden in the veins of crystals in the mine," the system explained to Bu Fang.

After listening to the system's explanation, Bu Fang finally understood the differences between the two. A big crystal mine was also a crystal mine. However, it was a bigger crystal mine which was worth more. Moreover, it contained the veins of the source of crystals. The objective of Bu Fang's mission was to obtain the crystal source.

"In general, a big crystal mine can give birth to three crystal sources. One of them will be a solid crystal source and the price of it is quite low. However, the other two crystal sources which aren't solid will be quite precious. There are mysterious objects hidden within them. That mysterious object can be some kind of treasure or some kind of elixir from the ancient times. It can also be some kind of living organism..."

The system would always explain the new terms and names of the objects Bu Fang came across. The only reason the system bothered to explain was because it was crucial for Bu Fang to know about them if he wanted to succeed in his mission.

After hearing the system's description of the items, Bu Fang became interested in those crystal sources.

"System, do you think that... those crystal sources could contain a primordial divine dragon or something like that?" Bu Fang's thoughts started to run wild and he started to make random guesses.

"Host, you can rest assured. There is no way the crystal sources can contain a primordial divine beast. The energy provided by a big crystal mine cannot sustain the hibernation of a divine beast."

After learning that he was thinking too much about it, Bu Fang started to ask more questions related to the mission.

Ni Yan and the others had already ordered some dishes.

After Ouyang Xiaoyi gave Bu Fang their orders, he directly went into the kitchen and started cooking.

The Supreme Elder sat upright on his chair and his gaze was deep as he looked at Bu Fang, who had just entered the kitchen. His injuries were already completely healed after he ate the Buddha Jumps Over The Wall the day before. The effect of the dish was more impressive when compared to normal elixirs. It caused the Supreme Elder to take this store even more seriously. He earnestly sized up Bu Fang's store. The more he looked at it, the more surprised he got.

No matter whether it was the mysterious Bu Fang, that plump dog which was eating a plate of food at the entrance, or the puppet which was standing warily in the kitchen. All of them emitted a mysterious and profound aura.

He took several talismans and started deducing something. He wanted to find out more about the mysteries surrounding Bu Fang. He came to the conclusion that it was impossible for an existence such as that terrifying black dog to be a watchdog for a normal mortal. This Bu Fang definitely had an extraordinary status and background.

Could it be that he was the descendant of an expert from one of the factions in the Hidden Dragon Continent?

Maybe he was an almighty expert himself. He hid his power and feigned weakness as he opened up a store in this place. The more he thought about it, the more questions appeared in his head.

Before he was able to pinch his talisman and start to deduce the mysteries surrounding this store, the Supreme Elder's body shuddered. He felt a stifling and suffocating feeling which caused his heart to shake.

An oppressive and stifling aura burst out from the store and shattered the jade talismans in his hand.

The Supreme Elder became slightly dazed and his complexion turned pale. His heart shuddered as he stopped himself. He didn't dare to move a single muscle.

It was obvious that this store was… too terrifying and fearsome.

He almost suffered grave consequences from the backlash caused by him trying to look up clues about Bu Fang. It was as though Bu Fang's background was some sort of heavenly secret. There was a force which stopped him from prying into Bu Fang's mysteries. He felt that he was lucky as he was wary and gave up quickly.

Ni Yan took a look at the Supreme Elder in bewilderment before looking at his shattered divine talismans. This woman who was outrageously beautiful curled her lips upwards.

She didn't care about Bu Fang's true status. The only thing she cared about was how delicious Bu Fang's dishes were. His identity and status didn't concern her.

Several fragrant dishes were carried out of the kitchen and placed before them.

Ni Yan's eyes immediately brightened up and she started gorging herself.

When the Supreme Elder looked at Bu Fang, his gaze contained a trace of awe and there was fright hidden in his eyes. Bu Fang was slightly puzzled by the look he got from the Supreme Elder.

Why did this old man look at me with such a strange expression? Could it be that I became more handsome?

However, he was disinclined to care about him, the Supreme Elder. After he prepared all of the dishes ordered by Ni Yan and the rest, he walked toward the entrance of the store while swaying back and forth.

Under everyone's puzzled gaze, Bu Fang held up his pants and squatted down. He smiled foolishly at that dog who was busy eating the Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs in front of him.

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