Gourmet of Another World

Chapter 372: Who Gave You The Courage?

Chapter 372: Who Gave You The Courage?

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Breaking old norms to set new ones was an accurate description of Duan Ling.

Previously, he was only half a step into the Divine stage, and so could not resist Blacky at all. His body of flesh was almost mashed up by the dog.

Back then, he was in a state of despair, feeling as if his entire world had turned in a shade of hopeless gray. He was ruthlessly trampled on like a rubber ball by a dog. His body nearly broke into bits and pieces.

However, the High Priestess summoned the Shifter Array and bore that black dog's fatal blow for him.

The High Priestess had perished, while he… finally broke through his confinements and reached the Divine stage.

Duan Ling has never felt this powerful before. The aftershock of the post-breakthrough energy waves caused the true energy in his body to boil. It felt like rivers and seas churned in his energy core. His aura was as domineering as ever.

The Shura Sect Sword in his hand looked like it was coming alive. The sword will that filled the sky suffocated everyone.

This was the Divine state. Somebody in the Southern Region actually managed to reach the Divine echelon!

The Celestial Arcanum Sect's Supreme Elder goggled at the fierce Duan Ling, utterly despondent. His chest felt heavy and he spat out a mouthful of blood.

Duan Ling's gaze landed on the black dog from afar. The swelling of his power enabled his confidence to bloat.

Recalling the last glance that the High Priestess shot him, Duan Ling felt his heart throb with pain.

The Shura Sect Sword emitted a loud buzz.

Duan Ling's figure shot out once again. This time, his body was rich with the Pressure of Heaven and Earth, heading straight to suppress Blacky.

A pair of metal wings spread out.

Whitey's body blocked Blacky. Its gray eyes turned, after which a flood of flying daggers swept off and glided toward Duan Ling. A thick shower of flying daggers blotted out the sky.

However, Duan Ling was completely unafraid. After a long howl, the Shura Sect Sword was swiped downwards. One after another formidable sword slashes swooped down, wreaking havoc, and immediately knocked away Whitey's flying daggers.

Duan Ling took a step forward and instantly appeared before Whitey. He thrust out his clenched fist, punching Whitey's chubby belly.


A figure shot out like a bomb, crashing heavily onto the ground.

In the face of Duan Ling in his Divine state, Whitey was no match at all.

Crash crack crash.

Crushed stones splattered everywhere. Whitey's mechanic eyes flickered a dim light as it crawled out of the pile of ruins. Even through it was smashed away by a punch, its body remained in perfect conditions.

Duan Ling took no more notice of the annoying puppet, and instead projected his killing intent on Blacky.

He must slay this dog today, or else… he could never make it up to the High Priestess!


Sword will burst out of his body. The Shura Sect Sword twirled around before Duan Ling caught it and threw it toward Blacky. The moment he thrust out the Shura Sect Sword, Duan Ling's body also shot out. A blood-colored light flashed past as the Shura Sect Sword sliced down.

Blacky's doggy paw was lifted up. With a light wave, he smashed away the Shura Sect Sword heading toward him.


However, Duan Ling's face remained unchanged. The Shura Sect Sword returned to his hands and charged toward Blacky once more.

Boom Boom Bang.

The energies and streams of blood in Duan Ling's body roared like thunders and lightning.

This sword was instilled with the highest level of vitality energy he obtained from the breakthrough to the Divine stage. This slash would be his mightiest strike. He intended to finish off this dog with this slice of the sword.


Behind Duan Ling, shadows of sword filled the sky. This strike contained an infinite amount of force of pressure.

Seeing this slash, everyone's faces changed colors, and they were thoroughly alarmed.

Even Bu Fang's complexion turned grave. He had confidence in Blacky, but with Duan Ling already surpassing the Supreme-Being stage, could Blacky still handle him?


Bu Fang spat the last piece of dragon bone out of his greasy mouth. Just like this, he finished chewing the entire dragon claw. A rich, unforgettable aroma circulated in his mouth.

"Who gave you the courage to make another move on this Lord Dog?"

Suddenly, Blacky's tender voice rang in the air. Though it was gentle in tone, it contained a thick trance of contempt. Blacky's body had become elongated. He stretched open his jaws and released a thundering roar, a bark almost akin to a dragon's roar.

Duan Ling's body shuddered, and his eyes were filled with redness. He howled as well and launched another strike.

Lifting up his dainty little doggy paw, Blacky did not show any mercy this time either!


The doggy paw and the Shura Sect Sword clashed.

Though everyone expected an earth-shattering collision, what they actually saw rendered their eyes dull.

This collision was not an even match.

It was… ruthless slaughter!

Duan Ling's bloodshot eyes froze. His entire body stiffened in the air. It was as if everything around him fell silent, not even a noise echoed near his ears. The doggy paw smashed down, crushing everything in bits and pieces.

The sword silhouette had disintegrated!

The Shura Sect Sword… had shattered!

The fierce Pressure of Heaven and Earth that he has summoned… also erupted! Even with his Divine state cultivation level, the fatal strike Duan Ling launched was as fragile as a piece of tofu against the doggy paw. It was no match for the terrifying dog paw, and fragmented right before his eyes.

Boom Boom Bang!!

After a moment of silence, a loud chain of explosions erupted by Duan Ling's ears.

His entire person was like a kite cut loose, plunging into the ground far away and generating a cloud of dust.

Despite having advanced to the Divine echelon, he was still assaulted by… a dog.

"What kind of dog is this?"

Duan Ling's heart was filled with confusion and despair.

"Hmm? Not dead?"

The Lord Dog exclaimed in astonishment when he realized Duan Ling was merely smashed away instead of reduced into a pile of ashes like the woman from earlier.

"Of the Divine stage after all. His body is much stronger than one made of flesh…"

The Lord Dog smacked his lips and sighed, but he did not mind in the slightest. If one smack couldn't do the job, then two smacks it is… Blacky's figure flickered and appeared precisely where Duan Ling fell. The puffs of smoke that rose to the air were slapped back onto the floor by a force of pressure.

The Lord Dog trod toward Duan Ling with a sultry posture, walking in his signature cat steps. With each stride, Blacky's figure restored to his usual shape—a chubby dog.

Duan Ling lay in the pile of rubbles facing upwards with a dull expression. The savageness in his bloodshot eyes has also ebbed like falling tides.

He failed… again?

"Why? Why is it that he couldn't beat a dog even after stepping into the tenth grade Divine echelon?!"

He was reluctant to accept this but was overwhelmed with a sense of helplessness. His pupils quivered as he caught sight of the black dog walking next to him.

That black dog raised a doggy paw, humphed, and smacked at his head.


The city walls trembled, almost as if there was an earthquake, filling the pavement with long cracks. A violent explosion reverberated in the hearts of every resident in the Imperial City. It boomed like nightmares in their hearts.


A pitch-black, tiny metal tower fell out from the pile of ruins. It bounced against the ground and landed next to Blacky's leg.

This was a plain, unadorned tiny tower, one without any waves of energy. It was almost like a piece of decoration.

Blacky felt rather perplexed, finding this tiny tower somewhat familiar.


Suddenly, the tiny tower wobbled. A spiritual essence drifted out of the ruins, its face filled with a ferocious reluctance. That was the face of the Shura Sect Overlord.

The contorted face was sucked into the tiny tower. The tower, which did not have great fluctuations of energy waves earlier, suddenly started shaking.

It instantly erupted, even causing Blacky to recoil out of fright. His figure took two steps away from the tiny tower.

That tiny tower shot up and floated in the sky. It trembled, emitting a loathing roar, and then turned into a beam of light before vanishing…

Blacky's doggy eye ogled at that fading tower. He stuck out his tongue and licked his doggy lips, with his heart filled with bafflement. He could swear he had seen this tiny tower somewhere. But exactly when and where… he couldn't remember.

Since he couldn't recall, Blacky didn't bother thinking any further.

Black scanned the pile of ruins around him and lifted up his doggy head proudly. He humphed and returned to the entrance of the store walking his cat steps. He found a comfortable spot and lay down.

"Lad, don't forget you owe this Lord Dog a portion of the Sweet 'n' Sour Supreme Dragon Meat Ribs."

Black peered toward Bu Fang, reminding him of this with a solemn voice, and returned to his nap.

Bu Fang nodded calmly. He had tasted the flesh of the supreme dragon before. It tasted superb, and would certainly taste wonderful if made into Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs.

"Alright, alright. Everything is over now. Everyone, return to your own business."

Bu Fang felt a bit eerie about the absolute silence around him. He lifted a brow, inspected the crowd, and stated calmly. After uttering these words, he turned around and returned to the store.

When he said this, a heated commotion immediately stirred up like a pot of boiling water in the originally noiseless Imperial City.

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