Goodnight Kiss from My Rumored Husband

Chapter 535 - Her Good Looks Made It Dangerous For Her To Go Ou

535 Her Good Looks Made It Dangerous For Her To Go Ou

Xiaoyu nodded. “I made breakfast with Aunt Zhou. Aunt Zhou bought me a kid-sized frying pan yesterday. Look, Mommy, I made this omelet on my own. Do you think it looks good?”

The omelet seemed very well made. As Lin Yiqian looked at it, she felt moved by how matured Xiaoyu had become.

Lin Yiqian patted Xiaoyu on his head. “You’re such a good boy for helping out with chores around the house.”

Right then, Aunt Zhou walked out of the kitchen with two glasses of milk in her hands. While walking, she chuckled and complimented Xiaoyu, “Xiaoyu helped me out with placing the plates on the table too. He’s wonderful.”

When Xiaoyu heard Aunt Zhou’s compliments, he raised his chin proudly.

“Awesome!” Lin Yiqian patted Xiaoyu’s head several times more. She then looked at Aunt Zhou as she recalled her confusion as to why the servants were nowhere to be seen. “Why haven’t I seen the ladies who work in the kitchen?”

When Gu Nianshen heard the question, he looked up at Lin Yiqian before turning to face Aunt Zhou.

However, it was too late. “Nianshen asked me to let them go on vacation last night.” Aunt Zhou had already spoken.

Aunt Zhou looked at Lin Yiqian in such a way that hinted she should have known about this.

Only after speaking did Aunt Zhou turn to look at Gu Nianshen.

‘Last night?’ Lin Yiqian raised her brows.

‘The kitchen staff are on leave today. There won’t be any food at home…’

Lin Yiqian seemed to have understood something. She immediately turned to look at the man across her.

Meanwhile, Gu Nianshen avoided her gaze and pretended to look down at his phone.

Lin Yiqian impolitely laughed out loud at how guilty Gu Nianshen appeared.

Did the fellow ask everyone in the kitchen to go home so that he could get her to eat out with him?

Seeing how the two had reacted, Aunt Zhou began to feel anxious. “Did I say anything I shouldn’t have?”

Aunt Zhou had always spoken what was on her mind.

“Not at all. You have said everything as required.” Lin Yiqian shook her head.

“Oh, okay.” Aunt Zhou nodded while she placed the two glasses of milk in front of Lin Yiqian and Gu Nianshen. Then, she returned to the kitchen to get something else.

Lin Yiqian looked at Gu Nianshen. “Did you want to eat out with me so badly?”

Gu Nianshen’s face turned red slightly. “I was sick of eating the food they made. I’m going to get the chef changed,” Gu Nianshen said loudly.

“Oh…” Lin Yiqian nodded unconvincingly.

Feeling annoyed, Gu Nianshen changed the topic. “I’m going away for business on the tenth for two days. Don’t stay out too late while I’m away.”

Although it sounded like a warning, Gu Nianshen’s voice did not sound forceful at all.

Meanwhile, Lin Yiqian paid extra attention to the point he made about going away on the tenth.

What a coincidence!

She could use this opportunity to inform him that she was going to be away for work too. “I have to be away on the night of the ninth as well. I’ll be away for approximately four days.”

Hearing this, Gu Nianshen frowned. “Why is a woman like you going away on a business trip? Where are you heading to?”

It sounded as if Gu Nianshen was discriminating against women. “Why can’t a woman like me go on a business trip?” Lin Yiqian retorted unhappily.

Gu Nianshen frowned deeply at her. “With your looks, who would genuinely discuss business with you?”

Lin Yiqian started chuckling. After taking a glance at the kitchen entrance, and then at Xiaoyu, she leaned in closer toward Gu Nianshen. “Are you worried that someone might check me out because of my beauty?”

“Which part of you is beautiful?” Gu Nianshen snorted.

Clearly, he was not speaking his mind. He still could not help but look at Lin Yiqian’s face.

Her good looks made it dangerous for her to go out.

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