Gourmet of Another World

Chapter 1850 - Finale (5)

Chapter 1850: Finale (5)

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Wasn’t the Senseless Lotus prepared for Bu Fang?

Lord Dog, Er Ha, Niu Hansan, and the others were slightly taken aback. They knew about the Senseless Lotus. It had always been quite mysterious, but they never expected it to be eaten by Nethery now.

Bu Fang, of course, also remembered the Senseless Lotus. Previously, the God of Cooking had brought it to him and made him choose between ruthlessness and emotional, and he had rejected it. And now, the flower had ended up in Nethery’s mouth…

In the sky, the God of Cooking’s eyes narrowed.

After eating the Senseless Lotus, Nethery’s aura rose by leaps and bounds. It was as if a queen who had been sleeping since ancient times had awakened.

In just a flash, the terrifying curse power turned into dragons, soared into the sky from around her, and exploded, sweeping out in all directions.

Nethery had completely turned into the Queen of Curses now!

The pupils of Lord Dog, Er Ha, Niu Hansan, and the others narrowed. Meanwhile, Whitey’s mechanical eyes flashed as it shot into the sky and then landed at Bu Fang’s side.

The Senseless Lotus could allow one to sever the seven emotions. In this sense, it was similar to the God of Cooking’s cuisine. However… It was different. The way it severed the emotions was by forgetting them, not by stripping.

Nethery had turned into the cold and ruthless Queen of Curses. Her aura fluctuated, breaking through the barrier of a perfect Chaotic Saint and stepping into the Ancestral God realm, which was also the realm of the Queen of Curses.

“The Queen of Curses…”

The God of Cooking looked indifferently at Nethery, his eyes devoid of emotions. Even though Nethery was now bursting with an aura similar to that of the Queen of Curses in the past, his mind was not stirred in any way.

He, who had completed the Ruthless Path, would not be affected by such a meager emotion. However, as he looked at Nethery who had stepped into the Ancestral God realm, the God of Cooking narrowed his eyes slightly.

Nethery had also completed the Ruthless Path, which was not something under his control.

“You want to save Bu Fang?” said the God of Cooking. Then, he raised his hand. A terrifying energy wave suddenly swept out.

Whitey, who had landed at Bu Fang’s side, grabbed his body and sped away. The next moment, the place where they stood just now turned into ruins and chaos.

Nethery’s black dress fluttered. She raised her hand, grabbed hold of a thread of curse power, and threw it toward the God of Cooking.


The curse power turned into a terrifying vortex and enveloped the God of Cooking. Taking the opportunity, Nethery appeared at Whitey’s side as if she had teleported.

“Are you alright, Nethery?” Lord Dog and Er Ha asked concernedly as they looked at her.

Nethery’s face was emotionless. She just nodded and said, “Bring Bu Fang away… Go to the end of the universe…”

The curse power surged, trying to bind the God of Cooking. However, Nethery did not perfect her Ruthless Path by comprehending it herself, and the energy of the Senseless Lotus would gradually decline…


The God of Cooking broke free of the bondage put on him by the curse power. His strength was far beyond that of the average Ancestral God. After all, he had comprehended true perfection.

The current Nethery was somewhat similar to the Queen of Curses millions of years ago. In fact, she might even be weaker, for she had forced her Ruthless Path to perfection with the help of the Senseless Lotus.

Even so, she should be able to stop the God of Cooking for a while!

Nethery’s eyes completely turned black and emotionless, and her heart was as calm as a pool of still water. This was the effect of the Senseless Lotus.

The God of Cooking was actually up to no good when he tried to make Bu Fang eat the Senseless Lotus. He wanted Bu Fang to walk the Ruthless Path and reach Soul God’s level faster.

Unfortunately, Bu Fang did not eat the Senseless Lotus. Instead, he returned to the basics and chose the Emotional Path.

But eventually, everything still played out according to the God of Cooking’s scripts. And now, the Senseless Lotus was eaten by Nethery instead.

Apart from Bu Fang and the God of Cooking, Mu Hongzi should be the only person who knew the effect of the Senseless Lotus. Therefore, at the most critical juncture, he asked Whitey to give it to Nethery…

He thought that among all the people present, only the successor of the Queen of Curses had a chance of breaking through to the Ancestral God realm right after eating the Senseless Lotus!

The God of Cooking had turned the world into a ruthless place. He had become the only ruler of the world, while all the ruthless people had become the source of his power.

Lord Dog, Er Ha, Niu Hansan, and the others rushed over, standing between Bu Fang and the God of Cooking.

At this moment, Bu Fang’s eyes were unfocused. He seemed to be having a heavy internal struggle—he was torn between self-doubt and strong conviction.

The God of Cooking’s dumpling had shaken Bu Fang’s faith, for its deliciousness was a realm he could not achieve so far.


Nethery soared into the sky with the curse power surrounding her. She spread her arms. Airwaves surged and rolled, turning into a huge black barrier of curses and wrapped around Bu Fang and the others.

Whitey took Bu Fang and sped toward the retreat route left behind by Tongtian and the others. It led to the boundless space in the depths of the universe, where even an Ancestral God could not probe.

The world was a large place filled with endless unknowns. Even when one reached the Ancestral God realm and stood at the peak of the universe, there were still things unknown to them.

If they were to escape the God of Cooking’s pursuit, their only option was to bring Bu Fang into that retreat route.

Whitey’s mechanical eyes flashed. It knew where the retreat route was. In fact, it really did not want to enter that retreat area if not for the lack of other options.

It was because once they entered that unknown region, they would be forbidden from using magic power. No matter how mighty their cultivation base was, they were like mortals in that unknown!


The God of Cooking hovered in the sky and flicked his finger elegantly. With the gentle gesture, a terrible blow fell and hit the barrier created by Nethery.

“You’ve eaten the Senseless Lotus… You should be ruthless now. Why are you still blocking me?” the God of Cooking said indifferently.

Nethery glanced at him with her black eyes. Her gaze was calm, without any fluctuation.

The two ruthless people confronted in midair. Although ruthless, they each had their own faiths. The God of Cooking’s faith was to achieve the highest realm, while Nethery’s faith was very simple: She wanted to protect Bu Fang. Therefore, this confrontation would not end so easily.

The God of Cooking glanced at Whitey, who was flying away with Bu Fang. He knew that Bu Fang was no longer a threat to him now, but he did not want to let any variable exist.


He raised his hand and slowly waved it. A supreme will swept across the starry sky, and countless experts—including Yuanshi Tianzun, Tongtian, and all the immortals and deities—flew into the sky numbly and expressionlessly.

These people lifted their weapons and aimed at the barrier created by Nethery. The next moment, terrible attacks rained down, shattering the barrier in an instant.

Nethery turned into a stream of light and flew toward the depths of the universe, chased by a large group of immortals and deities.

While Er Ha, Lord Dog, and the others were fleeing, they also needed to resist the temptation of the God of Cooking. This, to them, was an extremely uncomfortable experience.

Nethery flew beside them, taking them with her toward the vast black hole in the depths of the universe. As time passed by, the gleam in her eyes grew fainter and fainter, and the soulfulness was gradually replaced by ruthlessness…

Whitey’s whole body burst into dazzling golden light. The power of the star essences was driven to the extreme by it as it rushed toward the unknown region at great speed with Bu Fang.

Bu Fang was held in Whitey’s arms. In the strong wind caused by the extreme speed, his body kept swaying like seaweed in the sea. His eyes were unfocused as he looked at the familiar figures behind him.

During normal days, Lord Dog was very lazy, but his eyes were filled with anger now as he struggled against the temptation of the God of Cooking’s dish. Er Ha was a careless man and always clueless of what he should do, but his eyes were full of determination now.

It was the same for the two little ones, Foxy and Shrimpy. They ignored the God of Cooking’s dishes, but the dishes were torturing their souls. They could be completely comfortable and pain-free with just one bite of the dish, but they did not do that.

Even Niu Hansan was like that, with Eighty in his arms.

These were all Bu Fang’s old friends who had followed him for a very long time. They all had hopes for him. They had faith in him and were firm in their long-standing friendship.

Their friendship had started from the Light Wind Empire, and after going through so many things together, it had grown into a firm emotion today.

Bu Fang’s eyes were misty as he looked at his old friends. He had been pursuing the Emotional Path, but to this day, he had not even understood what true emotions were.

He had returned to the life of a mortal, traveled on foot across the land, and comprehended the emotions in the mortal world. He had gathered thousands of true emotions, and yet he neglected things that were the closest to him.

Bu Fang’s gaze rested on Nethery. Blood was trickling down from the corners of her mouth, and her face had turned deathly pale again. From time to time, a pained look flashed in her emotionless eyes, just like the first time when he met her.

The poor Netherworld woman who was banished… was suffering pains that no one else could bear.

Bu Fang froze slightly. In his memory, Nethery was cold and distant, but sometimes, she was naughty and a little gluttonous. She was somewhat aloof, but occasionally, she would purse her lips and smile, and she would get angry as well…

But now, Nethery had transformed back to the banished Netherworld woman again. Even though she was standing at the top of the universe now, she had, in fact, returned to the starting point.

Nethery raised her head and looked at Bu Fang. Her cold, emotionless gaze seemed to look at a stranger. It made Bu Fang shudder.

He moved his eyes away from her and turned to the thousands of immortals and deities who were chasing them. All those people gave him the feeling of being a stranger.


A volley of terrifying attacks approached. Nethery turned around. The power of curses exploded out of her and turned into terrifying energy that swept across the world.

A moment later, a colossal queen sprawled across the universe emerged and threw out a palm. She had used up all her strength to pave a retreat route for Bu Fang and the others.

Meanwhile, the God of Cooking made a move. Hovering in the distant starry sky, he quietly threw out a palm as well, which shattered Nethery’s phantom queen.


As the terrifying airwaves rushed across the universe, Lord Dog and Er Ha took Nethery’s severely injured body and plunged into the vast black hole.

Whitey’s body was glowing with dazzling golden light, and its metal skin was covered with cracks, but it also sped toward the black hole and was pulled into it.

After they entered the black hole, all the experts ceased the attacks. Even the almighty experts like Tongtian had no idea what was behind it.

The God of Cooking, hovering at the end of the universe, put his hands behind his back and looked indifferently at the black hole.

All the divine powers of those who fell into the black hole disappeared. They were floating in the endless darkness, not knowing where they were or where they were going.

As Bu Fang drifted in the boundless darkness, the struggle in his eyes gradually subsided. He seemed to have made the final decision between choosing the Ruthless Path or adhering to the Emotional Path.

The surroundings were deathly silent. There was no sound at all. Bu Fang calmed his mind and was thinking and remembering.

Many vivid images flashed past in front of his eyes, as well as the things that he had gone through with his old friends.

One scene after another drifted before him. He saw Lord Dog attacking a bowl of Sweet ‘n’ Sour Ribs, Er Ha laughing with a spicy strip dangling from his lips, and Nethery holding a bowl of Dragon Blood Rice with an aloof look. He also saw Foxy eat meatballs while spitting shells, Shrimpy drunk with wine, and many others…

In the darkness, Bu Fang exhaled a long breath. His troubled mind and his messy thoughts had all come together. The velvet rope he used to tie his hair broke, and his Vermilion Robe waved.

He glanced at the light outside the black hole, then at the friends who were drifting in the endless darkness with him. Gradually, a soft smile spread across his face. Of course, he chose… the Emotional Path.


Like a drop of water falling into a vast expanse of ocean, ripples spread and swept out in all directions, gradually turning into monstrous waves!

Bu Fang’s hair was disheveled, and his robe was fluttering. He steadied himself, then slowly walked in the darkness.

There was no more magic power nor divine power in him, but at this moment, he felt as if he was beyond heaven and earth, watching the secular world with a smile.

The world was ruthless, but… wasn’t ruthlessness a kind of emotion as well? The God of Cooking thought he had gone to the pinnacle of ruthlessness. In fact, it was only the beginning of the Emotional Path…

Bu Fang looked softly at the stiff and motionless Lord Dog, Nethery, and the others. He came to Nethery’s side and gently patted her head, went to Lord Dog and rubbed his head, then walked beside Er Ha and slapped his face.

Shrimpy, Foxy, and Whitey were also awakened by him. They looked at him in wonder.

Bu Fang just looked at them, smiled, and said, “Come, let’s go back now.”

The next moment, Lord Dog and the others felt the scene before their eyes turn to a blur, and before they could react, they already emerged outside the black hole that represented the end of the universe.

Their figures were too tiny. Hovering before the black hole, they looked like specks of dust. But even if they were dust, they should blossom with their own brilliance.

Outside the black hole, the army of immortals and deities was waiting. Sitting cross-legged in midair, Tongtian flicked open his eyes the moment he sensed Bu Fang.

A clanging sound rang out, and sharp sword energy thrust into the sky as the Immortal Slaughtering Sword Array and the Ten Thousand Immortals Array were formed in a flash!

Lord Dog, Er Ha, and the others grew nervous. However, Bu Fang just waved his hand. With a thought in his mind, dots of white light emerged and converged into glowing cooking utensils that floated around him.

It felt like a long time had passed, but it also seemed like an instant. A dish was cooked. A rich fragrance wafted out from it as Bu Fang held it in his hand. It was a plate of dumplings, glittering and translucent.


Tongtian, whose eyes were full of ruthlessness, was taken aback. The next moment, a dumpling was stuffed into his mouth.

“The God of Cooking feels that he has deprived you of emotions, when in fact, ruthlessness is also an emotion…” Bu Fang chuckled.

After eating the dumpling, Tongtian’s sharp gaze gradually softened. He stared blankly at Bu Fang with complicated emotions and did not know what to say.

One dumpling after another floated in front of the immortals and deities who were deprived of emotions. Just like the God of Cooking’s dishes, they could not stop themselves from eating the dumplings. After that, the deprived emotions returned to their bodies.

Lord Dog came to Bu Fang’s side with an excited look in his eyes. “Bu Fang boy, give Nethery one of your dumplings,” he said.

There was no reason why Bu Fang could not restore Nethery’s emotions after he had helped so many immortals and deities recover their emotions.

“Nethery ate the Senseless Lotus… I’ll slowly help her find the emotions she had forgotten after dealing with the God of Cooking,” Bu Fang said.

Lord Dog froze, but Bu Fang did not say anything again. He began to return with all the immortals and his friends, traveling across the universe.

Wherever he passed, the cold and ruthless universe became lively. To Bu Fang, solving the God of Cooking’s ruthlessness was very easy.

In the midst of the blooming flowers of the Soul Demon Universe, the God of Cooking opened his eyes. At this moment, faint laughter rang out from outside the universe.

Bu Fang had arrived. He put his hands behind his back, his hair disheveled and his Vermilion Robe fluttering. He looked like a free and easy immortal.

Their gazes collided in the starry sky.

“I didn’t expect that you’ll still have the faith to walk the Emotional Path after eating my ruthless dish…” the God of Cooking said faintly.

The corners of Bu Fang’s mouth lifted slightly. “You should know that my temper is not so good because I’m walking the Emotional Path…

“So… I’m back to settle the score.”

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