Gourmet of Another World

Chapter 258: A Blade to Kill a Demonic Fish

Chapter 258: A Blade to Kill a Demonic Fish

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Xiao Kecheng was ranked third in the Xiao Family. His status actually didn't hold much value in the family because they had Xiao Meng and Xiao Keyun… His status had long been compressed to an inch by the other two's radiance.

His business acumen could not be compared to Xiao Keyun's and his cultivation could not be compared to Xiao Meng's. It could be said that he had always been in an awkward situation in Xiao Family, but at the same time… he was also someone who harbored a lot of ambitions.

When he saw that the Demonic Fish's enormous claws were about to flatten Xiao Keyun into a meat patty, his heart did not feel the slightest twinge of sorrow a relative should feel. Instead, boundless excitement coursed through his whole body like rushing water.

"If Xiao Keyun dies… Southern City's Xiao Family's successor will be me!" Excitement was clear in Xiao Kecheng's eyes.

He did not pay any attention to Bu Fang, who was galloping out. Wasn't that youth the same age as Xiao Yanyu? How could he possibly stand up to the claw of a seventh grade Demonic Fish? Who did he think he was? Even Xiao Meng was only a Battle-King when he was at Xiao Yanyu's age.

Therefore, he displayed a look of mockery, jeering at Bu Fang for overestimating his capabilities and looking for death himself.

Xiao Yanyu's heart shivered. She had hoped that Boss Bu would make a move but she did not want anything to happen to him… It had never occurred to her that Bu Fang would personally charge out. Did he not realize how frightening that Demonic Fish was? It wasn't like he was a human version of Whitey....

Bu Fang's figure moved at lightning speeds. True energy erupted from the bottom of his feet as he shattered the roof tiles.

It was like his entire being had turned into a black thread. In an instant, he sped off, streaking across the void with a grave and stern expression.

The atmosphere seemed to have turned somewhat stifling and oppressive at this very moment.

Green smoke curled up from Bu Fang's hand. Subsequently, his pupils contracted as he inhaled a deep breath.

Xiao Keyun could no longer bear it and released a miserable howl. The flesh on his body started to rot rapidly, producing a pungent rotting stench… The smell caused Bu Fang, who was gradually drawing near, to frown as he felt a sense of familiarity from it.


A loud sound resonated. Along with the violent vibration on the ground, the river water rose into towering waves as it surged forward like a torrential tide.

Everyone felt that their spirits weakened as they suddenly gazed at the spot Xiao Keyun was at. At this moment… the location had already been shrouded by the large claw covered in glistening fish scales.

Xiao Yanyu's complexion turned deathly pale. Was it going to end like that...

Xiao Yu had already fallen onto the ground weakly. There was not a slightest hint of color on his face. His father… was he really going to be turned into mincemeat by that monster?!

Down below, amassed the Xiao Family's members. Other than Xiao Kecheng who looked vaguely excited, everyone else was drowned in sorrow. Lin Qin'Er clutched her chest as her lips turned ghastly pale. Her eyes rolled up and she fainted.

Her frail body was incapable of bearing the immense sorrow of watching her husband get turned into mincemeat in front of her.


The scarlet red eyes of the Burst-Dragon Demonic Fish rumbled. Its gaze landed on the claw it had used to crush the ant. Traces of puzzlement emerged in its scarlet-red eyes.

All of a sudden, an acute pain brought its heart into a frenzy of thundering heartbeats. The pain was unbearable, causing it to bellow out.

A ray of bright golden radiance suddenly burst out from under its claw. One after another, a multitude of light beams emerged like a blossoming lotus.


A crisp sound transmitted to everyone's ears. Everyone's heart shuddered as their eyes shrank slightly. Their mouths gapped slightly as they looked at the distant spot in disbelief.

Not long after the Burst-Dragon Demonic Fish bawled miserably, its claw shattered!

A violent breeze whizzed past. The scarlet-red blood gushed down everywhere as if there was a rainstorm.

A figure carrying a large golden kitchen knife stood on the ground loftily. The hairband fell apart as his hair fluttered about messily.

Bu Fang was expressionless as he gripped onto the handle of the Golden Dragon Kitchen Knife with both hands. There was an intense brilliant flicker on top of the glowing knife. The misty radiance sprinkled down as it enveloped his body.

The blood came crashing down but every drop was warded off.

Under the torrent of blood, Bu Fang's figure still looked very clean, as if he was a proud lotus, tranquil and elegant.

Xiao Keyun's miserable bawl was unchanged and unceasing. The bloody rain doused his entire body, turning him into a bloody human.

The strong reeking of blood was infused with the rotting stench from Xiao Keyun's body.

However, at this very moment, everyone's attention was not on Xiao Keyun, but on the youth gripping onto his kitchen knife who was not dyed red despite the fact that he was standing in the middle of the bloody rain.

A slash…

"Just a slash, and he cut off the claw of the Burst-Dragon Demonic Fish… The animal's defence is so terrifying and yet it seemed almost like paper mache then! Unable to block a single slash! Simply frightful!"

All the Battle-Emperors' mouths started to tremble as their eyes tightened. They were filled with astonishment.

They were very clear on how hard the defense of that demonic fish was. After all, they had assembled ten Battle-Emperor experts to attack it and they had only managed to leave a dent on that beast's head. But this youth had used a kitchen knife to chop off that demonic fish's claw!


All the Battle-Emperor experts felt their bodies vibrate as their blood started to boil!

A Battle-Emperor who had a relatively good relation with Xiao Keyun sped down, landing beside him, who was still bawling miserably. He pulled him away.

The battle that was about to happen… a battle that was definitely going to be a challenging yet exciting battle!

"Sister Yanyu! Senior is fine! Senior is still alive, so is my dad!!"

Xiao Yu's eyes of despair suddenly blossomed into unlimited luster. He started to hop on the rooftop, pointing into the distance as he shouted loudly. He was extremely excited.

Xiao Yanyu was also taken aback. She looked over and saw a scene that was extremely difficult for her to forget.

In the midst of the bloodstorm, Owner Bu held onto a kitchen knife with an indifferent expression. No matter how scary that towering fish was, it was not able to bring any fear to Bu Fang.

"Handsome! Senior is simply too awesome!! So cool!"

Xiao Yu danced, gesturing in his joy, and couldn't sit still at all.

Everyone in the Xiao Family was also taken aback. Subsequently, one after another, they sucked in cold air and displayed a happy smile. Xiao Keyun was saved… He was fine!

Xiao Kecheng was as ugly as if he had constipation. His mouth was trembling. He had no idea what should he say. Perhaps, regardless of what he said, it would be useless… A moment ago, he was still mocking Bu Fang for overestimating his own capabilities. The next moment, Bu Fang used a knife and chopped off the Burst-Dragon Demonic Fish's claw effortlessly. Wasn't this just a a tight slap to his face?

Luckily, there were not many who saw his mocking look. Otherwise, it would be even more awkward for him.

"That damn guy… Why must he be so intrusive and meddle into someone else's business!" Xiao Kecheng was angered as he clenched his fist.

Xiao Keyun did not die. His status in Xiao Family would still be the same as before.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh!!

One after another, the Battle-Emperors retreated and landed a distance away. They looked at the scene in excitement. They were looking forward to the battle that was going to take place.

Yet, at the next moment, something happened, which caused them to be even more dumbstruck!

They saw the Burst-Dragon Demonic Fish who got its claw chopped off withdraw a step as it snarled at Bu Fang with a mouth filled with sharp teeth.

Bu Fang narrowed his eyes and held onto his Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife single-handedly. He swept it out and pointed it toward the fish.

The snarl the demonic fish issued immediately got stuck. Its eyeball started to revolve incessantly. Within the madness, there were traces of terror.

Bu Fang circulated the energy in his body, causing true energy to burst forth as it infused into the Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife.

The radiance of the kitchen knife got even richer and the pressure pervading the atmosphere had also gotten even more frightening.


Under the mighty pressure of the frightening kitchen knife, it looked like the somewhat berserked Burst-Dragon Demonic Fish had recovered a little of its intellect as it had actually started to retreat incessantly. As its enormous tail continued to sway, its eyes were filled with fear.

Draconic might! That was draconic might!

While its draconic bloodlines were thin, it was still an undeniable fact that it possessed a tinge of dragon blood. Furthermore, along with the increase of Bu Fang's cultivation, the Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife's suppressing ability toward the spirit beast had become even more formidable.

As it was able to mature to seventh grade, this fish was not foolish. Previously, its wisdom had been affected by a peculiar strength, which caused it to sink into a frenzy. And at this moment, under the draconic might, it was as if it had been thrown into the bottom of an ice sea; it turned clear-headed within a short while.

Outside Southern City.

The five shadows' faces were filled with expressions of disbelief under their veils. Who exactly was that person? How did he make the seventh grade spirit beast cower!?

"Damn it! Make this beast run wild! What's there to be afraid of?!"

A shadow cursed hoarsely in rage and a pitch-back archbow appeared in his hand. He bent and pulled the string of the bow. Beside him, two shadows took out their black jade bottle, poured out a few granules and placed it on the arrowhead.

Then, as he laughed insolently, the shadow released the fully drawn bow.

A humming resonated with a lacerating sound in tow.

An arrow hurtled past, piercing the back of the cowering Burst-Dragon Demonic Fish.


Beneath the draconic might of the Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife, the eyes of the Burst-Dragon Demonic Fish had unexpectedly turned red once again as it released a yell that penetrated through Southern City.

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