Goodnight Kiss from My Rumored Husband

Chapter 503 - Lin Yiqian, Do You Know How Expensive You Are?

Chapter 503: Lin Yiqian, Do You Know How Expensive You Are?

Gu Nianshen slowly bent his finger and eventually lowered his hand.

“Am I not as important as Gu Nianjia is to you?” He whined with a frown on his face.

“Are you being jealous of Gu Nianjia?” Lin Yiqian asked.

Was this what he meant?

“Yes!” Gu Nianshen answered loudly to hide his embarrassment. “I think that you are mad at me because of Gu Nianjia. That’s why you have chosen not to come home to embarrass me.”

“Huh?” Lin Yiqian frowned.

What did he mean by embarrassing him? Gu Nianjia was his biological sister. It was not like Lin Yiqian was out with some other guy.

When his sister was being bullied, his ex did not even stand up for her. On the other hand, Lin Yiqian did. Should he not be feeling grateful?

All he could think about was saving his own face. Lin Yiqian felt an urge to scratch his face until there was nothing left of it.

When Gu Nianjia saw that Lin Yiqian appeared doubtful, he felt annoyed. “Do you know how Gu Nianjia teases me?”

As he spoke, he turned on his phone and showed Lin Yiqian the messages Gu Nianjia had sent him.

“Brother, I can’t believe Lin Yiqian is so nice to me. She treats me even better than you. Your life as her husband is not any better than mine as her sister-in-law.

“It doesn’t matter if you look handsome at all. She still likes our uncle. Perhaps she might cheat on you tonight.”

Lin Yiqian felt speechless.

This little coward was going too far. She was putting her own life at risk.

‘Wait a second. Wasn’t Gu Nianjia crying at home the night before because she was worried about me? Why was she still in the mood to tease her brother?’ Lin Yiqian wondered.

Right then, it hit Lin Yiqian that Gu Nianjia might have sent the picture of herself crying to Song Changlin so that he could forward it to her.

“This drama queen!” Lin Yiqian cursed before looking up at Gu Nianshen.

What was wrong with this fellow?

Did he mean to say that Lin Yiqian was very important to him?

“To be honest, it doesn’t matter what I think of you. It’s not important at all. It’s not like I hold a significant place in your life,” Lin Yiqian pointed out blankly.

Right then, the lift arrived at two floors below the ground. Lin Yiqian proceeded to step out.

“Lin Yiqian…” Gu Nianshen reached for her wrist to stop her from leaving.

“What do you want…?” Lin Yiqian looked at him.

Before she could finish speaking, Gu Nianshen pulled her into his arms. “You are not allowed to say something like this again.”

Lin Yiqian wondered what she had said as Gu Nianshen continued to speak, “Do you know how expensive you are?” Gu Nianshen finally spat out what had been on his mind for all these years. She had no idea how much thought he had put into this.

Therefore, to Gu Nianshen, she was priceless. How could she not be significant?

Gu Nianshen tightened his arms around her.

Meanwhile, Lin Yiqian was still in shock. How expensive was she?

How significant was she to him?

Was she even in his heart?

Suddenly, her phone began to ring in her purse. With her thoughts interrupted, Lin Yiqian realized that it might be a call from Xiaoyu. She hurriedly pushed Gu Nianshen away before turning around and walking away slightly to retrieve her phone.

Just as she thought, it was Xiaoyu. As Gu Nianshen was following right after her, she did not dare to pick it up and instead canceled the call.

“Don’t have to wait for Mommy. I might only get home much later.” She sent Xiaoyu a text and deleted it from her phone right after.

Then, Lin Yiqian put her phone back into her purse before looking up to see where she had parked her car. By then, Gu Nianshen suddenly appeared right in front of her.

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