Goodnight Kiss from My Rumored Husband

Chapter 528 - A Wallet Made For Daddy

Chapter 528: A Wallet Made For Daddy

As such, Lin Yiqian tossed her purse onto the ground and stepped on it forcefully.

While Sergei failed to notice what she had done, he continued to press his body against hers tightly to stop her from moving.

“You only have your assistant with you. I suggest you do as we say. Otherwise, you’ll only get hurt.” He smiled nefariously at her.

While speaking, Sergei began reaching for Lin Yiqian’s mask with both hands.

Lin Yiqian hurriedly used her hands to prevent her mask from being pulled away.

However, Sergei’s hands were much bigger than hers. He easily grabbed both her wrists with one hand while he used his other hand to tug at the edge of her mask. It was slowly being pulled away.

Once one half of Lin Yiqian’s face was revealed, Sergei lost his patience and was prepared to pull the mask away more forcefully.

All of a sudden, two men dressed in black charged into the room. Swiftly, they moved close to Lin Yiqian. One of them kicked Sergei on his head, which instantly caused him to pass out and fall to the ground.

The other man walked over to Diqlo and easily held him captive.

Soon enough, Lin Yiqian recollected herself and bent over to pick up her purse from the ground.

As she could hear her phone ringing, she took it out from her purse. Although she had crushed the phone’s screen earlier from stepping on it, she was still able to see that the call was from Gu Nianshen.

They had agreed that he would pick her up at seven o’clock. However, it was already half-past six. Moreover, Lin Yiqian still needed to return home to pick Xiaoyu up.

If Gu Nianshen was not able to find her at the office, he would definitely be worried.

Without hesitation, Lin Yiqian gave orders to the two bodyguards very decisively. “Give them some drugs before you dump them on the road.”

Then, she held onto her purse and hurried downstairs.

“Xiao Yao,” Lin Yiqian called out urgently to her young female assistant who was rushing upstairs, “Get the car, quickly.”


Each time Lin Yiqian went to work on her recordings, Xiaoyu would wait at home on his own. A young male tutor would usually come over to play with him and study with him. Before Lin Yiqian or Bai Se returned, the male tutor would have already left.

On top of hiring a different person for the job each time, Lin Yiqian also installed surveillance cameras in every room in the apartment.

Even when Xiaoyu went to the bathroom, Bai Se would still pay close attention to him right outside. Devices to call for help in cases of emergency were set up in all parts of the apartment so that the little fellow would be able to reach someone if anything were to happen.

When Lin Yiqian opened the door, every single light in the apartment was switched on. She was the one who had switched them on using a long-distance controlling system.

Although the apartment was brightly lit, it felt cold and empty inside.

Lin Yiqian was feeling a little guilty.

From the surveillance footage, she could see that Xiaoyu had stayed in his playroom the entire afternoon. Lin Yiqian wondered what he had been up to.

“Xiaoyu, let’s go, we’re leaving now,” Lin Yiqian called out after stepping into the apartment.

The little boy immediately came running out of the playroom. “Is Daddy here to pick us up?” His eyes seemed to have brightened with joy.

Lin Yiqian had told him in the afternoon when she had sent him over that Gu Nianshen would be having dinner with them.

“That’s right.” Lin Yiqian nodded with a smile.

“This is wonderful! Mommy, wait for a second,” Lin Xiaoyu said before turning around and walking back into the room.

Lin Yiqian followed after him confusedly. As soon as she arrived by the door, Xiaoyu came out with a tiny pouch in his hand.

There were pictures of many types of animals, all of which he liked, drawn on the pouch.

The tutor she hired must have helped Xiaoyu out as the pictures seemed very well-drawn.

“What’s this?” Lin Yiqian asked confusedly.

“A wallet I made for Daddy,” Xiaoyu answered before holding the wallet close to his chest.

‘Huh? A wallet he made?’ Lin Yiqian frowned as she thought with jealousy. “Why did you make a wallet for him but not me?”

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