Gourmet of Another World

Chapter 13: Is It Egg-Fried Rice or Egg-Fried Elixirs?

Chapter 13: Is It Egg-Fried Rice or Egg-Fried Elixirs?

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It was the first time that Fang Fang's Little Store was this lively.

Thanks to the nude streaking of over a hundred men, Fang Fang's Little Store became well-known around the neighborhood. Even though everyone was complaining about the remote location of the restaurant, they still entered out of curiosity.

A woman stepped into Fang Fang's Little Store while carrying a child with a runny nose. The hygiene in the cramped store was very clean, while the immaculate surface of the table showed the attentive nature of the shop owner. The ambiance was set up in a hospitable manner, in order to provide comfort to the customers.

Just from the decoration, you could tell that it was a high quality store.

"Oh my, shop owner, what do you sell here? Your store's decoration is really impressive, it's comparable to the suites at the Immortal Phoenix Restaurant!" the woman said as she wiped off the mucus of the child in her arms and rubbed it off on her clothes.

Bu Fang was expressionlessly staring at the woman's hands.

"You sound as if you've been to places like the Immortal Phoenix Restaurant! Stop bragging, woman!" the old man disdainfully snorted.

The woman was instantly aggravated by his words. She placed her child down and put her hands on her hips. She was staring at the old man with wide eyes and was ready to duel the old man in a battle of wits.

"Excuse me, customers. If you're looking to order, the menu is right behind you. If you're looking to duel, please do it outside." Bu Fang simply said, interrupting the great battle that was about to occur between the two neighbors.

The woman coldly snorted, only stopping since she remembered that it was someone else's store. She turned to look at the menu while still muttering under her breath, "I can tell that you're not a bad lad and I know that running a business isn't easy, so this old lady will help out a little. I'll order a serving of..."

The woman suddenly stopped talking and was staring at the menu in disbelief as the corner of her mouth twitched violently!

The old man was puzzled by her behavior, so he turned his head toward the woman and saw her expression. When he followed her gaze, he almost vomited blood.

"Oh my god! A bowl of Egg-Fried Rice costs a crystal? A plate of Stir-Fried Vegetables costs a hundred gold coins?! Why don't you go rob a bank or something?!" The old man was so shocked that his beard almost fell out from his trembling.

The woman's plump body was trembling as well as she said with a piercing voice, "Lad, this is unethical! With this kind of price, who would dare to eat here?!"

The old man and the woman who were originally adversaries suddenly joined forces against Bu Fang.

Meanwhile, he remained indifferent and expressionless.

"There's a reason for the prices. If you're eating, then please make an order. If you're not eating, then please leave."

As someone aiming to become the God of Cooking, Bu Fang had his pride.

The woman looked at Bu Fang as if he was insane, then she quickly left with her child in tow. The hunchbacked old man shook his head as he walked out of the store.

Bu Fang was not surprised by their reactions as it was all within his expectations. The price of the dishes meant that he would lose a lot of customers, since not everyone could afford the terrifying prices.

Most of the people that entered the store reacted the same way as the woman and left while grumbling.

The crowd disappeared as quickly as it appeared.

The lively Fang Fang's Little Store returned to its former desolate state and no one wanted to spend any money there.

Xiao Xiaolong brought the young man into the little restaurant.

He was looking slightly excited. "Since my elder sister isn't here, I think I should have enough crystals to eat a bowl of improved Egg-Fried Rice."

Since the improved version of Egg-Fried Rice required the customer to be at least a third grade Battle-Maniac before they could order, it was obvious that this dish would be extraordinary. Previously, the ordinary Egg-Fried Rice helped him to advance past a bottleneck, surely the improved Egg-Fried Rice would have better effects!

"Xiaolong, so you are saying that the Egg-Fried Rice in this restaurant is delicious?" The young man stood with his hands around his back as he gave off an aura of excellence. He glanced around the store and simply said.

"That's right! Third young master, the Egg-Fried Rice here is the most delicious I've ever eaten! Even my family's chef... No! Even the Egg-Fried Rice cooked by your family's chef is far inferior to this restaurant's!"

As Xiao Xiaolong recalled the taste of Bu Fang's Egg-Fried Rice, he dreamily squinted his eyes and a satisfied expression appeared on his face.

The third young master was slightly surprised, he did not expect Xiao Xiaolong to give such a high evaluation. His family's chef was not an ordinary chef, and yet, the Egg-Fried Rice made by a store in such a remote location was superior?

The third young master's interest was suddenly piqued and he turned to look at the menu.

That ridiculously high price that was intolerable to ordinary people caused the third young master to be slightly astonished. He raised his eyebrows and a look of disbelief appeared on his handsome face.

"The Egg-Fried Rice is paid for with crystals? And the improved version costs ten crystals? There's also a minimum requirement for cultivation level as well?"

The price and rules on the menu completely changed the way the third young master saw the world, he never knew Egg-Fried Rice could be sold for such an expensive price.

"Third young master, trust me. My elder sister ate the improved Egg-Fried Rice yesterday and she had to go into seclusion today! Her cultivation level improved by a small grade!" Xiao Xiaolong said.

"Oh? Is that so?" The third young master was amazed. Xiao Yanyu was already a fourth grade Battle-Spirit, so how could a single bowl of Egg-Fried Rice help to increase her cultivation level?

Would it still be Egg-Fried Rice? Should it not be egg-fried elixirs?

"Shop owner, I would like to have the improved Egg-Fried Rice. My cultivation level meets the requirement, there's no need for testing." The third young master gently said to the indifferent Bu Fang who was standing nearby.

"I want a bowl of improved Egg-Fried Rice as well!" Xiao Xiaolong hurriedly said, but his words were interrupted by the third young master.

The third young master narrowed his eyes and petted Xiao Xiaolong's head with a gentle smile on his face. He said, "Xiaolong, how many crystals did you bring?"

The expression on Xiao Xiaolong's face froze. "Why are these words so familiar?"

"Te... Ten crystals!"

"Hmm, then it's enough."

Xiao Xiaolong sullenly looked at his peony sachet, now in the third young master's hand. He felt as if ten thousand invisible arrows had pierced into his chest.

"I'll treat you next time." The third young master smiled and said, "I forgot to bring money today."

Xiao Xiaolong's eyes were filled with tears. "Why is it so difficult to eat a bowl of Egg-Fried Rice?"

"Shop owner, I want a portion of Dry-Mixed Noodles and one of Stir-Fried Vegetables."

Bu Fang expressionlessly nodded.

"One serving of improved Egg-Fried Rice, one serving of Dry-Mixed Noodles and one serving of Stir-Fried Vegetables. Alright, please wait a moment," Bu Fang repeated the order, then went into the kitchen.

Xiao Xiaolong and the third young master sat down at a table. The third young master was very pleased with the elegant environment.

"I didn't know that such an elegant restaurant like this existed in the imperial city, I am surprised that we didn't notice it before. Hmm? Where's the puppet that fought against the hundred men?" The third young master looked around.

He had a deep impression of Whitey, he was amazed by the intelligence displayed by the puppet.

On the Hidden Dragon Continent, sects were commonplace while empires were the reigning power. Only empires were recognized, while both Orthodox and Heterodox Sects were not.

The current emperor of the Light Wind Empire, Emperor Changfeng, had been reigning for over seventy years. He forcefully conscripted members of sects into his army. The sects that accepted the conscription were scattered into various troops, while the ones that did not abide were attacked.

The Light Wind Empire was founded over a thousand years ago. It was founded when the power of the sects were at its peak and they fought constantly. After over a thousand years of development, the sects were slowly weakened under the influence of the empire. After two failed "Sect Uprising" attempts, they were completely suppressed by the empire.

On the current Hidden Dragon Continent, there were only a few hundred sects left. Compared to the golden age where there were tens of thousands of sects, it was in a wretched state.

Of the few hundred sects that still survived, there were only ten sects that still struggled against the empire.

The third young master had once met a declined sect that spent their time researching the art of puppetry and had already reached a superb level. He was thinking whether the puppet in this store was related to that sect.

However, there was quite a difference between Whitey and the puppets from that sect, as there was no true energy circulating within its body. Thus, the chances of Bu Fang being a remnant of that sect was low.

Just when he was thinking about the issue, a burst of fragrance drifted out from the kitchen.

The smell was like a piece of silk sliding across his face, causing the third young master to suddenly open his eyes as it triggered his appetite.

"It smells good!" he exclaimed.

Xiao Xiaolong was already immersed in the sea of fragrance, and his eyes became hazy.

The third young master felt that the smell itself was already comparable to dishes cooked by his family's chef and might even be better.

After a while, Bu Fang stepped out of the kitchen.

He was expressionlessly carrying a blue and white porcelain bowl and the top part of the bowl was shrouded in a rich fragrance.

"Here's your improved Egg-Fried Rice, please enjoy your meal."

Bu Fang placed the bowl in front of the third young master and simply said, then he returned to the kitchen.

The third young master took in a deep breath and a burst of fragrance traveled through his nasal cavities into his body. It triggered his appetite as a wave of hunger assaulted him.

The rich fragrance gathered above the top of the bowl. As he pierced the surface of the Egg-Fried Rice with his spoon, the gathered fragrance dispersed like an explosion of an aroma bomb.

The resulting explosion of the aroma bomb immediately rushed toward the third young master.

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