Goodnight Kiss from My Rumored Husband

Chapter 505 - Was His Wife Worried About Him?

Chapter 505: Was His Wife Worried About Him?

Lin Yiqian had not noticed the change in Gu Nianshen’s emotion as she proceeded to open the door on the passenger’s side.

Right then, she noticed a white plastic bag on the passenger’s seat. It looked like it contained medicine.

After being stunned for a moment, she picked it up and checked what was inside.

When Gu Nianshen noticed the medicine, he recalled what Qi Shaodong had told him. “Boss, I’ve left the medicine in the car. There’s some ice as well. Remember to hold it against your face where it hurts. The swelling should disappear completely after that.”

Gu Nianshen wanted to make sure that Lin Yiqian would not see what the medicine was for.

Immediately, he reached out and snatched the bag of medicine from her before tossing it far away.

“Why did you toss it away? What’s the medicine for?” Lin Yiqian asked curiously.

“I don’t know when Gu Nianjia left it there. It smells disgusting,” Gu Nianshen said with a frown.

“That doesn’t mean you can throw anywhere you like.” Lin Yiqian condemned.

Coincidentally, there was a trash can nearby. “I missed the shot, that’s all. Let’s go.”

Gu Nianshen then hurried Lin Yiqian into the car before closing the door and walking around to the driver’s side.

After they had both put on their seatbelts, Gu Nianshen received a message on his phone. When he looked down at the screen, he saw that it was from Qi Shaodong.

Thinking that it was perhaps related to work, Gu Nianshen immediately opened the message. “Boss, remember to use the medicine. Otherwise, it’ll be embarrassing if your wife finds out that you have been slapped.”

‘Why would it be embarrassing?’ Gu Nianshen thought. ‘Only the conservative type of girlfriends would feel that way.’

Not only did his wife not laugh at his misfortune, but she had also even expressed concern for him.

‘Eh? Concern?’ Gu Nianshen thought as he jerked his head around to look at Lin Yiqian. She was smiling as she looked down at her phone.

Was she concerned about him?

‘Why did you let her hit you like that? Are you dumb?’

That was indeed Lin Yiqian expressing concern for him, which was why she had changed her mind and decided to go home with him.

Fortunately, Gu Nianshen did not have time to use the medicine Qi Shaodong had bought him. Otherwise, the swollen appearance of his face would have faded away and Lin Yiqian would not even care about him.

As he thought of this, he picked up his phone to reply to Qi Shaodong. “Your bonus this month will be reduced.”

‘Ehhh?’ Qi Shaodong was stunned. What had he done wrong?

Meanwhile, Gu Nianshen had already put his phone down and had turned on the car’s engine. On the other hand, Lin Yiqian was still explaining to Xiaoyu why she could not return home to him tonight. “Xiaoyu, Mommy is sorry. I have to sleep with Daddy. If I don’t, he will start crying.”

Lin Xiaoyu replied with a sad emoticon before adding a voice note. “But, I really want Mommy to eat the chicken wings and other dishes I made.”

Through her earphones, Lin Yiqian could hear Xiaoyu’s sad voice. She could not bring herself to refuse his plea. “Gu Nianshen, we…” She turned to face Gu Nianshen.

‘We should go to Xiaoyu.’ She thought without saying the words out loud.

“What about us?” Gu Nianshen asked curiously.

Lin Yiqian’s mouth was still slightly ajar when her phone vibrated. It was a message from Bai Se this time. “I’ll get someone to deliver the food over and pretend it’s from a food delivery company.”

‘That’s right!’ Lin Yiqian smiled. “Okay.” She replied to Bai Se.

Indeed, Lin Yiqian was also very eager to try the food Xiaoyu prepared for her for the first time.


“Nianshen and Little Yi, you two are finally home.”

Aunt Zhou came out to greet them as soon as they stepped through the front door. It felt as if she had been waiting for them by the door. In fact. Aunt Zhou seemed to be smiling from ear to ear as if something wonderful had happened.

As usual, Gu Nianshen glanced at Aunt Zhou briefly before lowering his head and proceeding to change his shoes.

He then noticed there was another pair of men’s black shoes on the floor. “Who’s here?” Gu Nianshen looked up at Aunt Zhou.

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