Goodnight Kiss from My Rumored Husband

Chapter 531 - He Had Slept With Another Woman In The Past

Chapter 531: He Had Slept With Another Woman In The Past

Xi Xia looked hopefully at Lao Si, hoping that he would shake his head and tell her that the child did not belong to Gu Nianshen.

However, Lao Si pursed his lips as he sighed. “Gu Nianshen’s friends are all playboys. As young teenagers, they used to hang out together. It’s inevitable that he would end up making a mistake like this.”

He then reached out to pat Xi Xia on her shoulder.

When Xi Xia heard what he had said, she stopped crying and looked up at Lao Si excitedly. “Do you mean that the child does not belong to Lin Yiqian either?”

“Of course he doesn’t. Lin Yiqian and Song Changlin were two peas in a pod a few years ago. Why would she be with Nianshen?” Lao Si chuckled.

He was trying as hard as he could to console Xi Xia. “Nianshen has always liked you. That kid was a result of his fooling around outside. Therefore, you don’t have to be sad. Nianshen has never betrayed you.”

After hearing all this, Xi Xia sniffed a little and stopped crying completely. “Thank you, Uncle Si.” She beamed.

Lao Si raised his hand up and rubbed Xi Xia’s head affectionately. “Silly child. I’ve always been a part of your growth journey into becoming an adult. You don’t have to thank me.”

He then retrieved his hand and pushed his glasses higher up on his nose bridge.

Right then, Xi Xia seemed to be in a much better mood. “Does Auntie like the child a lot?” She asked after a while.

Earlier, she overheard Song Changwen’s conversation on the phone.

From the way Song Changwen spoke, Xi Xia was certain that she adored the child.

“Yeah. After all, he is her biological grandson.” Lao Si sighed.

He was right in that every grandmother would be fond of their grandson, especially in a family like theirs.

Xi Xia could not help but smile bitterly while she lowered her head. “It’s my own fault for not being clear with my feelings and not taking things to the next level with Nianshen.”

Otherwise, she could have given birth to Nianshen’s child.

Although Lao Si knew what Xi Xia was thinking about, he could not say anything apart from consoling her. “Don’t think too much. You are a very good girl. Why would you worry that you can’t find a better man in the future?”

Xi Xia shook her head as tears formed in her eyes. “I’ve liked Nianshen for so many years. I’ve liked him since the beginning. Nobody else has ever been on my mind.”

Lao Si was at a loss as to how he should respond to her.

Therefore, he chose to end the conversation with silence.

Xi Xia bit on her bottom lip. “Did Nianshen ask the child to address Lin Yiqian as his mommy?” She asked after a while.

Lao Si shook his head. “She doesn’t seem to know that the child belongs to Nianshen.”

‘She doesn’t seem to know the child belongs to Nianshen…’ Xi Xia repeated the sentence over and over in her head.

She began laughing from the bottom of her heart.

“Hmm.” She nodded at Lao Si.

Lao Si did not say anything else in response. “Go to bed early. I’m going to get some rest too after saying goodnight to your aunt.”

Then, he began walking upstairs.

Both the servant and the driver slept on the first floor, which was also located in the back of the building.

“Uncle Si, have a good rest too,” Xi Xia said obediently.

Once Lao Si had gone upstairs, she looked away and continued to smile with her head lowered.

It turned out that Lin Yiqian was not the first woman Nianshen slept with, and she was also not the only one.

Gu Nianshen had slept with another woman before, and he even had a child with her.

Meanwhile, Lin Yiqian was completely clueless about it.


Once Lin Yiqian arrived at the office, she saw Gu Nianshen’s car parked directly in front of the entrance. Therefore, she decided to call him and get him to come down since she was too lazy to go upstairs.

Not long after the call ended, Gu Nianshen appeared.

While walking out of the revolving door, Gu Nianshen noticed Lin Xiaoyu. He paused momentarily.

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