Gourmet of Another World

Chapter 285: In Cold Storage

Chapter 285: In Cold Storage

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The innocent young man grabbed the ceramic bowl and finished yet another bowl of Sweet and Sour Cream Soup. The soup was so hot that his lips were stained red. he panted repeatedly and sweat formed on the tip of his nose.

This Sweet and Sour Cream Soup was too delicious. It was hard to imagine that it was made from such simple ingredients.

If the ingredients contained spirit energy, the innocent young man could still understand. However… these were just normal everyday ingredients; they did not contain any spirit energy.

The food made with this kind of ingredient actually tasted better than those that contained spirit energy. This was abnormal and beyond what the innocent young man could comprehend.

At that moment, Wei Dafu did not look too good. This was because Bu Fang's mocking look had made him turn red. He felt very embarrassed. It was like a slap on his face when a newbie challenged his authority in the Cooks' Army Unit.

This was unforgivable. That's like challenging a tiger in its den—it was seeking death!

Although… the dish he made was extremely tasty, he did not have any right to be so arrogant. No matter how delectable it was, this dish was still made from basic ingredients.

"I admit… your dish is delicious, but please do not think that a tasty dish would give you the right to be presumptuous. You need to realize… we are now at the Cooks' Army Unit. We face the most undesirable cooking environment but we must still provide the soldiers with a satisfying meal, a meal that allows the soldiers to stay motivated!" said Wei Dafu with a straight face.

His voice was not loud but very authoritative. This made everyone who had just tasted Bu Fang's soup to stop all of their actions and stare at both of them without daring to make any noise.

Many of them were very impressed by Bu Fang because he was the first ever newcomer to cook a dish that Wei's foul mouth could not criticize. However, they also realized that Bu Fang will not have such an easy time from today on. After all, this was the Cooks' Army Unit, not a normal kitchen.

"Hmmm... you cook very well, huh? That's great… I shall not make it hard for you. After all, every talent in the Cooks' Army Unit is a treasure. I give you permission to cook. However, since you are able to bring the best out of ordinary ingredients, you shall be in charge of cooking all ordinary ingredients," Wei Dafu squinted his eyes and exclaimed.

The surrounding people were all stunned and looked at Bu Fang. They felt sorry for him. That innocent young man also pitied Bu Fang.

"Our Cooks' Army Unit deals mainly with spirit energy ingredients. No matter how tasty your dish that was made from ordinary ingredient is… the soldiers will not eat them. This newcomer... what a pity."

Many felt sorry for him and sighed.

They knew clearly in their hearts that Bu Fang knew how to cook with spirit energy ingredients. He might even be able to create even more delicious dishes with spirit energy ingredients. After all, such ingredients had much better texture than ordinary ones.

Upon hearing what Wei Dafu said, Bu Fang frowned uncontrollably. He could only cook ordinary ingredients? As he looked at that proud and smirking Wei Dafu, Bu Fang nodded his head slightly. He actually agreed.

Wei Dafu was astonished. He folded his arms, waiting for Bu Fang to bootlick him. After all, if he only cooked ordinary ingredient in the Cooks' Army Unit, it was the same as being sidelined.

"Hmmm! Arrogant young fellow, know your limit, young man! Let's wait till your basic dish gets neglected, then you will come over to ask for my forgiveness…. At the time, I might not even forgive you!"

Wei Dafu thought in his mind.

"Long Cai, bring this kid to collect the steel pot, then bring him to the unit that he belongs to. Have Xiao Huang who's in charge of cooking of basic ingredients to cook spirit energy ingredients instead," Wei Dafu stared at Bu Fang expressionlessly. He then looked at the innocent young man, instructed him, and left for his tent with his steel ladle in hand.

Long Cai looked on as Wei Dafu walked away. He put down the ceramic bowl as he stuck out his tongue.

"Please follow me," Long Cai exclaimed as he started to walk off. "I am Long Cai, the youngest member of the Cooks' Army Unit. What's your name? The Sweet and Sour Cream Soup you made just now tasted superb… I've never tasted a basic dish that's so delicious."

Long Cai introduced himself to Bu Fang and stared at him with glittering eyes.

"I am Bu Fang," he nodded, indicating the end of his introduction.

It was normal for his dish to be tasty, so Bu Fang was not particularly shocked by Long Cai's words. Those who tasted his dish before were all left in a state of astonishment, so he was already used to it.

"Eh… Although you have been deployed in the unit that is in charge of ordinary dishes, do not be disappointed. Uncle Wei's personality is like that. Give him some time to think it through. I'm sure he will swap you back soon. After all, your culinary skills are top notch... you are definitely one of the top five chefs in the unit!" Long Cai joked, trying to lighten the mood in this awkward atmosphere.


Bu Fang followed Long Cai with a poker face. He was not bothered by the feelings of Wei Dafu. To him, Wei Dafu was nothing.

Be it culinary skills or capabilities… Bu Fang was way better in both aspects.

However, Bu Fang was still there to train himself. It would be better to keep a low profile. Once he completed the mission and received the reward, he would leave.

"Yes... this is the unit that you belong to. It's all ordinary ingredient in there. Every time the Cooks' Army Unit cooks, you must prepare an ordinary dish. That's the rule," Long Cai said as he pointed at an old and damaged tent that was quite a distance away from them.

Bu Fang frowned but soon relaxed. He accepted it with a nod of his head and walked toward the tent.

"Please hold on. I'll pass you the equipment." Long Cai shouted at Bu Fang, who was about to walk off.

He went into one of the tents beside him and quickly sprinted out. He came out holding a big black pot. Inside the pot was a kitchen knife with a wooden handle and a steel ladle.

"This is your future equipment in the Cooks' Army Unit. Please do not spoil it or you will have to apply for a new one, which will be very troublesome. You will also be reprimanded by Uncle Wei," Long Cai cautioned him.

However, Bu Fang held the seemingly heavy black pot and nodded, "I understand."

"Hehe, I picked a good pot for you. The quality is pretty good. Don't worry too much, I hope you will leave this basic ingredient unit soon. At that time, I must have a good taste of the spirit energy delicacies that you make!" Long Cai smiled foolishly while touching his head.

Bu Fang raised his eyebrows, looked at this weird fellow, smirked, and left for the tent without saying a word.

Long Cai did not stop Bu Fang this time. He stared at Bu Fang's back, sighed, and left.

Although he said that there was a chance that Bu Fang could return to the unit where spirit energy ingredients were used, according to Uncle Wei's temperament, Bu Fang might have to spend at least a year or so before he would have a chance to leave.

Bu Fang naturally had no idea what Long Cai was thinking as he stepped into the tent. The tent was filled with many ingredients. He could smell a musty, light smell of vegetables.

There were many ingredients in the tent. There was meat and vegetable, not lacking in any way. But just as Long Cai mentioned, the ingredients here... were all ordinary ingredients.

Bu Fang calmly settled down in this tent and started his journey in the Cooks' Army Unit.

The morning of the next day, Bu Fang woke up from his simple and crude bed. He only sat on it and did not lie down to sleep. He had a bit of an obsessive disorder…. It would take time for him to get used to the bed.

Bu Fang barely opened his eyes. The sound of a steel ladle and pot colliding repeatedly could be heard from outside the tent.

Dang Dang Dang!!

Then, he heard a rough voice.

"All of you get up and start preparing to move off!"

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