Goodnight Kiss from My Rumored Husband

Chapter 533 - Night Forest Kingdom Acquired Star Films

Chapter 533: Night Forest Kingdom Acquired Star Films

Gu Nianshen had fantasized such a scene countless times in the past. In his fantasy, he and Lin Yiqian had a child together. Sometimes, he pictured the three of them standing below the bright sun, beneath the eaves when it rained, or even on a snow-lined land. Other times, he pictured them basking in the moonlight or perhaps standing under the streetlights when the moonlight was absent.

Regardless of where it was, he would want to be there as long as Lin Yiqian was around because she made him feel warm on the inside.

Meanwhile, Lin Yiqian did not hear Gu Nianshen’s hesitant voice. She walked up to Gu Nianshen. “Show that you like it a lot,” she warned softly while looking at the wallet in his hand.

Her son had put his heart into making that wallet for Gu Nianshen. Even Lin Yiqian had not received a gift like that.

Although it was clearly only a small pouch, Gu Nianshen felt as if it weighed a lot more than it looked. He felt even more guilty and remorseful, especially when it was Lin Yiqian who forced him to act like he liked the wallet a lot.

Still holding tightly onto the corner of the wallet, he slowly lowered his hands.

“Lin Yiqian, why are you so nice to this child?” He looked at Lin Yiqian with mixed emotions.

Perhaps it was because Lin Yiqian had experienced something like this too frequently in recent times, she did not feel as nervous or guilty as she thought she would when Gu Nianshen asked her this question.

“Because I like Xiaoyu,” Lin Yiqian answered without hesitation.

‘Because he is our son, Gu Nianshen, you big jerk.’

Lin Yiqian lowered her head and shifted her gaze back to Xiaoyu. She then raised her index finger before gently poking at Xiaoyu’s cheek.

The way she looked at him and the way she acted was full of affection.

‘This idiot.’ Gu Nianshen cursed in his heart as he observed them.

He wondered how she would react when she eventually found out that the stepson she had treated so affectionately was actually his illegitimate son from another woman.

‘Would she mind?’ Gu Nianshen was more concerned that Lin Yiqian might mind the fact that he had a child with another woman, and not that she had to be someone’s stepmother.

Seeing that Gu Nianshen was not reacting, Lin Yiqian raised her voice to force an answer from him. “Do you like the wallet Xiaoyu gave you?”

‘I dare you to say you don’t like it.’ Lin Yiqian thought.

“I like it.” Gu Nianshen immediately nodded.

Then, his eyes met with Xiaoyu’s as the latter was looking at him. Xiaoyu’s eyes shone brightly like the stars in the sky.

Gu Nianshen could not help but feel his heart soften. “I like it very much.”

The little fellow could not tell that Gu Nianshen was being forced to say those words. When Xiaoyu heard Gu Nianshen telling him that he liked the wallet, he was overjoyed.

Finally, Xiaoyu dared to walk closer to Gu Nianshen. “If it gets broken, I’ll make you another one, Daddy.” Xiaoyu looked up at Gu Nianshen with a smile.

‘To hell with that. Do you really think I would carry a paper-made wallet around?’ Gu Nianshen thought.


As Gu Nianshen looked at the wallet in his hand, he detested even more. He directly shoved it into his pocket.

He would throw it away once he arrived home.


When Lin Yiqian woke up the next morning, she found out the news about something which shocked the entire entertainment industry.

Star Films had been officially acquired by Night Forest Kingdom.

A few days ago, there were only rumors about it. Today, the results confirmed those rumors.

While going through Na Wa’s message, as well as the news on the internet, Lin Yiqian pondered in astonishment.

“Night Forest Kingdom really is efficient.”

“I told you that the Night Forest Kingdom’s CEO is much more capable than other people. He has managed to accomplish a lot within a few short months of becoming the CEO.”

While Lin Yiqian was still in shock, Na Wa continued to send her several messages. “It seems that Night Forest Kingdom really is heading toward greener pastures.”

It appeared to Lin Yiqian that Na Wa was eyeing Night Forest Kingdom’s boss yet again.

Lin Yiqian rolled her eyes at her computer screen before sending Na Wa an emoticon expressing boredom.

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