Gourmet of Another World

Chapter 265: I Don't Appreciate Anyone Questioning My Dish

Chapter 265: I Don't Appreciate Anyone Questioning My Dish

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The members of the Xiao Family peered at a dish very much similar to the Dragon River Vinegar Fish. They shared surprised looks, lowered their heads, and whispered in each others' ears.

Though this dish smelled fabulous, in fact, emanating the best aroma they had ever come across, and despite that this fish contained a high level of spirit essence… it was still merely a plate of Dragon River Vinegar Fish. It was something that easily appeared on their dining tables everyday.

Everyone in the Southern City was familiar with the Dragon River Vinegar Fish, yet none had ever heard of its healing properties or ability to treat poison… This was something completely beyond their comprehension, effectively renewing their understanding of Dragon River Vinegar Fish.

Bu Fang easily ignored their skepticism toward his Blood Crown Intoxicating Demonic Fish. From Bu Fang's perspective… they simply had no grounds to challenge him. They certainly had no idea how pricey this dish actually was, nor have they tasted it yet. What right did they have to stand there and talk rubbish?

Therefore, Bu Fang retained his composure and merely took in everyone's reactions. Unflustered, he pulled over a chair and sat down, leaning against the back in a relaxed manner.

Lin Qin'Er obviously knew much more about cooking than the rest of the Xiao Family. She was different from them in that she had been cooking under the influence of her parents ever since a young age. Her best dish was the Pan-Fried Pork Bun, a well-known authentic speciality dish of the Southern City.

Only she knew why out of some many competing Pan-Fried Pork Buns, hers was deemed the most authentic gourmet delicacy.

She had a rather fragile body and terrible lack of cultivation talent. In fact, she was only able to reach the echelon of second grade Battle-Master by consuming countless elixirs of the Xiao Family. Even then, only her cultivation level had advanced, as no further improvements to her physical condition could be seen.

Facing this dish akin to Dragon River Vinegar Fish, Lin Qin'Er face became incredibly solemn. This was the first time she had ever seen a dish so rich with spirit energy. It filled her eyes with amazement.

Though this dish looked quite similar to Dragon River Vinegar Fish on the outside, Lin Qin'Er knew very well that there was a whole world of difference between the two dishes. In fact, this was not something the average Dragon River Vinegar Fish could compete with.

With a grave expression, she carefully accepted the pair of silver chopsticks handed to her by a servant. Then, she extended the chopsticks into the steaming hot fish.

With a yank, the fish meat immediately spread open, releasing a new wave of fragrance that was buried beneath. It made one feel like bathing in a river of rich milk.

Those in the Xiao Family were simply intoxicated by such a refreshing, pure scent that filled their hearts with a faint sweetness.

She carefully picked up a piece of fish. The snowy white flesh was dipped in a dark auburn sauce, which was so viscous that one could pull out thin threads with a light pluck.

The fish meat quivered gently, white and glossy, as hot mists rose from it. The dense sauce emitted an intriguing scent of sourness. Simply smelling it forced people to gulp down their saliva.

Xiao Keyun also widened his eyes, a trace of eagerness sweeping across his frail complexion. He smacked his lips as he stared at the piece of fish Lin Qin'Er was sending his way.

"Be careful, it's hot."

Lin Qin'Er reminded him softly. A hand of hers hovered under the fish, lest it accidentally slip and fall onto the floor.

One bite of the fish and Xiao Keyun's taste buds were electrified by the tart flavor. It was as if his entire tongue was enveloped by the sauce. His body shivered as an indescribable sensation of satisfaction surged through him.

When the sourness had faded, the rich, milky fragrance of the fish meat then blossomed in his heart. It refreshed his mind, making him feel like a warm stream had melted in his mouth and glided down his stomach to purify his body.

"This… this fish…" Xiao Keyun's heart trembled as he detected a strong, tempestuous force of spirit energy, along with rich waves of true energy, that suddenly burst inside his body.

"This is the finest piece of fish meat from the seventh grade spirit beast that had bombarded the Southern City earlier… Owner Bu was so kind as to put it to use for this dish. Since that part was never contaminated by the poison, perhaps it may be of help in treating Uncle's conditions." Xiao Yanyu explained this with a smile hanging from the corners of her mouth.

The troublesome seventh grade spirit beast that had attacked the Southern City… this piece of news was like a grenade thrown into the hearts of the Xiao Family members. It basically blew their minds.

"That meat belongs to a seventh grade spirit beast! Besides, it is the finest piece… the price is unimaginable!"

"Oh my god! The Second Master has eaten the flesh of a seventh grade spirit fish!"

Everyone in Xiao Family suddenly became sorely envious as they directed their gazes at the Bloody Crown Intoxicating Demonic Fish. Gone was the indifference and doubts, they were now overwhelmed with jealousy, desire, rapacity, and more.

They were truly envious. Who could get the chance to eat the flesh of a seventh grade spirit beast? Beasts like those were so removed from their lives that it was nearly impossible to encounter one, let alone devour it.

Lin Qin'Er felt her heart tremble. Although she already had her speculations, it still came as a shock when she learned the true value of this fish.

Xiao Keyun was also dumbstruck. He had never expected this piece of fish to belong to a rare seventh grade spirit beast. No wonder it tasted so out of the ordinary.

Considering this, Xiao Keyun couldn't help but stick out his tongue to lick his lips.

Bu Fang leaned against a chair and observed them calmly. He curled his lips. This dish didn't just contain the flesh of a seventh grade Demonic Fish. As for the other spirit herbs, in addition to the Blood Crown of another seventh grade spirit beast, the Black Swamp Boa… they were all incredibly precious ingredients.

Yet, Bu Fang didn't offer any more explanations. He couldn't be bothered to waste time on this group of people.

Under the support of Lin Qin'Er, Xiao Keyun finally finished the entire plate of fish. The other members of the Xiao family stood around in utter jealousy.

This was especially the case for Xiao Kecheng, who had eyes burning with the flames of envy. It was such a rare gourmet delicacy… Why couldn't he be the one eating it?!

Xiao Keyun began to feel somewhat dizzy. He had eaten the entire portion of fish and now both the spirit energy and doses of medicine began to take effect, bursting within his body. He felt like his entire body was drenched in a warm liquid, within which were microscopic creatures that gushed into his pores.


Xiao Keyun's face instantly flushed red, with his eyes bloodshot. After a wretched wail, he began to sense tens of thousands shots of pain spreading through his body, as if being constantly pricked by needles.

With a thump, Xiao Keyun collapsed onto the ground and curled into a ball. The throbbing pain tortured his mind. It was simply unbearable.

Xiao Keyun's reaction drained the color from everyone else's cheeks. The other Xiao Family members widened their eyes in horror when they observed his absolute misery.

The chopsticks in Lin Qin'Er's hand fell to the floor as she become angst. Seeing her husband suffer like this sent searing pain up her own heart.

"Young Master Bu… what is happening? My husband… what is wrong with him?!" Lin Qin'Er eyes welled up as she looked toward Bu Fang.

"Humph… Perhaps this dish is poisonous. More toxin is entering his bloodstream now that brother has eaten it!" A trace of delight quickly flickered across Xiao Kecheng's eyes upon witnessing Xiao Keyun's dreary state. Thereafter, he quickly masked it with a face of unease and sadness.

The crowd became instantly agitated once they heard this remark. Their gazes toward Bu Fang at this point was no longer as friendly as before.

Sensing the others' change in attitude, Xiao Yanyu immediately knitted her brows, as a sense of displeasure creeped into her heart.

Bu Fang remained unperturbed as he continued leaning on the chair. Xiao Keyun's behaviors were within his expectations. Now, if he had absolutely no reactions after eating the Blood Crown Intoxicating Demonic Fish, that would be something to worry about.

This Blood Crown Intoxicating Demonic Fish consisted of the flesh of a seventh grade Demonic Fish, a seventh grade blood crown, and more than tens of rare spirit herbs. It contained a rich concentration of spirit energy and spirit essence. Yet, all of these energies were compressed within the flesh of the fish. Once the food hit Xiao Keyun's stomach, everything burst forth.

It was as if a bomb of spirit energy had exploded within his body. If nothing had happened… then it would be a real problem.

As for the attitudes of the Xiao Family members, Bu Fang couldn't care less. Or more precisely, he simply didn't take these folks seriously, let alone worry about their opinions.

However, Bu Fang detested Xiao Kecheng's mindless babbles. He was already on Bu Fang's wrong side, and now he was trying to stir up more trouble with his talks of rubbish. At this point, Bu Fang was clearly fed up.

"I poisoned him even more? What? You have a problem?"

Bu Fang ignored Lin Qin'Er's teary eyes, especially since they would see the effects of the dish soon enough.

His gaze landed directly on Xiao Kecheng, causing the latter to tremble with fear.

"What… what do you want? This is the Xiao household… don't even think about acting recklessly!" The muscles on Xiao Kecheng's face shivered. This man before his eyes was a formidable existence, powerful enough to defeat a seventh grade Demonic Fish. If the young man wanted to make things difficult for him… this thought struck him as extremely frightening.

"I don't appreciate anyone questioning my dish. Poisoning him even more heh… I'll have to say I feel very uncomfortable hearing that," Bu Fang uttered coolly.

"Could… could I be wrong about that? Just look at my brother… he seems to be in even more pain than before!" Xiao Kecheng tried to act tough with a firm voice and stern tone. However, he still felt somewhat self-assured since Xiao Keyun looked more miserable than earlier.

Bu Fang twisted the corners of his mouth, sneered coldly, and then patted Whitey's belly. He really couldn't be bothered to speak another word to Xiao Kecheng. And plus, he didn't need to explain himself. Who did this Xiao Kecheng think he was.

"Strip him and throw him out. It vexes me to even look at him."

Bu Fang ordered Whitey calmly.

Everyone in the Xiao household was taken back. Even Xiao Yanyu found it amusing… Owner Bu, you're being mischievous again.

Whitey's mechanic eyes sparkled faintly as they glanced at Bu Fang. Then, a robotic voice rang in the air: "Troublemaker, you will be stripped as an example to others."

What? What was that?!

Xiao Kecheng gaped fearfully as Whitey approached him one step at a time. He felt all the hairs on his body stand on their ends. With his arms blocking his chest, he began to shout in protest.

When it came to Whitey, nobody in the Xiao Family dared to do anything. The image of Whitey slaying the five Battle-Emperors constantly flashed across their minds, basically indelible. To fight against this slaughtering machine for Xiao Kecheng was preposterous… how would he ever be worth the risk?!


Under the shocked glances of the Xiao Family members, Whitey grabbed Xiao Kecheng's body and flung him away casually. Then, a crispy sound echoed in everyone's ears.

A naked body twirled in the air, making a full circle, and was then heavily tossed out of the kitchen, causing a pool of dust to shoot up.

"Agh!! You bastard…" Xiao Kecheng was simply furious. He picked himself up and hurriedly covered his private parts. Flames nearly shot out of his eyes.

Yet, Whitey was standing right by the kitchen doors. Its mechanic eyes flashed red and scanned his entire body.

Xiao Kecheng's body immediately stiffened, as if the burning flames of fury were put out by a basin of cold water.

Without another word, he turned around and rushed off. And hence one could see him dashing under the sunset with his private parts covered.

Bu Fang had already become quite acquainted with scenes like this. Let's not kid ourselves, just how many people have Whitey stripped already…?

Bu Fang studied Xiao Keyun, who was writhing about in pain on the floor. He arched his eyebrows as his eyes suddenly brightened.

"It's… about time."

In the very next moment, a reeking stench spread from Xiao Keyun's body. Grey-black grains of seeds then appeared above him.

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