Gourmet of Another World

Chapter 1712 - Countess Xia Qiu's Request

Chapter 1712: Countess Xia Qiu’s Request

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Nethery’s departure was quite embarrassing for Bu Fang. However, it filled him with doubts as well. Under normal conditions, she would have chosen him. And the look in her eyes was strange to him. It was as if… she was another person.

Was Nethery not the same Netherworld woman she used to be because too much time had gone by? There was definitely something fishy in this.

No one could tell that Bu Fang was embarrassed. After all, his face was expressionless.

The air in the fighting pit continued to ring with noises. The chef, who had created a miracle, had amazed the nobles and, of course, made them lose their bets.

“I can’t believe a bug from District D actually made it into District C!”

“This is something that hasn’t happened in countless years…”

“How exciting and intriguing… I want this guy!”

The nobles chattered noisily. The next moment, escorted by their guards, they jumped from the spectator seats into the fighting pit. The cultivation base of these nobles was not weak. Some with hereditary titles might be weaker, but those who got their titles by their own strength were fearsome.

They gathered around Bu Fang, filling the air with a powerful, intimidating aura.

“Hey, you from District D! As the first bug that made it into District C, I want to take you in as my servant!” A noble who thought highly of himself stared at Bu Fang.

“I need someone to distribute the dark cuisine in the area under my jurisdiction in District D… and I’ve chosen you,” another noble said arrogantly.

“Hey, you District D bug! You’d better follow me! You’ve f*cking caused me to lose half of my fortune! If you don’t follow me, I’ll kill you!” a fierce-looking noble bellowed.

Bu Fang was somewhat speechless as he looked at the group of nobles shouting and jumping in front of him like a group of clowns. And what they said puzzled him.

“Whitey… Settle them for me,” Bu Fang clasped his hands behind his back and said. These nobles had become the best targets for him to vent his embarrassment of being ignored by Nethery.

Whitey’s mechanical eyes flashed. With a clunking sound, the flags behind its back soared into the sky. Then, they fell back down and smashed the ground, causing the entire fighting pit to tremble.

“What is going on?”

Many nobles were stunned. They could not believe that the bug from District D tried to attack them, the nobles of District C.

“Is he out of his mind?!”

A man from District D who just made it into District C was just a commoner. How dare he challenge the nobles? In Void City, titles and status were extremely important. No commoners dared to provoke the nobles because not only did they possess a formidable cultivation base, but they were also protected by guards.

The moment Whitey moved, the nobles’ guards struck out as well. The strength of these guards was not weak either. Some of them were Saints of the Great Path, and some were peak God Emperors. If they were in the Chaotic Universe, they would be the supreme beings revered by all, but in here, they could only be guards.

Suddenly, a buzzing sound echoed out, and then an invisible fluctuation spread from inside Whitey’s body. It was its field, and as soon as it appeared, the guards paused slightly.


The next moment, silver spears shot forward like dragons. They pierced through the air, ripped the clothes of the guards and the nobles, and knocked them flying away.

Whitey’s mechanical eyes flashed. Many people were overwhelmed by its great strength. Foxy jumped into Bu Fang’s arms, shivering. She was afraid that she would be eaten in the next second.

Bu Fang walked at a steady pace with Whitey opening a path ahead. Figures were flying away to either side in front of them, and ragged clothes kept falling as if it was raining. Walking in this strange rain, they soon left the fighting pit.

The nobles were struck dumb, especially those who had not made a move. Many people’s jaws dropped as they watched one noble after another fall to the ground with their clothes stripped, including even Saints of the Great Path.

“It seems that… a troublemaker has come to District C!”

Although these nobles were not weak, they were not strong either. Saints of the Great Path were also divided into early-tier, mid-tier, and high-tier. Bu Fang’s fighting prowess was equivalent to that of a peak Saint of the Great Path, while Whitey… It was like a bug in the system.

Most of these nobles were just ordinary God Emperors or ordinary early-tier Saints of the Great Path. They could only be stripped naked by Whitey.

Whitey was very excited. Those nobles who approached its field could only fight it with bare fists, and it was never afraid of close-quarters combat. It kept waving its huge palms, ripping the clothes of the nobles with every slap.


They left the fighting pit and came to District C. The pit was located at the center of the district, but the district was not the center of Void City. So, this place was not Bu Fang’s destination and focus.

Meanwhile, Nethery, who seemed to have become a stranger to Bu Fang, filled his mind with questions. What happened to her?

After walking out of the fighting pit, Whitey stood quietly at his side. The nobles did not follow them but stood watching them from afar.

Bu Fang was somewhat dazed as soon as he left the fighting pit. District C was too huge. Countless buildings were presented before him, which stretched as far as his eyes could see. For a moment, they made him feel a little bit lost.

It could be said that Bu Fang had fought his way out of the fighting pit. It was the first time that the nobles of District C had seen such a violent man. Their guards, who had never let them down before, had failed this time.

Bu Fang was not interested in District C. The main purpose of his visit to Void City was to find Nethery, and the other purpose was to bring the arm, or rather, Heavengod Transmigration, back to the Chaotic Universe.

He pulled over a noble, who was watching him in a corner. The noble unleashed his cultivation base to flee, but Bu Fang made him stay by smashing him with the Black Turtle Constellation Wok.

“Do you know where the Cursed Goddess went?” Bu Fang asked the noble.

“The Cursed Goddess stays in District A most of the time… She is a candidate for the next generation of the Queen of Curses, not someone you can covet!” the noble said.

‘District A… So Nethery is in District A?’

Bu Fang frowned. It was already so difficult for him to make it to District C, so he could only imagine how hard it would be to enter District A. For a moment, he wondered how he could make it there. But he could not figure out a solution.

The noble kept shouting and struggling. Bu Fang thought he was too noisy, so he knocked him out with the black wok. After that, he began to walk aimlessly in District C with Whitey, Foxy, and Shrimpy.

Compared to the dirty and gloomy District D, District C was a better place to live. People lived and worked in peace and contentment here, and businesses were flourishing. The people looked ordinary, only because they chose to hide their strength. They all had a formidable cultivation base.

Void City was where all the universes banished their sinful people, but taken as a whole, it was just like any other city. It had all kinds of occupations and industries. Bu Fang even saw a God Emperor selling cloth.

He stayed for about two to three days in District C. Here, he found all kinds of occupations, including alchemists, blacksmiths, and pills sellers. However, he did not see a chef. There were no restaurants or even any occupations related to food in the whole of District C.

It was hard to believe that there was not even one restaurant in such a prosperous district, but that was the case. Bu Fang was shocked by the Queen’s powerful influence. She loathed chefs, so there would be no restaurants in Void City.

On his third day in District C, Bu Fang, walking down the street, suddenly felt a powerful will locking onto him. He narrowed his eyes. The next moment, a figure wearing a cloak appeared in front of him.

She was none other than Countess Xia Qiu, who had left with the old man. Her face was beautiful, but it was expressionless, as if she had lost interest in everything.

“You can’t make it to District A like this,” she said. “You have to enter District B first before making your way to District A… But you won’t find your way out if you keep bumping around like a headless fly. There is no Death Pass in District B.” She looked indifferently at Bu Fang.

At this moment, Bu Fang had an oyster pancake in his mouth, while Foxy, sitting in his arms, was gnawing at a Soul Demon meatball. They looked up at the countess at the same time.

Countess Xia Qiu was the supreme existence and the ruler of District C. As a Chaotic Saint, her aura frightened even Bu Fang. The count was the highest rank in District C. There were three of them, and Xia Qiu was the strongest one.

Bu Fang swallowed the oyster pancake without batting an eye. Then, he glanced at her and said, “You know the way to District B, right?”

Countess Xia Qiu did not deny nor admit. She just kept staring at Bu Fang. “Thank you for allowing him to enter District C.” Suddenly, she changed the topic.

Bu Fang paused.

“He’s dead. But when he left, he was as happy as a child.” Countess Xia Qiu’s voice was calm as if she had lost all her emotion.

Bu Fang fell silent at that. He thought of the old man, who had spent his entire life climbing over a wall. Without a doubt, he was a love fool. A pity that he was tortured by the curse for tens of thousands of years. Bu Fang heard no grief in Countess Xia Qiu’s voice. He thought she might have sealed up her emotion.

At her invitation, he and Whitey came to her residence. The magnificent mansion was an eyeopener for him, but it was not his main concern. The countess must have something important to talk to him. Otherwise, why would she bring him here?

They sat down on chairs. A maid with the cultivation base of a God King poured them a bright green tea. Tea leaves spun in the cups, which gave off wisps of hot steam.

“This is the Soul Cleansing Tea of Void City. Try it… It tastes great,” Countess Xia Qiu said. Then, she picked up her cup and took a sip. The warm tea seemed to soften her face.

Bu Fang took a sip as well. The tea had the effect of calming one’s mind, which made him raise his brows. It was almost equivalent to the Nine Revolution Great Path Tea in the Heaven and Earth Farmland. As his cultivation base improved, the tea’s level had increased as well. Its level was already beyond everything.

“Now that we have drunk the tea and traded courteous words… I know you want to go to District A and look for the Cursed Goddess. I can help you. However… I have one condition,” Countess Xia Qiu said, putting down her cup and looking expressionlessly at Bu Fang.

“What condition?” Bu Fang took another sip of tea and swirled it around in his mouth.

Countess Xia Qiu glanced at him, then spread her mental force. In just a flash, the whole mansion was enveloped by an invisible force, separating it from the outside world.

Her action made Bu Fang narrow his eyes. Why did she want to be so cautious?

Countess Xia Qiu’s face grew serious. She fixed her eyes on Bu Fang and said, “I need you to cook me a dish… The dish is going to let me know if you are worthy of my help…”

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