Goodnight Kiss from My Rumored Husband

Chapter 538 - Meeting Her Rival In Love

Chapter 538: Meeting Her Rival In Love

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Xi Xia wore a simple dress while she carried a black Chanel purse in her hand. “I edited a design manuscript for a friend a few days ago. I came to deliver it to him today and his office happened to be nearby. Since it’s not out of the way, I decided to visit you.” Xi Xia smiled at Gu Nianshen whilst she stood by the door.

Gu Nianshen turned off his computer before standing up and walking over to Xi Xia. “Didn’t the doctor ask you to rest more?”

Apart from a slight frown, Gu Nianshen seemed calm and collected as usual.

While Xi Xia looked at Gu Nianshen, her eyes seemed to brighten with excitement. They seemed to resemble a blank canvas that was being gradually colored.

“Yeah.” Xi Xia nodded while she pursed her lips tightly.

“Who brought you here?” Gu Nianshen asked.

While he looked out the door, he happened to see Lin Yiqian walking into the CEO’s office. A sincere smile appeared on his face.

“I took a taxi here on my own…” Xi Xia began speaking. When he noticed the change in Gu Nianshen’s facial expression, she followed his gaze and turned around to find Lin Yiqian standing right in front of her.

Xi Xia’s facial expression immediately changed.

Since the door was open, Lin Yiqian walked right in. When she saw Xi Xia, her facial expression froze.

She had also stopped walking.

‘Heh… His ex is here…’

“Little Yi,” Xi Xia greeted Lin Yiqian with a smile before turning around to stand by Gu Nianshen’s side.

That scene reminded Lin Yiqian of how she had always been envious of Xi Xia. She used to think all the time that, if she were Xi Xia, and if she could stand right next to Gu Nianshen, everything would be perfect.

Lin Yiqian sniffed while she tried to control her emotions. She felt the urge to silently turn around as she did in the past.


She was now Gu Nianshen’s lawfully wedded wife. Why should she leave?

As she thought of this, Lin Yiqian mustered the courage to nod at Xi Xia.

She then continued walking forward as if nothing had happened. While walking, she looked at Gu Nianshen and spoke begrudgingly. “You asked me to come to pick you up. Are you done with work?”

“We can leave now.” Gu Nianshen nodded.

Lin Yiqian walked over to Gu Nianshen and circled her arm around his before turning to look at Xi Xia. “Why is Xi Xia here?” She asked casually.

Right then, Lin Yiqian felt as if her dream had come true.

This was something she had fantasized countless times before. She used to dream that one day, she would hold Gu Nianshen’s hand in front of Xi Xia.

Very quickly, Xi Xia glanced at Lin Yiqian’s hand that was holding Gu Nianshen’s arm. “I passed by and thought of paying Nianshen a visit,” Xi Xia said very softly.

“Are you feeling better?” Lin Yiqian asked concernedly.

“Much better.” Xi Xia nodded.

Gu Nianshen felt that the conversation between the two was rather odd. He pulled his arm away from Lin Yiqian.

As he did so, Lin Yiqian felt a prick in her heart as she turned to look at Gu Nianshen.

However, Gu Nianshen failed to notice her reaction while he turned around to turn his computer off.

After Xi Xia turned to glance at Gu Nianshen, her gaze returned to Lin Yiqian. “Is Nianshen still very busy these days?” She asked with a smile.

Lin Yiqian looked away from Gu Nianshen to Xi Xia. “I don’t know if he’s busy. However, he does come home much earlier these days. Anyway, we agreed that we would both head to bed at ten o’clock. If either one of us goes to bed any later than that, we would have to sleep on the couch.”

Lin Yiqian spoke very slowly as if she were telling a story.

However, she did so intentionally.

After Lin Yiqian finished speaking, she began to feel bad. Not only did Lin Yiqian steal Xi Xia’s man, but she was also even gloating in front of her.

Lin Yiqian felt as if she was the kind of mistress who shamelessly claimed that a man loved her over his original partner.

She was beginning to feel a little remorseful.

Meanwhile, Xi Xia’s facial expression changed slightly. However, it was a very brief change and it happened so quickly that one could barely have noticed it.

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