Gourmet of Another World

Chapter 281: So I Can't Even Strike Back?

Chapter 281: So I Can't Even Strike Back?

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The mansion opened up a whole new world. As it turned out, they had only just entered the gate to the entrance, within which was a large drill ground. There were numerous armored soldiers training hard and dripping with sweat inside.

"You see, that's the drill ground of the Western Mystery Army. Whoever is allowed to train there belongs to the real crack division. One must pass high-bar tests before joining it and most people have very little chance of succeeding." Chief Liu walked ahead of Bu Fang, hands behind his back. He held his head high as he announced proudly.

Bu Fang cast a blank look at the soldiers in that field. These soldiers had decent degrees of cultivation. Most of them were about the level of third grade Battle-Maniac, therefore rightfully considered as the essential part of the Western Mystery Army.

Nonetheless, Bu Fang had no interest in this whatsoever. His goal was to join the Cooks' Army Unit and become a military chef. What he cared about most right now was completing the task as soon as possible and then obtaining the last fragment of the God of Cooking set.

As someone who owned the Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife, Bu Fang knew perfectly well how powerful was this God of Cooking set. Therefore, he held high expectations about the second item of the cooking set. If anything, this item would definitely advance his cooking skills tremendously, enabling him to make more delicious dishes.

Immersed in his own thoughts, Bu Fang became rather absent-minded. For a moment there, he didn't hear a thing Chief Liu just said.

He trailed behind Chief Liu and found himself walking for a long time. They eventually passed by the drill ground and arrived at a remote location in the mansion. This particular site was quite a mess, with tiny pieces of crushed stones scattered all over the ground.

Chief Liu, on the other hand, came to a halt. He turned around and peered at Bu Fang with a guile smile.

Bu Fang was caught by surprise. Why did the man suddenly stop?

He knitted his brows, scanning the desolate surrounding and the pavement full of crushed rocks. This was evidently not the army's registration center.

This Chief Liu… was up to no good.

A flurry of footsteps echoed in the air as a commotion suddenly stirred up. A swarm of roguish young men suddenly appeared behind Bu Fang.

These dark-skinned young lads stared at Bu Fang with mischievous looks.

"Hey, Chief Liu, you've got another idiot who wants to join the Western Mystery Army."

"Huh, look at his fine skin. He looks like the young master of some wealthy family."

"A spoiled young master from a rich family is perfect. He must have a lot of money on him. We may earn a lot this round!"

Noisy chatters rang in this seemingly discarded corner and reverberated through the air in a frightening sense.

Whitey, who had followed Bu Fang, raised its chubby palms and touched its bald head, with its robotic eyes flickering red.

Chief Liu curled his lips and narrowed his eyes at Bu Fang. He found a large stone, parted his legs and sat down, peering at Bu Fang calmly.

"Young man, it's not difficult to join the army. Just don't ever think you can rely on special privileges. Our Western Mystery Army is a genuine troop that does the real thing—slaughtering enemies and fighting for our lives on the battlefields. A spoiled young master like you can never bear such hardships. I am doing this for your own sake." Chief Liu threw a taunting look at Bu Fang.

"We are merely considering what is best for your personal safety. So… be a lamb and do as I say, fork over your money. We'll all have a laugh and then you can be on your way."

Chief Liu peered at Bu Fang with a trace of contempt in his eyes. He had seen his fair share of rich young men like Bu Fang, with their delicate skin and fair complexions. Obviously, this was also not their first swindle.

These rich kids were fragile and refined, and most likely had never seen real blood. To be honest, they could serve at most as cannon fodder, not only sacrificing themselves needlessly but also dragging down others in the army. Therefore, these pretty faces often failed to pass the usual selection test and resorted to paying kickbacks instead.

Once they passed through the disgraceful back door, they fell into Chief Liu's hands. When it came to easy targets as such, Chief Liu would never show any mercy. The heist must go on.

Bu Fang did not panic at all. Though he was encircled by a gang of rascal young men, he kept his cool. In fact, this incredibly calm composure erased the smirk off of Chief Liu's face.

Bu Fang scrunched his brows into a frown. He wasn't the least bit unsettled by this crowd of soldiers who merely had the cultivation of third grade Battle-Maniac. Even without Whitey's help, he could easily crush them in a heartbeat given his current cultivation level.

However, he was concerned with whether this Chief Liu could let him join the army, especially the Cooks' Army Unit. If not, he'd have to find another way. And that would be very bothersome.

"Are you pretending to be deaf? Didn't you hear what the chief just said, hurry up and take out your money!" A bald fellow suddenly glared his eyes. He dashed a few steps closer to Bu Fang and uttered maliciously through his clenched teeth.

Nonetheless, Bu Fang merely shot him a glance and continued to ignore him. He turned to Chief Liu and asked him calmly, "Can you arrange a position for me in the army?"

Chief Liu was taken aback, and so were the others. Then, they all cracked up.

The bald young soldier roared with laughter, staring at Bu Fang as if he were an idiot.

"Chief Liu, this is the dumbest one you've got so far. He's still thinking about joining the army despite the current circumstances…" The bald young man simply couldn't stop chortling.

It also took Chief Liu a while to stop laughing. Then, he goggled at Bu Fang and uttered, "Of course I can. But why would I? A useless young man from a rich family like you would only be dead weight to the army!"

"Uh… so you mean you're able to make the arrangement, right?" Bu Fang asked solemnly.

"Definitely. I'm the leader of a small division, after all. Making such arrangements… Wait a second, how does this concern you? Just turn over all your gold coins and get lost!" Chief Liu furrowed his brows and waved his hands dismissively.

That bald soldier immediately cracked his lips into a smile. He clenched his hands into fists, crackling his bones.

"You lad, be smart and listen to us. I have seen a lot of pale-faced gigolos like you… Hand over the gold coins and we might spare you the beating, otherwise…"

"Or what?" Bu Fang eyed this bald young man coldly.

"Or you take my punch!" The bald young lad didn't expect Bu Fang to have the guts to glare at him in a situation like this. He was badly outnumbered right now!

Reckless idiot! The bald young man snorted coldly and thrust his fist at Bu Fang's refined face. If there was one thing he hated, it was pale-faced gigolos more handsome than him!


However, the bald lad's face immediately froze upon realizing that his punch was blocked.

Long fingers and a warm palm grabbed the bald young man's fist, astonishing everyone nearby and sending shivers down their spines.

"What… Old Zhang's cultivation level is at third grade Battle-Maniac. How could his fist be caught by a pretty face without a trace of true energy on him?" Chief Liu's heart sank. He was getting a bad feeling about all this.


Bu Fang's complexion remained unflustered. Exerting only a slight force, he easily snapped broken the young man's arm. As he released his hand, the bald young man immediately crouched onto the floor, wailing miserably.


Bu Fang showed no mercy and aimed a good kick at the young man's chest. The latter was flung back for several meters, crashing into the pavement right before Chief Liu's feet.

The bald young man howled incessantly on the floor. Blood trickled out from his lips and his face looked awfully bruised.

The others immediately became enraged. They didn't anticipate a pale-faced gigolo, who had no true energy fluctuating in his body, to fight back. This move was an utter display of disrespect to them.

"Who told you to strike him back? Damn it! You're courting death!"

Another young man yelled at Bu Fang ferociously.

Bu Fang was so dumbstruck by these ridiculous words he suddenly found the situation amusing. So he wasn't allowed to strike back in defense? What kind of nonsense was that… These folks certainly had a bizarre sense of logic.

Turning around to peer at the hollering young man, Bu Fang shifted his body and gave him a kick as well. The fellow was immediately knocked onto the ground, struggling to breathe.

Chief Liu's eyes froze. Bu Fang's two simple strikes made him realize… that this pretty face had been properly trained!

However, before he could open his mouth, his gang had already charged toward Bu Fang out of fury.

Then, a domineering force of pressure surged out of the composed young lad.

That force of pressure…


Even Chief Liu fell down on all fours. His face paled… this force of pressure completely dissolved his courage to fight back.

This overwhelming force of true energy was incredibly daunting, one that was even stronger than that of their general.

This young man before their eyes… who on earth was he?

Why would someone like him who seeks to join the army… even need to resort to special privileges? What kind of sick joke was this?!

As Bu Fang emitted the force of a sixth grade Battle-Emperor, everyone nearby fell to their knees. Though Bu Fang did not have the most impressive combat capabilities, the pressure he emitted was authentically formidable.

"Whitey, strip them all and toss them out. Just leave behind the Chief since I still have some questions for him."

Bu Fang instructed calmly.

Whitey's mechanic eyes flashed red before dashing out like a gust of wind.

Swoosh, Rippp…

Alongside terrible screams and cries, bodies were flung from this discarded corner one after another and landed on the drill ground outside.

These fellows were all stripped clean and felt the cold breeze brushing against their lower bodies.

They picked themselves up, and with hands covering their private parts, fled hurriedly. They all glanced at Whitey as if it was some psychotic freak.

The fellow with the fractured arm was even more pathetic. He had to scurry away with only one hand covering himself as he wailed miserably.

Chief Liu was beyond petrified. He immediately knelt to the floor, his eyes filled with terror.

"Sen… Senior! I apologize wholeheartedly!" Chief Liu looked like he was about to burst into tears. The force of energy on this young man was totally different from that of the rich kids before. Someone like this seeking to pass through the back door… Wasn't he just there to toy with them?

Bu Fang approached Chief Liu and withdrew his pressure. He was extremely calm and unperturbed as he glanced down at Chief Liu, who was still on his knees.

"Since you said you can help me join the army, then make the arrangements… Consider it redemption for your earlier sins."

Bu Fang declared.

Chief Liu's heart skipped a beat, but he immediately patted his chest and made his promise. A strong warrior like the one before him was very much welcomed to the army. Heck, he might even be rewarded for referring someone as strong as Bu Fang.

Yet Bu Fang's following words caused his body to become stiff. He gaped with a mouth so wide open that an egg would fit inside.

"Alright… remember to assign me to the Cooks' Army Unit of the Western Mystery Army. As in the division with all the military chefs, understood?" Bu Fang gazed at Chief Liu and announced seriously.

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