Gourmet of Another World

Chapter 1843 - Niu Hansan's Secret

Chapter 1843: Niu Hansan’s Secret

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When a cow sat at home, evil came from heaven.

Niu Hansan just wanted to curse now. The Will of the Great Path was crushed by the great demon. How was he going to fight a foe like this?

Based on what he saw, this was an opponent of a completely different level. If he rushed out recklessly, it was very likely that he would be instantly killed.

Enhanced by the Great Tianyuan World’s Will of the Great Path, Niu Hansan’s strength could roughly reach the level of the average Chaotic Saint. And this was because the Great Tianyuan World belonged to Bu Fang.

Even so, he would be crushed in an instant if he were to fight the great demon.

Niu Hansan put his arms around Eighty, shivering. How could he fight? It seemed that a cow was about to die! So… he had decided to flee without hesitation.

Soul God put his hands behind his back. He had crushed the cow’s horn transformed by the Will of the Great Path as easily as if wiping away the dust.

His crimson gaze turned and fell on the distant wooden cabin. Then, he cocked his head slightly as his eyes gleamed.

“Go,” he said, raising his hand and pointing at the small building.

A Great Soul Overlord shrouded in black smoke moved instantly. In just the blink of an eye, he appeared at the door of that wooden cabin as if he had teleported.


The door slowly opened with a crisp noise. Then, a meatball rolled out of the wooden cabin and came in front of the Great Soul Overlord’s foot.

The Great Soul Overlord was a little puzzled. He did not seem to quite understand what this meatball was.

The next moment, there was a loud explosion! The meatball, which contained the Will of the Great Path that seemed to be ignited, suddenly exploded! Energy waves swept in all directions!

With the wooden cabin as the center, the areas hundreds of miles in circumference were turned into ruins and filled with clouds of rolling smoke and dust.

The Great Soul Overlord, who was struck by the explosion, slowly climbed up from the ground. The power of the explosion was terrifying, but it did not kill him. After all, he was as strong as a perfect Chaotic Saint.

“What a familiar power… This is the power of my heart!” Soul God said wistfully as his eyes narrowed slightly.

The explosion had turned the surroundings into ruins. The water in the river surged, and the living beings in it rushed up the shores like crazy.

The blood lobsters waved their pincers and dashed into the distance, disappearing in the blink of an eye.

As they watched the large group of living beings—who were also food ingredients—flee in panic, Soul God and the Great Soul Overlords did not know what to say.

Niu Hansan put Eighty between his arms and galloped out into the great world on Three-Eyed Wild Lion.

After being nourished by the spiritual energy of heaven and earth for so long, Three-Eyed Wild Lion had already grown to an extraordinary level. He ran like the wind now.

Niu Hansan’s forehead was covered with beads of sweat—Soul God was putting too much pressure on him. He could only use his hybrid meatball to cover his escape. As for using the meatball to kill that Great Soul Overlord, Niu Hansan did not think that it was powerful enough to do that.

“If only Owner Bu were here…”

Niu Hansan’s heart was in his mouth. He just wanted to live a carefree life. Why did these demons come to him? He knew very well that once he fell into these demons’ hands, he would be dead.


Behind him, dreadful fluctuations surged and spread. Niu Hansan’s heart and soul were shaking. He made Three-Eyed Wild Lion gallop toward the end of the Great Tianyuan World.

The Great Tianyuan World was not actually a spherical planet.

Niu Hansan had carefully analyzed the Heaven and Earth Farmland. In the beginning, it was merely a small square region surrounded by hazy mists.

As Bu Fang’s cultivation base grew, spiritual energy seeped into the farmland. The constant fusion of the surrounding mists and the energy led to a peculiar transformation, creating a world.

The Great Tianyuan World was not spherical—it developed horizontally like a chessboard and was formed by square regions. As the spiritual energy and the mists continued to fuse, new squares were created and stacked into a great world.

At the end of the world was a vast expanse of mists. Niu Hansan had explored the misty region once. At that time, he had just been captured by Bu Fang and was still ignorant.

He recklessly rushed into the fog and experienced a strange transformation. Those mists contained extremely terrifying power that made him get lost in them. Later, Niu Hansan did not know how he got out.

As the old saying goes, one who survives a great disaster is destined to good fortune. Since then, he had had a special understanding of how to handle ingredients and the ability to fuse peculiar powers with them.

From then on, Niu Hansan had stepped to the peak in the Heaven and Earth Farmland and was appreciated by Bu Fang. He had helped Bu Fang research the Death Food Tools and fused various ingredients with energy.

At this critical juncture, Niu Hansan felt that perhaps only those mists could save him.

He had always known that it must be very dangerous in those mists. He had no idea if he could walk out once he stepped into it, but… he had no other choice.

Soul God was too strong—Niu Hansan was no match for him. How could he defeat Soul God when even Owner Bu had fallen because of this almighty expert?

“Hurry up! Run faster!” Niu Hansan slapped Three-Eyed Wild Lion and made him speed up.

The lion seemed to understand the seriousness of the matter. His mane waved wildly as he ran at great speed.

However… Eight Treasures Pig was running leisurely at his side, and unwittingly, it overtook Three-Eyed Wild Lion.

Niu Hansan glanced at the pig, then at the lion who was overtaken. He was speechless.


The dreadful power of sins turned into a black dragon and slithered toward him. Under the impact of this power, the Great Tianyuan World kept turning black.

Niu Hansan’s flesh crept. He only felt that an icy aura was coming from behind him.

“Dammit… Heavenly spirits, earthly spirits, and Owner Bu’s spirit… If you are watching me from heaven, please bless me so I can escape safely…” Niu Hasan put his palms together and said.

Eighty poked its little head from his chest.


A Great Soul Overlord descended with a crash. He smashed the ground with a hand, almost turning the earth into nothingness.

Three-Eyed Wild Lion let out a growl and leaped, turning into a stream of light and rushing into the vast expanse of gray mists.

When the Great Soul Overlord drew near and saw the gray mists, he felt a terrible danger approach. So he gave up on continuing the chase and went back to Soul God instead.

Soul God walked slowly over, followed by the seven Great Soul Overlords. Standing before the stretch of gray mists that surrounded the great world, the corners of his mouth lifted slightly.

“Here it is,” Soul God said. There was a trace of desire in his crimson eyes. “You will form an array and protect me.”

It was finally down to the wire. This time… he would not let that stinking chef interrupt him again. He was going to let the Soul Demon’s army march once more into the multiverse. He, Soul God, would step into the Ancestral God realm again and be invincible in all the universes!

The moment his voice echoed out, the expressions of the seven Great Soul Overlords grew serious. They kicked the ground and glided backward at great speed.

The next moment, the power of the seven sins poured out of their bodies. The power of pride, envy, wrath, sloth, greed, lust, and gluttony kept swirling, then turned into an array and rushed into the sky in a flash. It seemed to have turned into a huge barrier and sealed the entire Heaven and Earth Farmland within…

After that, the seven Great Soul Overlords soared into the sky and sat cross-legged in the void, facing the boundless starry sky. They were Soul God’s most loyal guardians…

In the Heaven and Earth Farmland, Soul God ripped his black robe. His body, black as ink, was revealed, but his chest was constantly turning into a chaotic nothingness.

He was imperfect without a heart. Otherwise, he would have ruled the world as an Ancestral God.

And now, he was standing before his heart. He only needed to take out the heart that had been sealed in dust for countless years, merge with it, and the real Soul God would return completely.

Looking at the gray mists, Soul God’s crimson eyes gleamed with anticipation.

“The God of Cooking misled me… That old fool made me think that my heart is hidden on the Ancestral Planet of the human race, but in fact, he had hidden it here…

“Unfortunately, all your schemes have hurt your own people.”

Soul God stuck out his tongue and licked his lips, his eyes flashing excitedly.

The God of Cooking and Soul God were one and the same. He could fool everyone, but not Soul God. And this was his mistake.

“The Emotional Path is a dead end. If heaven is sentient, it will grow old too. If you, the God of Cooking… are emotional, even if you have a mighty cultivation base and become a supreme Ancestral God, you will only be an old man! You will grow old, die, and rot!

“If you wish to be immortal, you must be ruthless…” Soul God said coldly.

He put his hands behind his back and walked step by step toward the mists. As he approached, the mists began to retreat as if they had encountered something they feared.

In the mists, the hair of a relieved Niu Hansan bristled. “Dammit! Aren’t you done yet?!” A look of grief and indignation came into Niu Hansan’s eyes.

As the mists withdrew and dispersed, he put Eighty in his arms and ventured deeper. He did not want to go further. There was danger in the depths of the mists… He feared that once he went there, he would not be able to come back.

However, when he glanced over his shoulder, he saw the mists dispersing, and there seemed to be a vague figure walking slowly toward him.

That kind of feeling… was truly terrifying!

Niu Hansan had no other choice but to walk deeper into the mists. As he walked, the mists grew thicker. Eventually… they turned into liquid drops and floated in midair. The deeper he went, the harder it became for him to walk. The flow of time and space… seemed to become extremely slow.

‘Where is… this place?! Owner Bu… come and help me!’

Bu Fang, fishing with his eyes closed on Earth, suddenly flicked open his eyes. A look of uncertainty flashed in his gaze.

Between the vast sky and the boundless earth… A lush grassland and a simple wooden cabin…

There seemed to be countless images flashing through his eyes. Just now, he seemed to hear Niu Hansan’s cry for help, which made him think of the cow and… the Heaven and Earth Farmland!

The wooden cabin, the river, the grass… and Niu Hansan, who was lying on the recliner and snoring… The corner of Bu Fang’s mouth twitched. He could not believe that he actually forgot such a familiar scene!

If he removed Niu Hansan from that image… wasn’t that the f*cking place where the God of Cooking and the Queen of Curses ended up in seclusion?!

That was… the farmland Bu Fang had been looking for!


A fearsome aura exploded out of Bu Fang’s body.

The pupils of the experts, who were searching all over the Ancestral Planet, narrowed. In just a flash, Tongtian, Yuanshi Tianzun, Lady Nuwa, Lord Dog, Er Ha, Mu Hongzi, and the others all came to Bu Fang.


Under the pressure of so many almighty experts, the calm surface of the sea sank.

All the terrifying almighty experts hovered in midair. Looking at the familiar faces, Bu Fang could not help but exhale…

“I figured out where Soul God’s heart is.”

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