Gourmet of Another World

Chapter 252: Burst-Dragon Demonic Fish Hit the Southern City

Chapter 252: Burst-Dragon Demonic Fish Hit the Southern City

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An ear-splitting growl, both ferocious and monstrous, rolled alongside the waves that slapped against the river bank. A tempestuous flood of vapor surged through the city gates and into the hearts of the Southern City residents, bringing with it a pungent smell.

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh!

The warriors guarding Southern City put on their armors and rushed through the gates one after another. They were headed for the outskirts of the city, wearing grave expressions on their faces.

"There's a monster! Run for your lives!"

"A gigantic monster fish that feasts on human flesh!"

"Dragon! Is this the furious dragon of the Dragon River?!"


The crowds, ruffled and unnerved, began shrieking dreadfully. With looks of terrors stamped across their faces, people ran wildly toward all directions. This made it impossible for the guards to keep order, and alas, complete mayhem had broken out in the city.

As Bu Fang and Xiao Yanyu walked along the streets, both guards and horrified residents of the city continued to rush past them.


An ear-piercing howl pierced through the air, followed by incessant explosions of true energy. The steel gates to the city were gradually lifted upwards. These gates, originally linked to a bridge, were now heaved up to block the entire entrance. This served to prevent the gigantic monster from entering the city.

Bang Bang!

Towering waves surged to the skies, nearly flooding through the city walls. Drops of ice-cold water had already seeped through the cracks of the city gates.

Despite Bu Fang and Xiao Yanyu's wish to continue forth, they were abruptly stopped by the guards. Bu Fang wrinkled his brows as Xiao Yanyu opened her mouth, about to say something, when a huge pack of people rushed toward them.

"Yanyu, there you are! It's very dangerous outside, come back to Xiao's Quarter with us immediately."

The leader of this group was a middle-aged man dressed in magnificent silken robes. He had a long beard and stood with his hands behind his back. Upon seeing Xiao Yanyu, he finally broke into a relieved smile and shouted out these words.

There were more people standing behind this middle-aged man and they all seemed to belong to the Xiao family. They wore luxurious clothing and waves of true energy faintly circulated around their bodies.

The maid who Xiao Yanyu had sent back earlier was also standing amongst the crowd with sunken shoulders.

"Xiao Kecheng, do you know what's going on outside?" Instead of answering to the middle-aged man, she sent another question his way.

Xiao Kecheng, the middle-aged man himself, was instantly taken aback. He peered beyond the city gates and twitched his mouth. "A spirit beast from the Boundless Ocean must have accidentally slipped in through the rivers of its channel. This is not a rare phenomenon in the Southern City, only this time the beast is much more terrorizing."

No sooner had he uttered these words than a booming blast erupted by the steel gates.


It was as if some enormous creature was trashing against the other side of the city gates. The gates creaked, intolerable to such forceful blows. Then, icy streams of water gushed into the city.

Xiao Kecheng's heart instantly skipped a beat as his face darkened.

"Judging by its degree of power, might it be a seventh grade spirit beast? But if it is a seventh grade beast, how could the guards at the seaport let it slip by? Even a blind man could notice something this huge in size!" Xiao Yanyu muttered in a rather cold voice.

The tragic scene at the entrance earlier had her heart trembling already. If this accident was caused by guards' gross oversight… then it was definitely something unforgivable.

"Please relax, Miss Xiao. There must be something else behind this matter. Those patrolling the seaport are all soldiers under my supervision. They cannot make such a huge mistake. I, Chang, can guarantee that with my life."

A troop of guards strode towards them from afar. The one in the lead was a strong, burly man with a somewhat domineering aura.

This man was Chang Shan, the Great General of the Southern City, and also a sixth grade Battle-Emperor.

That such a gigantic seventh grade spirit beast would suddenly appear in the Dragon River was simply inconceivable. Even if the guards slacked off for a bit, they would still never allow such a huge monster to sneak into the river.

Bu Fang stood by the side in complete silence. He peered at a group of people that suddenly converged together calmly, with his heart as serene as a pond of still water.


Outside the walls of the Southern City.

A gigantic monster fish continued to crash into the lofty city walls. This fish was tremendous in size, with a body of scales that glistened under the sunshine, practically piercing through one's eyes.

The monster fish opened its jaws, revealing a mouthful of teeth that were as sharp as blades. The rows of teeth were tightly packed and very dense, adding more goosebumps to its beholder's skins.

This monster fish had two long, soft whiskers that floated in the air, swinging back and forth fiercely.


The monster fish rammed into the gates once again, causing them to rattle heavily.

From a distance, the five mysterious men wrapped in black robes and bamboo hats stood erect, watching as the humungous fish smack at the Southern City walls.

"A seventh grade Burst-Dragon Demonic Fish could be considered a forbidding and domineering spirit beast even in the Boundless Ocean. If we can follow the High Priests's instructions and successfully use this monster, the Southern City will be faced with some serious trouble." A scratchy voice stated.

"As long as this beast is here, the Southern City cannot overcome the lockdown in a short time. Since Xiao Meng's daughter is also trapped in this city, I'm afraid that the news will reach the Imperial City soon. One cannot tell whether Xiao Meng will come here to save his precious daughter."

"Tsk, tsk tsk. The Light Wind Empire itself will sink into pandemonium soon enough. The High Priest has already promised to assist Ji Chengyu, and so he will definitely live up to his words. We are only given chances in times of chaos. Besides… our Shura Sect has been on the down-low for quite a while now. I'm afraid these barbarians in the southern region have forgotten about the fear they had once encountered!" A raspy voice continued to go on. Within it one could detect a trace of smug satisfaction.

Pitch black waves of true energy circulated above their bodies, fluctuating softly.

"Exactly, The Light Wind Empire is merely a small piece of land. It is only a stepping stone for the resurgence of our Shura Sect!"



Chang Shan, dressed in his armor, arrived beside the city walls. With an exertion of force, he leaped into the sky and landed safely on the walls. He peered beyond the city gates in a majestic manner, yet his eyes were filled with gravity.


An awful stench shot up his nostrils. Both scenes of bloodshed and the dense rows of teeth entered Chang Shan's eyes. His body instantly froze. With a bellow, true energy burst out of his body and a long spear appeared in his hand. As his true energy spread, the powerful spear was violently hurled out.

The weapon penetrated the ferocious jaws. However, Chang Shan's body stiffened as a frightening force of power shot back at the hand that held the long spear. His entire figure was shaken by this force and thrown off the walls.

With a flip of his body, Chang Shan managed to land on his feet.

The crowd burst into a clamor. At first, they felt hopeful when Chang Shan stepped out to make a move. Yet upon seeing the strongest warrior of the Southern City get easily knocked down with one counterstrike, their hearts sank to the bottom.

"Yanyu, this place is dangerous. Let's go!" Xiao Kecheng turned around to warn Xiao Yanyu, with his eyes glimmering with anxiety.

Xiao Yanyu shot a glance at him, and knitted her beautiful brows. Completely ignoring him, she refocused her gaze back onto the city walls. If even Chang Shan couldn't defeat the monster fish, then the Southern City was in real crisis.

"Yanyu! Don't be obstinate. Come back to Xiao's Quarter with us!" Xiao Kecheng's face darkened as he said coldly.

Bu Fang, still deep in his thoughts, cast a meaningful look at Xiao Kecheng.

"Let's go forward and take a look." Bu Fang calmly proposed to Xiao Yanyu.

Hearing this, Xiao Yanyu's eyes instantly brightened. Was Owner Bu going to step out? After all, he has got that powerful puppet trailing behind him!

"What the crap is there to look at? And who the hell are you anyway, go alone if you're seeking death. Don't drag Yanyu down with you!" Xiao Kecheng was already in a fit of rage as he was unable to deal with Xiao Yanyu. With Bu Fang sticking in, he suddenly located someone to take it out on.

Xiao Kecheng's cultivation level was not high at all. He ranked third in the Xiao family and was mainly charged with handling the family business. He never devoted too much energy to training his cultivation and thus couldn't detect Bu Fang's capabilities. Plus, judging by Bu Fang's young age, it was rather unlikely that he had a formidable cultivation level. Therefore, he scolded Bu Fang without any reservations.

Bu Fang scrunched his brows into a frown. He peered at Xiao Kecheng, who was eyeing him with disdain. Then, he suddenly twisted the corners of his mouth, brought his hands behind his back, and walked on.

"All right, you make a good point."

Bu Fang turned around to walk back into the city. Whitey flickered its mechanic eyes, scanned Xiao Kecheng, and then followed Bu Fang's steps.

Xiao Yanyu was shocked. Fury creeped up her eyes.

Xiao Kecheng, ah Xiao Kecheng. You are such an idiot!

Perhaps Owner Bu's capabilities weren't a match to the monster fish itself. But do you know how scary is that puppet following behind him? This is a puppet that could subdue an eighth grade War-God. With it on our side, that monster fish outside means nothing!

Xiao Yanyu glared at Xiao Kecheng with seething anger, then turned around to chase after Bu Fang.

Given Owner Bu's personality, it was really rare for him to offer a helping hand!

"This young lady doesn't know when to stop!" Xiao Kecheng's face turned sour as he watched Xiao Yanyu walk away. She dared to embarrass him for a strange young man. After all, he was the third master of the Xiao family in the Southern City!

"Go after them. We must take Xiao Yanyu home." Taking in a deep breath to calm himself down, Xiao Kecheng commanded the circle of people around him.

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