Gourmet of Another World

Chapter 277: The Fall of Supreme-Being-Bodied Xia Yu!

Chapter 277: The Fall of Supreme-Being-Bodied Xia Yu!

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A talisman rocked in the air like a blinding ball of fire. Scorching heat and formidable energy fluctuated around the talisman, forming a massive magic array beyond the sky. A mystifying wave circulated and surged toward the store with vigor.

This was a very frightening wave of energy, one that instilled fear and desperation in the hearts of everyone in the Imperial City. The fluctuations were akin to a demon crawling out of the abyss, trying to engulf all, and hence deepening the dread in one's heart.

Ji Chengxue stared dully at the talisman shining like the blazing sun. Its glare hurt his eyes so much that they were overflowing with tears. However, he simply couldn't control his own body as he let the teardrops fall while breathing heavily. He was indeed suppressed by the force of that intimidating energy.

The tiny ball of fire began to emit a destructive force, filling one with hopelessness.

Even Bu Fang widened his eyes and drew in a deep breath.

"A spirit talisman created by a Supreme-Being? So that is a magic array… how terrifying!" Bu Fang's heart trembled heavily. A blast from the array exploded in the air like a bomb, and its destructibility frightened Bu Fang.

Magic arrays were nothing new to him, since he traveled through the system's transport array all the time. But this erupting magic array suddenly reminded Bu Fang of the military bombs from his previous lifetime. This was something that completely renewed his perceptions of magic arrays.

Bang Bang!!

Ripples spread from the exploding magic array. As they scattered, they set off strong rushes of wind.

Blacky narrowed its eyes, scanned the surrounding, and growled. He strode elegantly, strutting his signature catwalk, and rose from the back of the gigantic Flood Dragon. Then, he sauntered toward the exploding talisman that was glowing like a scorching sun.

The quavering talisman drew nearer Blacky, as the latter also casually strolled toward the former.

Blacky's fur flapped violently against the howling winds. He raised his delicate doggy paw as a cold white light flashed across his eyes. Then, it was as if the entire world was swept away and time was compressed into a single moment. A translucent shield appeared, confining the talisman within.

The energy of the talisman continued to be compressed until it was all pressed into a crystal ball. Its harsh glare was blinding to the naked eye.

Gently patting this smooth round talisman like a rubber ball, Blacky curled his mouth. Then, with a casual flung, tossed the ball away with his delicate paws. The glittering ball traveled like a stream of light, slitting through the sky as if a shooting star, and with a twinkle, disappeared into thin air.


Even those outside of the Imperial City could hear the loud explosion going off from afar. The grounds shook as a fine wisp of dark smoke rose up in the air.

Back on all fours down on the pavement, Blacky yawned and headed back to the store. He found a comfortable spot and lay down, no longer bothered to deal with anything else.

The nearby crowds were dumbstruck and astonished, shooting bewildered glances at the Lord Dog lying on the floor.

To start, everyone could clearly sense the terrifying energy of the spirit runes from earlier, and many even thought that their ends were near—in the sense of death by explosion. But this Lord Dog merely smacked away the spirit rune with a dainty paw.

There was still a dull look in Ji Chengxue's eyes, but alas he let out a sigh of relief, taking in the euphoria of barely escaping their doom.

Yet even amidst these happy sentiments, he realized his longing for more power and stronger warriors.

"If we have this kind of a formidable existence protecting the empire, why ever worry about any eighth grade War-Gods?!"

The father and son duo of the Xiao Family regarded Blacky with even more reverence. This was a Supreme Beast… an unrivaled Supreme Beast! Blacky had only intervened a few times before, yet none was as shocking as today. They had finally realized today the unimaginable powers of a Supreme Beast.

The sound of light footsteps echoed as Bu Fang sauntered out of the store, appearing completely unflustered.

He approached the humungous Flood Dragon, patted its lifeless body, and curled the corners of his mouth. Then, he proceeded to store the Flood Dragon's remains in the system's dimensional bag.

After finishing the task, Bu Fang clapped his hands contently. He twisted his head to look at the lingering crowds behind and retreated to the store.

"The store is open as usual. We welcome any customers." Bu Fang's cool voice rang and snapped everyone below out of their deep thoughts. But alas, nobody was in the mood to dine at this moment, and so they all bid goodbye to Bu Fang and left.

Not after long, the store became very empty.

Bu Fang wasn't terribly bothered by this. He cast a glance at Blacky, who was lying on the ground, then turned around and stepped into the kitchen.

Ji Chengxue returned to the Imperial Palace. Xiao Yue and Xiao Meng also arrived at the main halls.

Though Xiao Yue's recent breakthrough to seventh grade Battle-Saint was technically excellent news to the empire at this time, nobody felt any slight trace of cheerfulness after having experienced the battle just then.

Before that dreadful force of power, a seventh grade Battle-Saint was incompetent. Xiao Yue's own excitement about his breakthrough also vanished, leaving behind only a thirst for more strength.

Xia Yu, covered in blood, was fleeing away at full speed. His face was grave and his eyes were filled with terror.

Horrifying! Way too horrifying!

That black dog… What on earth was it? It actually disabled the explosion of a Supreme-Being's spirit rune. That was a spirit rune created by the Magic Array Supreme-Being!

It was a spirit rune that belonged to the Magic Array Supreme-Being of the Hidden Dragon Imperial Court. He managed to acquire one solely by a lucky coincidence and had deemed it his trump card ever since. Even an actual Supreme-Being could be beaten half to death by the rune's powers, yet that black dog…

Realizing this, Xia Yu's entire body trembled, not even a shred of hope or courage remained in his heart.

He suffered a huge loss this time. Not only did he waste his most precious Supreme Spirit Rune, he was also severely injured. His body was in so much pain that every muscle throbbed.

Like a blood red streak of light slitting across the sky, his figure sprinted out of the Imperial City.

Suddenly, his eyes froze as he peered afar. In a great distance, he noticed a storm of dust and smoke spinning toward him.

Perhaps these were people heading to the Imperial City. Xia Yu couldn't be bothered to deal with them now since he was badly hurt and needed to escape and recover.

Xia Yu never thought that the very people he planned to let pass would invoke him instead.

The line of wagons from below slowed down. Then, the sound of bowstrings being plucked blasted in the air. As the whistling continued, a pitch black arrow darted out at an unbelievable speed.

"Another one seeking for death!!"

Xia Yu was fuming. These ignorant, reckless folks from below dared to irk him!

Though he was heavily wounded, he was still the Great Elder of the Godly Temple of the Wildlands, not to mention a warrior whose physical body reached the level of a Supreme-Being. How could he remain unmoved at such a provocation?

With an angry howl, the bloody Xia Yu thrust a punch down below. It was as if the air was compressed. His strike crashed against the pitch black arrow with a loud smack.


After an explosion, the curtains to the wagon below suddenly moved. Out came a figure that dashed into the sky, stepping on clouds.

"What a surprise… We happened to encounter a warrior from the Godly Temple of the Wildlands. You seem to be… badly injured?"

A faint voice of mockery spread down from the sky. Xiao Yu's pupil shrank when he discovered the pitch-black arrow piercing through his shield of air and charging directly toward him. With a splatter, blood burst out as the arrow pierced his body!

A trace of terror flashed across Xia Yu's eyes. He peered toward the elder with an astonished face, feeling awfully distressed deep down.

"Half a Supreme-Being?!"

The hunched-back old man sneered derisively, his eyes instantly glistening, "Since you happened to bump into this old fellow… forget about ever leaving."

In a split second, another black arrow appeared in the elder's hands. It was as black as ink and emitted a chilled, gloomy energy. The old man plucked the bowstring, sending several arrows after Xia Yu. The arrows darted forward with a force of pressure that nearly stifled him.

Swoosh Swoosh!!

Forced to dodge the arrows under much pain, Xia Yu couldn't duck them all. After all, he was severely injured in his fight with Whitey. His body was hit by three more arrows. As blood splattered everywhere, he lost his balance and fell from the air.

Xia Yu bellowed loudly, not willing to accept this!

Another dark arrow darted forward, crackling like blazing flames, and pierced right through Xia Yu's head, killing him instantly.

The Great Elder of the Godly Temple of the Wildlands, the Supreme-Being-bodied Xia Yu, was no more.

The hunch-backed elder leaped down the sky and landed on his feet. He put away his black bow and walked over to Xia Yu's body with hands behind his back. A deep hole was created in the ground. Scattered rocks rolled around it.

The old man bent down and coughed, his force of energy fluctuating.

"True to the name of a warrior with the body of a Supreme-Being. If he weren't badly injured, killing him would be much more difficult." The Venerable Master chuckled softly. Then, he raised his hands and began to draw a bizarre magic array over Xia Yu's corpse.

"The corpse of a man with the body of a Supreme-Being… how delightful!" The Venerable Master looked ecstatic as a blood-red Labyrinth Array materialized.

As the magic array twisted and turned, a shrieking phantom spirit was physically pulled out of Xia Yu's dead body,

Xia Yu's phantom spirit seemed to be howling ferociously, but not a sound could be heard.

The old man licked his lips, groped for a spirit rune in his pocket, and used it to absorb Xia Yu's spiritual essence.

"Alas… We should hurry and retrieve the Departed Soul Orb. It is a semi-divine tool needed to preserve the spiritual essence. But for the semi-divine tool of our Shura Sect to be lost in this small empire… is quite unexpected." The Venerable Master sighed softly, and with the wave of his hand, stored away Xia Yu's corpse.

The corpse of a warrior with a Supreme-Being's body was certainly a rare and precious resource for the Shura Sect. It made perfectly good material for creating puppets for the sect.

The men in black nearby watched in awe as the Venerable Master returned to the wagon.

"Let's continue our journey. The destination is the Light Wind Empire. It's about time we take back what is rightfully ours."

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