Gourmet of Another World

Chapter 260: An Unavoidable Battle

Chapter 260: An Unavoidable Battle

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The black tiled roof instantly crumbled, and the aura emanating from Whitey abruptly changed to an eerie purple, which flickered with a radiance that made one feel numb all over.

Xiao Yanyu nearly lost her balance from the crumbling of the roof, so she pulled Xiao Yu and swiftly moved onto another roof. Her eyes gravely looked at Whitey's appearance.

"What the hell? Why is senior's puppet... Why does it seem different?" Xiao Yu blankly watched as Whitey sped away. His face was incredulous.

Xiao Yanyu glanced at him. Then she calmly replied, "You will soon know why Owner Bu says you can't afford to keep Whitey...."

How terrifying was Whitey? She, who personally experienced it, was quite clear about it. At that time, she had been injured by the mere shockwaves from Whitey's fighting. One should not be fooled by Whitey's chubby and cute appearance; when it started fighting, it could even defeat an eighth grade War-God.

The two purple light beams that seemed to split the skies passed by with a screech, leaving a sonic boom trailing in their wake.

Bu Fang slumped down to the ground, gasping for breath. At this moment, he had almost exhausted all of the true energy in his body. He helplessly strove hard to squeeze out some true energy from his dantian which was was strenuously revolving to nourish his depleted meridians.

After losing the support of his true energy, the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife returned to the mark on his wrist in a wisp of green smoke.

Bu Fang's lips curled slightly as he looked at the giant corpse of the Burst-Dragon Demonic Fish.

In the far distance, there were five figures clad in black robes and black bamboo hats moving extremely quickly. Their aura and cultivation were extremely powerful; all of them had reached the level of a sixth grade Battle-Emperor.

"The Burst-Dragon Demonic fish has been beheaded. The mission to throw Southern City into a state of disorder has failed. If we return back like this...the High Priest would punish us for sure. Capture that youth who spoiled our plans. Regardless of life and death... we have to explain it clearly to the High Priest."

A hoarse voice cried out. Voices of acknowledgement followed in succession.

The five figures were like five pitch-black longswords as they streaked across that empty space. They were aiming for Bu Fang. From their bodies, an obvious killing intent was spreading.

Their killing intent rose when it came to Bu Fang, who showed up when they were halfway into their plans. They even used their last berserk pill, but unexpectedly, the seventh grade Demonic Fish was still slaughtered by this youth. Naturally, they did not intend to show any mercy to those who spoiled their plans.

"Take advantage of the fact that he's still frail. Kill him!"

Boom! The leading person pulled his pitch-black archbow to its fullest. True energy fluctuated from the pitch-black arrow, surrounding the bow. Just as he released his hand, the long arrow whistled out.

The others also brandished their weapons one after another as they came attacking.

The experts in Southern City finally reacted, but it was too late. The pitch-black arrow, which brought along a dreadful fluctuation, had already been shot towards the extremely frail Bu Fang's body.

The enormous strength and dreadful fluctuation that had been accumulated inside the arrow was sufficient to destroy Bu Fang with an explosion!

"Damn it! Who are you people!"

Fury was in the eyes of the experts in Southern City; they bellowed out in rage.

However, the five people did not pay any attention to the Southern City experts. Their target was still Bu Fang.

Bu Fang pricked up his eyebrows, somewhat astonished. This group of people had to be the ones who were manipulating that Burst-Dragon Demonic Fish from behind the scenes. Seeing as the fish now laid dead by his hands, had they finally lost their patience?

Bu Fang exhaled lightly as his lips curled slightly.


Two rays of purple brilliance descended from the sky. In an instant, it stood in front of Bu Fang.

That speeding pitch-black arrow directly collided with the purple brilliance. There was an enormous explosion!

Dust and smoke rampaged, bringing along a whizzing wild breeze.

As the wild breeze messed up his hair, Bu fang got up. He looked very calmly at the five people in the distance.

After the dust and smoke dispersed, a plump white figure appeared. There was inexhaustible killing intent in those purple mechanical eyes, causing anyone who looked into its brilliance to be overwhelmed by fear.

Bu Fang patted Whitey's plump belly. His eyes were icy-cold. He turned around wordlessly and started to size up the enormous Demonic Fish's body.

Whitey twisted its body. Immediately, the debris beneath its leg swirled into the air. Whitey's originally slow-moving body then burst forth with a tyrannical speed. In an instant, it was next to the five people.

"Sensing killing intent toward the host. Exterminate!"

A fist smashed the nearest person. At this moment, even though Whitey was just a mechanical puppet with a small size, its battle might was not weak. At least, when it came to dealing with War-God experts, it was not a problem at all.


Face with Whitey's oppressive fist, the figure wielding a longsword was sent flying straightaway. Under the force of this fist, the longsword on its hand was bent into a shape resembling a circular fist.

"Eliminate that thing!" Five Battle-Emperors bellowed in rage.

Pitch-black true energy seethed from their bodies. One after another, formidable might exploded out. Every one of their moves were infused with true energy, as if they wanted to bombard Whitey with attacks.

QHowever, it didn't harm Whitey at all.

Whitey remained intact. It slapped down, snapping the leading person's bow into many pieces.

Bang Bang Bang!

Five human shadows were pounded into the skies in succession. They slammed into the city walls, making huge dents on the walls.

The conical bamboo hat on their heads shattered into small pieces, revealing their pale faces. Their faces were pale to the point that they looked somewhat strange. There was not any slightest hint of rosiness to it.

This group of people evidently did not foresee Whitey's formidable prowess. There were traces of inconceivability in their eyes. That mechanical puppet standing loftily at the scene was like an undefeatable demon god.

"What kind of monster is this? And who is that youth... When did such a formidable person appear in Southern City? Why did we not receive any intelligence about this?" A human shadow vomited a mouthful of blood and said maliciously.

The others were also perplexed by it, but that did not last long. The few of them took out a pitch-black jade bottle one after another. The jade bottle gleamed as they poured out a few pills.

The five of them did not bear the slightest degree of hesitation as they consumed the pill.

After they consumed the pill, the five humans' shadow energy started to rise once again; they almost broke through to the threshold of a Battle-Saint.

"Who cares who he is. Regardless of who obstructs us, we still must complete the mission the High Priest gave us….. Even if we have to die, we must not retreat!"

The five people's eyes turned scarlet-red completely, like frantic beasts. Their energies erupted as they rushed to attack Whitey.

Whitey's purple eyes did not have any bit of mercy as its killing intent sprung up. Subsequently, its mechanical hand moved and turned into a huge machete.

Its body abruptly turned and disappeared from its original spot.

Plop. Blood splattered as a person was beheaded by Whitey's machete. His body rushed forward for a few steps, and eventually fell limply to the ground.

At a distant location, everyone trembled all over.

Holy mother. This... why was this white puppet so strong? When it started to slaughter people, it did not have any slightest degree of hesitation. That chop... it practically made Xiao Yu feel that his own neck had somewhat turned frigid.

Originally, everyone thought that a small fight was going to take place, but in the end, it made them somewhat dumbfounded.

Because the battle at the scene had completely turned into a one-sided massacre.

Whitey had executed the merciless massacre... of those five people.


On top of a large vesseldoo, in the vast ocean.

Ji Chengyu's abrupt, unrestrained and unruly laughter echoed in all directions.

Lian Fu pinched his thumb and middle finger together as his eyes crinkled. The tip of his foot touched the small boat. His figure unexpectedly floated up like a feather as he treaded on nothing.

A longsword appeared in his hand. The body of the longsword was emitting a very cold shriek.

"This is the Black Firmament Sword the emperor had bestowed upon me. I had always been unwilling to use it... Today, I will use this sword to escort you, King Yu, back," Lian Fu said coldly. The sharp voice had practically become hoarse.

Ji Chengyu's laughter came to an end as he raised his head suddenly. His eyes were saturated with brutalness and unwillingness.

"Escort me back? Chief Chamberlain Lian, don't you think you are a bit too confident in your own abilities?" Ji Chengyu unhurriedly unbuttoned the cloak on his shoulders. The red cloak fell to the ground with a crash.

Subsequently, as Lian Fu still gazed over, Ji Chengyu's energy unexpectedly started to rise little by little.

The corner of Zhao Ruge's mouth raised as he floated his way out. He contracted his pupils and looked at Ji Chengyu, whose energy kept rising.

The current Ji Chengyu was no longer the former Ji Chengyu...


"Battle-Saint realm, I had always wanted to experience its prowess. Chief Chamberlain Lian, you'd better not disappoint me!"

Ji Chengyu strode out. Unexpectedly, he was also floating by himself and treaded on the air. It was as if his entire being had turned into a senior demon god from ancient times. The energy he emitted was extremely fierce and powerful.

The current Ji Chengyu with his cultivation sealed had already broken through the seal and unexpectedly stepped into the Battle-Saint realm in one go? How was this possible... Just how long had it been!

Lian Fu's pupils shrank as his spirit trembled.

King Yu waved his large hand, laughing wildly. A long halberd appeared in his hand as he grabbed it tightly. His true energy revolved as a pitch-black energy spread out from his arm.

The long halberd brandished out. Its frightening, oppressive might caused Lian Fu's mind to shudder.

"Die!" Ji Chengyu shouted in fury.

Holding onto his long halberd, his entire entity stepped down. The ocean waves convulsed as he charged toward Lian Fu.

Holding onto his longsword and pinching his thumb and middle finger, Lian Fu sighed lightly. His white hair whirled as he thrusted up to the vast sky.

This battle... in the end, it was still unavoidable.

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