Gourmet of Another World

Chapter 297: My Dear, Bite Him to Death!

Chapter 297: My Dear, Bite Him to Death!

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Inside the Western Mystery City, the city lord Kong Yao walked behind a tall, slender lady in a deferential manner. By his side was his eldest son, Kong Xuan, whose face displayed not only respect but also an affection that was hard to conceal.

Kong Xuan felt a fire burning inside his heart. His entire body shivered when he peered at the lady before him. He had never seen such a beautiful woman, one who could make him fall in love at first glance.

The Third Master of the Celestial Arcanum Sect, Ni Yan, was said to be an eighth grade War-God, with an outstanding cultivation level and an incredibly beautiful face. Every part of her body exhibited an irresistible charm, utterly captivating to Kong Xuan.

Ni Yan sauntered on the city walls with hands behind her back. Her black hair hung loose, rippling like a small cascade. She lifted her head up, with a rosiness flushing beneath her fair skin, and gazed into the dark sky far away.

"You only sent the Third Corp to support Mo Luo City?" Ni Yan asked calmly, though her voice was somewhat cold.

"Elder Ni, you must not look down on the Third Corp. Though it is the weakest troop of the Western Mystery Army, it is still comparable to the most elite force of an average city's army. It is qualified enough to serve as Mo Luo City's reinforcement," Kong Xuan replied self-assuredly.

Kong Yao also stroke his own beard and smiled. He trusted his son's confidence. As the lord of the Western Mystery City in charge of the northwest region for so many years, he seldom came across anything that could endanger the Western Mystery City. Therefore, he was always rather carefree.

Ni Yan knitted her eyebrows into a frown, peering at the handsome, assertive Kong Xuan coolly before asking, "What if the Third Corp fails this task and is exterminated?"

"Impossible…" Kong Xuan muttered.

"Humph… If Mo Luo City is conquered, it means the Western Mystery City loses a vital backbone and will be completely enclosed by enemy forces. I don't know what kind of trump card you've got up your sleeves. I've come to provide my assistance in preventing those Shura Sect demons from slaughtering without restraint. As for the survival of the Western Mystery City… that is none of my business."

Ni Yan smirked coldly. She was in a rather bad mood at this moment. She shot another glance at the father and son and uttered those words before turning around to leave.

Kong Yao and Kong Xuan felt their bodies stiffen as they exchanged looks.

"Father… perhaps we should also send in the First Corp. Elder Ni's words make much sense." Kong Xuan suggested after giving it another thought.

"You can make the decision on this issue." Kong Yao brushed his beard and chuckled.

"A mere sixth-grade Battle-Emperor… What rights do you have to be so audacious." The Shura Sect warrior hovered in the air, holding the Five Branches Talisman in his hand. The magic array continued to spin as wailing spiritual essences continued to be sucked into it.

This magic array looked monstrous. Bu Fang studied it and furrowed his brows.

"Senior Bu, this is the demon of the Shura Sect… he has an extremely high cultivation level. They are the ones who stirred up the war in the Light Wind Empire and have forcibly taken countless spiritual essences. I'll say they are up to no good, we must stop him!" Tang Yin covered his chest with one hand, blood still tricking along the corners of his mouth, as he remarked.

"The Shura Sect?" Bu Fang narrowed his eyes. Another new sect he had never heard of, but he considered it none of his business.

"A noisy bunch! Our Shura Sect will be resurrected very soon. Whoever stands in the way of the Shura Sect's resurgence will be eliminated!" The warrior bellowed loudly as the force of energy enveloping him became even stronger. Rays of light seemed to be glistening in his eyes.

As the wind howled ferociously, the Shura Sect warrior suddenly appeared right before Bu Fang. His palm, wrapped by waves of pitch-black true energy and glowing in a blood-red tone, smacked right down at Bu Fang.

He simply could not take a sixth grade Battle-Emperor seriously. However, the spiritual essence of a sixth grade Battle-Emperor sure would be a nice addition!

He did not even for a second consider the possibility of Bu Fang surviving this strike. The force of his attack was unbearable to a mere sixth grade Battle-Emperor. Besides, the seventh grade Battle-Saint from the Celestial Arcanum Sect had already been badly injured. He, too, couldn't possibly block his claws.

Thus… from his perspective, Bu Fang was already a dead body!


A giant iron palm suddenly appeared before him and intercepted the punch. That bloody claw collided with the steel palm and made a loud clang.

The face of the Shura Sect warrior instantly froze, his body suddenly staggering backward.

Ferocious waves of true energy surged out, sweeping up a cloud of dust.

Bu Fang stood there with a calm composure as he observed the recoiling Shura Sect warrior.

Whitey's robotic eyes began to flash a dark purple light, which meant that it had switched to the purple-eye mode once again.

Tang Yin peered at Whitey's figure and suddenly felt hope stirring in his heart. He knew Whitey was very strong and that even an eighth grade War-God couldn't match Whitey. With Whitey's help… everything should turn out just fine!


Whitey said nothing and directly dashed out at a lightning speed. It leaped up high in the air and charged at the Shura Sect warrior with a formidable force of pressure.

"What?!" The Shura Sect warrior was shocked to the core. He didn't expect this lump of metal to be capable of blocking his strike.

"I see, you've got a reason to be so brazen!" After a cold sneer, the Shura Sect warrior widened his blood-shot eyes. Then, he clenched a fist, summoning tempestuous, pitch-black waves of true energy to condense into a giant ball of energy.

The energy ball was ferociously hurled at Whitey.

An ear-splitting bang echoed as the sky lit up. Explosions in the air were followed by the scattering of numerous waves of energy.

High up in the sky, a huge energy ball wrapped around Whitey's body. Traces of blood-red flashed across the dark ball. Its energy had corrosive effects, almost as if it would slowly consume Whitey's entire figure.

Tang Yin's body trembled as anxiety smeared across his face. The techniques of the Shura Sect monsters were all extremely malicious. That their true energy contained corrosive effects was truly abhorrent and repulsive.

He didn't know whether Whitey could survive that.

He twisted his head and shot Bu Fang a glance, only to find no trace of fret across Bu Fang's face. Instead, his eyes were as indifferent as usual as he peered at the Shura Sect warrior as if he were looking at a dead person.

The Shura Sect warrior watched as the giant energy ball engulfed Whitey, and instantly burst into laughter!

However, not before long his snigger came to an abrupt halt. Right before his eyes, the energy ball was suddenly ripped open as a white, chubby figure sprang out of it.

Whitey's entire body shone beautifully, not a scratch to be found. It was evident that the corrosive true energy had no effect on it whatsoever!

"What…" The Shura Sect warrior felt his heart sunk. Then, right under his gaze, Whitey charged in with a fist.


Its tremendous force completely exceeded his expectations, as Whitey's punch directly sent him sprawling on the floor. The Talisman Array also slipped out of his hands and floated in the air by itself.

Whitey landed on the ground with a loud thud. Its purple eyes became more forbidding as they flickered, prompting the soldiers nearby to consciously back off.

Both parties of the war suddenly halted, ceasing fire. Everyone retreated and fixed their gazes on the new battle.

Both Mo Lin and Zhu Yue knew very well that this battle was the critical tie-breaker. If the Shura Sect warrior won, then the Third Corp of the Western Mystery Army would definitely meet its unfortunate end. However, if the lump of metal triumphed, then there would be a ray of hope for them.

A booming crack erupted through crushed stones, from which the Shura Sect warrior emerged. The black robe on him was ripped and ragged, exposing the vein-popping muscles on his burly body.

Whitey's mechanical eyes flashed purple. Its hands turned into blades as its figure darted out once again, slashing downwards.

The Shura Sect warrior roared angrily. A long spear materialized in his hands as he struck back at Whitey.

His heart was burning with furious flames, determined to smash this metallic lump into smithereens. Yet he found out soon enough… that he was absolutely no match to this puppet!

The puppet was terribly strong, with each and every one of its smack sending him stumbling backward. After several rounds, his blistered hands were badly torn and blood splattered everywhere.

Another swoosh of the blade aimed at him. He felt a chill down his heart, as this slash almost cut him in half. The Shura Sect warrior's pupils shrank as a trace of terror flashed across his eyes.

Having barely escaped the puppet's blade for a few more times, he was forced to acknowledge the gap in power between him and Whitey. Realizing this, his heart sunk.

He flickered a glance at Bu Fang, who was watching him calmly, and then twisted the corners of his mouth. A fiendish expression crept onto his face.

"This is just a puppet! In that case, it must be operated by someone. Let's find out if the puppet can still hurt me if I slaughter its operator first!"

The Shura Sect warrior waved his hands and a black beam of light instantly surged out of his palms and rapidly expanded in size.


With a loud bang, a giant black iguana landed on the floor. Its eyes rolled as its body burst with a murderous killer instinct. It moved its four limbs swiftly, rapidly charging towards Bu Fang with a snarl.

It stretched open its bloody mouth, emitting an unbearably foul stench. Its sharp teeth sparkled under the glamorous sunshine.

This turned out to be a seventh grade spirit beast!

Tang Yin's face immediately darkened. Given his current injuries, how could he withstand this gigantic iguana!

Whitey wanted badly to help but was seriously preoccupied with the Shura Sect warrior, who went as far as enduring Whitey's bloody slashes just to tie his opponent down.

He howled with laughter as his eyes burned with fervor!

"My dear! Bite this guy to death! I'll give you an extra special serving of meal later! Hahaha!!"

This was a spirit beast he had raised himself, one with a strong cultivation level. He was sure that Bu Fang, a mere sixth grade Battle-Emperor, would be instantly gulped down with one swallow…

He had been suppressing the urges to release this gigantic iguana, mainly to avoid drawing attention from the Celestial Arcanum Sect warriors. This was because once the iguana was set loose, it could easily annihilate…an entire city! Something this flashy… would be disapproved by the High Priest!

The scales covering the gigantic iguana's body were glistening. Its body twisted as its four claws swayed rapidly, scraping the floor with loud taps…

Behind Bu Fang, Zhu Yue's soldiers blanched as the blood drained from their faces. Such monstrous creatures only existed in their worst nightmares!

The pungent reek caused Bu Fang to knit his brows into a frown. He pursed his lips in disgust.

A wisp of smoke twirled around his hand and a pitch-black kitchen knife immediately emerged in his palm.

A kitchen knife?!

A trace of disdain flashed across the Shura Sect warrior's eyes. What good would a cooking tool do?!


After an ear-splitting howl, that gigantic iguana had already swallowed Bu Fang into its mouth.

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