Gourmet of Another World

Chapter 275: It's Obvious that Dragon Meat’s Sweet 'n' Sour Rib Will Be More Delicious

Chapter 275: It's Obvious that Dragon Meat’s Sweet 'n' Sour Rib Will Be More Delicious

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Although a Flood Dragon wasn't a true dragon, the blood of dragons flowed through its veins, so it would have a high position among spiritual beasts.

The Flood Dragon whose dark scales emitted a glittering glow flapped its wing and gave rise to a terrifying gale, then opened its mouth and emitted a deafening roar.

A Flood Dragon's appearance resembled that of a hideous big lizard with wings, and there was a huge difference between it and a true dragon, however, despite this, it was still one of the spiritual beasts at the top of the food chain.

The dragon's deafening roar resounded through the whole Imperial City, and caused all of the commoners in the capital to shiver and limp down to the ground while they tremblingly looked at the giant monster in the sky. For them, the arrival of such a fearsome creature to the capital was tantamount to its doom.

Bu Fang looked at the wild, giant, savage Flood Dragon, and his eyes slightly brightened and he couldn't help feeling excited. This giant lizard was..... unexpectedly, a Flood Dragon?

It was said that Flood Dragons' livers were quite delicious.

Xia Yu tightly grasped his steel lance in his hand and pointed it at Whitey. His eyes were full of excitement and he zealously looked at the store.

"Tyrant Brother! Raze this store!"

Xia Yu widely opened his eyes and bellowed before fiercely throwing his lance out, which went after Whitey while emitting a sharp whistling sound, accompanied by a sonic boom. He also instantly and abruptly burst out after it, shattering the tiles on the floor in his wake.

Whitey's eyes glittered as it waved his machete arm and chopped towards the oncoming Xia Yu.


A crisp sound echoed when the steel lance was sent flying away by Whitey's chop, however, it changed direction midway and returned back to Xia Yu's hands. The muscles on them abruptly bulged out as he held his lance and thrust it toward Whitey once again.

Both of them seemed to morph into two black shadows as they intertwined together and started another round of fighting.

All of the observers clearly noticed that Xia Yu's condition was worsening along with the passing of time. That was because he was just a human after all, and he couldn't sustain his peak state for a long period; precisely the reason why he summoned the savage Flood Dragon to help him.

However, to him, it was fine as long as he was stalling this thing which was possibly a supreme beast, because the others weren't a threat to his Flood Dragon, and everything would be destroyed under his Tyrant Brother's powerful draconic power.

When he thought of this, Xia Yu couldn't stop himself from laughing boldly and loudly, and along with it, his moves also became more and more terrifying as he sent blow after blow with a might comparable to Mount Tai.

However, if Xia Yu took a look at the complexion of the people in the store, he would definitely find out that something was amiss.

It was because the people in the store, including Owner Bu, weren't at all frightened, despite the fact that they faced a Flood Dragon at the peak of the eighth grade, and although many of them felt a little oppressed under its aura, there wasn't any fear or dread in their eyes. What appeared instead was a strange and amused gaze.

The Flood Dragon's scarlet eyes, which were as big as lanterns, rolled and looked into the store. Eighth grade spiritual beasts would already have become enlightened, and as Xia Yu's partner, it understood clearly what he wanted.

Destroying a store was a simple and easy task for an eighth grade Flood Dragon. It wouldn't be at all difficult for him to even move a hill if he was ordered to.

The Flood Dragon stretched its neck and ferociously roared at the store. Its dragon roar spread out like a ripple toward the store and oppressed it.


A ball of scarlet flame which seemed capable of igniting the void burst out from the Flood Dragon's mouth. This was the so-called the dragon's breath. It was a sort of innate ability which all spiritual beasts from the dragon race possessed.

Bang Bang!

The fire quickly spread out as if it was blocked by something. A slight trace of ruthlessness flashed through the Flood Dragon lantern-like eyes before it ferociously pounced toward the store and spouted out a waterfall-like torrent of scarlet dragon's breath.

That dragon's breath seemed to be able to burn down everything in its path, and many customers in the store weren't able to remain calm and unperturbed when they faced such a breath which was pouring down toward them like a raging river. Many of them were scared and fell to the ground.

Ji Chengxue was after all an emperor, so he was still able to remain calm and composed when he faced such a scene, although his face became deathly pale without any trace of blood in it.

This scarlet dragon's breath was the only thing filling his eyes and it made him feel how insignificant and weak he was, and he couldn't help but recall many helpless situations which he faced after he became an emperor, and which he lacked the strength to solve.

No matter if it was Zhao Musheng who once caused trouble at the emperor's funeral or the groups of seventh grade Battle-Saints and eighth grade War-Gods which appeared one after another after the news of the Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit appearance spread out, all of them made him clearly see through this world.

It was only experts who were truly... supreme!

The dragon's breath ferociously pounced toward them and gave rise to strong squalls of flames, which burned down many houses beside the store.

"Stupid lizard, don't spout your saliva toward this lord dog. Swallow it back!"

When that scarlet dragon's breath was just about to reach the store, a soft and slightly exasperated male voice resounded.

There was a small and negligible black dog standing before the store. This dog's mouth suddenly became immense and a deafening bark echoed from it, accompanied with a dreadful force.

All of the people were dumbstruck.

In the store, Ouyang Xiaoyi hid behind Bu Fang's back while her small flushed face excitedly looked at Blacky.

"Blacky will finally fight."

Although Blacky's bark was powerful and resounding, it seemed only funny and comical compared to the deafening dragon's roar. However, a scene which shocked the masses quickly unfolded out.

The dragon'a breath spouted by the Flood Dragon, which seemed capable of destroying the heavens and wiping the earth, unexpectedly stopped and like a reverse waterfall went back toward the Flood Dragon just because of such a simple bark.

After it suffered the brunt of its own dragon's breath, the giant Flood Dragon started fiercely flapping its wing and randomly waving its claws while unceasingly roaring. The unceasing sound of jeering and laughing immediately echoed out...

A faint smell of roasted meat spread around, along with a slight stink of something charred.

After the dragon's breath dissipated, the giant dragon reappeared, and the tyranny in its eyes was becoming denser and denser. Its head was almost roasted, and many of its scales were roasted until they fell off.

Suffering the brunt of its own dragon's breath... What kind of great humiliation was that?

Are those damned humans mocking this lord dragon?

They must die! They must die!

The savage Flood Dragon was utterly enraged. It shook the wings in its back and pounced toward the store. Since its dragon's breath couldn't burn it, then the dragon would directly destroy it!

This Flood Dragon which was as big as a hill could even destroy a mountain, let alone a small restaurant.

In another side, Xia Yu and Whitey's got caught in a stalemate, sparks were flying everywhere and rumbling sounds were unceasingly resounding and echoing in everyone's ears.

However, compared to their fight, the Flood Dragon whose body was as big as a hill and was rushing toward them seemed more oppressive, shocking and dreadful.


The dragon's body descended, and as the winds ferociously howled, the Flood Dragon's eyes burst out with a cruel glint... Be destroyed!

The Flood Dragon's ugly face was getting closer and closer, and they could even clearly smell the scent of the roasted parts in its head.

The customers with frail mind were already scared to the point of feeling their hearts rising up to their throat and all of them subconsciously closed their eyes.

However, even though they waited for a long while, they still didn't hear the sound of impact.

A sharp wind blew up Bu Fang's hair, who carelessly leaned against the door frame.

"Don't damage its corpse, the liver of an eight grade dragon is quite valuable... and its meat must be tasty." Bu Fang looked at what was before him, and the corners of his mouth rose up as he calmly said this.

All of the people were stunned for a while after hearing that, and when they raised their heads and saw what was before them, every single one of them widened their eyes.

The giant body of a Flood Dragon was before them, not budging at all.

There was a tiny figure standing above the head of the Flood Dragon, and it was only a small dot compared to the dragon's giant body.

Blacky floated mid-air and put its small and delicate front paws above the Flood Dragon giant face while it excitedly gazed at it.

"Who cares about the dragon liver... It's obvious that it's the Sweet 'n' Sour Rib made from dragon meat that will be the most delicious."

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